About MaskOn

MaskOn started in 1996 by two people, Kerry and Marti. Two people with a passion for female rubber masks. Kerry has been making masks for many years with great success. His masks are of the highest quality and perfection. Marti has always been a fan of masking himself, but also has many other hobbies. In 2016 Marti decided to integrate MaskOn with another company he has a partnership in called Janet’s Closet. Janet’s Closet started in 1999 and has grown to be the worlds largest crossdresser store. Janet’s Closet is a retail store and Internet business located in Wyandotte Michigan. Janet’s Closet is more geared to the crossdresser but in actuality maskers are crossdressers too. Marti’s Idea was to bring all the great products from Janet’s Closet into Maskon because both maskers and crossdressers use similar items. All products sold on Maskon (except Masks sold by Kerry) are sold through the parent company Janets Closet Inc. Some labels on certain items may say Janets Closet not Maskon but it’s all the same company. Return shipping label will read JCI not Janets Closet or Maskon. All questions or concerns relating to items sold on Maskon can be handled either by email or by calling 734-285-2609. We have a large staff available to handle any questions. You can also use our friendly on line chat. Our staff is available to help you Monday -Saturday from 10 am till 6 pm est.