Aunt Ruby

By Lilith

Part Three: The Visiting Nurse

After Frank had washed and put away his aunt’s breakfast dishes, he returned to his workroom and stripped naked again. Nurse Karolyn Banning was one of her favorite characters. Unlike Dr. Claudia – who was a real person – Nurse Banning was entirely Frank’s own creation.

As he undressed, he recalled how his aunt had summoned him to her home in New Jersey – a mansion, really – for a reunion following his graduation. That first meeting had started with stiff formality as they sat opposite each other in the parlor, sipping coffee and chatting awkwardly. After Ruby and Frank had shared small talk for about an hour or so, the polite conversation had flagged. It appeared that the meeting was doomed to end soon and Frank found himself oddly disappointed by that fact. He found Ruby extremely attractive for a woman old enough to be his mother, and in a strange way the magnetism of her personality was affecting him in a way no one else had since his lover, Arthur Rosen, had died of AIDS.

Ruby delicately sipped coffee from an impossibly fragile Wedgwood cup then placed it back in its saucer. She lit a cigarette from a rosewood box on the coffee table and sat back, looking at him levelly and crossing her legs in a provocative way. “You are a very attractive young man, Frank,” she said after a moment of silence. “Did you know I was your mother’s lover when you were a child?” Frank nodded. “She told me around the time I finished my courses at the Dramatic Arts Institute,” he said matter of factly. “I owe you my deepest thanks for sharing your love with her. Her life has been hard, and I’m sure that the love you gave her helped her make it through the bad parts.”

Ruby cocked her head to one side and rested it lightly on the knuckles of one hand. She looked at him carefully as if she were trying to decide how he would respond to her next statement. Finally, she spoke: “Did you know I paid for the memorial services and cremation of Arthur Rosen, and that I took care of his medical bills for the last year before his death.”

Frank’s jaw dropped. He was stunned that she even knew Arthur’s name, let alone that she had helped pay for his treatment and funeral. He knew Arthur’s health coverage had been running out, but he thought that his medical bills and funeral expenses had been paid for by his insurance. “But – but how did you…” he sputtered.

Ruby smiled slightly. “Your mother told me of his illness and I made some discreet inquiries,” she said. “I actually talked to him several times on the telephone during the year before he died. He was a very sweet man, and it was clear that he loved you very much. I made him swear not to tell you I was helping out financially. You had other things on your mind, what with nursing Arthur, holding a part-time job and working hard to finish school. I didn’t want to give you something else to worry about. Besides, Helen – your mother – had made it very clear to me how much pride you had about taking care of yourself. I guess I was worried that you might somehow resent my involvement. After all, you barely know me.”

Frank was flabbergasted – and intensely grateful. “I don’t resent it at all,” he said. “In fact, I can’t possibly thank you enough. It was very generous of you to help. I don’t know how to thank you. In fact, I don’t know what to say at all.”

Ruby smiled and rose from the love seat she was sitting on, placed her cigarette in an ashtray on the coffee table and walked over to him, her heels clicking on the hardwood floor. She bent down and tilted his chin up with her soft cool hand, then leaned forward, pressing her lips against his, tenderly at first, then with passion.

Frank kissed back, relaxing his jaw and opening his mouth slightly for her tongue. He placed his hand on her side, next to her breast, then let it slip down until his was stroking her gently on the aureole surrounding its hard erect nipple.

When they broke away, her face was slightly flushed and she was breathing heavily. “I’ve wanted to do that since Helen sent me some of the pictures she took of you after Arthur’s funeral,” she said in a husky whisper. “Just looking at how beautiful you are made me want you for myself.” She sat next to him on the couch and placed her hand on his thigh. He covered it with his own.

“I haven’t been kissed like that for a long time, Ruby,” he said, looking deeply into her eyes. “You are an extraordinarily beautiful woman. It’s easy for me to see why mother fell in love with you. I think I’m falling for you myself.”

She touched his cheek. “Helen told me you have no immediate plans now that you have finished your education,” she said. “If you have some goal that she doesn’t know about, or are ambitious to find work in the theater, I will do whatever I can to help you. As you know, I am filthy rich. My late husband left me almost his entire fortune, since he died before he really had a chance to enjoy that much of it. His businesses continue to generate profits of more than a million dollars a year after taxes, and I don’t have to raise a finger to collect it – managers and lawyers run the entire empire. I couldn’t possibly spend all that money if I live another 40 years, which is unlikely. And I have no children of my own, so I have already filed papers making you my sole heir in the event of my death.

“But if you don’t have any plans – if you are actually undecided about what you are going to do with the rest of your life, I have a proposition for you, darling. Hear me out and if you don’t like it, just tell me. If you do, leave everything up to me.” Then she moved her head close to his and whispered in his ear.

Frank smiled with pleasure at the memory. He had loved his aunt’s proposition almost as much as he loved his aunt, and had lived with her as her assistant and private actor/actress ever since. The skills he had learned in drama school – including his mastery of stage makeup and special effects technology – had been perfect for his new job of providing his beloved aunt with an ever-changing variety of sexual stimuli.

Often they simply shared the same bed, and made love beautifully together as man and woman. However, Ruby was remarkably kinky and indulged in a fantastic number of different fetishes. She had an occasional predilection for wearing head to toe outfits of shiny black latex, and sometimes, with the help of Frank’s expertise in theatrical makeup and specially designed latex torso suits, ventured into public cross-dressed as Frank’s male lover.

For Frank, his most of the “parts” his aunt had him play were decidedly feminine women, which actually worked out wonderfully for him. He had always been ambiguous about his own gender, and was originally attracted to a dramatic career because of his joy in wearing his mother’s clothing and makeup. But his aunt was as truly bisexual as he was, and derived massive pleasure from his “performances,” regardless of whether he joined in her sexual games as a glamorous traveling cosmetics saleswoman, a dangerous motorcycle gang member, a hunky plumber or her beloved Dr. Claudia.

He turned to his next role, sexy Nurse Banning, a stunningly sexy woman with breasts so large she could have served as a human billboard for La Leche League.

Standing completely naked in front of the three way mirror, he examined his body closely, then wrapped a lace-up corset loosely around his midriff and pulled the lacing as tight as he could, tugging and teasing until the placket of the garment was completely closed. He wrapped the excess lacing around his waist and tied it in front in a double bow, then placed a large piece of duct tape over the knot to flatten it out and prevent it from accidentally untying. A look in the mirror revealed that the corset had trimmed nearly seven inches off his middle, leaving him with the wasp waist of a Barbie Doll.

From the walk-in closet, he removed another latex torso suit. This one had large, firm breasts that would more than fill a D cup brassiere, plus internal padding designed to add at least three inches to his hips and buttocks. He stepped into the suit and pulled up over his tightly bound torso, wriggling his body and tugging the rubber skin up in stages until his male body was completely covered with a female form that looked like a contender for a monthly skin magazine centerfold.

Frank strapped on a white long-line bra with soft silky cups that barely covered his massive bosom. He wrapped a lacy white garter belt around his slender waist and fastened the three little hooks in its back, then sat down and rolled shiny white seamed nylons over his own cleanly shaved legs, attaching them carefully to the garters. He wriggled into a pair of white charmeuse bikini pants next, slipping them up to his crotch where they fit so snugly that you could see the lips of his molded rubber vagina pressing up against the smooth and shiny fabric.

He slipped into a white nurse’s uniform with short sleeves and a skirt that ended at least ten inches above his knees. The dress was so short that you could see the tops of his stockings clipped to the garters if he bent over at the waist. The dress buttoned up the front, and he left the top three buttons undone so that his pale breasts practically bulged out of it, showing cleavage like Africa’s Olduvai Gorge. He stepped into a pair of white pumps with open toes and four-inch heels, the only item of his outfit that no nurse would ever wear.

He went back into the closet and emerged with another latex mask and wig. This face had exaggerated cheekbones, very large, sensual lips and a little cheerleader’s nose. He removed the mask from its stand and pulled it on over his head, pressing all the air from cavities in its face before he zipped the back closed. His own face magically vanished and was replaced by an almost grotesquely sensual set of features that seemed to have “I am Available!” written all over them. He smiled and the pin-up girl’s face in the mirror smiled back.

“I’m so hot!” “Nurse Banning moaned in a kittenish growl that was utterly feminine but completely unlike the womanly drawl Frank had used as Dr. Claudia. “Please, honey, fuck me now!”

Like Dr. Claudia’s face, the eyeholes in the Nurse Banning mask had thin feathered edges molded from a life casting of Frank’s own features, so the openings were flush against his own face. He expertly applied a little crème foundation and powder to blend the skin around his eyes with that of the mask surrounding them. Afterwards, he carefully applied mascara, liner and eye shadow, then glued two pairs of thick false lashes in place on his own eyelids.

When “she” was finished with the final details of her makeup, “Nurse Banning” slipped the long, curly blond wig off its stand and pulled it expertly over her head. She fluffed the tresses up on the sides, top and back with a large-toothed comb to make her hair truly “big” and adjust the way it framed her incredibly sexy latex face. Another pair of latex gloves — with two-inch long hot pink plastic nails attached — went snugly over her hands. Finally, she plucked a small white fabric nurse’s cap from a shelf and fixed it to her long blond hair with bobby pins. Checking her appearance in the three-way dressing mirror, “Nurse Banning” gave her reflection a last smile, then wriggled seductively out of the room. It was time to return to Auntie.

Ruby was still in bed, holding a novel in her lap with her bed clothes drawn up around her hips and reading glasses perched on her nose when Nurse Banning knocked gently and opened the door. She smiled broadly when she saw the nurse and placed her book and glasses on the side table.

“How are we today?” Nurse Banning purred solicitously in her best Lauren Bacall voice as she crossed to Ruby’s bed. She sat sinuously on the corner of the bed and took one of Ruby’s hands between her own latex-covered fingers. “Doctor tells me you need stimulation down below. Is that so, honey?”

Ruby nodded eagerly. “I just haven’t been feeling right down there,” she said, fluttering her eyelashes at the buxom nurse. “Doctor Claudia said you could help me.”

Nurse Banning took her pulse gently and placed the back of her latex hand on Ruby’s forehead. “Of course I can, dear,” she said. “But I’ll need you to get up out of bed and take off your nightie.”

Ruby complied, slipping the gown over the top of her head and dropping it onto her bedding.

Nurse Banning stepped forward and gently ran her hands down ruby’s sides before kneeling before the older woman and placing her hands inside her thighs. Ruby shivered with anticipation as the nurse stroked the inside of her legs in a gentle up and down motion, then moved her hands up to the lips of her vulva, massaging the tender area at the top of her vagina in a slow, deliberate fashion.

Ruby shuddered with pleasure as the nurse’s fingertips slipped inside the lips of her cunt, continuing the gently massage of the soft, moist tissue inside. After a few moments, the nurse stopped and withdrew her hands, rising again before the older woman.

“I think I need to clean you out completely before we go any further, dear,” Nurse Banning said with a reassuring smile. “Let’s step into the bathroom where I can give you a good douche.”

Ruby led the nurse to a small side room with a sink, shower stall and toilet. The nurse removed a red rubber douche bag and tubing from a hook inside the shower and fumbled inside her own medical bag momentarily before taking out an unusually shaped fixture to attach to the end of the tubing. It was a smooth phallic nozzle made of thick, heavy latex molded almost exactly in the shape of a penis, about six inches long and three-quarters of an inch at the thickest spot. The back end of the nozzle had a threaded insert made of hard plastic that the end of the hosing for the douche bag screwed into with a snug fit. She attached the dildo-shaped nozzle to the hose and filled the douche bag with warm water from the tap, then closed its top.

“This is designed to dilate your vagina at the same time as I clean you out,” she said. “Now, let’s have you get in the shower, otherwise we are going to get water all over the floor of the bathroom.”

Ruby stepped in obediently and stood with her legs spread widely apart.

“That’s good – perfect,” Nurse Banning said as she once again knelt before the older woman and began exploring her vagina with the penis- shaped nozzle. She probed up inside until she have completely fed the latex device into Ruby’s orifice, then, holding the nozzle in place with one hand, she gave the douche bag a squeeze, sending the warm fluid inside up into Ruby’s groin.

The older woman gasped as the liquid backed up inside her abdomen, building up pressure until it began to leak around the phallic nozzle wedged into her vagina.

Nurse Banning continued to squeeze until all the liquid was pushed out of the rubber bag and into Ruby’s abdomen. As she withdrew the nozzle, some of the liquid squirted out onto the floor.

“Now, I want you to push all of that water out, dear,” the nurse said as she stood up. “Let it all out onto the floor of the shower.”

Ruby did as she was bid, straining slightly to empty the liquid. As she did, she voided her bladder as well, and a spray of urine splashed down on the tiled floor of the shower stall.

“Excellent, dear!” The nurse said as the yellow stream gushed forth. When the flow had stopped, Nurse Banning took the phallic nozzle and slipped it back into the older woman’s cunt, working it up gently until the entire shaft was buried in her groin. Then she moved the nozzle back and forth rhythmically, slowly at first, but then faster as Ruby became more and more stimulated.

Finally, Ruby came, gasping, in a series of spasms that left her leaning against the back of the shower with her legs trembling.

Nurse Banning smiled and unscrewed the nozzle from the douche bag and washed it and her hands in the small sink basin.

“Now, does that feel better?” she asked solicitously.

“Oh, God, yes – thank you so much, nurse,” Ruby said with a dreamy expression. “That was simply wonderful. I am feeling so much better now.”

The nurse dried her hands and placed the nozzle back in her medical bag. “Now you shower off and get back into bed,” she said. “I will let myself out. In an hour or so, the physical therapist will be here for the final phase of the treatment Dr. Claudia has prescribed. Of course, if you need me again, just have your nephew give me a call. You know I am always available for you, dear.”

Nurse Banning leaned forward and placed her mouth gently on Ruby’s. Ruby kissed back passionately, letting her tongue dart inside the nurse’s full, well-shaped red lips.

“Thank you so much, Nurse Banning,” she said in a tone that was just above a whisper. “I will – believe me, I will!”

Part Four: Getting Physical!

Back in his workroom, Frank almost felt reluctant to transform himself from “Nurse Banning.” He found playing the buxom nurse almost as exciting as making love with his beautiful aunt. Instead of beginning immediately to change back to his boyish self, he unpinned his nurse’s cap, placed it on the worktable and fished a menthol-tipped cigarette from a cedar box next to it. He lit the cigarette and sat down in front of the three-way mirror, crossing his legs so that the taffeta skirt of his nurse’s uniform hiked up high on his thighs, showing a glimpse of Nurse Banning’s charmeuse panties. He smiled at his reflection as he let the smoke drift from the nurse’s pert latex nose.

“Honey, you look fantastic,” he murmured in Nurse Banning’s low purring voice. As he took another deep drag from the cigarette, he placed his hand in his crotch and began massaging the latex vagina under the panties – an action that also massaged the incredibly engorged penis pinioned under the layers of charmeuse and rubber.

Making love with Ruby – in all the incredible ways she demanded – was satisfying for Frank, but sometimes it was more than a little frustrating. She was so lovely that she could turn him on simply by walking into the room and touching him gently on the cheek. At the same time, many of the “roles” he played for her were based on her passively accepting erotic stimulation from different characters he played. Since most of those characters were female, Frank often brought Ruby to climax, but experienced no sexual release himself.

As he stroked his crotch rhythmically, experiencing a tremendous feeling of arousal, he reminded himself that his frustration was usually only temporary. Ruby had ways of paying him back in spades for his willingness to indulge her erotic fantasies. He had never been the beneficiary of such delightful oral sex with any partner – male or female – as he had with Ruby. In addition, Ruby wouldn’t hesitate a moment before complying with his request that she strap on a dildo and passionately sodomize him. Finally, he had never climaxed so delightfully as he did deep inside Ruby’s vagina.

As he reminisced about his past sexual experiences with his aunt, he suddenly came inside the latex torso suit in a series of throbbing spasms that left his legs shaking with excitement. As his climax concluded, he sagged back in his chair and took another deep drag off his cigarette, letting the smoke slowly trickle from Nurse Banning’s Barbie-like nose. He would have to clean the inside of the latex torso carefully before he powdered and put it away, he thought to himself as he gazed at “Nurse Banning” in the full length mirror before him.

It took him about a half hour to transform himself from the buxom nurse into his normally male self, and he brought a platter with a pot of tea, two types of jam and some warm buttered scones up to his aunt’s room when he returned to her.

“So,” he asked as he set down the tray and poured her a cup of Earl Grey, “how was the visit from the nurse.”

Ruby sighed as she lifted the cup to her carmine mouth, her lips curled gently in a smile. “Just wonderful,” she said. “That girl certainly knows how to make her patients feel better. I am so glad Dr. Claudia sent her to me.”

Frank folded his arms and leaned against the wall as Ruby sipped tea. “I think you told me the doctor would be sending somebody else over,” he said with a slightly puzzled look. “Who will this be?”

Ruby shrugged and placed her teacup back in its saucer. “Somebody named Yumiko Suzuki,” she said. “Dr. Claudia didn’t say much about her. Just that she is a physical therapist. I am not sure what she will be doing as a treatment.”

Frank smiled. “Well, I had better get out of here, then,” he said. “I am sure that Dr. Claudia has given her some pretty explicit instructions, since she knows you so very well. It’s getting late in the afternoon and this Miss Suzuki will no doubt be arriving fairly soon. She will need to have time alone with you for whatever therapy Dr. Claudia has asked her to provide.”

Ruby smiled and nodded. “You can leave the tea things until later, sugar,” she said. “I am sure you will have other things to do until she gets here. I will just set these things aside on the dresser over in the corner when I am through. You can send Miss Suzuki directly up to me as soon as she gets here.”

Frank kissed her gently on the cheek and took his leave. Ruby was right. It was getting fairly late, and the mysterious Miss Suzuki would be expected very soon. He had to get moving!

Miss Suzuki was making her debut as one of Ruby’s attendants, this afternoon. Although Frank had been contemplating the character and working out the details of her physical appearance and demeanor for more than a month, she had not yet made an appearance before his aunt. The Japanese-American physical therapist was a somewhat easier transformation for Frank than Dr. Claudia or Nurse Banning had been.

As a physical therapist, Yumiko Suzuki had a more toned and muscular body that the doctor or the nurse, so Frank’s physical form required less in the way of foundation garments. Instead of one of the latex torso suits, he simply put on panties and a heavy pair of white support pantyhose, followed by a heavy latex and spandex panty-legged girdle to nip n his already slender waist. He finished up by donning a long-line brassiere made out of the same material, filled out with a pair of B-cup silicone filled breast forms. The result was a slender yet fit looking feminine body consistent with a younger woman who made her living by manipulating patients with various types of physical shortcomings.

With his masculine body concealed inside the young woman’s form, Frank transformed his face quickly and expertly, referring only briefly to the reference notes on the therapist which he had jotted down for himself during his earlier rehearsals. He selected a specially designed full head mask that he had molded from a life-casting of his own head, pulled it over his face and zipped the rear closed snugly. As he had with Dr. Claudia and Nurse Banning, he used theatrical makeup to blend the color of the latex face with the parts of his own eyes that were revealed between the mask’s carefully molded epicanthic fold and exaggerated Asiatic cheekbones. Then he finished making up his own eyes with black mascara and eyeliner. Finally, he pulled a straight, pageboy bob wig over the smooth bald crown of “Yumiko Suzuki’s” rubber false face, and used a wig comb to straighten the shoulder length black tresses and straight bangs.

Slipping completely into his new female identity, “Yumiko” dabbed a medium pink enamel over her own well-manicured fingertips, reasoning that a physical therapist would be unlikely to wear her nails in a long or exotically painted style. Once the polish had dried, “she” slipped a white silk T-shirt over her head and wriggled into a denim jumper that was neatly cut to show off her fit, yet feminine figure. Finally, she stepped into a pair of sling-back black flats that set off the rest of her “work” outfit, giving her a casual but businesslike appearance.

When Ruby answered the physical therapist’s knock by ordering her to come in, she wasn’t sure exactly who – or what – was going to walk through the door. Although she had called on Frank to arrange visits by her “doctor” and “nurse” on previous occasions due to bouts of “woman trouble,” she had been excited and a little puzzled when “Doctor Claudia” had mentioned sending a physical therapist to see her. “This is something new,” she thought with a mixture of puzzlement and excitement as she heard the therapist walk up the hall outside her bedroom. “I wonder what she will be like?”

As “Yumiko” stepped inside, Ruby smiled with pleasurable anticipation. She was a lovely Asian-American girl with a petite yet sturdy figure and an excitingly exotic face. Taking the newcomer in with an appraising glance, she thought Yumiko’s shoulder-length black hair was attractively feminine, and the straight cut and long bangs set off her almond shaped eyes and prominent cheekbones very dramatically. Yumiko’s face was distinctly Asiatic. The pronounced fold of her eyelids gave her eyes an exotic slanted look, and her small rosebud shaped lips were painted with a brownish red lip gloss that set off her pale skin like a Noh mask of an noblewoman’s face.

“Hello, I’m Yumiko,” the physical therapist said, extending her right hand as she used her left to place a leather professional satchel large enough to serve as a suitcase on the floor near Ruby’s bed. “You must be Ruby. Dr. Claudia told me you need some vaginal stimulation and exercise. Is that so?”

“Yes,” Ruby said with a warm smile as she took the younger woman’s hand in a gentle but friendly grip. “I’m not sure exactly what Dr. Claudia had in mind, however. She has seen me on a number of occasions for this kind of problem, but she never arranged for a physical therapist before.”

Yumiko returned Ruby’s smile gently, as she sat down on the edge of the bed beside her, still holding Ruby’s hand. “Actually, it is an experimental type of treatment that the doctor has been interested in trying out on one of her patients for some time,” she said. “The idea is to see if intensive treatment can increase the period of time between return therapy sessions. In short, to see if the patient can be stimulated enough to remain satisfied for longer periods of time.”

Opening her case, Yumiko withdrew an apparatus that appeared to be a shiny black version of one of the latex female torsos that Frank used to feminize his masculine body. The main difference was, this particular device appeared to be molded of thicker rubber, and to be equipped with a number of straps to adjust its fit. Holding the gadget up in front of Ruby, Yumiko showed the older woman that inside the crotch of the torso was a pair of molded latex pockets with distinctly phallic shapes, placed in positions so as to allow them to be inserted in the wearer’s anal and vaginal openings. She also pointed out that the insides of the brassiere cups were lined with little rubber nipples designed to stimulate the sensitive tissue of the wearer’s breasts.

“You see here that these two pouches have openings on the outside of the garment that will allow me to insert electric vibrators into them once you are strapped inside,” she said. Holding up a device that looked like a TV channel changer, she added: “The bra cups already have electric vibrator circuits molded into them, and can be operated by this remote unit.”

Ruby nodded thoughtfully as she listened to the therapist. “So what do I need to do?” she asked when the explanation was finished.

Yumiko smiled again and said, “All you have to do is relax and let me place you in the garment for your treatment session. I will need to immobilize you for the session, once you have the garment on, but you should be comfortable, even though you won’t be able to move.”

Ruby nodded and rose from her bed. She slipped out of her nightgown and robe, and moved as the therapist directed, lifting her firm, pale-skinned legs to put her feet through the leg holes of the black rubber garment, then holding still as Yumiko slipped the corset-shaped device up over her ample hips and breasts.

She found the rubber material of the garment cold at first, but it seemed to warm to her body temperature fairly rapidly. Initially, she felt a slight amount of discomfort as Yumiko slipped the phallus-shaped rubber pouches up inside her vagina and anus, but once they were in place, she had to admit that they felt rather good.

“Please stand with your legs as far apart as you can,” Yumiko directed. Ruby complied with a grunt as the younger woman pulled some of the straps, tightening the rubber garment around Ruby’s pliant feminine form. The corset like shape of the garment turned out to be appropriate, since the straps were designed to allow the device to be cinched around the wearer until her figure was radically altered, and boasted a waistline so tiny that it made breathing slightly difficult.

“Ungh!” Ruby gasped as Yumiko buckled the straps in place. “That seems to have cut my waist down to about 20 inches. I could probably squeeze into a dress two sizes smaller while wearing it.”

Yumiko nodded and smiled. “The idea is to concentrate all physical sensation into to lower part of the torso, so as to achieve maximum stimulation,” she said in explanation. “This is part of the immobilization, which directs all the stimulation into one part of the body. That is the theory – to concentrate all feeling, so that only one part responds to the stimulus. In a way, it is partly based on the sensory deprivation experiments that were being done several years ago.”

Ruby licked her lips and nodded, placing her hands on her constricted waistline. “Whew,” she said. “Well, this should be an interesting experience?”

Yumiko directed her to sit on the bed and drew a black rubber hood out of her professional case. The zipper that closed the back of the hood was completely open, and Yumiko held it up so that Ruby could see its inside. The interior of the hood had been molded with generic feminine features – lips, eyes, nose and mouth. But the mouth had a thick rubber gag built into it, and the nose featured black latex tubes designed to slip snugly inside the wearer’s nostrils with exterior hoses that could be attached to a respirator or a regulator and breathing tanks. The eyes of the hood were completely blocked with egg-shaped latex cups inside that fit over the wearer’s eye sockets and held the rubber of the mask up and off the wearer’s eyelids. Although the person inside the mask would be able to open their eyes and blink without discomfort, the design of the hood’s interior would make it impossible to receive any visual stimulation at all. At the same time, once the back of the hood was zipped shut, the wearer would be unable to hear anything, as the heavy rubber fabric of the mask was designed to cover the wearer’s ears snugly, admitting no sound.

“You will need to wear this,” Yumiko said gently. “This is another part of the immobilization required by this particular type of therapy. The idea is to cut out all outside stimulus, so that you concentrate only on the stimulus provided by the torso device.”

Ruby nodded to show she understood, then inclined her head slightly to allow Yumiko to slip the latex hood over her head with a gentle but firm motion. Ruby used her hands to guide the rubber tubes up inside her nostrils as the mask slipped into place, then opened her mouth to let the gag slip inside. She helped hold the mask snugly against her face while Yumiko carefully zipped the back shut, and was a little surprised at how completely the gag filled her mouth when the hood was tightly closed. Her breath hissed through the hoses attached to her nostrils, but she was completely unable to hear the sound, so thoroughly did the hood block her sense of hearing. She blinked in darkness inside the blackness of the hood, unable to see even a hint of light through the thick layer of latex. With her mouth completely wedged shut around the gag, she could not even murmur inside the mask.

Yumiko assisted Ruby in lying back on her bed, and splayed the older woman’s arms and legs so she could attach cuffs to them and cinch them up with lengths of cotton clothes line rope to the posts that held up the canopy of her bed. She adjusted the ropes on Ruby’s arms and legs so she was completely unable to move; tying it in knots that could be quickly and easily released once the “therapy” was done. With Ruby completely helpless on the bed, Yumiko did not need to lock the cuffs shut, or find a more permanent way to attach the ropes to the bed posts: Ruby could not possibly escape from her restraints.

Yumiko took a metallic dildo with an electric-motored vibrator inside and used a little gel to moisten the tip so she could insert it into the latex pouch on the torso that was inside Ruby’s vagina. She took an identical vibrator and placed it inside Ruby’s anal orifice, using several applications of the jelly to slip the phallus completely up into the older woman’s rectal canal. The sensation was overwhelming for Ruby, trapped in complete immobility, and with all of her senses cut off but her sense of touch. If she had been able to make any sound at all through her gagged mouth, she would have moaned with pleasure as the thick phalluses were wedged deep into two of the most sensitive parts of her body.

With the vibrators mounted. Yumiko picked up the remote unit and switched on the vaginal phallus, which went to work inside Ruby’s body with a quiet hum. Despite her pinioned arms and legs, Ruby’s back arched at the sudden stimulation deep inside her, and her body began to rock slightly up and down in time with the movements of the dildo.

With a smile of satisfaction, Yumiko switched on the dildo wedged up inside Ruby’s rectum. The older woman twisted against her ropes, her hands fluttering with arousal as a low nasal moan emanated from the hoses tucked up inside her nostrils.

Ruby was now writhing up and down on the bed as far as her bonds would allow as her body twitched rhythmically to the vibrators operating inside her. Although her face and her trunk were completely hidden inside tight black rubber coverings, her arms and legs were becoming covered with a glossy sheen of perspiration.

Yumiko held the vibrator controller in her hand as she watched Ruby’s pinioned body throb with growing excitement. She placed a finger on the button that controlled the motorized vibrators inside the brassiere cups and pressed down.

The moaning sound coming from Ruby’s nostril hoses went up an octave, and her body was now jerking up and down on her bedding like a metronome tuned into the rhythm of the various vibrator motors. As her spasms went on, Yumiko, caught up in the sexual excitement, lifted the bottom of her jumper and massaged the penis buried under her panties, stockings and girdle. After nearly 15 minutes of rubbing the mound inside her undergarments, she climaxed, squirting her man juice under layers of spandex, rubber and nylon. Ruby came at almost the same instant, whinnying with ecstasy through her nose under the thick latex mask as she thrashed in a series of deep vaginal orgasms.

Breathing heavily herself, Yumiko began powering down the vibrators that were rocking the older woman. As she switched the last of the devices off, Ruby’s body visibly relaxed on the bed, her energy utterly spent.

Yumiko released Ruby’s arms and legs and gathered the exhausted woman up into a sitting position so she could undo the zipper at the back of Ruby’s latex hood. She peeled the sweat-soaked rubber mask off the older woman’s face with a slippery rustle, extracting the gag from Ruby’s mouth by gently pulling Ruby’s jaw open. Yumiko cradled the older woman in her arms, rocking slightly back and forth as Ruby’s breathing returned to normal.

“Oh – oh, my God!” Ruby, only semi-conscious murmured as she rested her sweaty head against Yumiko’s breast. “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God! I’ve never had an experience remotely like that! Thank you so much, Miss Yumiko.”

Yumiko smiled with delight at her “patient’s” pleasure. “Of course, Miss Ruby,” she purred. “I am so glad that the therapy was successful.

” Part Five: Taking the Night Off.”

It took Yumiko nearly a half-hour to get Ruby out of the rubber torso device. She got little assistance from Ruby, who was completely overwhelmed by the intense sexual stimulation she had received, and could only mutter incoherently how marvelous the experience had left her feeling.

Yumiko dressed Ruby in her nightclothes and then pulled the covers back over the semi-conscious woman before packing up her equipment and slipping out of Ruby’s room.

Frank took his time changing back from his Yumiko persona. Ruby needed the rest after a day filled with such intense sexual activity. It was nearly five o’clock when he re-entered his aunt’s room to check on her.

Ruby was awake, and she looked absolutely radiant. “Frank, darling,” she said, patting for him to join her on the bed as he entered. “I feel wonderful, dear. Between the doctor, the nurse and the physical therapist, I am completely transfigured!”

Frank sat gently next to her, leaning over to give her a tender kiss on her forehead. “So I take it that Miss Suzuki’s treatment was a success?” He said with a smile, taking her hands in his own. “You certainly look much healthier and happier than you did when I first saw you this morning.”

“Oh, God!” she responded in a throaty purr, her glossy red lips twisted in a grin of pleasure. “She was incredible! She had some sort of massage machine that — well, it was just fantastic.”

Frank glanced at the clock on the bedside table. “So what are your plans tonight?” he asked. “How do you intend to spend the rest of the evening?” Ruby’s grinned widened.

“Oh, I thought I might just stay in bed and read,” she answered with a mischievous wink. “You, poor dear, must be completely frazzled. You’ve spent the entire day waiting on me, making my medical appointments, bringing me food and tea. How do you intend to wind down?”

Frank shrugged slightly. “No idea, really,” he said. “I have no plans. I suppose I will go to bed early or something sensible.”

Ruby giggled.

“Now there’s an idea,” she said, then hesitated before adding: “Frank, darling, we haven’t seen much of your cousin Allison recently. What do you suppose she is up to these days?”

Frank lifted his shoulders again. “Who can say? She does pretty much as she pleases.” Ruby looked up coquettishly from under her long, thick lashes. “Is she still seeing her gentleman friend? What was his name? Michael . . . uh . . . ”

“Rush,” Frank supplied with a grin. “Michael Rush. I don’t think she has had an evening with him for some time. Would you like me to check for you and find out what she is doing tonight? If memory serves me, she seems to be free most evenings.”

Ruby nodded briskly. “Yes,” she said. “Find out if she is busy. I will call Mr. Rush and see if he might be interested in coming over and picking her up for an evening on the town.”

Frank stood, still holding his aunt’s pale, slender hands in his own. He gave them a tender kiss before releasing them.

“You make your call and I’ll make mine,” he said as he made for the door. “I am certain that she will be delighted to get together with him again. You can tell him I guarantee she will be waiting for him here at seven o’clock.”

“Sounds perfect,” Ruby said, blowing him a kiss. “I am sure that he will be just as eager to get back together with her. Seven sharps it is. Tell her to come over here and he will pick her up.”

Frank’s “cousin Allison” was one of his easiest parts, since she required none of the heavy theatrical make-up that brought his other characters to life. “Allison” was Frank’s female alter ego, a role he had been playing since he was only eleven and dressed in his mother’s underwear, make up and clothing when his father was not at home.

He had fine-tuned Allison, as he grew older, letting her develop her own distinct yet understated feminine identity through the years. He was performing as a vocalist in a drag club as “Allison” the first time he met Arthur Rosen, his late lover.

Arthur had loved Frank’s “Allison” act and almost had been surprised that Frank was actually a man, his performance as a female was so completely convincing. They had shared a drink after the show and had tentatively arranged a date for the following weekend. They began living together almost immediately afterward, and Arthur had enjoyed taking “Allison” out for evenings on the town, escorting her to dinner at fine restaurants and evenings of theater or ballet. No one ever suspected that his lovely female companion was actually a man disguised as a woman. Arthur jokingly told friends that he was actually straight, and it was the woman inside Frank who had really stolen his heart.

For his part, Frank considered “Allison” much more than one of his roles. She was actually a part of him — the female half of his personality that his father had wanted him to suppress and deny. Allison was the dear sister he never had because of his mother’s inability to bear children after he was born. Much of Allison’s personality had crystallized in his relationship with his mother: such tender acts of intimacy as brushing or setting her long brown hair, or painting her nails with the brick red lacquer she had always favored.

During those quiet moments, Frank’s mother had treated him almost as the daughter she had always wanted. The symmetry of their needs and desires was very nearly perfect. In his teen years when his father was often gone on out of town jobs, he had spent long evenings with his mother as her male daughter, much to her quiet delight. To change into Allison was almost second nature for him. He did not need to make a conscious adjustment to her femininity in the same way as he did his other characters: his voice and manner transformed into hers subtly and unconsciously as he undressed and bathed. Allison wore a light foundation, with a light powder cover to matte the finish. Her eyebrows were naturally arched, and she only used enough eye pencil to give them fullness and color. She lined her eyes lightly with black mascara and used the same color on her lashes, curling and thickening them as she expertly brushed them upward. Only a light blush was required to give her cheeks a lovely, youthful glow, and she used a stiff makeup brush to paint medium red lipstick onto her full lips, blotting it carefully with a tissue, then reapplying the cosmetic to obtain a full, deep finish.

Her youthful, understated makeup complete, Allison carefully donned a shoulder-length brunette wig that was almost identical to Frank’s own hair color, teasing it out carefully to enhance the long, soft curl and full shape of the style.

Allison’s body was more like that of Yumiko Suzuki than Nurse Banning was, so she needed none of the latex appliances that gave the nurse her splendid shape. Allison wore only a black waist cincher with garters for her seamed taupe stockings, and a matching long line bra with modest silicone-filled breast forms to give her body a delicate curviness. She pulled her black satin bikini pants over the nylons and garters for ease in using the restroom, and stepped into an unadorned pair of black patent pumps with elegantly shaped three-inch heels. A black wool crepe sheath and a string of pearls with matching ear studs finished off her evening attire, and it took her only a few moments to apply the final touch — two coats of dark red nail polish painted over her neatly manicured natural nails.

Standing in front of the full-length mirror in her workroom, she spritzed a small amount of Chanel No. Five onto the smooth pale skin of her neck then nodded her head with a confident smile, satisfied with the understated elegance of her appearance. She glanced at the small gold Seiko watch at her wrist and noted that her date would not arrive for at least another fifteen minutes.

Allison waited for Michael Rush in the study near the front door to Ruby’s house. She lit a cigarette and had smoked about half of it when the doorbell rang. Swinging it open revealed a short, slightly built man with dark blond hair and a mustache waiting on the welcome mat.

“Hello, Allison.” said Michael Rush with a smile. “It’s good to see you again, dear. It’s been far too long.”

Allison took his hand and led him inside, closing the door after. She touched him tenderly on the cheek, then leaned forward toward him, her hand on his side, her own smile in place. Their lips came together and Allison held the kiss for a moment as she leaned into his body.

“Yes,” she said, petting his cheek. “Far too long. I’ve missed you, Michael.”

“I’ve missed you, too, darling,” he said, placing his arms around her and letting his hands fall to cup her slender bottom as he drew in the delicate scent of her perfume. “How do you feel about drinks and dinner?”

Allison smiled, showing even white teeth. “I am starving,” she said emphatically. “Do you have something specific in mind?”

Micheal looked her up and down appreciatively. “How about ‘Intime?'” He said. “You look absolutely gorgeous tonight and I want to take you someplace where I can show you off properly.”

“Intime” was a supper club and lounge near the city’s waterfront that served first-rate Tuscan cuisine and often featured live music. Frank had gone there with Ruby on more than one occasion, and Allison had enjoyed an evening there with Michael several weeks earlier. All four considered it an exceptionally romantic spot for dinner and dancing.

The lights of Michael’s BMW two-seater shimmered on the dark and shining streets, glistening with fresh rain that had only stopped an hour earlier. Michael turned his BMW over to the valet and the Maitre D’ showed them to a table near the stage. They began the evening with Martinis, then had a delicious veal dinner washed down with a bottle of good California Chardonnay. After their dishes were cleared away, they listened to four-piece combo play jazz for an hour or so, occasionally rising to dance to the slower numbers.

As they swayed together to a sexy arrangement of an old Billy Holiday tune, Allison could feel Michael’s warm breath on her cheek. His thigh pressed against the inside of hers, and she could feel Frank’s penis hardening under her silk panties. She snuggled against Michael with a happy sigh and he kissed her gently near her ear. She turned her face slightly toward his and their lips met and lingered. Finally, she broke the kiss and looked into his eyes with a smile.

“I love this place, and I love being here with you, darling,” she said, “but I’ve had a long day. Why don’t we go back to my aunt’s for a nightcap — and whatever else comes to mind?”

“I’ve had a long day, too, Allison,” he said, returning her gentle smile. “Let’s go.”

Allison led Michael into the house by the hand and poured them each a snifter of Remy Martin.

“You’re sure we won’t disturb your aunt?” Michael asked, sipping his cognac. “I don’t want to wear out my welcome here.”

“Not to worry, dear,” Allison said, leading him to the guest bedroom next to Frank’s on the ground floor. “I’m sure she expects us to have a good time. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have set up our date tonight.”

Allison put her drink down on a large oak dresser and turned to Michael with a contented sigh. She loosened the knot of his necktie and unfastened the buttons on his shirt, then placed her hands on his wide, smooth chest and kissed him again. They undressed each other with easy familiarity and, wearing only her underwear and stockings, Allison led her naked lover to the large double bed.

Michael’s hand slipped down inside Allison’s silk panties and fondled the huge erection waiting there tenderly. She placed her hand on his completely erect penis and pulled him down onto the bed with her.

Their lovemaking was extraordinary and went on for more than an hour as each took turns satisfying the other orally and anally. Afterwards they went to sleep in each other’s arms.

Allison stirred gently the first time Michael shook her shoulder. The second time, she awakened completely, shards of the delightful dream she had been enjoying falling away like pieces of a broken mirror. Her head was snuggled on Michael’s hairless chest. He kissed the top of her head and smiled down at her. “I’m becoming a bit uncomfortable, darling,” he said. “Would you help me?”

Allison smiled back sleepily. “On one condition,” she said. “Once I am finished, you stay with me the rest of the night.”

“It’s a deal,” Michael said sitting up. He faced away from her on the bed and she gently probed the hair at the back of his neck with her fingers. After a few seconds, she found the tiny hidden zipper and pulled it down carefully from the nape of his neck to the cleavage of his buttocks. Underneath Michael’s tan skin was the pale porcelain skin of Ruby’s back, now quite damp with perspiration after prolonged confinement in latex. “Michael” pulled the opening at the back of his head up and over, and Ruby’s own blond hair came tumbling out from its concealment under the rubber full body suit that had changed her into “Michael Rush” for the evening.

Shaking her damp hair free, she turned to Allison with a grin. “I love wearing this thing, but it does get hot after a while.”

“Of course, silly,” Allison said, lighting a cigarette. “It is made completely of latex, and there is hardly an opening in it.”

As her aunt peeled the rest of the garment off her soft, pale body, Allison smoked quietly, smiling. The male body suit Frank had constructed for his aunt was one of the greatest triumphs of his special effects stagecraft. Molded from a Fiberglas casting of his own body, It covered her from the top of her head to her toes, and was detailed in every way, with realistic fingernails, rooted hair and mustache and separate toes and fingers. The suit had anatomically correct genitalia, with a penis rigid enough for vaginal or anal penetration. The entire costume was remarkably ingenious, and Allison — as Frank — had spent nearly three months constructing it.

When Ruby had completely stripped the one-piece suit off her body, she dried herself with a towel and sat down next to Allison on the bed. Taking the cigarette from her “niece’s” fingers, she took a deep puff and grinned.

“I love making love to you in that thing,” she said with a giggle. “It makes it so easy to play the male part. No strapons — nothing to break the mood. Just like a regular man!”

Ruby took a final puff and stubbed the cigarette out in an ashtray on the nightstand. Getting back into the bed next to her “niece,” she stroked Allison’s thigh beneath the blankets, letting her hand slide up onto Allison’s once-more stiffening penis.

“One more time, okay dear?” the older woman asked as she stroked Allison’s member. “Then we need to sleep. Something tells me we are going to have a very interesting day tomorrow.”

Allison kissed Ruby passionately. Stroking her aunt’s cheek as she gazed into her eyes, she added, with a wistful smile, “I know exactly what you mean, darling. Living in this unique household, you can never tell who just might drop by.”

The End