Black Canary

Black Canary

The Past

Dinah Lance, Black Canary, jumped between the rooftops of Gotham City. Her graceful and lithe movements were like a cat’s. No one could have seen that she was far beyond her prime. She was 45 years old now and every single muscle and sinew in her body cried out in pain. Most of the old heroes were gone. They had retired, were dead, or had moved to their homes beyond the stars. She however had remained, seeing that the city needed her. Every day was a struggle. When she came home after patrolling the streets each night, even her butler, Patricia, a master masseuse, could do little for her. She wanted to quit but something inside her told her to go on. So she dragged herself into the costume each night hoping that this night would be her last.

She was following a pair of thugs who had just robbed a bank. One of them was slim and in good shape the other a big lump of fat and muscle. She quickly caught up with the fat one and with a jumpkick to the back of the head she flattened him. He fell down and dropped his share of the money. The thud of the thousands of dollars landing on the ground prompted the other one to turn around. He saw his partner flattened and Black Canary looming over him. His hand went for a knife but she kicked him in the stomach so that he fell backwards and slammed into a chimney. That knocked the wind out of him, she thought, as she walked towards him. But then, quick enough so that she couldn’t jump out of the way, he grabbed a pistol and shot her. The bullet caught her in the shoulder and she fell to the ground, blood spurting from the wound. The thug grabbed his partner’s moneybags and then walked to the fallen Black Canary.

“I finally get to ice a big shot” he smirked and leveled his pistol.

But before he could pull the trigger she kicked the gun out of his hand, desperately, fighting the pain, rapidly losing consciousness. The thug swore and kicked her in the stomach. She cried out in pain. He bent over to pick up his gun but then heard the wail of sirens nearby. He turned and ran away with all the stolen money from the bank and Black Canary lying on the roof fighting to remain conscious.

Through some miracle she got home and as soon as Patricia opened the door for her she fell to the floor unconscious.

She woke up a few days later with her ten-year-old son Ashley sitting on a chair beside her bed.

“Oh mommy you’re finally up! I was so worried. I wasn’t sure if you were ever going to wake up again!”

She gently stroked his hair and smiled at him.

“Don’t worry honey,” she said in a dry husky voice. “I’m not gonna leave you.”

They hugged and the tears were streaming down Ashley’s cheeks.

“Now, now young sir.” Patricia said as she came into the room. “Your mother’s not dead. Don’t cry. Run and get her a glass of water now. Her throat’s parched. She hasn’t had a sip of water for days.”

Ashley rose and ran to the kitchen. Patricia sat down beside her and took her hand. Dinah knew that Patricia had gotten her out of the costume and had concocted some lie to tell her young son about how his mother had been shot. She always did. She’d called their family physician that knew about Dinah’s, and her mother’s before hers, secret identity and wouldn’t tell a soul.

“My lady, I think it’s time that you retire. Before something even more terrible happens. The next one might not hit your shoulder.”

“You’re right Patricia. I think it’s time to stash the old leather outfit in the wardrobe. Only I don’t have anyone to put it on for me, to pass the mantle to.”

“What about Ashley?” Patricia asked.

At this remark Dinah let out a little laugh, but in her weakened condition it sounded more like a crow’s croak.

“Sorry Patricia. Wrong sex. The Black Canary club is women only. ”

“Surely you could bend the rules?”

“Not unless you could turn him into a woman Patricia. And I don’t want my boy’s penis to be cut off.”

“But maybe he can become a woman without surgery my lady.” At this Dinah’s eyebrow was raised. I know a man that makes full-length body and facial masks that are so lifelike that no difference can be seen. You could use that to change him. Of course it costs a lot of money.”

“As you have no doubt however realized, living in this mansion of ours for the last twenty years Patricia, money is not a problem here. However, you’ve piqued my interest…”

“Here’s your water mommy!” called Ashley as he ran into the room and gave his mother the water, cutting her off.

We’ll wait a few years and then we’ll see, Patricia.” Dinah said and sipped her water.

The Now

Ashley was now a fully-grown man, twenty-two years old. He was 1,76 cm tall and although skinny was by no means a weakling. His mother had him stay in shape while she just stayed home and drank champagne and smoked her long, thin foul smelling cigars in a mouthpiece. After being shot she’d changed her whole outlook on life. She stopped jogging and weightlifting and started wearing long black evening gowns all day with shoulder length gloves and smoked like a maniac. She’d gone from a health freak to a woman out of a Lovecraft book in just a few months. But Ashley was used to it; after all she’d been like this most of his life. He could hardly remember her out of her gothic wear.

One Thursday morning, after finishing jogging his daily circle around the mansion grounds and taking a shower, he stepped out of the bathroom dressed only in a towel covering his private parts. He walked to his room and as he took hold of the doorknob his mother said,

“Ashley dear, we need to talk.”

He looked up and saw his mother standing at the end of the corridor in her usual attire with the cigar in one hand.

“Uh, sure mom.”

She turned and walked through the winding corridors of the huge mansion, the largest one in the greater Gotham area, even larger than Wayne Manor, with Ashley following. She took him up to one of her clothes rooms. She had many. Each one had dozens of racks of clothes of all kinds.

“Ashley dear, do you remember a superheroine from your childhood known as the Black Canary?”

“Sure. She was all over the newspapers. Saving the city from terrorists and stuff. I remember I thought she looked just like you. Well, except for her hair colour.”

Dinah had short black hair while Black Canary had long blonde hair.

“Yes, it’s incredible what a wig can do dear.”

At this remark Ashley looked strangely at his mother.

“Wait, are you saying what I think you’re saying?” he said. “Are YOU Black Canary?”

His mother exhaled a cloud of smoke and smiled at him.

“Yes, I am dear, or rather, I was.”

She walked to one of the clothing racks and picked out a pair of black leather pants, a black leather jacket and a pair of knee high platform boots. Then she put her hand into the sleeve of the jacket and pulled out a blonde wig and threw it to Ashley. He caught it and stared at it in disbelief.

“Wow! My mom, a superhero. But you don’t have any superpowers?”

“No. I did once. But I lost them. Long story, don’t ask.”

“Ok.” Ashley said and handed his mother the wig. “I appreciate you telling me this, but why did you keep it a secret? Why tell me now? I don’t think you’re doing it just because I’m old enough to hear it.”

“You’re right dear. I have another reason. And it’s a bit queer I’m afraid. You see when I was a child my mother was Black Canary. When I grew up I took over. It’s a kind of family custom. A very strange one I know but it’s been with us for a long time. And I think we should continue this custom.”

“What are you saying mom?” Ashley said dumbfounded. “I don’t think I’d look very good in that. I’m not a woman you know. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I think you’re right, I think this is a good custom and it should be maintained and all but I can’t be a superheroine. Superhero maybe, superheroine, no.”

Dinah handed her son the clothes and took a puff of the cigar before answering him.

“Yes. Well I agree, a male Black Canary would be pretty silly but Patricia and I have been plotting this since you were a child and we can make you into a woman.”

Ashley took a few steps backwards

“Don’t worry dear.” his mother was quick to add. “It doesn’t involve cutting off your penis or anything like that. There’s another way.”

“Oh yeah?” Ashley said, a bit in shock at the thought of his genitals being cut off. He didn’t like that at all. “Well what’s that?”

“Let me show you.” She reached into the clothes rack and picked out another piece of clothing. And yet it wasn’t. It was a skin. The skin of a human being. Dinah recognized the look on her son’s face and said: “Don’t worry. It’s not cut off someone. We didn’t flay anyone. It’s grown in a vat. Cost me a fortune I might add.”

“Just what is it?”

“It’s a skin, or a cloth skin, or whatever. Anyway, you put this on and it attaches itself to your skin. It changes your outlook entirely. With it you can be my successor. What do you say? Are you willing to give it a try?”

Ashley hesitated for a moment before saying; “Ah what the hell? I’ll give it a shot!”

His mother smiled a deep rich smile.

“Ok. Drop your towel.”

Ashley did as he was told. Dinah handed him the suit. It was exactly the same size as him. There was a hole in the back of the suit, which he put his feet into, and into the feet/pants. It felt just like putting on someone’s body, and in a way he was, he supposed. Very strange. He then put his hands into the hands/sleeves. They fit him perfectly and after he slid his fingers into the fingers/gloves he took hold of the face/mask which was hanging from the neck on the suit’s back. He brought it over his head, through the neck and slid it over his face. When he’d done the whole suit moved. It adapted itself completely to his figure, softening some lines enlarging others. Even the face shrunk a bit so it fit him completely. It didn’t even feel like he was wearing anything. He stood there for a moment stunned before his mother, before shouting for a mirror. She smiled and brought him to the far wall of the room where a full-length mirror stood. When he looked at himself standing there his heart jumped. He was no longer Ashley Lance. He was someone else. He was a woman! The suit had somehow hidden his genitals and he had a smooth patch of skin where they should be. He had breasts and a beautiful face. Full red lips and beautiful deep blue eyes that were somehow his, but not his. His hair was long and blonde. When he spoke his voice wasn’t the same. The suit put pressure on his vocal cords so his voice changed. He talked like a woman.

“Wow!” he said in a deep sexy woman’s voice. “I’m a woman.”

“Amazing!” his mother said and marveled at her son/daughter.” What shall we call you like this?”

“Ashley, I guess. It’s still me right? Ashley is a girl’s name too anyway. Speaking of which.” and his voice sounded more concerned now. “I’m not stuck like this am I? I mean forever? I can take this off right?”

“Of course. This is just a piece of clothing. Though you’ll have to wear this for a few days to allow the suit to get used to you. Kind of like you would a pair of new shoes. Only this pair of shoes is alive.”


“Yes. It’s living skin. The only way to fully emulate human skin is simply to become the skin, with skin. This way it fits you perfectly and your every move is perfectly lifelike.”


Ashley took a few moments to pose in front of the mirror. He/she, he had to think of himself as a she when he was like this. She practiced some facial features, smiles, frowns, and such. The whole suit had become him/her.

“I’m going to need some clothes.” She said.

Her mother threw the costume of Black Canary at her.

“Put this on. It’s yours now. You are Black Canary”

Her mother handed her some panties and a bra, which she put on before putting on the black leather pants. Then she put on the platform heeled boots. At first she almost fell down, so alien was moving in the boots. But she managed to keep her balance and put on the black corset. Her mother tied the laces, so very, very tight.

“Does it have to be so damn tight?” she said.” I’m choking in this.”

“You’ll get used to it. Why do you think I wore this? Because it felt good?” her mother said a little bit annoyed. “It’s designed to make the male pigs hesitate long enough for me to kick their asses. No offense dear.”

“None taken. Remember, I’m a woman now mother.”

Her mother nodded and handed her the leather jacket. It was very short, only reaching down half of back, exposing her spine and sensual curves. Then she put the black leather gloves. They were extremely tight, so tight in fact that the nail mould was perfectly visible. She liked it.

“Now for your makeup.” Dinah said and took her to the powdering table that stood in the center of the room. She sat Ashley down and showed her how to put on lipstick and mascara and all that she needed to know. When they were finished Ashley definitely felt like a new person. She was a new person. The old Ashley was gone. At least for awhile. She liked this Ashley.

They stepped out into the hall and walked down to the living room where they sat down on two chairs. Dinah lit a cigar.

“Give me one of those.” Ashley said.

Her mother did and Ashley inhaled the poison.

“Nice.” she said.

They sat there puffing cigars for a while. Then Patricia entered holding a tray with two glasses of champagne.

“Patricia, meet your new mistress, Mistress Ashley. She’s the new Black Canary.” Dinah said, as if Patricia didn’t know who this was. She played along.

“Mistress.” she said and kissed the leather gloved hand of Ashley. Even though Patricia was nearing forty-five years she was remarkably beautiful and Ashley found her attractive. Strange, that she had not in her previous incarnation.

After awhile they stood up and went to the dining room where they had supper. Ashley wore the costume the whole time, relishing every moment of it. When they had finished eating Ashley was shown to her new room. Her old one was locked and would be so while she was a she.

Her new room was infinitely bigger and more luxurious than her old one. It had a great big bed with satin sheets and a huge clothing cabinet. A powdering table and a state of the art computer. Ashley lay on her bed for a while and smoked cigars. She had no clue as to how long she’d lain there when her mother entered her room.

“Well dear? Are you ready for your training?”


“Of course.” her mother replied smiling. “Can’t be a superheroine without being taught how to fight. I’m going to get you off the ground and then I’ll send you to a few of my friends who’ll instruct you further. We will start with basic martial arts.”

“Ok.” Ashley said and rose up. “I’m ready, let’s go.”

End chapter I

Chapter II coming soon…