Janet’s Closet Halloween Costumes

Costume Accessories

We provide hundreds of accessories to go with your perfect costume!

Click to View Accessories


Want to be a sexy cop, nurse or sailor for Halloween? We have all those uniforms here!

Click to View Uniforms


You can be a cute ladybug, or try out a cat suit and be a fierce kitty!

Click to View Critters


Have fun transforming into a fairy with fun fairy costumes! Now you can get your fairy wings and fairy costumes accessories and be prepared for parties, holidays, or just a fun filled day of magical experiences!

Click to View Fairies


Just because you are an adult, that doesn’t deprive you of the right to dream! The tradition of role playing and wearing adult costumes dates back to centuries, and they offer the perfect opportunity to adults who fantasize being a medieval knight, renaissance maiden, superhero, or movie star.

Click to View Fantasy


If you want to look like you’re from way back when, our frontier costumes are for you! You can be a sexy warrior, or even a cowgirl!

Click to View Frontier


View all of our sexy gangster costumes, it’s never too late to join the gang and the mischievous activities.

Click to View Gangsters


Get ready for the holidays with our sexy costumes. You can be santa’s little helper!

Click to View Holiday


Be a sexy maid for halloween and get to cleaning!

Click to View Maids


View all of our sexy male costumes!

Click to View Males


Be sure to check out all of our sexy masks, they’re a great addition to any halloween costume or going to a masquerade party!

Click to View Masks


View all of our sexy pirate costumes and get ready to go treasure huntin’!

Click to View Pirates


View all of our sexy schoolgirl costumes and be prepared to be schooled!

Click to View Schoolgirls


Be a sexy witch for Halloween!

Click to View Witches


Go back in time and become the retro honey you’ve always wanted to be!

Click to View Retro

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