Crisscrossed Nylons



“Come on honey it looks like such fun. You are always telling me that you wanted to try out female masking like on that web site, Maskon. You even made me read some of the stories you thought expressed your point of view,” lectured Liz Cruz as she walked into their bedroom in Juan’s long black leather coat, black rubber gloves and black, opaque panty hose pulled over her head.

“I got the distinct impression that you thought it was perverted, Liz and didn’t want to have anything to do with it,” responded Juan Cruz while he became instantly engorged with lust for the mysterious figure that was approaching their bed.

“I always told you that I thought that it was to expensive to be a hobby, but then I saw on Chante’s World of Female Masking the Nylon page,” stated Liz as if she was about to go shopping and what she had on was her normal attire. “On that page she said that all that was required to start was a cheap hard plastic female mask, and a variety of old panty hose. I have a bag of those, Honey. I was saving them to make a pillow. Then I saw a variety of clear plastic female

faces at the Party shop. They were on Halloween clearance and I bought a stack of them for five dollars. Come on; let’s try them out. If you do it, Juan, we could try some of that fantasy sex you are always telling me about.”

“Are you serious, Liz?” asked Juan in disbelief. First she wanted to mask, and

now she wanted to have fantasy sex. What did Liz have for dinner last night? He would have to make sure it became a steady diet. “What brought this on, Liz?”

“All you have to know Juan is that I’m really serious about doing this and don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.”

“Okay, Liz, but what gifts are you expecting in return.”

“I don’t want a thing, Juan. I just decided that you have really been good to me and that you never make any demands of me except to try this female masking

thing. I just thought with your birthday coming on, we could practice and try

the real thing on one of those fantasy dates you showed me in Chante’s stories.”

“Don’t tease me about this, Liz. You know that I have wanted to do that for the last three years. Where would we go?”

“I checked out Chante’s story and the places she mentioned in San Francisco are for real. I thought we could actually live out one of her stories, only we would be ourselves in public and masked in the motel room for the sex play and

erotic love scenes. Look if you don’t want to do this, Juan, I could always have Roger give it the old college try.”

“That won’t be necessary, Liz. I’ll do it.”

“I thought you would, Juan.”

Liz still thought the idea of Juan cross-dressing and masking as a female was

perverted. Not realizing the nature of a fetish and/or compulsive behavior, Liz decided the only way to cure Juan of this “perversion” was to get it out of his system. She realized that denial had done nothing but drive a wedge into their relationship. In every other way, they were soul mates. Their friends and family joked that they were joined at the hip. If you saw one, you saw the other. What Liz had failed to realize until recently was that except for this

idea of periodic cross dressing and female masking, everything they did was at

her direction. Based on the old adage, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”, Liz

decided to plan a vacation in San Francisco on and around Juan’s birthday.

To make sure that everything would come out as she planned she started months in advance. Her first move was to further limit the “limited” amount of sex that she “allowed” Juan to have. This minimum was just enough to keep him from fucking a telephone pole. In addition, since Juan didn’t like sex in total darkness of in the morning, Liz decided that the only time she would “be in the

mood” was at four A.M., with the lights out and the blinds drawn. Knowing that

Juan became rigid at the sight of her body, Liz bought long flannel sleep wear and put on her ugliest house coat to totally hide her beautiful shape. Strangely enough, all this planning of a masking sexual fantasy was making Liz really horny.

The limitation on Juan’s sex life was driving him off of the charts.

Liz continued her research and built up an extensive repertoire of ideas and masking scenarios. The nylon mask bit seemed the best to her, because of the

convenience by which she could make it look like a spontaneous event. In her

extended plan Liz thought that she might as well play the role of a dom and mask and dress Juan as Juana. As the double masked Juana, “she” would play the role of a sex slave.

To make sure that Juana was fully cooperative, Liz built a special mask at her

work. She is a circuit designer at Micro Tech Security Systems. The company

was making a fortune out of creating mini security platforms that security

personnel could wear to stop shop lifting and or bring the practitioners of store theft to justice. The company mounted miniature video cams on special

pairs of glasses and listening devices in button’s. Liz’s purpose in her mask

design was to use this technology to create a virtual reality for “Juana” that

“she” would accept as real. The platform for this micro technology would be

built into the mask.

Once the mask was on and the systems turned on, Liz would have total control over Juan’s vision and hearing without all the other magic buttons, rings and

medallions that frequented the cross dressing/masking literature. To increase

Juan’s dependence on these two senses, Liz planned to hamper his sense of touch

with gloves and layers of nylon. The nylon over his head would be soaked in

his favorite perfume, thus limiting his sense of smell. She had to figure out

how to control his bodily intake and elimination functions so that his biological clock could be tinkered with and slowed down or speeded up as Liz

saw fit. The next problem she tackled was to figure out a way that the mask

would be put on and taken off as she saw fit. To do this, She developed a

titanium mesh stocking that appeared to be and responded like normal panty

hose. However, two to three layers of this material cross-layered with carbon

filament mesh, was almost impenetrable. Liz’s boss, Roger, had her apply for a

body armor patent for this material. It would be an invaluable law enforcement

aid in tactical, high risk situations. Liz’s plan was to get Juan to wear the

mask, thinking that it was an ordinary hard plastic, generic female mask and

then pull this special stocking over Juan’s masked head and lock it in place

with a leather covered steel collar.

Whatever finally happened, the total plan had a three-week window that was

determined by the length of their vacations. Working out all of the design

elements in the mask, meant many hours of overtime for Liz in the company lab.

Her boss took an interest in the project as a new form of surveillance device

and put at Liz’s disposal the entire resources of the lab. She tried out the

mask, it back up and the outfit in their backyard about a week before spring

the practice sessions on Juan. Liz’s boss took photos of her in the mask and

outfit to document the progress of the project. The object of the practice

sessions was to get Juan’s sizes down so the Liz would have “things” in her

closet that would fit him.

Liz also wanted to find out what was comfortable for her to wear as the dom as

well as get Juan used to a routine that he wouldn’t question when she sprung her virtual reality mask on him. Noting his immediate response to her wearing of his old leather coat with a pair of black opaque panty hose pulled over her head, she knew that he would follow her straight into Hell if that were her desire. She let him know of course that she was only wearing a black jersey

scarf under the great coat. When she checked herself out in the mirror the huge bulky mannequin that stood in the place of her reflection was a total turn-off for Liz. All she could say for the outfit was that it completely obliterated her identity. She could be anybody. Maybe that was the mystery in it for Juan. For a moment, Liz even felt a tinge of guilt that she had so much power over Juan and intended to use it against him. This tinge lasted for about ten seconds and once over it, Liz continued on with her original plan.

As much as Juan loved Liz, he wasn’t entirely the putty in her hands that she

thought he was. He figured that something was up when their sex habits changed

for the worst. With the overtime Liz was putting into her work and the time she was spending surfing the net at Juan’s favorite sites, he began to sense that she was investigating the world of masking. The bit with his leather coat and the opaque stocking clinched it. While she had a head start on whatever she was planning, Juan had a reservoir of pent-up desire and fantasies in which he wanted Liz to participate.

His only fear was that her boss, Roger, seemed to be really interested in the project as well. Roger had always resented the fact that Liz had married Juan

instead of him. He had even told Juan this fact at the company Christmas party

when several shots of Chivas Regal had loosened Roger’s tongue. Liz knew this

fact as well, and used it as an ax over Juan’s head whenever he resisted

something she really wanted to do.

Here, Hone let me get you a black stocking like the one I have on. You can put

one your other leather coat and we can be twins.”

“Let’s put one of those hard plastic masks on first, Liz. They will hold the

stocking off your eyelashes and make it easier to see through the mesh.”

Liz took off her stock and did as Juan suggested while Juan did the same thing to himself. “You are right, Juan. This does feel better. Here Juan put on this log blonde Godiva wig so we will know who is supposed to be the female in

this arrangement.” Juan didn’t want to wear the wig but thought he might as well see where Liz was going with this. Liz helped Juan on with the Godiva wig. It was almost more trouble that it was worth, but it was fun having Liz interact with him while masked. Juan also noticed that in the wardrobe mirror of their bedroom, that both of their identities were totally obliterated. This could make whatever Liz had planned loaded with a few surprises that Juan would work at developing.

“While we are masked like this, Juan, would you like it if I was called Juan and you were Liz?”

“Why don’t you be Roger dear, and I’ll be Juanita.”

“That’s even better Juanita. Now what?”

“I think that Roger should wear a gas mask over his stocking to look more ominous.”

“Okay, let’s try that,’ responded Liz.

“Let’s pull the hood of your coat up over the straps of the gas mask,” suggested Juan as Juanita. “What do you think about that look?”

“That looks really frightening, Juanita,” stated Liz as a gas masked Roger. “Now what do we do?”

“You started this, Roger. What do think Liz would have Roger do to Juanita.”

“Oh, Juanita. You are a naughty filthy slut and you deserve total seduction,”

blurted out Liz as Roger. “This is going to be fun.”

“Now Roger,” moaned Juanita in her best female voice, “Be gentle but take me

slowly. It is so much more fun that way. Maybe we should just play now and have sex next week.”

“We have time for slow, later, bitch. Right now I want relief and you better

come across if you know what is good for you,” snarled Liz as the gas masked

Roger in her most threatening male voice. “Do it right and we will have it

everyday this week.”

“Oh Roger,” moaned Juanita again. “Do you think you are up to it with all the

sex restraint that we have had to go through these past months?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about Juanita. It seems like I can’t give

you enough sex.”

“Shut-up, Roger and get busy at whatever you have in mine. I have a nail

appointment in about twenty minutes so get busy before I’m out of the mood.”

The gas masked Roger must have been doing “his” homework because he did moves

while riding Juanita that “she” had never experienced before. It was a ball

busting experience for Juanita and she forgot all about her nail appointment.

beneath the hard female mask, the opaque black stocking and the hooded gas mask, Liz was totally released from all of her sexual hang-ups and inhibitions. If this is what masking could do for their sex life, she was all for it. Liz couldn’t believe the freedom she felt; the total sense of release. If she didn’t have a reason to go through with her domination fantasy before this moment of elation and liberation, she did now. To her great joy and well being, Juan didn’t seem to tire of the masking game and the costumes and ritual continued to evolve towards the goal of Liz’s fantasy.

Liz enjoyed being with Juan. She loved his quick mind and cultured ways. He had always been gentle with her, but he lacked the spark of inspiration that she felt she needed in her life. He was so eager to please her that she never felt a challenge or that he was responsible for any of the leadership in their household. So, even though he appeared to others as the perfect husband, Liz

became resentful of the fact that Juan was often only an echo of her desires.

The only areas where he had resisted her domination was in cross dressing and

female masking and now she was taking these over as well. Maybe if he

experienced her total domination he would rebel and she would awaken the his

masculine powers.

Unfortunately, Liz did not realize that the art of masking for Juan extended well beyond a plastic mask and a pair of panty hose. He had developed a keen

sense of when to go public and when to stay private. He masked the private face with the mask of submission. Liz didn’t see how he had used this mask of

submission to slowly and inevitably bring her around to positions that she had

once opposed. The nylon masking was a perfect example of his technique. The

beauty of this method as Juan thought it through, was that the opposing force

took your position and claimed it as their own, making battling for power

unnecessary. Liz saw it as merely a sign of weakness.

“Hey Roger, old buddy. How things hangin’?” inquired Juan as he called his

competitor for Liz’s affections.

“Same old, same old, Juan. I’m kind of busy though so what is the purpose of

this call?” asked Roger curtly.

“It’s kind of important, Roger. I had better call you back some other time. Liz deserves our best attention,” stated Juan knowing that a remark like this would get Roger’s attention.

“Liz, what is happening with Liz?” probed Roger. “If you done something to her


“It’s nothing like that Roger, but I need your help and I couldn’t think of anyone that I trust as much as you to do this task.” said Juan as he masked his

distrust of Roger.

“What task, Juan?”

“You see, Roger, I think that Liz is having an affair. I’m pretty sure who it is and I can take care of him, but while I’m doing that, I need your help to teach Liz a lesson.”

“What lesson is that, Juan?”

“I want to teach her not to take you and I for granted.”

“How is she doing that?”

“She is taking all my ideas about masking and turning them into commercial gain, Roger.”

“I can’t complain about that, Juan. Her designs are going to make us all very

rich,” declared Roger.

“Are you happy that she has a new lover?”

“Now that is something I would like to stop. What do you have in mine, Juan?”

probed Roger.

“Has Liz been working on any special masks at work?”

“That’s classified, Juan.”

“Well, I’m going to assume she is, because she has been doing a lot of strange

masking here at the house. It is like she is trying out different design platforms for a project at work.”

“There may be some truth in that.” Is that all?”

“No. I think she is making me wear the mask of her lover. I also think she is

meeting him at the Traveler’s Inn for some masking and whatever else they do.

I’m going to shanghais him and I want you to step into his place and teach her

our lesson.”

“Well I don’t know if I should get into a family squabble, Juan,” said Roger as

he almost came in his pants with the thought of a clandestine rendezvous with Liz. What a stroke of luck, thought Roger. He would even have the husband’s blessing.

“Please, Roger. I can’t be in two places at once and it will be a chance for you to have your way with Liz. If she comes back to me, I want her to have had

the best. I have heard you brag and have always thought that if she tasted you

sweet gifts, that I wouldn’t have a chance.”

“You are some kind of special guy, Juan. I don’t think I could be as broad

minded as you are being. Who is this guy?” probed Roger while knowing that it

must be someone else besides him.

“I think he works for the same firm as you do Roger, but I’ll take care of him.

That is why I need you to establish an alibi for me with Liz. If her lover

complains to you, or to her, you will be able to sniff him out, and she will

think I was with her, unless she figures it out to be you and thinks that you

have been her lover all along.”

“Sounds like I can’t lose when you put it that way, Juan. Are you absolutely

sure you need my help?”

“My plan won’t work without your participation, Roger.”

“Okay, against my better judgment, I’ll help you out with Liz. What do I have

to do?”

“You know those large, company, bullet resistant, hooded leather coats that you

have?” asked Juan.

“Yes?” answered Roger.

“Liz loves to wear them with only boots and gloves on. She loves doing that

while wearing a black opaque stocking over her head and sometimes she wears a

gas mask as well. They are a real turn on for her.”

“We have the gas masks here as well. Getting the coat, gloves and boots won’t

be difficult either. Where do I get the nylons?”

“You can get the black opaque ones at any supermarket.”

“Oh yeah. I’ve seen the rack,” stated Roger as the image of Liz naked under the company security coat made he mess his pants.

“Get the Queen size if they have them. They are more comfortable.”

“Thanks for the tip, Juan,” said Roger with a squeak in his voice.

“Is everything okay, Roger?” asked Juan with his tongue in his cheek.

“Yes, Juan. I just had a little gas from my lunch. So where is this meeting to take place?”

You are to go to room 467 of the Traveler’s Inn at 3:30 P.M. on Friday. I think she will be in 469. Change into the coat, boots, gloves and mask. Wait for her to change into whatever she has in mine for the session.”

“What am I supposed to do?” asked Roger.

“Just go along as her lover and do whatever she wants to do, buddy. I trust your judgment implicitly.”

“What do I call myself?” inquired Roger.

“Call yourself, Liz and have her go by the name of Roger.”

“That’s kinky. I love it. But one last time let me get this straight. I have

your permission to go all the way if I want?”

“I look at it this way Roger. I may have lost her already. If I have to lose her, I want it to be to you. I don’t want you to be left on the side of the road twice.”

“That is so special, Juan. You are a real friend. Consider Liz taken care of

this Friday.”

“Thanks, Roger old buddy. You will never know how much your help means to me.”

“That’s what are friend’s for, Juan? I’m sure you would help me out if the tables were turned.”

“You can count on that Roger.” Once he finished with Roger, Juan called Liz and told her to meet him, at The Traveler’s Inn at 4:00 P.M. on Friday. They would have adjoining rooms. The front desk would give her the key to room 469. She was to go into the room and put on the mask and costume she found there. When she was ready, she was to knock on the door between room 469 and room 467. He would unlock the door and come into the room with just the coat and the black, opaque stocking on, and he would put on whatever costume and mask she brought for him to wear.

“Your birthday isn’t for a week, Juan,” said Liz.

“I know that, but we could work out the kinks this Friday and have some kinky

activity as well. I’m going to have room service bring us a romantic dinner, so we can stay in all night.”

“I’ll have to check with Roger to see if I can get the afternoon off, Juan.”

“Be forceful about it, Liz. You have been working a lot of overtime and deserve a break. Don’t tell him you want the time off to meet with me. Be very mysterious. He doesn’t like me and will do anything to get in between us.”

“You are right about that, Juan. Consider it done. I’ll be there, but you have to promise to wear the mask I am bringing you Juan.”

“Have I ever turned down a masking opportunity with you, Liz?”

“No, but I just want to be sure, Juan.”

“Your masked lover won’t disappoint you, Liz. He will try his best to make you

love him for keeps.”

“Oh, Juan. You are so romantic. I can’t wait for Friday.”

“It’s only two days away.”

“Maybe I should stay at my sisters to prepare for Friday and get you all steamed up.”

“It better be extra special if you do that Liz.”

“It will, Juan. I promise that it will be unforgettable.”

“Then I be in room 467 waiting for you on Friday.”

After talking to Juan, Liz called Roger and asked for the afternoon off. Roger, true to form, resisted giving her the time off, but finally caved in to Liz’s wishes.

Juan arrived at the Traveler’s Inn at 1:00 P.M. and put digital video cams in the air intake vent of both rooms. He laid out Liz’s slutty PVC teddy, crotch- high boots, and shoulder-length gloves. The teddy had a high neckline that would hide the base of her Full head latex “Sheila” mask by Kerry. Juan also laid out a full, long, curly blonde wig. With her basic shape and the pads in her torso corset, Liz would be a knock out to any guy and to Roger, she would be a blinding flash of light as well. “Wearing the leather coat is optional,” said the note Juan pinned to the leather coat.

Liz planned her Friday rendezvous as careful as if it were the lay out of an

industrial template. The subjugation mask was primed and ready. The beauty of

it was that it was an exact duplicate of her own face. Manipulating the reality of the wearer would be like training an extension of herself. She also made a mask of Juan so if they left the hotel, all people would see was the couple that had checked in, or so she thought. When they arrived at their house, the neighbors would she Liz and Juan arriving home from a romantic weekend get away, not realizing that they were both crossed dressed. With the proper programming and feeding tubes, She could keep “Juan” under, not realizing it was really Roger, for the entire three weeks. It might even be a lot of fun to watch “Juan’s feminization”.

Everything went off as Juan had set it up. Liz did her bit on Roger thinking it is Juan. She had figured that the first six hours of condition was the most

critical, but her subject seemed to want to please and go along with the program, that most of the disorientation needed to plant new formats had

occurred in four. The innovation of the fluid tube into the mask’s ball gag,

saved having to take off the mask to feed the subject an allowed for hypnotic

drugs to be introduced constantly and directly into the subject’s diet. For Roger, the promise of wild sex with Liz was all that was needed to get things


The subject never even questioned the design of the mask. The drugs seemed to

make the subject more impotent and Liz, now masked as Juan corrected that by

having the subject insert itself into a large hallow strap-on dildo before inserting the itself in “Juan’s” hungry sex. By the end of the weekend, things

had settled pretty much into a routine, and wasn’t as exciting as Liz had hoped it would be. She managed to divert her attention by working on fine tuning her

masks and trying different masks and outfits on herself and her subject. She also started a detail log of the project.

Juan spent the first two weeks of his vacation camping and fishing in the high

country of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The first part of his third week, he

spent setting up Liz’s conversion and Roger’s coming out party in San Francisco. Juan had never had such a fun vacation in his entire life. However, the best day was the Tuesday of the last week when Juan slipped into the house and loaded Liz’s coffee with the hypnotic drugs that she was using on Roger. By the end of the day, Liz was wearing the back up mask and “Roger” had a twin sister. On the Friday that was Juan’s birthday he took Roger to a large shopping mall early in the morning. Roger was dressed in a frilly housecoat, full make-up, and no identification or money. Juan, disguised a Liz had just walked the feminized Roger the woman’s bathroom at Macy’s and left “him” in one of the stalls. Juan as Liz then went home to get the somewhat conditioned Liz ready for his birthday weekend in San Francisco.

Once they were in the San Francisco motel room and he had planted all of the post hypnotic suggestions he had on his list, Juan took all of Liz’s condition

apparatus and masks off of her. He then put the Sheila head with the blonde wig on himself, put on the simple plastic mask with the black opaque nylon and lay down with her to take a nap to give the drugs time to wear off. Juan awoke with Liz trying to take the nylon off of her head.

“Who are you and where am I?” demanded Liz as she tried to make sense out of her situation.

“I am your Mistress Sheila, Dominic.”

“Dominic, who is Dominic, Mistress Sheila?”

“You are of course, Dominic. Don’t you remember our little agreement?”

“What agreement, Mistress Sheila?”

“The one where I would get rid of that dull husband of your so we could have a

fantasy weekend in San Francisco.”

“I think that I vaguely recall some of that conversation,” said Liz as she groped between confusion and the post-hypnotic suggestions. Juan could see that the conditioning was working when Liz asked if was a special mask and costume that Mistress Shiela wanted her to wear before they went to breakfast.

“The usual one, Dominic,” replied Juan as Shiela.

“You mean I can be Dominic Cruz this morning?”

“Of course Dominic. You have been a good wife to your husband this week. Just

remember that if I allow you to do this for me, you have to do it for your husband everyday next week.”

“I promise, Mistress Sheila. Besides sex is so much better for me when I mask for him. Could you make sure that I’m doing it correctly, Mistress?” inquired


“Absolutely, Dominic. Go into the shower and make sure all of the hair on your body except for your eyebrows has been removed. I’ll order our breakfast while

you are doing that.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” said dutifully Liz as Dominic. She went into the bathroom to remove all of what remained of her hair. It was obvious that she had done this several times in that almost all of her hair was gone already.

Twenty minutes later, all that remained was her eyebrows. Liz dried herself off and came back into the main room of their suite. “Does this look all right

Mistress Sheila”

“It will do for a start. Go put on your padded, full torso corset and present

yourself to be laced up.”

“Thank you mistress. It feels so good to have that full torso corset on,” observed Dominic. That part of the conditioning was working. So far, so good,

thought Juan from behind his Sheila mask. Once she had the torso/corset on,

Dominic approached Sheila for the tightening process. By the time they had

finished Dominic had the hour glass shape of 40-20-38. Her massive “F” cup

breast were almost horizontal. May I wear those inch high platforms you bought

for me, Mistress Sheila?”

“Only if you consent to wear them all day along with you shoulder length PVC gloves, Dominic.”

“I promise, Mistress.”

“Then you may wear them, Dominic. However when we go out, you must wear that

hooded black fleece shirt, and the wide bottom fleece pants,” instructed Juan

through Sheila’s lovely face.

“Thank you, Mistress. I will do that,” confirmed Liz as she pulled on the crotch high, eight inch tall boots. In them, she matched Juan’s six foot two


“Also, you are to be without mask and I will mask as your husband, Juan, when

we are out in public.” said Shiela while helping to lace up the left boot.

“I wish you didn’t have to do that for me, Mistress. You are so beautiful the

way you are,” commented Liz as she started pulling on her right, shoulder-length, black, four-way-stretch PVC glove.

“I’m glad you feel that way, Dominic, but we all have to do what we have to do,” stated Shiela as she turned and finished lacing the right boot. I think you should be a blonde today, Dominic.”

“Thank you, Mistress.” Liz went and got the belted, black, PVC coat and the mask and nylon covering hose the Shiela had set out for her. “Shall I put them on now, Mistress?”

“Of course. You know what to do if you want to be rewarded.”

“Thank you Mistress.” Liz put on the coat and belted it. It amplified her

beautiful hour glass figure, if that was possible. She then put on the brown,

hard plastic mask and secured it on her head with a shear pair of panty hose.

She tucked the hose in to the coat and snapped the collar of the coat around her neck. Then she put on the curly blonde wig and stood before Shiela for inspection.

“You look lovely, my dear. I love that you look so covered and yet you sex is

so open and available. Are you wet for me?”

“You know I am, Mistress.”

“Let me taste you. It will add a special flavor to our breakfast.” They ate their breakfast slowly and peacefully. Liz longed for the rod of reward between her Mistress’ legs. After breakfast they walked out onto the balcony and surveyed the beautiful view of the San Francisco Bay. Are you having a good time, Dominic?”

“It is always the best when I am with you, Mistress.”

“Then let’s go inside so you can service your Mistress, you sex slut.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” said Liz joyously as she followed Sheila inside to the

huge bed and mounted Sheila’s rock hard penis.

“I love riding you like this Mistress. It makes me feel so free.”

“You are free, slave. You are free in my love.”

“Thank you Mistress. Please tell me when you want me to cum.”

“Let’s just play a while first, Dominic. I have waited a long time for this


“Thank you, Mistress. I want to please you in every possible way,” and she did. She road and fucked Juan as Sheila until they both needed a nap from the exertion. When they got up, Juan became himself, though in Liz’s mind he was

Shiela masking as Juan, and Liz changed into the clothes that Sheila had told her to wear. The tall distinguished couple walked from Fisherman’s Wharf to

Chinatown for lunch. Sheila as Juan decided that the misty San Francisco air

necessitated that they take coats with them. Liz walked incredibly well in her

extreme boots. They actually lengthened her stride so that it matched Juan’s.

They shopped for trinkets in Chinatown and ate lunch there as well like a couple of tourists on holiday. Then they walked back down Mason Street to Pier Thirty-nine where they took the extended bay cruise. Juan was glad they had brought along their coats when they stood, arm in arm, on the bow of the cruise ferry as it crossed under the magnificent span of the Golden Gate Bridge.

When they got back from the cruise they went to the Purple Corset to buy some sex toys and outfits for the rest of the weekend. The clerk enjoyed waiting on

them when she saw Liz’s boots, gloves and foundation garments. On their way back to their room, they stopped at the Hungry Tiger for a late supper. Right

before they went to sleep that night, after another wild and innovative session

of sex, Juan as Sheila had Liz put on the behavior modifying mask and gave her

instructions for the following day.

For the last three days of his vacation, Juan was in paradise. Those three days were the best birthday he had ever had. They may have been the happiest three days of his life. For sure, they were the happiest three days of his marriage from his point of view.

As part of his conditioning of Liz, she was to act like nothing had changed when she went back to work the following Monday. To please her Mistress Sheila she was to be loving and considerate to Juan, but not a rubber stamp to his wishes. Liz was to demand time with her Mistress Sheila and do special things with her and for her. As time went on, there seemed to be less and less need for Liz to wear the conditioning mask on nights and weekends.

Roger left his position with the company rather suddenly and Liz was promoted to his position. Sheila continued to be the renamed Liz as “Dominic” when she was with her. Dominic continued as Liz in all other parts of her life. The happy couple of Liz and Juan Cruz grew in love and joy out of the perfect foursome that Liz’s extraordinary mask based invention and Juan’s creative masked management had facilitated.

Crisscrossing their nylons was the best thing that ever happened to this couple. The spontaneous, inexpensive masking allowed by the use of a cheap hard plastic mask and a pair or two of panty hose allowed them to become for each other what the other wanted them to be. In disguise they found both each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Through this discovery the masks gave them to freedom to explore and find their real natures. It was even better when Liz became pregnant with their children and Juan found a woman that would mask as Shiela to assist Dominic, but that is another story.