Cupid Mask



By Rita Chante

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This copyrighted story is about a young man that tries to stay a bachelor in spite heavy family and peer pressure to the contrary through the use of various masking devices. His only problems were that the new masking efforts created a whole series of new gender bearing pressures.

Vicente Aguilera was a quiet man in his early thirties. He preferred a disengaged, simple life; free of the pressures that are laid upon a “family man”. His entire family made jokes about him because he was over thirty, under weight, childless and with no long term relationships that might take him in that direction. Even he thought that he was immune to cupid’s arrows. For the past three years he had been a fan of the Female Mask site. Without knowing it, the sponsors of the site, Marti and Kerry, had helped him find the perfect woman: himself in one of Kerry’s masks. A year and a half ago he had also purchased one of Kerry’s torsos. For Vicente, wearing the torso was almost as big a turn on as the wearing of his female masks. On the web, he went by the online name of “Mascaguila”. This name was merely a simple contraction of the Spanish word “mascara” or mask and his last name, Aguilera.

He had developed a whole virtual feminine persona for himself under that name and had assigned the love of his life the full name of “Raquel Aurora Mascaguila”. Vicente had even developed a complete biography for “her”. “She” truly was his virtual lover. Vicente bought “her” a PVC raincoat, boot, gloves and wigs. He was always searching the web for leather clothing for “her”. He used these clothes to create a picture of “her” by photographing himself in “her” mask and torso. He converted these photos with his scanner into both his screen saver and computer wallpaper on his home office computer. Then he downloaded the photos he took with his digital camera and made pictures that he framed and hung in his house. He designated a closet for “her” in his guest-room and filled it with “her” clothes. Then he put “her voice” on his phone answering machine. For all intensive purposes, if you visited Vicente’s place, it looked like he was living with a woman.

His next step was creating identification for “Raquel” by getting her a driver’s license, checking account and credit cards. He even got her a fictitious Social Security card using one of his sister’s numbers. Then Vicente developed a DBA (doing business as) for Raquel and got her a business licence from the City. She allegedly ran a small mail order business over the web that specialized in latex fetish items and masks. “Raquel” even became a distributor for Kerry’s masks. To complete the illusion, Vicente started carrying pictures of “Raquel” in his wallet.

At first, the only time “Raquel Aurora Mascaguila” was a problem for Vicente was when “she” didn’t show up with him at family or office functions. Unfortunately, his mother started to badger him as to when this “Raquel Mascaguila” would find his family “good enough” to demand “her” presence. At this point, his virtual “Raquel” developed a very ill mother that “she” had to visit in Mexico. He kept the illusion alive with his family by having Raquel send him postcards and photos. He created the photos on his computer by superimposing “Raquel’s” image onto pictures of known Mexican landmarks. Everything worked out fine for a while and he even filed “her” income taxes and C-10 corporate tax returns. But, once again his mother started up on him. “When is that woman of yours coming home from Mexico? Why don’t you send her the money to bring her mother back here? You aren’t getting any younger, Mijo. Am I going to have to die before your father has grand children from his son?” Vicente tried to explain to his mother what a good daughter “Raquel” was being and that Raquel’s Mother wanted to die in her own home and her own bed. This satisfied his mother for a while since she could identify with these cultural sentiments. However, not even these arguments held up after three years went by and “Raquel” hadn’t returned. Now his mother insisted that he buy a plane ticket and go see his “long distance” fiancee. “Her Mother won’t die just to keep me from having grand children. God knows this and will punish her for her willfulness.”

To please his mother, Vicente found himself on a plane to Mexico City to visit a non-existent woman and “her” non-existent mother. At least he set it up as a tax deduction for the DBA since he took “Sample masks” with him and researched the possible duplication of antique masks while he was there. He even set up some connections to import Mexican fiesta masks that he planned to add to his online catalogue. He used his digital camera to create pictures of the “Raquel and him” visiting various well-known Mexican monuments. His mother was pleased with his progress and noted how loving the two of them looked as they stood together.

After another three months of “correspondence from Raquel” Vicente told his mother that “Raquel” had also become very ill. He planned to have “her” die right after the alleged death of “her” sainted mother. He even bought plane tickets to go to the “funerals”, but Vicente’s mother took the news so badly that “Raquel” made a “miraculous” recovery. With the death of “her” mother, there was nothing keeping “Raquel” in Mexico. Thus, Vicente’s mother insisted that he return to Mexico and bring “Raquel” home. This whole scheme with the nonexistent fiancee to delay marriage pressures and homophobic remarks had been going on for almost five years by this time. There was no way that Vicente could just up and say, “I’m sorry, Mama. There isn’t and hasn’t ever been, a Raquel Aurora Mascaguila.” He had to bring “Raquel” home from Mexico and he knew that his family, especially his mother, would figure out a way to meet them at the plane. Vicente had to find himself a real “Raquel”, and in double quick time.

He searched the web for stories on how to set up a scenario that would continue to satisfy his family. At first he considered hiring an actress to play the part of “Raquel” at family functions, but how could he find the perfect match as well as fool Immigration (INS or La Migra). Then he considered having an actress or friend mask as “Raquel”, but what if La Migra noticed and arrested him for trying to smuggle an alien into the United States. He would be on the hot seat to explain what he was doing as well as being caught by his family. After working through these unsuccessful scenarios, Vicente once again considered coming clean, and telling his family all about the fictitious “Raquel” but, returned to the realization that the shock of the truth might kill his mother. In addition, he had made “Raquel” so real, the truth would probably sound like a lie, not to mention that he would also have to explain the “missing Raquel” to the IRS, the State Franchise Tax Board and the local authorities.

In fact, the mail order masking business was doing so well, that he was now employed by it part time. This state of affairs did not help matters either. He realized that he needed to hire a staff person full-time to keep the “Mascaguila Masks-R-Us” DBA. going and growing. That is when he began to get onto a track to solve his problems. He flew to Mexico City; did the company’s business there; flew back into San Francisco International Airport instead of San Jose, and took the Cal-train from San Francisco to San Jose. This allowed him to miss the airport arrival scene with his family. Next he started interviewing women to work at the mail order business. By now he had rented an small garage space that he built a small office into. He had decided to become “Raquel Mascaguila” for the hiring process. After all, if the applicant was put off by the masking process, how were they supposed to market masks and wear one as well.

“Raquel” explained to the applicants “she” interviewed as “she” peered at them through rimmed glasses, that part of their job was to wear and or model the products they sold, as “she” was doing at the interview. None of the potential employees even realized to that point in the interview that the person they were talking to was in a mask, let alone that gold rimmed spectacled, professional looking “Raquel” was masking a cross-dressing man. “Raquel” informed the interviewees that the person hired was even to go with their boss to social functions wearing the products and playing the role of his fiancee. To Vicente’s great surprise, none of the women he interviewed thought any of this was strange. He screened three hundred applications and interviewed twenty-five women before he found Tasha Macias.

This applicant was physically, almost perfect for the job. Most of her family lived in Texas or Mexico. Her mother had left the family to escape an abusive husband and relocated with her only daughter in San Jose. Like Vicente, she was tall and underweight. Her own natural voice was very much like the one Vicente used when he was “Raquel”. However, instead of having a science business background like Vicente, Tasha Macias had been a drama major at San Jose State. She had grown up in the Eastside Barrio of San Jose and didn’t live too far from the Mascaguila business site. She was ten years his junior, a quick study, unattached and looking for a career. In addition, her mother had just died and Tasha Macias had decided that now was not the time to finish her teaching credential. The idea of masking and playing a role seemed natural to her and she wanted a job where she could lose herself and hide from society for a while.

Her ex-boy friend was the jealous type and after a relationship where he had left Tasha for another woman, he began to bug her. Tasha’s only condition to taking the job was that she move into the office and store her mother’s things there as well until she found her direction again. This way she could move out of her apartment and sell her mother’s little house. This money would be invested in some new project once it was all free and clear. These personal matters added to the reasons why she wanted to disappear for a while. Becoming “Raquel Mascaguila” would be a perfect place to hide.

Vicente called Tasha Macias back for a second interview. After some further discussion of her style of working, trying on the “Raquel Mascaguila” head and costume, and more information on her current situation, Vicente decided that Tasha was in fact the company’s new hire and his surrogate fiancee.

“If you are to play the role of ‘Raquel’, Miss. Macias, then you will need to study this biography of her at length,” stated Vicente as the curly hair, spectacled “Raquel”.

“Does that mean I have the job?” asked Tasha.

“Yes you do if you can complete one final test,” responded Vicente.

“What is it?” asked Tasha with nervous anticipation.

“I have a duplicate ‘Raquel Mascaguila’ here in this box. I want you to step into the bathroom and become her. There are also some new clothes in the box that you are to wear when you are in character. If you take this job, whenever you are in this office your are to be her and in the exotic wardrobe “Raquel” wears. Our mutual boss, Vicente Aguilera will be back from a business trip in five hours. He will be coming here straight from the airport. If you can convince him that you are me, then the job will be yours. If you can’t, he will probably fire both of us.”

“How do you know that I can do this thing? Do you think it is wise that you put your job on the line like that?” question Tasha.

“This is a new company. Mr. Aguilera is a strange quiet type, a real mama’s boy if you know what I mean,” said Vicente Aguilera as “Raquel Mascaguila.”

“Is he gay?” asked Tasha.

“I don’t think so, Tasha, but he isn’t any Clint Eastwood,” declared Raquel.

“I’m quite a bit shorter than you,” observed Tasha.

“The platform boots in the box should take care of the height difference and the torso should make your body match mine as well,” assured “Raquel”. “Don’t forget to respond only to the names ‘Raquel’ and ‘Miss Mascaguila’, Tasha.”

“I won’t and I’ll practice the role all afternoon.” said Tasha. “Is there any food in that refrigerator or should I go get some?”

“There are some microwavable soups in the cupboard and there are sodas and a few other things in the refrigerator. If you pull off the masquerade and fool the boss, he will probably take you to dinner. He generally brings me some new product to wear when he comes back from a trip and will want you to test it out in public.”

“I promise not to let either of us down, Miss. Mascaguila,” declared Tasha.

“I’m pretty sure you won’t,” responded Vicente as “Raquel”. “I’m looking forward to a night off. The Halloween season is about to start and that is a hellish time in the masking business. I’ll fill you in on all the computer programs the boss has created tomorrow.”

“What exactly are my hours, Raquel?” inquired Tasha.

“The office needs to be open from nine to five. The virtual office with the computer is twenty-four by seven. When the boss is around he works on all of the replies to all those orders and correspondence. With you here, I will be picking up some of those duties. He has Jaime and Jose handling all of the warehousing and shipping. They will also be setting up the new warehouse in the garage space next to the current one. They have taken most of their instruction and direction from me, so you will be picking-up some of that as well.”

“When do I take the disguise off?” asked Tasha.

“Like I said earlier, you are to wear it at all times when you are with the boss. He is never, ever to know who you are. That is the only way we will be able to do all he expects from me. You and I are to become twenty-four hour extensions of each other. If I can juggle the budget, a third person may be joining the “Raquel” team as well. Basically that means that you are to be in your costume at all times when you are handling the office. Sometimes the boss drops in unexpectedly so that is a must do. Besides, Jose and Jaime don’t know that there will be two of us from now on. This way we will be able to have constant supervision over them.”

“Can I take off the outfit when I leave here?” probed Tasha Macias.

“Not if you are leaving by the front door or if Jaime or Jose are on when you leave,” declared “Raquel”.

“Sounds like I’m going to be ‘Raquel’ except for when I’m sleeping,” stated Tasha.

“Is that okay with you?” asked Vicente as “Raquel”.

“I think so,” answered Tasha not realizing Vicente’s extended plans.

“I hope I’m still here tomorrow,” said Tasha Macias.

“I have faith in you, Honey. The boss is a gentle soul. You’ll do just fine.” proclaimed “Raquel” as “she” left the office. “She” went back to Vicente’s and “her” house. After transforming back into Vicente, he got online and began to do the business of the day at both of his jobs. He returned to the office at 4:45 P.M. to find that Tasha had made the transformation to “Raquel”. Although Vicente had seen “Raquel” in the mirror and in photographs thousands of times over the past five years, he was totally surprised and stunned by Tasha’s visual transformation. For the first time, Raquel made moves and spoke without Vicente thinking of those moves first. In addition, she was fabulous to look at. He felt himself staring at her.

“You are truly beautiful tonight, Raquel,” proclaimed Vicente as he checked her out from the highest hair of her curly raven colored wig, to the bottom of her black patent leather, strapped on platform mules. “Is that patent leather coat new?

“Yes it is.” said Tasha as “Raquel” truthfully. “I just cut the price tags off of it before I put it on. How do you like it?”

“It looks fabulous on you. Like you lost ten pounds while I was away,” stated Vicente as he continued to stare at his new “Raquel”.

“You are looking at me like it is the first time you have seen me, Boss,” declared Tasha Macias as “Raquel” while hoping that Vicente wasn’t detecting something that would give away that she was a replacement “Raquel”.

“In the five years I have known and worked with you, I think this is the first time I have actually seen the total you,” said Vicente truthfully. “I am not quite sure what you have done that is different, but don’t tell me because I like it and want you to keep doing it.”

“Thanks, Boss,” said Tasha as “Raquel”. She thought that Mr. Aguilera was a bit of a tall skinny nerd, but he seemed sweet enough. Now, if she could just get used to the curvaceous realities of her new body, she might be able to pull this evening off. After all Mr. Aguilera did seem like the gentle soul that the original Raquel said he was.

“You know the drill of course,” continued Vicente. “You can bring me up to speed on what has been happening in the office over dinner. You drive and take us where you want to go. The trip was exhausting.” In fact, Vicente was relieved that the hiring process was completed. All the screening, searching, and interviewing had been more tiring than an extended sales trip. He hadn’t realized how tiring it had been, or how stressed out he had become over the exploration for someone who could mask Cupid from him. Feeling Cupid’s arrows pointed off into some latex void lifted a great weight from his shoulders.

“I need the keys, Boss,” stated Tasha as the new “Raquel” as she eased into her role like she was born to it.

“Don’t you still have them on the ring I gave you along with the keys to the office and house?” asked Vicente.

“What is wrong with me? I know that,” said Tasha remembering that she had read that in the bio along with where they went for dinner and the location of “their” house. I guess he will expect me to go home with him tonight as well thought Rosa to herself. At the last minute she put the bio into her new oversize purse in case she needed to refer to it during the evening when she went to the rest room.

“How was the walk-in office traffic today?” asked Vicente.

“Pretty slow,” which Tasha Macias as “Raquel” was glad for, since it was her first afternoon on the job and she had spent most of it reading through the bio and transforming herself into “Raquel”.

“That will pick-up as we near Halloween and the Christmas season. At least that has been the pattern over the past five years,” recalled Vicente. “Isn’t that how you remember it Raquel?”

“Yes it is.” lied Tasha as “Raquel”.

She drove them to the Red Lobster Restaurant for dinner and ordered for them according to the bio while Vicente went to the bathroom to freshen up. About five minutes after he went into the rest room her new cell phone rang. “Hello. This is Raquel speaking. How may I help you?”

“This is Raquel Number One, Tasha. Can we talk?” asked Vicente from the phone in the lobby.

“Yes. Mr. Aguilera is in the rest room for the moment. If he returns I’ll have to hang up before he sees me on the phone,” declared Tasha Macias as “Raquel”.

“He will be in there for about fifteen minutes if he follows his regular routine,” informed the “Original Raquel”.

“Then we have about nine minutes left before he returns,” calculated Tasha as the new “Raquel”.

“Good. What I have to say shouldn’t take that long,” said Vicente as the “original Raquel”. “After dinner make some excuse about going to something you have to do and have the Boss drop you at the office. I’ll meet him at our house so you won’t have to go home with him.”

“I was worried about that,” stated Tasha as “Raquel”.

“How are you doing?” asked “Raquel’s” voice on the phone.

“Okay I guess,” responded Tasha in her “Raquel” voice.

“Don’t worry. The boss always has done whatever I have suggested. I think he has more than the professional contractual crush on me that he claims to have. You might explore that area with him tonight and tell me what you think when I see you tomorrow. Remember he is a ‘mama’s boy’ and loves to be bossed around by women,” reminded Vicente Aguilera as the “Original Raquel”.

“I read that in the materials you gave me. Will I be expected to do sexual activities with him?” asked Tasha as the “New Raquel”.

“Only if you want to. I never have,” said Vicente truthfully in his “Raquel” voice.

“Anything else I should know?” asked Tasha as “Raquel”.

“Always call him Boss or Mr. Aguilera. I always do and it keeps the relationship on an even keel,” informed “Raquel number one”.

“Anything else?” probed Tasha as “Raquel number two”.

“He is a terrible driver. It is not that he doesn’t know how to drive well, it is that he never seems to have his mind on driving. Where are you now?” asked the “Original Raquel” from the lobby phone.

“At the Red Lobster,” said Tasha as the “New Raquel”.

“I see you are following the bio,” observed Vicente as the “Original Raquel”.

“Yes I am,” confirmed Tasha as the “New Raquel”.

“Did you drive?” asked Vicente in Raquel’s voice.

“Yes I did.” answered Tasha as the “New Raquel”.

“Sounds like you are on course. Call me if you get into a jamb,” said the “Original Raquel”.

“Thanks. I’ll do that. And, thanks for being there. Bye,” said “Raquel number two”.

“No problem. In fact, thank you. Bye,” said Vicente as “Raquel number one”.

A minute or three after Tasha Macias as “Raquel number two” put away her phone, Vicente returned to the table. “Has the food been here and gone already, Raquel?” asked Vicente.

“No, Mr. Aguilera. They are bringing our salads as we speak.” They discussed the office and various procedures and the possible hiring of an assistant for Raquel. “Should we beef up the back end of the operation as well, Sir? Jose and Jaime seemed constantly on the move. They were also suggesting that they take some drop shipments instead of individual deliveries. I have an old truck that runs real well. We could use my truck if you want.”

“I didn’t know you had a truck,” said Vicente.

Whoops thought Tasha to herself. Well as the bio said, when in doubt always tell the truth. It will easier to support it with semi-truthful facts. “It was my mother’s.”

“Oh. And now it is yours as part of her estate?” asked Vicente.

“Yes.” confirmed Tasha as the “New Raquel”.

“We will have to come to some financial arrangement of course, but if it is in good condition we will get it insured under the company’s name and start getting those drop shipments and maybe start delivering our own large deliveries in the Bay Area.” declared Vicente.

“I’ll get right on that first thing tomorrow, Sir,” said the new “Raquel” as she reached into her oversize purse pulled out her lap top and noted the idea in her Power Book.

“When did you start using a lap top, Raquel?” inquired Vicente while thinking it was a good idea that he should have suggested.

Again with the truth, already. “I have been using it on my own for quite a while, but I just started using it in the office today,” answered Tasha Macias as “Raquel”.

“Raquel’s” answers pleased Vicente. She was as smart as he thought she would be. He wondered when she would start the personal probing and bossing that “Raquel number one” had suggested.

“You had better put your napkin over your shirt if you want me to keep it clean and ironed for you,” asserted “Raquel”. Good for her, thought Vicente. She crossed that hurdle nicely.

“Thank you for reminding me, Raquel. It is a good thing you are around to take care of me.”

Wow, thought “Raquel”. He really responds nicely to domination. Let’s push just a little more. “I was thinking about us during your last trip,” said Rosa as “Raquel”.

“You have? How so?” asked Vicente with genuine surprise and confusion in his voice.

“We have been together for quite a while, Mr. Aguilera. Do you have any real intentions that will protect my reputation?” probed Tasha as concerned “Raquel”.

“I thought I would wait until you were out of mourning for that, Raquel,” said Vicente.

“My mother told me on her death bed that her only sadness was that she hadn’t live to see her baby daughter married,” said Rosa as “Raquel” truthfully.

Vicente heard the truth in her voice and realized that he had to answer her with an equal level of honesty. “My mother has had us married and with child for almost five years. She wants to meet you in the worst way.” Tasha Macias had read that in the bio.

“When do I get to meet her, Mr. Aguilera?” asked Tasha as “Raquel” to see if he was serious or just playing.

“I didn’t think that you wanted to meet her.” stated Vicente.

“I do now.” declared “Raquel”.

“I don’t know if I am ready for that step. If we decide to do that, I’ll have to coach you so you don’t step in it with my mother,” said Vicente with genuine concern in his voice.

“Give me an example,” commanded “Raquel”.

“Well my mother thinks that the woman is the head of the household in every way. She has bossed her husband and her boys to the point of emasculation. I literally walk around in a life of lies to protect what little self-respect I have left. My brothers are all the same way. She taught my sisters to be the queens of their households and they are. My brothers have not found women good enough for them according to my mother. They aren’t strong enough to push my brothers into the things my mother thinks they can do. I’ve been the only hold out and she thinks that you are so strong that you didn’t marry me so you could take care of your mother.”

“That is all very interesting, but what does it mean for me, Boss?” asked “Raquel”.

“My mother has several pet peeves about me. If you complained about them too, that would stand you in good with her. If she saw you fussing around me like you just did with the napkin, that would stand you in good with her. Maybe if you told me to do things in front of her, she would like that too. Another words, if she saw you as a duplicate of herself, you would be a winner in her book. I even have her thinking that I work for you and that you own the business. That is primarily why she has waited to meet you for so long.”

“Your mother sounds like a strong woman, Sir,” said “Raquel”. “I don’t know if I could do that.”

“She is diamond encrusted steel, Raquel. You wouldn’t really have to be that way and we don’t even have to be engaged or anything. We would just have to make her think that you are that way with me and that you won’t

marry me unless I shape up,” instructed Vicente.

“This is the most backward sexist thing I think I have ever heard!” declared Tasha as “Raquel”.

“It is not backward, Raquel. It is the way things really are behind closed doors,” suggested Vicente. “I’ll bet your mother and father were the same way.”

“I wouldn’t know. She threw him out when I was about five years old and reared me all by herself with the aid of my Grandmother and Uncles. Now that I think of it, my mother use to treat her younger brothers the way you say your mother treats you. I guess you are right. Do you want me to start this program to practice for your Mother anytime soon, Mr. Aguilera?” inquired Raquel.

“We will work at it slowly, Miss. Mascaguila. That way it will look natural when you do it in front of my mom,” stated Vicente.

“Will all this lead anywhere?” probed Tasha Macias as “Raquel”.

“I not sure,” said Vicente. I haven’t thought all this out and I don’t really want to get married, but this plan will keep my mother off of my back for a while longer.”

“Eat slower and chew your food, Mr. Aguilera. I didn’t expect to race through the meal,” said “Raquel”.

“That is good, very good,” commented Vicente.

“It maybe good, but I’m serious,” said Tasha as “Raquel” while enjoying the feeling of her new role.

“Right you are. I promise to eat slower and chew my food twenty-seven times, Mom,” said Vicente with a smile.

“Wipe that smile off your face, Mr. Aguilera. Get serious if you want my help!” proclaimed “Raquel”. “If we are going to fool your dear, sainted mother, you might as well learn some manners and breeding in the process.”

“Yes, Miss Mascaguila. I promise to try harder,” said Vicente meekly.

“See that you do.” Vicente loved the way Tasha was taking to her role. He almost messed his pants with excitement. He may have found his mother’s match.”

“What did you say to him, Tasha?” asked Vicente as “Raquel” when “she” came into work the following day.

“What do you mean?” asked Tasha as “Raquel number two”.

“He couldn’t do enough for me last night or this morning. Tell me what you are doing so I can start doing it too,” said Vicente as “Raquel number one”.

“You know that bit about bossing him around?” questioned Tasha as “Raquel number two”.

“Yes,” confirmed “Raquel number one”.

“Well I just flashed on how my mother treated her younger brothers when they brought girls by the house to meet her and my grandmother. I just started using her favorite lines and they all worked.” recalled “Raquel number two”.

“Give me an example,” said Vicente Aguilera as “Raquel number one”.

“I complained how he chewed his food. I made him wear a bib. I told him to shine his shoes. Stuff like that. My mother said that remarks like that keep men off balance and uncomfortable. Then you use that discomfort to make them do what you really want them to.” instructed Tasha Macias as “Raquel number two”.

“Fascinating. I’ll dig in my memory banks to get him moving,” declared Vicente as “Raquel number one”.

“Do you want to marry him?” asked “Raquel number two”.

“I could take it or leave it. What about you?” probed “Raquel number one”.

“To soon to tell, but if you want him, you were there first,” stated Tasha as “Raquel number two”.

“I never got the reaction out of him that you did, Tasha. I’ll work on him at night and you keep at him in the day. In a month we will compare notes and go from there,” suggested Vicente from behind “Raquel number one’s” mask.

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to mask that long,” declared Tasha as Raquel number two.

“Don’t worry. You will get used to it and then you can get some of the high tech Rubber Girl promotional items. They make masking a breeze,” informed Vicente as “Raquel number one”. “Time to start firing up the computers and get to the business that funds our checks and masking habits.”

Tasha got the insurance for the truck and hired a driver and another warehouseman. She then streamlined the ordering processes and filed the quarterly tax reports. She practiced on Vicente whenever she could and she even called his mother to complain about him a couple of times. Seeing a real opportunity to gain both a business and a family, Tasha Macias sold her mother’s little house and moved into the residential quarters behind the office. She made a maximum effort to become “Raquel”. The business took over the small warehouse space next door to accommodate “Halloween stock” and new products from Rubber Girl Fantasies Corporation.

Halloween came and went. They went to Maskon 2000 together. Tasha as “Raquel” made Vicente be “Raquel” for the fashion show and the San Francisco tour activities. Vicente did a fair job in her estimation. Instead of going to the Castro for Halloween, they attended the Red Lion Hotel Halloween extravaganza in San Jose. They won first prize dressed as two flamboyant drag queens.

Then came the Dia de Los Muertos celebrations. They went from November first to the fourth. Because of Vicente’s connections with Mexican costuming companies, Mascaguila’s had a region wide reputation for having all the artifacts, masks and altar items needed to plan and celebrate Dia de Los Muertos properly. The company was particularly popular with schools and dance groups. For the Dia De Los Muertos, Tasha and Vicente took turns being a white faced, black satin dressed spirit woman. Vicente as “Raquel” kidded Tasha as “Raquel that she looked more like Mortitia Addamms in boots and short skirt that a “Spirit Woman”. Even though this was a custom made half mask that Tasha designed for “Raquel” and Vicente to wear at this time of year, the company had so many orders for it that they started fabricating them for their catalogue.

All the time Tasha as Raquel kept in training to meet Vicente’s mother face to face. Vicente continued to stall his mother and sisters with the story that “Raquel” had indeed come back to San Jose, but that she was still in a period of mourning and was busy with her work and wrapping up her mother’s affairs, which was in fact what Tasha was doing. He told them that she promised to come to the house on Thanks giving. Vicente as “Raquel One” and Tasha as “Raquel Two” had their monthly meeting and decided to reverse rolls. Tasha, as “Raquel” would work the nights with Vicente and Vicente, as “Raquel” would man the office when she didn’t have to meet with producers and buyers. Vicente hired Natalia Macial to help cover the office when Vicente as “Raquel” had to be out on the road. Natalia enjoyed the masking process almost as much as Vicente much more than Tasha. The main difference between Natalia Macial and Tasha Macias was that when Natalia did “Raquel” she did it without all the other family expectations and role playing that had been laid on Tasha.

Vicente began to realize that sooner or later his “Raquel” would have to quit the Mascaguilas-R-Us Company so he could get some rest and concentrate on his other real job. To do this, he crossed trained Natalia so she could take over more and more of the clerical activities while Tasha as “Raquel” did more and more management and sales. By doing this, Vicente found that he could spend more time being himself as well as spending more time with Tasha as “Raquel”. Before they all knew it, Thanks Giving Day was upon them and the big meeting with Vicente’s mother was about to happen. In preparation for that meeting, Tasha as “Raquel” dressed as masculine and conservatively as her extremely curvaceous, torso covered and corseted shaped, feminine body would allow. On her now hairless head, she wore Rubber Girl’s latest prosthetic mask that had electronic vision enhancement, virtual sense of touch and directional aural acuity. This design was originally developed by Rubber Girl Fantasies’ engineers and biotechnicians for burn victims or individuals that could not take the pain and suffering of major reconstructive surgery. There was no way that anyone could tell that Tasha was wearing a mask unless you actually saw her put it on. The extended temporary limit for wearing the prosthetic mask was forty days, but two and three year adhesives were also available. Her own body heat powered the mask and reserve “Liquid Lithium cells” located in her tremendous breasts provided back-up energy. On top of her beautifully masked head, she wore her page boy wig instead of the show girl wig she wore when Vicente took her out. She even put on a pair of teacher style horn-rimmed glasses that made her face look strong and mature, yet exotically attractive. Her conservative out fit was a white, highly tailor, form fitting man’s long sleeve dress shirt with a shiny black silk tie and onyx cuff links. From her tiny belted waist down, she wore a red, pleated, plaid, full skirt that was long enough to cover the reality of her crotch high, shiny black, lace up, patent leather, platform boots. Over her shirt she wore a straight cut black velvet blazer. All she need was a riding crop to look like she was ready to go on a very high-class fox-hunt.

“Raquel”, in her developed dominant manner, “made” Vicente wear his best bib and tucker to compliment her elegant, yet conservative look. She also made him wear a black, water proofed leather trench coat that matched the one she planned to wear to complete her tailored masculine look. “The more you look like me, Vicente, the better you look to me.” commented Tasha as “Raquel”. While this remark was true the saying of it, remarks like it were beginning to irk Rosa. It was true that she had seen her Mother do it to her Father and Uncles, but she wasn’t totally comfortable doing it herself. The more she did it, the less she liked it. But to please Vicente and get on his Mama’s good side she would do it for at least one more day and she would do it in spades. Even as they knocked on the front door, his Mother could Tasha’s “Raquel” complaining, “Can’t you even knock on a door correctly? Where are all the manners that I have taken hours to teach you. Sometimes I think you are hopeless.”

“My sentiments exactly,” said his mother as she opened the door to let them in. “You must be Raquel. I have waited so long to meet you in person. Let’s you and I have a little chat. I’m sorry for the condition of my house, but there are so many men here today dirtying up the place.” stated his mother as she lead “Raquel” away and left Vicente in the entry way totally ignored.

“Nice to see you too, Mama,” said Vicente to the entryway coat rack.

“Good to see you son. Here let me help you off with your great coat,” announced his Father.

“Thanks, Papa. Good to see you too,” replied Vicente as his father helped him off with his coat and hung it in the entry way coat closet.”

“Why didn’t you just put my coat on the coat rack, Papa?” inquired Vicente.

“Because your Mama would have a fit if I did that little thing,” responded his father.

“What has prompted this new level of cleanliness and insanity,” asked Vicente.

“Say remarks like that in a softer voice, Mijo. If you Mama hears you say something like that, I won’t get any for at least three months.” declared his father.

“Oh how you love to exaggerate, Papa.” stated Vicente.

“What I am saying is no exaggeration. Your Mother can hear remarks about her through walls ten feet thick,” observed Vicente’s father.

“I heard that,” came a call from somewhere in the house in his Mother’s voice.

“See what I mean?” whispered his father.

“She couldn’t have heard that, Papa. You are speaking in whispers,” observed Vicente.

“I heard that too!” called the voice again.

“See what I mean. Let’s take a little walk, Mijo,” suggested Vicente’s father. “Her ears aren’t as strong in the Barrio.”

“But I just got my coat off, Papa,” complained Vicente.

“Then I’ll help you put it back on,” said his Papa as he reached back into the hall closet to get both his and Vicente’s coats. As he closed the front door, his papa said, “I’m so glad your lady friend has finally arrived.”

“Why is that Papa?” asked Vicente.

“Your mother has had us cleaning the house and yards for days in preparation for her introduction to the family. I haven’t even been allowed to sit in my favorite chair after she had it shampooed,” wailed Vicente’s father.

“I thought the house looked extra special,” commented Vicente. “Did she have you wax the floors too?”

“Of course, Vicente. She had me cleaning places in her house I’ve never seen before, Mijo, and never want to see again,” continued Vicente’s father. “She even had me clean the inside of the circuit breaker panel. I’ve never seen her so crackers since the time your two great maiden Aunts were here from Mexico.”

“Why do you think that is, Papa?” asked Vicente thinking that he was going to get some answer about his mother going through a change of life or some other remark that alluded to hormones.

“Evidently, Mijo, your Mama and that lady of yours have had several long telephone conversations. Your Mama has already decided that she is the woman for you. She is going to do everything in her power to make that happen. How serious are you over this girl?” asked Vicente’s father as they crossed the street to start circling the next block.

“We have a very professional working relationship, Papa,” answered Vicente truthfully.

“Don’t tell me that!” proclaimed his father. “Even with her coat on I could see that she is a show stopper.”

“She is quite a looker, Papa. I’ll grant you that,” confirmed Vicente with an all knowing wink of his right eye.

“Then what is wrong with her?” probed his Father.

“Nothing. Absolutely nothing. She is smart, beautiful, fun to be with, considerate, sensitive, ambitious, well mannered, and thoughtful,” Vicente responded.

“Is she any good in bed, Mijo?” probed his father.

“Now what kind of question is that to be asking of your unmarried son, Papa?” asked Vicente.

“I take it by your answer that she has not permitted you in her bed, Mijo,” declared his father with obvious disappointment in his deep masculine voice.

“That is correct, Papa,” said Vicente truthfully.

“Then what is wrong with you, Mijo?” asked Vicente’s father.

“Nothing, Papa.” answered Vicente.

“Are you a Maricon or Mariposa?” asked his father.

“No, Papa,” said Vicente emphatically as he realized his father’s overt homophobia.

“Then you had better bed that muchacha before someone else tags her. A woman like that doesn’t say unplucked for long, Mijo. If you want her you had better take her like I did to your Mama,” bragged Vicente’s father.

“I thought she bagged you Papa,” said Vicente.

“She tells everybody that, but I am the man I am today because of your Mama’s power. Without her I would probably died in prison like my brothers. She made me go to school, start my business, and settle down. I knew she could do this for me and picked her out of many who wanted the job,” stated Vicente’s father in his most “macho movidas”.

“That is one large confession, Papa.”

“But it is all true, Mijo. I let your Mama push me anywhere that I really want to go,” continued his father. “A really good woman that is tough and beautiful on the outside and tender and sweet on the inside is hard to find. Your Mama thinks that your lady is one of the few that are like that. Now let’s go back to the house before your Mama accuses me of visiting the local whore house.”

“Thanks for your words of wisdom, Papa,” said Vicente sincerely.

“No thanks needed, Mijo. You can thank me by marrying that girl of yours and getting your mother’s mind back onto taking care of me,” said his Papa.

A couple of hours into the family Thanks Giving festivities, Vicente’s Mama took him out into the back yard for a moment. “Your Raquel is just perfect, Vicente. She is just the woman I always wanted for you. When is the wedding date?” asked his mother.

“We haven’t set one, Mama,” said Vicente.

“How could such pendejos come from my body? Why have I been cursed with spineless sons?”

Because you reared us to be that way, Mama thought Vicente. He’d tell her that too, if he didn’t fear the tongue lashing that remark would provoke.

“Don’t you worry your befuddled educated mind, Mijo,” continued his Mother. “Raquel and I will take care of the important things. You should have brought her around sooner. Your “Raquel” is everything you promised, Vicente. She is everything a good mother could hope for in a son.”

“But she is a woman, Mama.”

“Exactly my point, Vicente. Only good women make great sons,” declared his mother.

After the traditional Thanks Giving meal at his mother’s house he knew he would have to marry Tasha as “Raquel”. But did that mean that Tasha would be forced to wear the “Raquel” mask the rest of her life? That was too much to ask, just to please his mother and fulfill the lie he had perpetuated the last five and a half years. But, before he could tell Tasha of his desires, “Raquel” made a startling announcement on their way home to Vicente’s house that night.

“I hope you like this outfit, Vicente,” said Rosa as the gorgeous “Raquel”.

“I do like it very much, Raquel,” responded Vicente.

“That is good, because with a few modifications like a long black velvet skirt and a bow tie, what I’m wearing will be your Christmas and New Years outfit,” asserted “Raquel”. “Over it you can wear my new red wool coat with the black buttons and on your beautiful head you can wear a red and white fir trimmed Christmas Hat.”

“What are you talking about?” asked Vicente in total surprise.

“Vicente, I’m having a customized set of Personal Environment Modular Prosthetic Systems (Pemps) created for us by the Rubber Girl Fantasy Corporation. In them, I will be you and you will be me.”

“What brought this on?” asked Vicente.

“I found a duplicate ‘Raquel head’ in your closet when I was looking for a pair of red boots I thought I had left in there. I know now that you are an intensive cross-dresser. I also know you want to do “Raquel” a lot more than I do. You know that I’m wearing a prosthetic body and head. After all, I now believe that it was you as the original “Raquel” who hired and coached me.

“It was me, Tasha,” confessed Vicente. It actually felt good to get the truth out.

“There is no Tasha here right now. Only Raquel and Vicente,” declared Tasha as “Raquel”.

“If you say so, Honey,” said Vicente meekly.

“And you can dump that meek and mild submissive act as well. It doesn’t suit you.” observed “Raquel”. “Both your Mother’s and Father’s power beat mightily deep within your chest or you would not have survived in that family of manipulating dominants.”

“I’m not acting, Raquel,” stated Vicente.

“If you want to continue to lie to your mother then we will do it my way or the game is over,” said “Raquel” while ignoring his truthful response. “Your Mother loves me and you know it. You did a great coaching job. There is no way you can replace me in time to have me back here at your family Christmas gathering and New Years party.”

“That is true, Raquel,” stated Vicente in a resigned manner.

“We will just consider this as my special and personal Christmas present to you. Besides, your mother will love the way you dominate me and I will be able to respond to your love a lot better this way,” stated Tasha as “Raquel”.

“If you say so,” muttered Vicente feeling trapped in a world of lies of his own creation. Was this Cupid’s revenge?

“We will start tonight when we get home. However, I think you will find me more sexually aggressive than you have been, so be ready for the ride of your life!” proclaimed Tasha Macias as “Raquel” and soon to be a very weak and wimpy “Vicente”.

“I don’t know if we should cross that bridge, Raquel,” voiced Vicente while knowing having sex with or as “Raquel” had been a dream of his for years.

“I’m telling you that we are crossing that bridge with vengence, Vicente,” asserted Tasha Macias Rosa as “Raquel”.

“I hear you, Raquel, but if we are going to cross that bridge…”

“Not if, when, Vicente!” barked Tasha as “Raquel”.

“All right, when we cross that bridge, can we do it as Vicente in my own persona and you in “Raquel’s” persona before we do it switched?” asked Vicente in his sweetest pleading voice.

“You can have that too, but I want really pornographic video of it to make sure that the second time happens very soon with us reversed, Vicente,” countered Tasha as “Raquel”. “In addition, Vicente, meaning you, is going to have a video taped affair with Tasha, meaning me as my sister as well.”

“That sounds fair to me, Raquel,” confirmed Vicente.

“Remember, Vicente, if you don’t do as I say, those tapes will be sent to your family,” instructed Tasha as “Raquel”.

“I understand. They won’t ever have to be sent,” assured Vicente.

“That is a good muchacho, Mijo,” said Tasha as “Raquel” while patting Vicente on the head with her gloved hand as she navigated the truck into the driveway of his house.

“You sound just like my mother, Raquel,” observed Vicente.

“You had better believe it, Mijo,” declared Tasha as “Raquel”.

“Is the affair with Tasha to go on a long time?” asked Vicente as he considered this new wrinkle in there masking relationship.

“We can discuss that matter when you are Raquel, Vicente,” said Tasha as “Raquel” flatly.

After they got down from the truck, “Raquel” had Vicente walk her around the Barrio in the cool November night. She put her gloved had through slit inside his coat pocket and teased him until he begged her to take him back to the house. Just to make sure that she was in control of the evening’s activities she forced him to walk around an additional block with her and then carry her over the front door threshold when they went into the house. For the rest of the evening they made the passionate fulfilling kind of love that Vicente had always dreamed of making. Tasha Macias as “Raquel was totally uninhibited about thrusting herself all over him and making him finally plead for her to stop. That night he didn’t dream about Raquel as he usually did when he slept. He felt Tasha’s powerful sensual presence next to him in the bed and slept like a rock. Sleeping with his virtual fantasy woman made real by a masking Cupid clouded Vicente’s vision for a while and allowed Tasha as “Raquel” to gain leverage in both their personal and professional lives. He had taught her how to manipulate him all too well. She knew every trick in the book on how to exploit his weaknesses. The hidden powers of Cupid’s unseen masked arrows were poised to strum Vicente’s heartstrings. The virtual fantasy was about to become a real nightmare.

The Saturday after Thanks Giving Day, “Raquel” decided that it was time for the video taping of the Tasha/Vicente affair. Thinking that it was going to be another day and night of joyous, fulfilling sex, Vicente went along with her plan. First Tasha transformed Vicente into the miserable and depressed “pregnant Tasha”. It was Rosa’s intent to allege that Vicente had gotten Raquel’s sister, Tasha, pregnant. Vicente enjoyed Tasha’s attention so much, that he didn’t pay attention to the form it was taking. She padded his front side and put a large black rain coat on backwards for his dress. The effect from the front side was that of an oversize maternity dress. Then she blacked his eyes, and put on a modified “Raquel face” over Vicente’s head. On the modified “Raquel head”, the real Tasha placed and fastened on a long wavy black wig and placed “Raquel’s” black wire frame glasses over the eye holes. Then Tasha had Vicente pull on black leather gloves and put on a long fur trimmed black trench coat. She then transformed herself into Vicente. Next, she got the video cameras rolling.

After she made a tape of the “Vicente” having incredibly heavy sex with a wild and frenzied and “pregnant Tasha”, she decided to transform him back into a feminized form of himself and place him into bondage. She dressed in the “pregnant Tasha” costume and acted like a dominatrix for the cameras. Vicente initially responded to her game and was totally aroused by her ability to make him cum repeatedly on demand. To the real Tasha’s delight, once Vicente was bound and made up to appear like he had been feminized, she made sure that he knew she was recording his apparent change in sexual habits for posterity. Next, she made him believe that she had to run a couple of errands and acted as if she was called away. She returned without Vicente’s knowledge to make a video of Vicente having an affair with a young boy who called himself “Marcelo”, with Tasha playing the part of “Marcelo”.

Again, all this subterfuge was done without Vicente’s knowledge. For the first time in five-plus years he was not in control of his manipulating world of lies. He had no idea that Tasha was inside Marcelo’s suit and the face behind cupid’s mask. It was at this very moment that Tasha found out that the only person more homophobic than Vicente’s father, was the great, cross-dressing liberal and the champion of the different and oppressed, Vicente himself. His protests were so vociferous, that Tasha finally had to gag him to complete the video. “Raquel” would have to take up this strange paradox with Vicente at another time.

Tasha as “Marcelo” stated for this second video that in addition to knocking up his sister “Tasha”, that Vicente had a six year on going homosexual, bondage based romance with “Marcelo” while using the story of “Raquel” as a cover. In fact “Marcelo” claimed to be “Raquel” when he was dressed and masked in drag. “Marcelo” continued to say that if Vicente didn’t go completely through with his lie about marrying “Raquel” as well as doing everything that “Raquel” suggested that he do, along with continuing his affair with both the pregnant “Tasha” and “Marcelo”, the video taped affairs that Vicente was having with both “Marcelo” and “Rosa” along with several other videos doctored to add weight of evidence for these affairs, would find their way to Vicente’s mother’s house in time for his parent’s Valentines Day wedding anniversary. If it weren’t for the butt plug that “Marcelo” had shoved up Vicente’s ass, Vicente would have soiled himself. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of emotional agony for Vicente, “Marcelo” left, taking the incriminating video with him. The real Tasha allegedly returned about a half-hour later. Seeing the videotape the she had started, gone, she accused Vicente of all kinds of infidelity in her absence. The gagged Vicente could only moan his complaints as the extremely pregnant Tasha put him through yet another domination bondage scene for the benefit of the video cameras.

On the business side of their relationship, the real Tasha used her leverage on Vicente in a much different way than within the boundaries of the family. In order to make him more dependent on the masking business and her professional decisions, Tasha made Vicente sell controlling interest in Mascaguila’s Masks-R-Us to her. She used the capital from the sale of her Mother’s house. Once Tasha as “Raquel” was in control of the business, she forced Vicente to resign his other job and become dependent on Mascaguila Inc. She not only forced him to run the warehouse, which they expanded once more, but she also required him do it as “Raquel” full-time. Once he seemed to master that roll, Tasha made “Raquel” double mask as a pregnant “Tasha” in the office.

For Vicente, it was one thing to cross-dress and mask when you wanted to for fantasy and recreation. It was quite another to have to do it as a career move. The whole masking domination thing began to get old pretty fast. He no longer saw “Raquel” as a love object. She was merely a means to survive this endless time of humiliation and exploitation. What once was fun, was now a chore. The only bright spot was during all of this was Natalia Macial who seemed to identify with “Raquel’s” (Vicente’s) depression.

The thing that finally woke Vicente up to the fact that he was about to go down for the count without a second in his corner was when Tasha put the Rubber Girl Fantasies’ “Six Month Adhesive” into Vicente’s Pemp to prevent him taking it off and backing out of the “Raquel’s” wedding to Tasha as “Vicente”. When “she” asked the real Tasha why she did this to “her”, the real Tasha told “Raquel” that it wasn’t any of “her” concern and that “she” had better get used to being a twenty-four by seven “Raquel” for at least the next three years. Since Vicente as “Raquel” was aware the Rubber Girl Fantasy Products made a three year prosthetic adhesive, he believed that Tasha had used that product on him. This reality forced “her” to use the old strategies that if you can’t beat them join them. Two could play Cupid’s masked arrow game. Vicente believed that since he had created “Raquel” that he would do “her” so well that even his mother would try to shield her son from this conniving woman. If the real Tasha tried to reveal what he was doing, “Raquel” would have to create a situation where Tasha would cook her own goose.

At the Family Christmas party, Tasha went as a wimpy Vicente who did Santa Claus for everyone, but not before she allowed her characterization of Vicente lose at arm wrestling to several of the children. In turn, she forced Vicente go as “Raquel” in her red wool coat and Christmas hat. If the truth were to be known, and Vicente was keeping his mouth shut, he was more at ease with his family as “Raquel” after six years of lies and deceit, than he was as himself. Now that he was working on a plan to regain control of his own life, the fantasy of masking was returning. Vicente wished that soft wool garments like the bright red coat “Raquel” had the pleasure of wearing, were some how also be made for men. “Raquel” felt so cozy and secure in “her” coat, fur lined gloves and hat. If “she” said “she” was cold, “she” was allowed to stay in it and no one made stupid remarks. On the other hand, the men were expected to tough it out no matter what the level of discomfort was.

As far as the family knew, it was still all business between Raquel and Vicente. He had been jumping through every hoop imaginable to keep those videos unseen. The real Tasha had made it clear that there were several copies of the tapes located in a variety of places. If anything happened in their relationship that displeased her, some way, some how, one of the copies of the many tapes that now documented Vicente’s “many perversions” would be shown at his mother’s house. Since her son didn’t seem to take an active interest in making her a grandmother, Vicente’s mother decided to have a talk with “Raquel” about her intentions, not knowing at this time, that Vicente was being forced to mask as “Raquel”. Vicente as “Raquel”, convinced Mrs. Aguilera that Vicente really wanted to get married to her, but that “she” (Vicente as “Raquel”) was the one that was dragging her feet.

“What ever for, Sweetie?” asked Mrs. Aguilera.

“Well you know how your son is, Mrs. Aguilera. He doesn’t have any backbone. I thought it was his fault, but now that I’ve had the wonderful, uplifting experience of being in your presence, I don’t know,” commented Vicente as “Raquel”.

“Thank you for those kind, but true words, Raquel, but what is it that you don’t think you know, dear one?” questioned Mrs. Aguilera.

“I keep wondering how such a great woman could have such a limp noodle for a son. Now that I have met you I think I need to find a man of your quality. I don’t think your boy has it in him,” proclaimed Vicente as “Raquel” while hoping that comments like that would kick start his mother’s defenses.

To his surprise, his mother said, “I know what you mean, Raquel. He takes after his father that way. That is why I was praying that a lovely woman like yourself would find the charity in her heart to take my faggot son Vicente on like a project. Do you think you could find in your spirit to some way to help my boy out? He really is a good boy and I’m sure that the right woman could put some lead in his pencil”

“I don’t think so, Mrs. Aguilera.” responded “Raquel”. “He has become such a wimpy loser, over these past six years that I just can’t find anything in my heart that says I have a future with him. In fact, I’ve been thinking of breaking up with him. I know he stuck by me when my mother died and I owe him one, but I think he is having an affair with my sister.”

“Are you sure about this?” asked Mrs. Aguilera with shock and horror written all over her face.

“Not really, I only know that she is pregnant and she won’t say who the father is,” responded “Raquel”. “Vicente won’t talk about it to me either.”

“This is not what a Mother wants to hear on Christmas, Raquel. I think I’m going to have one of my spells,” said Mrs. Aguilera. “If you just use a strong hand and play with him a little, my boy will come around. He is no macho supremo or the biggest hunk you will ever see, but I bet he has enough juice to make babies for you,” assured Vicente’s mother.

If my mother thinks that I’m such a wimpy lost cause, I might as well get out from under the weight of Rosa’s blackmail and tell everything to my mother thought Vicente to himself behind “Raquel’s” sophisticated yet innocent face. “To tell you he truth, Mrs. Aguilera, I think Vicente swings both ways.”

“What does that mean?” inquired Mrs. Aguilera.

“He not only likes the little boys, but as I already told you, I think he is also having an affair with my sister.” declared Vicente as “Raquel”.

“Vicente tells me everything he does. He hasn’t said a word about any of this to me.”

“Vicente won’t talk about her pregnancy to me either.” stated Vicente as the manipulating “Raquel”.

“Has he really told you all of this, or are you just making this up to make me hate you?”

“Why would I make this stuff up? Didn’t you know that your son was sweet on the little boys?” asked Vicente Aguilera as he made the word “homophobe” flash in his mother’s eyes. “He has a lot of male staff that seem overly loyal to him my estimation, and I have heard rumors in the shop. While some seem just too familiar, one young man named “Marcelo” just adores him.” informed “Raquel” without giving any real specifics, but knowing that with Mrs. Aguilera, innuendo often was better than real evidence.

“You are such a wonderful woman to share this all with me, I really think I’m going to have one of my spells,” said Mrs. Aguilera.

“Do you think you could make your boy be Santa first? The children are counting on it,” said Vicente as “Raquel”. At this point, Vicente didn’t care if all the tapes Tasha had found their way to his parent’s house. They already thought of him as a loser and a “project”. He would just move his business to Los Angeles, or start another one. Tasha as “Raquel” could have this one if she wanted it. It wasn’t worth breaking his own spirit even though everyone already thought he was a hopeless case.

“I suppose for the sake of the children’s Christmas, I can hang on for a little while more,” declared Mrs. Aguilera with all of her usual dramatics and histrionics.

“That just proves that you are the quality of woman Vicente says you are. In fact I think that you are the only one that can make him take a stand,” said Vicente as “Raquel”.

“How should I do that, dear?” inquired Mr. Aguilera.

“I would use reverse psychology on him,” said Vicente as “Raquel”.

“What would be a good way to start that?” asked Vicente’s mother.

“If I were you, I would forbid him to go out with me. Make him stand up to you and defend me to the family and marry me in spite of your commands,” suggested “Raquel”.

“But, what if he caves in?” questioned Mrs. Aguilera.

“Be relentless. Accuse him of every perversion you can think of. He is probably guilty of them anyway. Then tell him that he isn’t good enough to have a woman like me,” proposed Vicente as “Raquel”.

“But, what if he believes me? What would I do then?” inquired Vicente’s mother.

“Then you don’t really know your boy as I do. He has a great heart, Mrs. Aguilera. He won’t be beaten down if he thinks he has a reasonable goal that he can achieve,” stated Vicente as “Raquel”.

“Do you think that will really work?” asked Mrs. Aguilera.

“It will work by Valentines Day, or I’m not the woman you think I am,” said Vicente from behind “Raquel’s” beautiful face. “This New Years I have a special treat for him that will make him want to defy your wishes, and he will have to chose pleasing you or making a commitment to me.”

“But, what if I lose my boy?” asked Mrs. Aguilera with a voice full of self-doubt.

“What is there to lose? Look at him, Mrs. Aguilera. What good is he now? He can’t even capture the woman you want for him,” proclaimed Vicente as “Raquel”.

“I know you are right. Besides you would make the perfect daughter, Raquel. Maybe the two of us could eventually whip my boy into shape,” said Vicente’s mother.

“I know we can, Mrs. Aguilera,” assured Vicente as “Raquel”.

“I’ll start in on him right now, Dearest one. He won’t know what hit him,” announced Mrs. Aguilera.

“I’m counting on it, Mrs. Aguilera,” said Vicente as “Raquel”.

Mrs. Aguilera chewed on Tasha as “Vicente” the rest of the evening, and made “him” play Santa Claus for the grand children. The real Vicente behind “Raquel’s” mask, torso and costume enjoyed watching Tasha as the wimpy “Vicente” take the heat. As they got in their car to head back to Vicente’s house, Tasha asked, “What did you have “Raquel” tell Vicente’s mother? She acted like a woman marching to the sound of a holy drummer. She was on a mission. Even your father added his two cents and told me as “Vicente” that I didn’t deserve Raquel and that I should set her free so she could find a real man.”

“I told my mother that I was dumping you, Vicente,” said the real Vicente as “Raquel”.

“You better be good or I’ll start sending those videos to your mother,” threatened Tasha/Vicente from behind her as “Vicente” mask.

“Send my Mama all the video you want, Tasha. It will confirm what “Raquel” has already told her about her son,” stated Vicente as “Raquel”. “If you send those videos now, she will run “Raquel” off herself, because my mother wants the very best for “Raquel” and she is totally ashamed of her son.”

“Doesn’t that hurt you at all, Vicente?” asked the real Tasha/Raquel in her “Vicente” disguise.

“I love my mother, but it is time some one stood up to her. I could never have done it as myself, but thanks to your movidas, I could do it as “Raquel”. I truly want to thank you for setting me free,” declared Vicente as “Raquel”.

“I don’t believe it,” stated Tasha as “Vicente” in astonishment. “Some how you worked a tremendous disadvantage to your advantage. How did you do that?”

“A lady with the fine breeding and manners like you have given to me, will never tell,” said “Raquel” with “her” tongue in “her” cheek.

“What do I do now?” asked Tasha as “Vicente”.

“There is always the family New Years party. This year we have rented a hall. It should be a real wing-ding,” said “Raquel”. “I can’t wait to wear my full length leather and rhinestone dress you bought me for Christmas.”

“I did no such thing.” declared the real Tasha/Raquel as “Vicente”.

“Yes you did and you also bought me a full length white rabbit fur coat with a bleached alpaca collar. I think I’ll wear it with my blonde show girl wig. That should turn on every man in my family and make it even rougher sledding for you, Vicente.”

“You are loving this, Raquel,” said Tasha as “Vicente”.

“Not as much as you will love it if you can get me back in good with my family and free me of marital entanglements that you have me now. If you want to get me, Vicente you are going to have to earn the right,” insisted “Raquel”.

True to “her” word “Raquel” pulled out her full-length rhinestone decorated, black leather dress. “She” had it hanging in the back of “her” closet for two years. “She” found it as an after Christmas sale item at the Hidden Woman in Reno Nevada. It had been seventy-five percent off. To make it even better, that day the Hidden Woman was having their additional ten- percent off inventory sale on everything in the store. What right thinking girl, could pass up a deal like that, especially when the classic dress came with it own matching pair of black leather gloves and platform boots? “She” dreamed of wearing it several times, but the appropriate opportunity never totally developed. Now, with Tasha doing Vicente full-time, “Raquel” could wear “her” favorite party dress. The white rabbit coat was in fact the real Vicente’s “Christmas” present to “Raquel” the year before that. Wearing them both together was better than a wet dream. The family, especially the men, wanted to dance with for the entire evening. All of Vicente’s sisters told him if he couldn’t get his “woman” in check, that he wouldn’t be invited to anymore of the family functions. Mrs. Aguilera kept up the pressure as well. “Raquel” enjoyed giving all of “her” possible brothers-in-law real woodies. He knew that

his sisters were going to spend the first morning of the new year tending to desire “she” had placed there. In addition she also made a few well chose suggestions to her escorts as to how they could fire up their sex lives. “Raquel” tutored them how they could use the latex sex toys they all had received from their “secret Santa”. “She” even suggested how they could get their wives to mask as movie stars. It was a New Years Party for the family album. The more the beer flowed, the braver the down trodden husbands became. A family revolution was in the making and Tasha as “Vicente” was either going to go along with it or find the exit.

“Thinking that Natalia was the person that either was “Marcelo” or set Vicente up with “Marcelo”, the real Vicente invited her to the party as “Vicente’s” guess. Tasha as “Vicente” had “his” hands full of the amorous Natalia after “Raquel” spiked her drink with estrogen. Seeing that her son was flaunting his infidelity in front of his fiancee, Mrs. Aguilera told “Raquel” that she would fine her a decent man among her unmarried nephews. Vicente was off the marriage hook. He could tell that his Mother had given up on him. Now all he had to do was figure out how have his “virtual girl friend” fade back into the closet.

Vicente had contacted his Rubber Girl representative and found out that there was a solvent that could loosen the grip of the three-month cement in about a week if he really want to get the Pemp off. The only catch was the he would have a bad case of “Sun burn” for about a week after he removed the Pemp and it was recommended that he refrain from masking for at least three weeks. Vicente as “Raquel” tested the Pemp solvent to determine if it was the three-month variety. Finding out that it was he decided to go for the early removal of the Pemp. Since he had started that process, without telling Tasha, the day before New Years, he would be free of “Raquel’s” second skin by the third of January.

To keep his momentum going, Vicente as “Raquel” asked Natalia to mask as “Raquel” to mess up “Vicente” on the following weekend. Natalia didn’t know that Tasha was playing “Vicente”. Natalia agreed to do “Raquel”, right before the stroke of mid-night and the start of a New Year. The real Vicente hadn’t decided yet whether he should foist Natalia as “Raquel” on Tasha as “Vicente” while he went out of town for the weekend, or if he would take Natalia as “Raquel” with him to Reno.

Tasha blew it when she learned of Vicente’s knowledge leading to the four day of the removal or his Pemps. She tried unsuccessfully to ace Vicente as “Raquel” and compromise him before he was free of “Raquel’s” skin. Thinking that conditions were still the same with Vicente’s mother she tried to manipulate his mother into forcing Vicente into marriage. Mrs. Aguilera, thinking that “Raquel” was testing her will and ability to use reverse psychology on her son, caused Tasha’s scheme to backfire. Vicente’s mother forbade him to date “Raquel” until he was man enough to deserve the privilege. “Take one your of excursions by yourself to Reno, Mijo. Absence make the heart grow founder,” suggested Mr. Aguilera.

Instead, Vicente as “Raquel” took Natalia as “Raquel” to Reno. Knowing that both Vicente and her were masking was a real turn on for Natalia. She gave herself to Vicente without strings. Natalia just enjoyed being part of the fantasy. Like Tasha, she had finished her degree at San Jose State, but like Vicente, she came from a fairly normal home in the barrio. She had found most of her Chicano peers were homophobic and afraid to blur the gender lines. Discovering the nuances of alternate gender based expression, was a culturally unacceptable option for them. Thus, Natalia explorations with Vicente were not only novel, but also refreshing.

Going into sex shops was something that only a man could and if he did it he had to do it in secret. Exploring into stores like Great Expectations, The Hidden Woman, Excited Moments and a variety of other shops along Virginia Street in Reno was a unique and special adventure for Natalia. Doing it masked as “Raquel” in the company of Natalia as “Raquel”, but using the name of “Rachael” was equally special for Vicente. Most of the time they spent looking at latex items as possible merchandise for their own catalogue business, but in The Hidden Woman, Vicente as “Raquel” couldn’t help buying a wedding dress like the one Tasha had suggested at the seventy-five percent-off after Christmas and inventory sale for “Rachael”.

They took their purchases back to their room on the thirty-fourth floor of the Silver Legacy Hotel and tried them out. Seeing Natalia as “Rachael” layer herself in the cream white garments of patent leather and satin was going to be the supreme interactive show in Reno for Vicente as “Rachael”. Instead of having “Raquel” watch “Rachael” as she tried on the complete wedding outfit as “Raquel” had fantasized, “Rachael” made “Raquel” strip her and then redress her as Cupid’s masking bride. She started this process by having Vicente, as “Raquel” strip her until all Natalia was wearing was “Rachael’s” bald latex head. “Come over here and suck and play with me until I think you are ready to dress me, Cupid!” commanded Natalia as the bald, naked “Rachael”.

“That’s not fair, Rachael,” complained Vicente as “Raquel”.

“All is fair in masked love and war, Raquel. With Tasha it turned into a war of manipulating masks. Are you proposing to do the same with me?” asked Natalia through “Rachael’s” latex face as she artfully wielded Cupid’s stinging sling.

“No. Absolutely not!” responded Vicente as “Raquel” while hearing the wisdom in “Rachel’s” question.

“Then mask in love, my dear Raquel it takes two to tango and right now I’m doing the leading. I promise that as we dance your turn to lead will come if you don’t dribble the ball before you shoot,” queued the naked, bald “Rachael”. Once “Raquel” had delighted and satisfied “Rachel’s” breasts and pussy until she convulsed uncontrollably as “Raquel” knelt between her legs and used her tongue and fingers as Tasha had taught her to do; the naked, bald and momentarily satisfied “Rachel” said, “It is time to dress me as your bride, Raquel.”

“What do you want me to do and on what order do you want me to do it in?” asked Vicente as “Raquel” while using every last ounce of self-control to keep from cumming in “her” panties.

“Now that you have temporarily satisfied my insides, Raquel, I want you to dress me as you would dress yourself if you were me on your wedding day,” instructed the bald and naked “Rachael”.

“Then I imagine that the heavily boned cream white satin corset must go on first, Rachael,” stated “Raquel” as “she” pulled it from one of the boxes in the room.

“You are the dresser, Raquel. I’m in your loving hands,” murmured Natalia Macial through “Rachael” mask.

“Raquel” corseted “Rachael”. The heavily laced and grommeted garment pulled Natalia’s small waist down to a waspish eighteen inches. Next came the heavily padded cream white satin panties and cream white satin, silicon-laden bra. Upon this was layered a cream white satin camisole with equally heavy pads to round out “Rachel’s” shoulders. The total effect of these garments was to create an extremely incredible, curvaceous hourglass figure. Even the naturally buxom Natalia as “Rachael” enjoyed the results as she watched the transformation through the eyes of her mask. The next step was the pulling on or “Rachael’s” matching stockings an attaching them to the garters on “her” corset. Over the stockings “Rachael” stepped into and “Raquel” laced up the eight-inch high, four-inch platform, creme white, patent leather, crotch high monster boots. With the boots on, “Rachael” towered at six-foot-four, even before the jet-black, full wig and the veiled creme white satin pillbox hat would add the illusion of another three inches. Once the boots were completely laced and attached to the corset by their garters, “Raquel” stopped the dressing procedure to take a few photos of the elegant, elongated, effervescent beauty. “I’m going to put on you wig temporarily while we take a few pictures.” stated Vicente as “Raquel”.

“Good idea. I always wanted to pose for some cheese cake shots,” responded the gorgeous “Rachael”.

“Rachael” modeled before the camera as if she had been born to the craft. After “Raquel” shot about two roles of film, “she” had “Rachael” step into the cream white satin bloomer and pulled them up to her tiny waist. Over “Rachael’s” bald-head came the matching slip. The slip was in itself so radiant, that in any other outfit, it could have been the dress. Then “Raquel” had “Rachel” insert her arms and hands into her over the elbow cream white four way stretch PVC gloves. “You look good enough to step out to a party now, Rachael,” observed Vicente as “Raquel”. “Let’s put the wig back on and take a few more shots.”

“Take your time, Honey. I haven’t had this much fun in recent memory,” declared Natalia as “Rachael”.

A roll of film later, Vicente as “Raquel” had “Rachael” step into several lace and starched petty coats. Finally came the cream white heavy satin dress with satin ball buttons at the wrists, and up the bodice to the crushed turtleneck. Once the dress was on and buttoned, “Raquel” puffed the sleeves, and flounced the skirt. “She” then replaced the wig upon the crown of “Rachael’s” head and shot another roll of film. Then “Raquel” added the hooded, heavy creme white satin cape and the veiled pill box hat. To document this look, “Raquel” shot yet another two rolls of film. “You look spectacular, Rachael!” proclaimed “Raquel” as she observed and photographed the transformed bride from every angel “she” could think of. “What do you want to do now?”

“Put on your Tuxedo, Raquel and let’s walk through the casino like a couple of sexy lesbians that just got married,” said Natalie through her mask.

“You want to go out in public dressed like that?” questioned Vicente.

“Didn’t you just say that I looked spectacular?”

“Okay, I’ll be a couple of minutes,” responded Vicente.

“Don’t forget to put on the matching black patent leather platform boots we bought so you can appear as tall as I appear to be.”

“Good idea, Rachael. I’ll take the camera and have people take our picture,” said Vicente as “Raquel”. They will be great for advertising are goods in the shop.” They blew off another three roles of film and had a ball doing it. The hotel noticed the crowd they attracted and gave them complimentary dinner and show tickets if they stayed dressed as they were. The hotel photographer even did a free portrait of the couple. The trip turned out to be a win-win event all the way around and Cupid stung “Raquel” hard with “Rachael’s” full quiver of arrows.

By Valentines Day, Tasha had dumped all of her bent arrows. The fickle Cupid had moved onto a new target. She had over played her hand and broken her bow on Cupid’s female mask. Tasha got disgusted and called the whole deal quits. Everything to do with masking that had so turned her on a few months earlier, was now a revolting experience. Cupid had taught her that only the true of heart, make life long commitments to female masking. To all others, it is a sometime thing, just a passing fad. There was no reason for Tasha to hide in “Raquel” any longer. Her former boy friend had violated his parole and was back in prison. She had found her direction through the masking interlude and her need to mask had evaporated with her completion of that quest. Vicente’s quest had not even really started even though Tasha was a necessary arrow from Cupid’s twisted quiver to move Vicente along his path of light.

Thus, Tasha made Vicente buy her out of the Mascaguila Masking business in exchange for all of the videotapes she made. As a bonus she gave him her “Vicente” and her “pregnant Tasha” costume. Rosa then moved to Southern California and enrolled at California State University at Long Beach in their teaching credential program. Meanwhile, Natalia, as “Rachael” took over most of Tasha’s “Raquel’s” duties and activities in the business. One talent that Natalia had that really added to the web site was her ability to right short stories and scenarios that many maskers read while cross dressed or in their latex garments. At the request of some of the more high paying clients, Natalia created short plays with scripts that guests and first timers could learn and become interactive parts of the fantasies.

Because of their similar ability to mask as “Raquel”, no one actually realized that there had been a shift in personnel Rosa through Vicente to Natalia, who in turn trained new “Raquels”. Natalia as “Rachael” patiently bided her time, and the following year she and Vicente were married on Valentine’s day in Saint Andrew’s Church. Father Gomez conducted a typical Mariachi wedding. Natalia and Vicente were cross-dressed for the ceremony but they are the only ones who knew it. This was a particularly special feat since their combined families numbered over seven hundred and fifty persons. Natalia as the handsome tuxedo-clad “Vicente” had dressed “his” “Raquel” as “she” had dressed “Rachael” a year earlier in Reno. Their wedding reception was also Vicente’s Parent’s forty-fifth wedding anniversary party. He had forgotten that they had also been married on Valentine’s day. Evidently, Natalia knew and had kept quiet about it.

During their last few moments together as giddy singles on the day before their marriage, Vicente’s wife to be asked him if he could give her a wedding present of a week with a blonde “Raquel” on their Honeymoon Alaskan Cruise. She especially requested that “Raquel” wear her red wool coat with the black beret and scarf she had crocheted for “her”. How could Vicente deny his new wife such a loving request?