Duella Dent, Mistress of the Magical Masks

The following story contains characters owned by DC Comics/Warner Bros. It is written as a fan fiction parody story not intended to make any use of actual story lines in published books. The story is purely for fun, with no profit to be made by the author. It is free to be archived on any site wishing to do so, provided the author is given proper credit.

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Tales from the Batman and Robin Universe

Duella Dent, Mistress of the Magical Masks

by Steve Zink

Part 1

In the mid-70’s, DC published a short series of comic books called the Batman Family. In a string of at least 4 of these books, there was a continuing story with Batgirl and Robin teamed up to fight a series of characters that were all the daughters of Batman’s foes. In the end, it turned out that the person portraying all these characters was Duella Dent, actual daughter of Harvey Dent, Two-Face. She eventually adopted the character she had called Joker’s Daughter to be her identity as Harlequin in the Teen Titans.

This story of mine takes her use of masks and goes in a different direction…

In the past two weeks, Robin had been plagued by appearances of female mischief-makers. They didn’t actually commit any crimes, just created minor scenes of havoc and civil disorder. Try as he could, Robin was never able to nail down any of these women. The weird part was that each of the women was dressed as and acting like a daughter of one of Batman’s old foes. After he had called upon Batgirl to access her memories and historical resources, Robin came to the conclusion that there was no way that Joker, Penguin, Catwoman or Riddler could have sired or borne daughters all at about the same time. Someone, therefore, was playing the role of these daughters for some unknown reason.

Batgirl came to visit Robin after the phone call they’d had. She was anxious herself to find out what was going on, since from the way Robin had described the daughters, someone could see Batgirl fighting one of them and start to think that maybe she was Batman’s daughter. Over the years, Batgirl had fought continuously to deny any reference to her being a love interest of Batman. Being a bit older than Robin, it was far more likely that she would develop an interest in him, not Batman, but no one ever seemed to pick up on that possibility. In actuality, Batgirl had seen Robin on a number of occasions to share good times together, but they both were hesitant to reveal their actual identities to each other. This made it more than a bit difficult to get any further in developing a relationship.

Robin gave Batgirl a more thorough briefing about the incidents than he’d been able to over the phone. One thing that he had neglected to tell her earlier was that at the conclusion of his encounter with Catwoman’s Daughter, Robin had grabbed her by the hair streaming down her back. He was surprised when hair, cowl and mask all came free of her head, revealing the face of the person he’d tangled with a week earlier, Joker’s Daughter. Robin told Batgirl that this incident was the first thing that gave him the idea that only one woman might be responsible for all the grief he’d been encountering. They discussed the possibility for any of these ‘Daughters’ being an actual daughter of one of Batman’s enemies, now making her presence known to a younger generation.

Batgirl pointed out to Robin that enough was known of the history of Joker, Riddler, Penguin and Catwoman that it was highly unlikely that any of them could have had children at about the same time Robin was born. These daughters he’d been encountering were all giving evidence of being late teens. Robin confided in her that he had gotten close to each of the women at some point in their struggles, and felt that each was acting in such a way as to bring out feelings of lust. Batgirl told Robin not to let this get him down. She had fought similar urges for a long time over the four years she’d been working with Batman and Robin.

When Robin asked if she was referring to encounters with their criminal adversaries, she giggled and told him that, no, she’d been referring to the Bat Team, mostly the at hand member. Robin blushed, but before the situation could get out of hand, an alert came in for Robin from the police about a scene developing at the shopping mall that they thought they could use his help in. Robin replied that he was on the way, with some extra help joining him.

Robin and Batgirl each had their own motorcycle, so there was soon an interesting sight for those on the road leading to the mall. Two motorcycles were zipping through and around traffic with small strobe lights blinking to warn cars out of their way. The riders of the bikes caused more than a few heads to turn. Robin was a sight in red, yellow and green, with a yellow cape flapping wildly in the bike’s wake. The dark caused by heavy clouds made Batgirl a bit less visible since her costume was basically black with blue and yellow trim, but those that did make note of her going by did a number of double takes. Batgirl’s costume clung tightly to every curve and bulge of her well-developed body. Her blue cape was much longer than Robin’s, and was clipped to the end of her seat so that it wouldn’t drag her off the bike. The two cycles made short work of the trip to the mall, and they were soon parked next to a small group of police cars that blocked the East entrance to the mall.

The policeman who was still at the cars manning the radio gave the pair of crime fighters a run down of what they’d seen so far. There was a young lady in what looked like a Penguin costume giving mall customers a hard time with the weird umbrellas she had in a pouch slung over her shoulder. Robin and Batgirl turned to look at each other, and then Robin told her she was about to meet the object of their earlier discussion.

They entered the mall with batarangs drawn and ready. Working their way through the crowd of shoppers, Robin and Batgirl soon spotted their foe. She was actually cackling so loud that they heard her before seeing her. In front of the Sears store, the Penguin’s Daughter was busy squirting a stinky fluid at anyone who dared to come close to her.

As Penguin’s Daughter spotted the junior Dynamic Duo coming her way, she held her umbrella pointed at them and said, “Ah, so finally I get to see the two of you working together. I had wondered if Robin was ever going to give up trying to get me by himself and call for some help!”

This was just the scenario she’d been hoping for. Penguin’s Daughter turned and ran a lot faster that a penguin would have been expected to run, and Robin and Batgirl took off after her. As soon as they saw her leave the building and hop into her car, the two of them sprinted back to their motorcycles to give chase. She had about a mile and a half lead on them, but didn’t seem to be gaining any time or distance.

It never occurred to Robin or Batgirl that she was leading them on. After following her for ten minutes, they watched Penguin’s Daughter pull into the driveway of a large house in what looked like a well-to-do neighborhood. She had been inside the house for only three minutes when the pair of motorcycles pulled up beside her car. This was all the time she needed.

The Penguin’s Daughter had been waiting for this day. Weeks ago, before she had started her harassment campaign, she had rigged knockout gas bombs in the entry foyer to the house. She made her way to a side room and waited for the sound of the door opening again. While waiting, she pulled the top hat off her head, and willed her face to once again become a mask and her hair a wig. She then removed her wig. Just as the door opened, she was pulling her mask up off her head. She hit the actuator button, and a dozen canisters of knockout gas spewed their contents into the foyer. The pair of crime fighters had been prepared to meet with any number of goofy devices the Penguin’s Daughter might have on hand, but had not figured on the gas. They fell to their knees, and then moments later fell flat on their faces.

The young lady who had been wearing a Penguin’s Daughter mask now was shaking her shoulder length brown hair back and forth to loosen it up after having been restrained inside the mask for the past six hours. Taking advantage of the time it would take for the gas to dissipate, she completely removed the costume she’d been wearing. The bulbous figure of the Penguin’s Daughter had been hiding a svelte figure of medium height and a well-developed chest over a small waist. She threw on a robe, and then went out to the foyer to retrieve her booty.

Robin’s inert form was easily going to be the heavier of the two, so she went to pick him up first. She grabbed him below the armpits and raised him so that all but his feet were off the ground, then dragged him into the bedroom she had set up for him a month ago. Batgirl was easier for her to handle, and she was able to pick her up completely. Batgirl was brought into another bedroom, and laid on the bed there.

Batgirl’s costume was removed piece by piece, being laid on the floor as they were removed from her body.

As she was removing her robe, Duella walked to the dresser drawers in the room. These had been restocked with all the articles she would need the month before. Opening one of the drawers, she pulled out a mask that bore a striking resemblance to the unconscious woman on the bed. She unzipped the back of the full head mask, and then pulled it into place over her own head. After she pulled the zipper closed and smoothed out the mask, she got a shoulder length red haired wig out of the drawer. With this put into place and brushed out, she became a veritable twin of the woman on the bed. With the latex of her mask being an ultra-thin compound, the smile she formed showed right through as if it was her own skin. A wave of her hand then actually turned it into her skin. She then proceeded to put on the Batgirl costume that she’d laid out on the floor.

The inert form of Batgirl was then sat up on the bed. Another of the drawers was opened, and the costume, which Robin had seen two weeks earlier, appeared in her hands. The Joker’s Daughter costume was put onto Batgirl, and then the mask was pulled down over her head after a wig cap was put on to hold up all that red hair. This mask was painted white with harlequin eyes and mouth painted on, giving a garish visage, especially after the shorthaired green wig was put on. Satisfied with her work so far, the pseudo-Batgirl left the new Joker’s Daughter on the bed, still unconscious.

Going back to the room in which she had left Robin, Batgirl went to work on her more challenging transformation. After all of Robin’s costume had been removed, he was dragged into the adjoining bathroom. Using a sponge to avoid damaging her new gloves, Batgirl covered Robin’s entire body below the neck with a depilatory. After letting this set for five minutes, she turned on the tap and rinsed his newly smooth body of the residue. After toweling his inert body, not an easy chore, she brought him back into the bedroom.

The drawer which opened in this room had a much more complicated costume in it. She had known in advance what more she would need to dress Robin in it, than she had worn a week ago. First on was a pair of panties, which were pulled into place after Robin’s penis had been pulled back between his legs and taped there. Next on was a full torso corset, which after being laced as tightly as she could get it gave Robin a 19″ waist. The top of the corset was filled out with 36DD sized silicone inserts, and his figure was definitely starting to look feminine by now.

She pulled a glossy pair of beige tights onto his legs, and then got the black dress out to put on him. It was tight at the top, hugging every curve, making the breasts stand out. The dress was long, going to just below the knees, but had a slit on the right side coming up to the thigh just below the edge of the corset. The arms of the dress were stretchy to cling closely, and opera length black gloves with clawed fingers were pulled on up over his hands and arms. Knee high black leather boots with four-inch heels were zipped onto his feet. The fit was not the best, but that would be taken care of soon enough.

The final part of the Catwoman’s Daughter costume was the head. After zipping closed the back of the mask, Batgirl pulled a waist length black wig over it. Finally, the black cowl was pulled over the head of the transformed Robin. Feeling even more confident now that this costume had been completed, Batgirl started to get the remainder of her plan into motion. She went back to the room holding Joker’s Daughter.

Getting one of her mirrors, Batgirl started to wave smelling salts under the masked woman’s nose. As her eyes fluttered open with a start, the Joker’s Daughter saw Batgirl standing in front of her. Her jaw dropped as much as it could within the latex, then she looked down and saw the clothes she herself was wearing. When she looked back up at Batgirl to ask what was going on, she found a mirror directly in front of her face.

As the Joker’s Daughter took in her visage, two things occurred. Her mind became that of Joker’s Daughter. Her mask became flesh. This time when the Joker’s Daughter’s jaw dropped, it gaped wide as a jester’s would. The secret of the masks was now out. The person wearing them for the past month had been that Daughter for real each time, so whereas Batgirl and Robin had figured one woman might be doing all the characters, they had been both right and wrong. The wearer of the mask merely had to see their image in a mirror, and they became that character.

Joker’s Daughter was led by Batgirl to Robin’s room. When smelling salts were waved under his masked nose, he fluttered open his eyes to see Batgirl holding on to Joker’s Daughter. He started to say, “How did you get a hold of her here?” to Batgirl, but stopped when he heard the muffled voice he was putting out. Before he had a chance to say or do anything else, Batgirl held up her mirror.

Robin saw the image of Catwoman’s Daughter there, and felt his body melting. It wasn’t melting in actuality. It was being magically transformed. The rough feminine figure that Batgirl had given him became even more so, with real flesh taking the place of the faux equipment he’d started with. A beautiful face formed under the cowl she was wearing, and Catwoman’s Daughter took on her new personality.

Batgirl took her two new characters by their arms and led them out the door of her house. “Come, Ladies. The day is not yet over. We have bigger fish to fry!”

Part 2

Batgirl, since she was the one with control over the masks, and the only person able to change without a mirror, was able to control what the wearers did. Joker’s Daughter and Catwoman’s Daughter were told to get into the car and wait there for further instructions. Batgirl then reached into her weapons belt to search for the Bat alert transmitter. As much as she’d studied the original Batgirl, she still had almost no idea what goodies were available for her use in the belt. In the third pouch she checked, she found both the alert box and a small vial of knockout gas. This saved her the trouble of going back into the house later. Pressing the alert button on the box, Batgirl saw a red light come on and felt a soft vibration of the machine working.

In the Bat cave, a red light started flashing on a panel labeled with Robin, Batgirl, GCPD, JLA, and UN. Each entry had a light above it, and the light flashing was above Batgirl’s name. There was also a loud alarm clanging, to alert anyone in the cave to check the panel. At this moment, there was no one in the Bat cave to either hear or see the alarm. Both Bruce Wayne and his butler, Alfred, were upstairs in Wayne Manor.

Diligent detective that he was, Batman left nothing to chance, and if ever the alarm went off in the Bat cave and wasn’t secured within two minutes, a sound similar to, but not identical to, a phone ringing started in the mansion. If ever there were guests in the mansion, they would think a phone was ringing, whereas Bruce and Alfred knew someone needed help. Bruce heard the distinctive ring while he was reading in his den, and signaled to Alfred that he was on it. Bruce made a quick trip to the hidden elevator down to the Bat cave, and then secured the alarm after noting the geographic coordinates being sent by Batgirl’s alarm.

Each time Bruce put on his Batman costume, he gave brief notice to the thought that this could be the last time he’d do so. He was not a super powered hero with invulnerability like his friend, Superman. No, he was a frail human, with a bit more wits and a lot more survival skills than your average person. His skill had brought him home to the Bat cave an untold number of times over the years. It was with pride, then that Batman finished donning his costume.

The remote starter for the Batmobile had been activated before he started changing, and by the time he was ready to hop in and take off in search of his distressed compatriot, the vehicle was warmed and all systems checked via computer for operability. Noting no discrepancies, Batman put the car into gear and went down the tunnel leading out of the Bat cave at a breakneck pace. When a course is both known and eminently familiar, and it is known that there are no other vehicles present, all caution can be cast aside.

It took less than thirty minutes to get to the part of Gotham’s suburbs that the alert signal was originating from. The GPS-driven moving map display on the dash of the Batmobile had led Batman to the spot unerringly. As the Batmobile approached the house, Batman saw Batgirl standing next to a car parked in the driveway. Due to the tinting of the windows in the car, he could tell there were occupants in the car, but not how many or if they were active. Batgirl gave him a thumbs up signal, implying that the situation had calmed. The Batmobile was parked on the side of the road, and Batman got out to join Batgirl.

Batgirl walked up to Batman and met him at the end of the driveway. There were no obvious signs to Batman that any skullduggery was afoot. Batgirl thanked him for coming so quickly, and then told Batman there was an ulterior motive for her hitting the alarm. “As near as you can tell, I am Batgirl, right, Batman?” she asked him.

Batman wondered just where this could be leading, and responded with both a nod and a curt, “Yes.”

“Well then, you’re in for a bit of a surprise,” Batgirl said. “My real name is Duella Dent. I’m sure you recognize the last name. Two Face hasn’t been seen for quite a few years, but I have come onto the scene in my own unique way. Watch.” Batgirl removed her cowl, and then pulled off the red wig. Duella looked briefly like a bald woman, but as her magic took hold, the form of a mask was seen, then it was unzipped and Duella’s own face and brown hair became evident.

“Do you see, Batman? I have the power to change into almost anyone I desire via the masks I control. Let me show you some other examples of my work.” Still seeing no cause for alarm, Batman observed without raising his alert level. Duella went to the car and opened the left rear door, motioning for the occupants to come out. Batman watched as both Joker’s Daughter and Catwoman’s Daughter emerged from the car. They followed Duella almost as if they were in a trance. As the group approached Batman, Duella remarked almost casually, “These two have been spotted creating havoc in the immediate area recently. Only, it wasn’t exactly these two. Ladies, let’s show Batman what we’ve been up to this evening.”

Batman cut in, “You mean these two mischief makers have been here together all evening? I’d heard earlier that they were never seen at the same time before, giving the impression that one person was playing the role of each daughter.”

“Actually, Batman, your observation is correct,” Duella responded. “Until this evening, that is.”

Turning to face Joker’s Daughter, Duella asked, “Who are you, really?”

Joker’s Daughter laughed, and then twisted her mouth into a horrendous grin. “I’m Joker’s Daughter! Just who did you think I was?”

As she turned to Batman, Duella said, “Now, watch.” She made a brief wave of a hand over Joker’s Daughter’s head, then pulled off the green fright wig to reveal what appeared to be a white full head mask. A zipper appeared, and the mask was unzipped and removed from her head. After the wig cap had been removed, long red hair spilled down over her shoulders.

Batman gaped, and then said, “Is that the actual Batgirl?”

“Yes indeed, Batman. My mask had her appearing as, and believing herself to be, Joker’s Daughter. Now, let me introduce you to Catwoman’s Daughter.”

The young female feline was led to a point in front of Batman. “Tell Batman who you are, my dear,” said Duella.

As she hissed and meowed, the buxom, younger version of Catwoman said, “I am Catgirl, the daughter of Selina Kyle, the Catwoman! Don’t you forget it!”

“Shall we see who is really under that cowl, Batman?” Duella asked, and then continued, “Go ahead, and take off her cowl. I’ll hold her arms so she can’t scratch your eyes out while you’re doing so.”

Batman carefully reached behind Catgirl’s head, then pulled the cowl up and forward to remove it. The beautiful young lady with long black hair glared at him. Duella did her little wave, then told Batman to remove her wig. Batman was astounded to see what appeared to be a very realistic female facemask under the wig. After watching what Duella had done with Joker’s Daughter, he then reached behind Catgirl and unzipped the mask. As it was pulled off, a familiar face looked back at him. “Robin?!?” Batman cried out.

Robin looked down to see the getup he was in, and then said, “Batman, what’s going on?”

Duella answered, as Batman stared in awe at his young male assistant. “I had originally hoped to convince the Justice League of America that my talents would be of use to them. That’s why I arranged this little demonstration. But I’m starting to think I make a pretty good Batgirl, wouldn’t you agree, Batman? I think, therefore, I’ll end this little charade where it is right now, and by the way, Batman, I doubt you’ll be going back to the JLA.”

Duella, in a flash, brought her hand into Batman’s face and squirted the knockout gas from the vial out of her utility belt. In a smooth motion, she continued the blast of the gas into the faces of her earlier victims. As all three dropped to the ground, Duella continued her statement, “No, Batman, I doubt the JLA would have any need for Catwoman in their ranks! Ha, ha, ha!”

It was now getting dark, and Duella had no fear that any prying eyes would see her toting three costumed bodies into her house. Joker’s Daughter was left in her original room, with her mask and wig replaced. She was left on the bed, facing the mirrored ceiling. Catwoman’s Daughter was brought to her room, and again, her mask, wig and cowl were replaced. She was seated at the dressing table, so that the first thing she’d see upon opening her eyes was a huge mirror. Batman was pulled into yet another room, and after being stripped of his costume, was tied securely to a large metal chair.

Duella had prepared a mask for this eventuality, but not a costume. She looked at the materials she had on hand, and then decided some changes would have to take place. The Catwoman of old had worn black costumes all her life before she retired. Duella had very little black spandex left, though. What she did have a good supply of was the royal purple she’d utilized in crafting the pants of the Joker’s Daughter costume. This would form the basis for the new costume she would make.

In the two hours it would take her to fabricate the complete costume, the gas was sure to wear off, so Duella went to each of the rooms to check on their occupants before she sat down at the sewing table. Joker’s Daughter and Catwoman’s Daughter were each awake, and had obviously seen their reflections, so Duella merely commanded them to relax and wait for her to return. Batman, on the other hand, was awake and writhing in his bonds. Duella gave him another blast of knockout gas, enough to keep him under for at least three hours.

Duella searched through her costume pieces collection, pulling each item she thought she’d need once the sewing was completed. With everything at hand, Duella went to work on creating the purple catsuit. Even allowing for the stretch of the spandex, she decided that some work would be needed for the chest area, since she wanted this to stand out when finished. The zipper that she knew had to go in the back could be hidden by hair, so she wasn’t too concerned about hiding it with a flap. Finally, after a near record construction time brought about through years of practice, the costume was ready.

Duella went back to Batman’s room with a bundle in her hands. She untied him from the chair, and then laid him out on the bed. Much as she had prepared Robin’s body earlier, she went to work on feminizing Batman’s very male physique. His penis was secured then covered by panties. A really strong corset was wrapped around his chest and waist. Slowly but surely, the laces were pulled tighter and tighter. When this was done, his body was flipped back over on its back. Two absolutely huge silicone inserts were placed into the breast supports of the corset, then the purple catsuit was brought out. Duella had no concern about body hair this time around, because no flesh would be visible, and the magic would take care of it, regardless.

The legs of the unitard were pulled over the feet and then legs of Batman. His heavily muscled calves and thighs stood out as the spandex clung closely, but Duella knew this would change. Getting the rest of the catsuit up over his chest was not easy, since he was inert, but she made do, and soon had it on and zipped up. She grinned at seeing how well his monstrous breasts stood out in front. She had crafted the chest of the unitard almost perfectly. The thigh high, stiletto heeled black boots were then put onto his feet and legs, and zipped tightly into place. The arch they put his feet into was phenomenal, making even his hard male calves look good. They would soon look outstanding, Duella knew.

After the shoulder length black gloves were pulled onto his arms, Duella pulled out the mask she’d selected. It exuded slutty femininity. The shape of the eyes, the exquisite nose, the tiny mouth with perfect lips all suggested a model of female perfection, and the extreme makeup made even this better. Duella had worn it once to enter a beauty contest, but lost out to an astoundingly incredible young woman who had a build suggesting she was born on Paradise Island.

Duella carefully pulled the mask over Batman’s head, and then zipped it shut. A waist length black wig was placed over the bald dome of the mask, and then finally, the purple cowl was pulled down over the wig and face. Its neck was pulled down and tucked into the top of the catsuit, giving the impression of a single piece costume. Stepping back to inspect her handiwork, Duella was pleased. Then she snapped her fingers, remembering the one item she’d forgotten. She came back in moments with a twenty-foot long bullwhip, which she coiled and then stuck into the top of the left boot.

Her job completed, Duella put her own Batgirl mask back on, then the red wig. As she willed it into reality, the mask became her real face. She pulled the cowl back into place, then went to collect her minions. Joker’s Daughter had actually fallen asleep, and was roused from her stupor by Batgirl softly shaking her shoulder. Catwoman’s Daughter was found preening for herself in front of her mirror. Duella wondered just how long that could have been going on, but was pleased at seeing the way she was adapting to her new identity. Duella led the two back to Batman’s room.

After they were led inside, Duella approached the seated figure of a royal purple clad woman with her head hanging down. Smelling salts were waved under her nose, and in moments her eyes fluttered open. The first thing Batman saw as he opened his eyes was an unbelievably big purple boob completely filling his field of view. Then he remembered something he’d heard…how long ago?…before he’d been gassed. He looked up as if to ask what was going on, but was greeted by a mirror directly in front of his face.

He saw the slutty face of Catwoman looking back at him, and at that moment, became a she. Her mask, as beautiful as it had looked, faded into a face that in reality looked even more beautiful. The hard muscles of her body became well-toned, smooth muscles, with gentle curves forming into the shape of a female idol. The large hands within the clawed gloves shrank to a more petite size, with elegantly shaped fingers. The bulge that had been showing in the crotch before became smooth with evidence of an indentation. The hard outline of the corset disappeared, her body taking on an incredibly small waist of its own, and atop her bulbous breasts, hard nipples appeared.

As the mirror dropped from view, Catwoman saw the three women standing in the room. “Meowwwrrrr, am I glad to see you here, Catgirl. But why is Batgirl here with you?”

Catgirl minced over to ‘her mom’ and gave her a tight hug.

Batgirl said, “I was just trying to make sure you all got back together again. I won’t be staying to get in your way. Good-bye, ladies. Have fun!” With that, Batgirl turned and left the room posthaste.

“I see no need to have you hanging around, Jokestress,” said Catwoman. “If you have nothing to add to our reunion, get out of here!”

“That’s Joker’s Daughter to you, you over endowed lioness. I have no need what so ever to stay in your presence!” She turned and left, laughing uproariously all the way to the front door.

Duella had left no instructions for her masked changes, so they were free to act on their own. She continued for a bit as Batgirl, but grew tired of that after a while, and no one knows what masks the Mistress of the Masks has been hiding under lately. Joker’s Daughter has gone on to raise even more mayhem than her older male namesake. Catwoman has become famous, well; make that infamous, for her wily methods of avoiding the law. It almost seems that she has had advanced training in hand to hand skills, an incredible survival instinct, and an extensive resource of information.

Oh, did I forget to mention that Duella had made one more change in the Batman Family? You see, it would be difficult for Selina and Kitty Kyle to live in Wayne, no that’s right, it’s now Kyle, Manor and operate out of the Cat cave if Alfred the butler was still around. Another mask had been put to use. The keeper of the house is now a cute young French Maid going by the name of Antoinette….