Halloween Follies


By Rita Chante

Author’s Note: This revised and copyrighted three part short story takes place in a large company that has become a hostile work place for the female staff and a playpen for the male executives. The story was originally titled “Halloween Follies and Contests” and that title may still be the best file name for this piece. However, the current title seemed to have more descriptive powers for a Halloween masking story. A portion of the plot has one segment of the “all-female” secretarial pool deciding to use the annual company Halloween Community Ball to get even. Fortunately for the conspirators, the company pumpkin has a couple of masked worms in it. The female mask featured in this tale of Halloween high-jinx is the “She Devil” mask by Nikki Locke.


“What are you going to be for Halloween this year, Josie?” asked the beautiful young girl who worked at the desk next to Josie’s.

“I don’t know, Natalie. There are so many things to be and do this year. I guess it all depends on whether or not I get a date for the Halloween Community Ball or the Erotic Exotic Ball.”

“Don’t you think that it is neat the way the company sponsors two different balls to raise money for homeless kids and other community charities?” asked Natalie as she got her bag lunch from her bottom desk drawer and prepared to go to the staff dining room. I think that those balls are the best things that happen here in the context of all the other weird stuff.

“I guess so, but I think that the kids are just an excuse to have a couple of company balls that are also a company tax dodge,” responded Josie Calaverilla while pulling her purse and lunch from the box where she kept them under of her desk. Natalie Mackelroy was a good office buddy. She didn’t gossip all that much, but always had something interesting to talk about during their lunch breaks.

“Well it is better than the totally hedonistic approach taken by the Exotic Erotic Ball. What if that Ball was the only option for an annual party at this company? I mean at that event, anything goes in the name of a Christmas party masquerade,” said Natalie. “Just wait until you have been to your first one.”

“Now who is sounding the note of negativity? From what I have heard, at least the Exotic Erotic Ball is all about having fun, Natalie. With the company’s Halloween Community Ball we are supposed to be doing something serious while having fun at the same time. I think that this is corporate masking in its worst form,” declared Josie.

“Are you suggesting that we are all wearing masks, Josie?”

“Masking is an activity where the purveyor of the mask is hiding their identity, motives and/or activities while projecting an alternate identity. When the company says it is doing one thing and is really doing something else, that is corporate masking to me,” stated Josie. “Is that what you meant by other weird stuff?”

“No, the other weird stuff comes under the topic of strange and strained human relations.”

“Is the pig Mr. Wad chasing you around his desk again?” asked Josie.

“You are too cynical, Josie. Don’t be so negative all of the time. I can handle Mr. Wad. I just wish that I didn’t have to. I’ll bet that you would like to get it on and go with that sexy field rep. I just know that he could change your mind about the ball if he asked you to go to it,” suggested Natalie.

“What field rep are you talking about, Nat? The ones I know of are a bunch of slippery one-night-stand losers,” commented Josie.

“There you go with those negative vibes again, Jo. No wonder the guy I am talking about says that he is scared of you,” declared Natalie.

“So who is this alleged field rep that is scared of me?” inquired Josie when they walked into the staff dining room. Over the four months that Josie had been placed as an undercover security person in the secretarial pool, this was the first time that Natalie had discussed dating with her.

“It is Jose Calavera, Josie. I think that he is just dreamy. I just feel safe and warm when he is around. You know that he has the hots for you. He comes around all time. When he isn’t asking company related stuff, he is pumping me for information about you,” stated Natalie. “But then, that is not really anything new in this company.”

“How come I am never around when this jerk-off is supposed to happen by?” asked Josie.

“See what I mean?” asked Natalie.

“See what?” probed Josie.

“Maybe you have this hunk so scared with your negative vibes that he only comes around when you aren’t here,” proclaimed Natalie.

“If you think he is so good looking why don’t you date him?” probed Josie. “Maybe he is coming around to see you and is just using my absence as an excuse to talk to you.”

“You think? That would be so cool if it were true,” said Natalie. “Gee, if it was true and I was dating Mr. Calavera, maybe Mr. Wad and John Hardon would leave me alone.”

“I thought you had put an end to Mr. Wad, Nat.”

“Me too. I tried so hard to let him know that I am not interested in dating a married man, but he keeps sending me stuff like this sweet bracelet, and I never get around to returning his gifts to him.”

“Give them to me, Natalie. I will make sure that Mrs. Wad gets them along with a note that tells her how I got them,” declared Josie. “I am sure that action would stop Mr. Wad in his sexist tracks.”

“Let me think about that, Josie, but thanks for the offer. After all, he promised me a mink coat for Christmas.”

“You are helping him to run his game on you, Natalie.”

“I know, but I showed him the coat that I wanted and it is such a beautiful prize.”

To Josie’s way of thinking, Natalie was prostituting herself and the price was a mink coat. “Does Mr. Calavera know about the moves that Mr. Wad keeps laying on you?” asked Josie.

“You are the only one that I have told about this, Josie. Do you really feel that Jose might be interested in me?” asked Natalie. “I might even give up a chance for that fabulous mink coat if I thought I had a future with him.”

“Sure, Natalie. What else could his lousy timing be if it weren’t for that?” questioned Josie.

“You mean you wouldn’t mind if I horned in on your boyfriend?” inquired Natalie.

“What boyfriend? I don’t even know who you are talking about, Natalie,” declared Josie.

“You are so cool, Josie. I mean like, I’ve never had a girlfriend like you before. Those field reps bring home a good check. And, if the rumors are true, we, meaning the secretarial staff, maybe all out of a job pretty soon.

“What rumors are those?” asked Josie.

“I have heard that the secretarial pool maybe eliminated altogether when the company moves to its new headquarters in Los Angeles.”

“Why is that?” probed Josie.

“From what I have gathered, all the field reps are doing their own work with those new wireless laptops in the field,” responded Natalie.

“They will still need the pool to do all the follow-up stuff,” assured Josie.

“That is not what I heard. For security reasons, the reps will be doing the follow-up work too,” declared Natalie. “So, this maybe our last chance to go to the company’s Halloween Community Ball on the company for Halloween.”

“I think that I would like to save my money for the exotic Erotic Ball. I saw a red “She Devil” mask by Nikki Locke that would be perfect for a party like that,” suggested Josie. It would look fabulous with a high neck Black PVC Catsuit.”

“That would probably work for the Community Ball as well, Josie.”

“Let me do some research on that,” said Josie. Something about your last suggestion just doesn’t sound right. If this Jose Calavera asks you to go to the Exotic Erotic Ball or the Halloween Community Ball with him, what are you going as, Natalie?”

“I asked you first, Jo.”

“I don’t have a prospective date like you do, Nat. But, I promise to start my planning for the ball when I do,” said Josie.

“I’ll tell you what, Jo. If neither of us get asked, why don’t we go as each other’s date. I know that doing that sounds like high school, but we will be in costumes and masks, so who would know?” proposed Natalie. “At the very least something like that would get Mr. Wad off my ass.”

“Let’s just say for the moment and the sake of discussion that I said yes to that idea, Nat. What would we go as?” inquired Josie.

“I don’t know. There are a lot of things that we could try.”

“Give me an example of what you have in mind,” declared Josie.

“We could go as a couple of sexy nurses, a pair of sexy nuns, twin sex kittens, or Playmate bunnies. If none of those notions turn you on, maybe we could go as a couple of glamorous movie stars,” suggested Natalie Mackelroy.

“Sounds to me like you have been putting considerable thought into this, Natalie. At least you didn’t suggest going as the front or back half of a horse or cow,” commented Josie while thinking that if she shared with Natalie what she really wanted to create for a Halloween costume, Natalie would probably stop talking to her for good.

“Are you saying that is what you wanted to go as?” questioned Natalie.

“Not hardly, Natalie,” said Josie with a laugh.

“I am glad to hear that. Didn’t you tell me that you had a collection of masks and that you like to visit the Halloween Store to see what we could get to decorate our offices?” asked Natalie Mackelroy.

“I may have mentioned something like that in passing, Natalie,” replied Josie.

“Well do you have anything in your collection that might work for what I was suggesting? I would love to be a sexy Elvira or The Bride of Frankenstein,” announced Natalie.

“I guess we could go to the Halloween Store and see if they have something like that,” responded Josie as they arrived at their table where Marsha Jenkins and Judy Choy were already sitting.

“What is the topic for today, kids?” asked Marsha Jenkins while sorting the items she had purchased for her lunch from the snack bar. Marsh went through this sorting ritual each and every day. She acted like she was preparing an Epicurean delight in the context of plastic flatware and Styrofoam.

“We are trying to figure out what we are doing for Halloween,” declared Natalie as she placed her sweater on the back of her chair.

“Halloween is still four weeks off,” said Marsha.

“You have to start planning early if you want to get in on the good stuff at the stores,” responded Natalie. “It is almost too late to start if you are planning to use mail order stuff.”

“I love Halloween at this company. Everyone seems to get into the spirit of the event,” proclaimed Judy Choy. “The office is so cheery and everyone has a bowl of candy at their work stations.”

“Well you had better enjoy it while you, can, Judy. I hear that they are moving what we do to Omaha, Nebraska,” said Marsha. “That would be curtains for me with this company, because I don’t want to live in Nebraska.”

“The University of Nebraska has a good football team,” offered Patti.

“I guess that is great if you are a football fan,” responded Marsha.
“Let’s not talk about the move, Marsha,” suggested Judy Choy. “Besides, I heard that we are scheduled to move to Miami Florida. I even heard that some of the missing secretarial staff has already been transferred to Florida.”

“If we are moved to Florida, I might go for that,” said Marsha.

“What if that is not an option, Marsha?” probed Josie.

“Then I am back to square one and looking for a new job? That also means going on a diet and forgetting about eating over the Holiday Season,” answered Marsha.

“That is the only bad part about the decoration contest. I think that I gained five pounds during the week long contest last year,” confessed Patty Jones as she took her normal place at their lunch table.

“Are you decorating your work station this year?” asked Marsha Jenkins. “I loved those witch and harvest decorations you laid out last year, Natalie. I am glad that you won the office pool for the best decorated workstation.”

“Thanks for the kind words, Marsha,” responded Natalie. “Are you decorating your work station, Josie?”

“I may string a set of pumpkin lights and put a black cat on my door, but that is about it,” declared Josie. This really wasn’t the end of Halloween that “Josie” enjoyed. When “she” went to the Halloween Store, “she” was generally in search of female masks and super heroine costumes. This undercover assignment was that first extended outing for “Josie” in public. It was like Halloween every time “she” came to work. Jose Calavera never thought that his typing skills would become necessary as part of his work for his company’s security force. When his partners had suggested that Jose go undercover as a female clerk-typist in Omnitec’s administrative secretarial pool, he didn’t believe that he would be able to “pass”, but when the company gave him both a clothing and housing allowance, Jose couldn’t refuse. He had to go for it. If he did everything right “Josie Calaverilla” could live with “her” cousin Jose Calavera. His partners were actually paying him to do something that he had done in the closet for years. Besides, in his dual role of secretary and alleged field rep, Jose was in a pivotal position to gather data on the company’s work force for the pending move of the company’s home to Seattle.

“I thought that you said that Halloween was your favorite holiday of the year, Josie,” asserted Marsha.

“It is, Marsha,” replied “Josie Calaverilla”.

“Well if a string of lights is all the enthusiasm you can come up with, I hate to see what you would do if this holiday wasn’t your favorite,” stated Marsha Jenkins.

“Decorating my workstation is not at the top of my priorities for Halloween,” proclaimed Josie.

“Jose Calavera told me that he believed that Halloween was a very special time of year,” offered Natalie. “He said that for him and his ancestors, Halloween was a precursor of the Four Days of the Dead (Los Dias de los Muertos) that immediately followed it. Since you have the same ethnic heritage as Jose, do you feel the same way as he does, Josie?”

“I guess I do, Natalie, I hadn’t thought about it that much,” lied Josie. If the truth were to be spoken, Josie thought about this topic a lot. “She” had concluded that for the serious masker Halloween decorations and costume parties was just a cover for what masking enthusiasts want to do all of the time. While “her” male counterpart really did have a collection of masks, “she” felt that they were for “her” private use and may one day be used as another one of Jose’s undercover female disguises.

“How’s every little thing?” asked Veronica as she set her tray on the table. “I hope that today’s topic is better than what they are serving for lunch in the hot plate line. Can anybody tell me what it is?”

“The Bulletin Board said that it was supposed to be some kind of Chinese refried meat loaf in sweet and sour sauce. I don’t even want to think what it looks like,” said Judy Choy.

“I have found that with this cafeteria, the worse that it looks, the better that it tastes,” declared Marsha Jenkins.

“Then this stuff should taste great,” suggested Veronica. “Have any of you talked to that new field rep yet? He is a hunk. I wish I could get him to invite me to the Halloween Community Ball, but I’m afraid that he only has eyes for Josie.”

“See what I mean, Jo? I’m not the only one who noticed that,” said Natalie.

“You mean that Josie didn’t know that Jose has the hots for her?” asked Judy with disbelief in her voice. “I thought that everyone knew that.”

“You are kidding us, Josie. You just have to be. The whole office knows that Jose can’t wait to nail you,” asserted Veronica.

“That just isn’t so, guys,” protested Josie.

“Sorry I’m late, ladies, but Mr. Hardon had me taking unnecessary dictation so that he could stare at my legs again,” said Karen in her sexy and breathy voice. “Did I miss anything?”

“Just that Josie didn’t know that Jose Calavera was after her body,” answered Patti.

“I can tell you that he is focused on you the same way that Mr. Hardon is chasing me, Josie,” said Karen. “The only difference is that Jose Calavera is single and Mr. Hardon just got married to the CEO’s daughter. That really fries me. He told me that we were engaged to be married. Remember when he took me with him on the business trip to Paris? Now that bastard just uses up my time so he could have me bend over to look for something in his desk. He had the nerve of writing me up for not getting my assignments done in a timely manner when he won’t let me do my real job here. He wants me to blow him while taking what he calls dictation. Can you believe the nerve of that pig? I am so angry I could just spit shit!”

“Why did the pig do that to you, Karen?” asked Judy Choy.

“Because I would not come across for him on his office couch. Can you believe that he wanted me to blow him while I was taking what he calls dictation?” asked Karen.

“This was to be done on the couch?” probed Patti.

“No, this was to be done while he was sitting at that huge desk of his. He says that he has this fantasy of me blowing him under his desk while his wife visits him in his office,” declared Karen.

“That is so totally disgusting!” proclaimed Patti.

“Tell me about,” said Karen.

“Jack Hardon is almost as big a pig as Dick Eater,” added Judy Choy. “He wants me to go to the Community Halloween Ball as a gorilla so he can play with me without his wife and daughter knowing who I am. As the CEO he sets the tone of the place that gives guys like Jose Calavera and John Hardon big ideas.”

“That sure sounds like the Dick Eater that I have grown to hate,” said Veronica. “Has he dropped anymore hints about where he is moving the company’s headquarters? What is that all about? Isn’t it bad enough that he and the board of directors are moving the assembly operation to Mexico? Think about all the jobs that move is going to cost this community. Then we have a Halloween Community Ball to heip out the homeless. That move of the assembly operation to Mexico will make for a lot more homeless around hear. Where is the community spirit in the future plans of this corporation?”

“I didn’t know that the assembly operation was being moved to Mexico,” injected “Josie”.

“Where is your head these days, Josie?” questioned Marsha. “That is old news. Supposedly, the girl you replaced was transferred to the company’s Mexican operation.”

“Let’s get off of that stuff and back onto the topic for the day,” proposed Josie. “I don’t even know what you girls are talking about anyway. When did the company acquire a Mexican operation?”

“Is she kidding us, Natalie?” asked Veronica.

“Not as far as I can tell, Veronica,” replied Natalie. “Josie did say before lunch that she thought that the Company’s Halloween Community Ball was a corporate sham.”

“Well that is true, bit it sounds to me like your friend Josie has been at the Antiboyotics and Peptobimbo bottle again,” said Marsha Jenkins with a happy chuckle. With the exception of Josie, Marsha’s chuckle was followed by a round of chortling, choking and backslapping among the women at the table.

“Since I am the one that is supposed to be doing this, can anyone tell me what Antiboyotics and Peptobimbo are?” inquired Josie Calaverilla.

“They are special drugs for single women, Josie”, explained Veronica. “Marsha found them listed on the Internet.”

“So what are they supposed to do?” probed Josie.

“Antiboyotics are taken by women who want to improve their careers, lower their phone usage, and reduce the amount of money they spend on make-up. Peptobimbo is a form of liquid silicon for single women. When taken in the proper two cup dosage before a date with a guy, it triples your breast size, decreases your intelligence and generally improves your ability to flirt,” said Marsha in a serious tone before the other four women in on the joke cracked-up again.

“My favorite drug on that list was Jackasspirin. I want a case of that stuff,” admitted Natalie.

“Why is that?” said Josie while still not realizing why this particular list of drugs that were allegedly designed for women was so funny.

“The stuff is supposed to relieve headaches caused by men who can’t remember your birthday, anniversary, or phone numbers,” proclaimed Natalie as the women laughed again. “Don’t you get it, Josie?”

“I finally got it. The definition for Jackasspirin did it for me, Natalie,” said “Josie” with a faked small smile and chuckle. “She” thought to “herself” that maybe someone had put some “Dumerol” in the other women’s lunches. They were actually laughing at totally sexist dribble. If some guys were telling them that they needed some “Peptobimbo” or “Dumerol”, they would all have been terribly insulted. “Can we get back to the Halloween topic now?”

“Only if Natalie gets me a giant bottle of Sexslomoron. Maybe if I had the thousand-milligram dose I could slip some into Mr. Hardon’s water pitcher and/or morning coffee. Then I could get my real office work done in a timely manner,” said Karen.

“What is Sexslomoron, Karen, I don’t think I heard of that one before,” declared Marsh.

“It is the opposite of Vibramoron, Marsha,” declared Karen

“How does this one work,” probed Marsha with a straight face that set the other woman to laughing again.

“While Vibramoron jacks the moron up when you need a good fuck and he has already blown his wad with his wife, Sexslomoron puts him in the mood for sex, but makes him incapable of much more than pissing on his own balls with a totally shriveled dick,” proclaimed Karen.

“Boy you got it bad,” Honey, said Judy Choy. “Is there anything that we can do to help you out with the way that pig is treating you?”

“How can you help? Nobody can help me anymore that they were able to help the girls that got transferred to the Mexican division,” complained Karen.

“I wish that Sexslomoron were a real drug. I like the sound of it and what it does to men who abuse women,” admitted Judy Choy. “Unfortunately I don’t think that it exists outside of Karen’s fertile imagination. But the notion of that drug gives me an idea for a an exciting Halloween prank on our respective bosses.”

“Judy’s devious mind is a work again, guys. I can just feel the power of fertile female vibes in the air. This is going to be good,” announced Veronica.

“Except for Josie, each one of us has a married executive in the company that is harassing her. These guys see us as their personal toys and disposable playthings,” mused Judy.

“Maybe Jose Calavera would be harassing Josie if he had better timing,” stated Natalie. “On the other hand, maybe he has been harassing me and I was too horny to see it.”

“That is always a possibility,” confirmed Marsha.

“Let’s say that he is for the sake of today’s topic,” suggested Karen. “I want to see where Judy is going with this Halloween idea.”

“Okay,” continued Judy. “What if we all wore the same costume and mask for Halloween and our harassing pigs didn’t know which one of the group that we were. Maybe we could work it out to where they don’t know or realize how many of us there were, and we could be each other’s alibi for the caper when it happened. We could have the bosses trying to compete for a secret mystery date with a single naked Elvira, a lushes Wonder Woman or horny gorilla while not realizing that there was a bunch of us. Those pricks and pigs just love contests and competition. We could gang up on each of the guys and create our own super dose of Sexslomoron to force on these guys and give them a Halloween that we will never let them forget.”

“We might lose our jobs over this prank,” suggested Jose as “Josie”.

“We might be losing them anyway, if those pricks have anything to say about it,” stated Marsha.

“If that is true, then we don’t have anything to lose and maybe we could get a really well endowed severance package from those sexist harassing pigs and pricks,” said Judy Choy.

“I like the concept of providing for our futures, Judy,” said Jose as “Josie”. “But, how would this narrative play out while we somehow keep the wives of our contest winners out of the picture and provide some degree of safety for ourselves?”

“I think that a discussion like this should take place in a more secure location than the company cafeteria,” said Patti.

“We also need a place to make our costumes,” added Marsha.

“That all makes sense, but can we all agree on what our costumes will consist of?” asked Judy. “I don’t want to be Dick Eater’s horny gorilla. Doing something like that would be a lot of hot sweaty work and that little prick doesn’t deserve that kind of effort.”

“How about we all mask as the Bride of Frankenstein. I saw one of those heads at the Halloween Store and the big blue green head looked neat,” said Veronica.

“I saw one too and tried it on. It is really hard to see out of that head and it is extremely hot to wear,” stated Karen.

“It could be fun if we all went as Laura Bush,” proposed Patti.

“It might be fun if we were trying to rob a bank, but we want to drive these guys crazy with desire so that they won’t realize that they have been had until it is too late,” declared Natalie. “I don’t think that the image of Laura Bush would do that for us.”

“So what do you suggest Nat?” asked Jose Calavera/Josie Calaverilla.

“Following-up on one of Judy’s earlier suggestions, I would like us all to mask as sexually provocative, way over the top ‘Elviras’. This way we could have fun while settling a few scores and planning for our futures.”

“That sounds good to me, but let’s keep the costume thing simple. Let’s all wear the same long, black leather coats and allege that we are all naked under them,” suggested Jose as “Josie”. “That is an ‘Elvira’ fantasy that is sure to suck in every last one of our targeted pricks.”

“I think we should wear tight black satin sheathes with floor length leather vests,” suggested Judy. “That is a totally sexy look.”

“I like that better than the coat idea,” said Marsha.

“So do I,” chimed in Natalie.

“Then it’s the satin sheathe and leather vest look,” declared “Josie”.

“Patti and I can shop for those vest and/or coats at the Leather Loft. My cousin works there and we could get a deep discount, volunteered Karen. “But, where are we going to get really good masks and body suits that will transform all of us into really convincing ‘Elviras’?”

“Do you think that you could make them, Josie?” asked Natalie as they began their exodus from the cafeteria back to their workstations.

“Does Josie know how to make masks?” asked Marsha.

“She is really good at it,” bragged Natalie.

“Then Josie you just have to make Elvira masks for each of us,” proclaimed Judy. “That would be so fabulous. I have always wanted to try on a custom mask.”

“If I do this, Judy, I will need some money for the materials and I will have to make a casting of each of your faces,” declared “Josie”.

“Could we do it as a group thing?” asked Patti.

“I don’t see why not,” stated “Josie”. “But, it will take at least four hours to do all of us right and make the forms for the masks. Then it takes time for the latex to dry and cure. The whole process for each mask will take a week. If we all work on them maybe we could have them done a week or so before the Halloween Community Ball. That way we could try them on and work the bugs out of them.

“That all sounds like more fun than what we are planning once we have the masks made,” declared Marsha as the group left the cafeteria.

“It won’t all be fun and games, Marsha. Making masks like the one you say you want can be a lot of work,” proclaimed “Josie”.

“You can count on my time and labor,” said Veronica. If we do this right, the pricks won’t know what hit them.”

“I’m in on whatever it takes to do this, Josie,” added Natalie.

“That goes for me too,” declared Karen as they entered the building that housed the secretarial pool. “This is going to be a Halloween to remember.”


When they returned to their steno pool workstations after lunch, they found that each station had been posted with a notice that there was to be a division meeting back in the cafeteria at two P.M. The notice went on to say that Mr. Dick Eater had a major announcement to make and that all the employees of the steno pool were required to attend. The rumor mill went into high gear. Some of the stenos believed that this was the rumored dissolution of the pool and redistribution of the staff. Others thought that this announcement was going to divulge where and when the company’s impending move would take place. A third set of rumors played off the theme that all the stenos were being terminated. With all the discussion and projections of possible scenarios, very little other work happened in the hour prior to the meeting.

Once the staff of the division had gathered in the cafeteria, Mr. Dick Eater went to the podium on the stage at the south end of the huge room. “I know that each year we have had a contest where each of you decorate your work stations for Halloween. However, the Management Council has voted to do the contest a little different this year. I am sure that all of you are going to be thrilled by this new effort. In this time of greedy executives and corporate scandals, management believes that this activity will put muscle behind the idea that Omnitec is a company that cares about its community. Instead of having a series of themes and matching prizes, there will be only one, winner takes all prize. The money that is saved by doing this will be added to the prizes for the best costumes at the Exotic Erotic Ball in December. The second difference is the company is going to give each of you fifty dollars in Omnitec Bucks that you can spend at local participating merchants to buy the things that you need for your decorating efforts. This is to increase the scope of the community connection with this fund raising effort. The merchants will turn the Omnitec Bucks that you spend into the Chamber of Commerce and half of the Bucks will be converted by Omnitec into real dollars to reimburse the merchants and the other half will go to the homeless project. The third difference is that instead of decorating your own workstations out of your own pockets, you will pool your Omnitec script budgets and be assigned to decorate an office of one of the company’s executives. The members of the winning team will then compete in a set of Halloween themed games designed by the Management Council for the winner takes all grand prize. A panel of the executive’s wives will judge which is the best-decorated office and the grand prize will be an all expenses paid week in Acapulco. Are there any questions?”

“What do the winning team members get?” asked Marsha.

“The only winner in this contest for this year is the grand prize winner,” responded Mr. Dick Eater. “Your team has to be the one that has the winning decorated office for the members of that team to qualify for a chance at the grand prize.”

“Can we still decorate our own offices and/or workstations,” asked Judy.

“That is a good question, Judy,” answered Dick Eater. “I would like to discourage that, but you can decorate your own areas if you wish. Of course whatever you do won’t qualify for this contest and must be done on your own time and with your own funds.”

“What do the other members of the winning team get?” inquired Karen.

“I thought that I already answered that question twice, Karen, but in the interest of complete clarity, let us just say that the other members of the winning team get to take down and keep all of the decorations,” responded Mr. Dick Eater. “Are there any other questions? Seeing none, please move quickly to form your teams when you get your assignment. Have fun. I look forward to what your creative little minds can do, girls.”

“I hate the way he puts us down like that,” cursed Patti under her breath. “He treats us like brainless boobs. I just have to be on in on the package that puts him in his place. There has to be a Halloween Prank that could make that happen.”

“That is a great idea. I know that with some planning that we could make that happen, Patti,” whispered “Josie”.

“Well, that meeting was short and sweet. I truly enjoy meetings like this,” continued Dick Eater.

“I wonder if we could make Mr. Eater a real dick eater?” whispered Veronica.

“I would pay to see that,” whispered Judy as all the girls in the clique worked at suppressing their giggles and obvious enjoyment at that thought.

“Your assignments should be posted on your computer monitors by the time you get back to your workstations. If you did not get an assignment, it is because we wanted the same number of players on each team. Those without assignments are to act as alternates in case one of the teams loses a member. That’s about it. Please return to you stations,” commanded Mr. Dick Eater.

“Can you believe those pricks? They took away the only activity besides the holiday decorations that I liked to do in the office. They turned it into some weird Halloween game for themselves,” commented Veronica. “They probably have it set up so that they get some Halloween sex as well.”

“Well I for one am going to figure out how to turn this bit around on the usurping pricks. The company funny money to help out the community sounds cool, but I bet that there is some weird catch built into that too,” said Marsha in an angry voice. “I can’t believe that they think that we can’t see through their funky corn ball moves.”

“Most sexist pricks are blind to their own follies, Marsha. That is what makes them such great sexist pricks. I mean think of what just happened. We had to come here to this farce so that they could post our ‘assignments’ in our workstations,” noted Karen as she stood to go back to her station.

“It sounds to me like we are going to lose a chance to that trip to Acapulco by spending our office budget on our costumes,” murmured Natalie to “Josie”.

“At least this meeting isn’t about losing our jobs,” whispered “Josie” in reply. “We may want to rethink how we use this budget, Nat.”

“What do you mean, Josie?” asked Natalie. “I don’t want to be on the winning team that qualifies for some set of games those sexist pricks have designed.”

“We won’t have to, Natalie,” said “Josie” as “she” got up out of “her” seat in the cafeteria. “What I am suggesting is that we turn the office we are assigned into a bondage dungeon and use it for creating some games of our own. If we do it right, we will be able to make a set of compromising videos. We could make an edited tape showing the maximum number of game playing executives and have it playing when the wives come by to judge the office.”

“That is fabulously wicked, Josie. I am glad that you are on my side,” whispered Natalie. “I can’t wait to share that idea with the other girls.”

“Let’s not share that idea with anyone until we find out what offices we are assigned. There is always the possibility that we will be on separate teams.”

“Maybe we can trade spots so that we can all be on the same team,” proposed Natalie.

“Do you think that they will let us do that?” asked “Josie”.

“They didn’t say that we couldn’t,” responded Natalie. “I say that if it isn’t in the rules, and that the rules they do have are a screw job anyway, then there is nothing wrong in making up our own rules.”

“I like the way you think, Natalie,” commented “Josie” while getting up from “her” seat in the cafeteria. As they passed into the hall they got separated from the other members of their group and Mr. Dick Eater caught up with “Josie” and Natalie.

“Who is your lovely friend, Natalie? Is she new?” inquired Dick Eater with a ravenous, lecherous and lascivious leer on his face.

“No she isn’t all that new, Mr. Eater,” responded Natalie.

“I pride myself in knowing the names of all the beautiful women attached to the administrative unit. What is your name, Miss?” probed Mr. Eater with a voice that dripped gallons of desire.

“She is Josie Calaverilla,” announced Natalie.

“Are you part of our Latino component, Josie?”

“No sir, I am not. I am part of the secretarial pool,” responded “Josie”.

“That is interesting. I hope that you have been assigned to decorate my office, Josie,” said Mr. Dick Eater as he intentionally pressed himself against “Josie’s” voluptuous figure before moving off down the crowded hallway without further comment.

“It looks like Jose is not your only admirer, Josie,” commented Natalie.

“What gave him the right to feel me up like that?” said “Josie” softly yet indignantly.

“All the big sexist pricks around her think they can do that, Josie. Haven’t you noticed that before?” asked Natalie like she wondered what bus Josie was riding on.

“I guess I have been keeping my head down, Nat.”

“They know who you are now, Josie and keeping your head down will get you in to a lot of trouble.”

“Thanks for the heads-up on that Natalie, but what they are doing is not only illegal, it is gross and medieval,” commented “Josie”. “They have to be stopped!” proclaimed “Josie” in a soft but intense voice that kind of scared Natalie. This was a side of “Josie” that Natalie had not seen before. The moves that Mr. Eater had made on “Josie” had Jose feeling ashamed that he was a man inside of his “Josie” disguise.

“Be careful, Josie. These guys can be real shmucks and they know how to use their power. I have heard some totally nasty stories about girls that tried to buck their style. A couple women who use to work across the aisle from me disappeared without a trace. Some say that when their affairs with high level company executives ended that the women were sold into the slave trade and are working in some filthy crib in a Middle Eastern country.”

“Do you have that from a reliable source?” probed “Josie” with keen interest.

“I overheard Veronica asking several of the girls in the pool about the disappearance of Wendy and Tania. They were a lovely set of blonde twins that disappeared without a trace right before Veronica started working here,” confided Natalie. “Veronica thinks that this is how Mr. Hardon and above get rid of their sexual entanglements.”
“How come you never told me about those stories before?” asked “Josie”. These were just the kind allegations that Jose had gone undercover to investigate.

“They all happened before you came to work here at Omnitec,” answered Natalie as they approached their respective workstations. “Besides I have worked for bigger sexist pricks than our current set of bosses and the stories, as I know them, are all speculation. Anyway, you know how I don’t like to be an agent of gossip and I think some of this stuff is just that.”

“Do you think that Jose is part of this stuff as well?” probed “Josie”.

“I don’t know, Josie. I guess it is a matter of how well connected he is into the company’s hierarchy. Right now, I am beginning to see all males as suspect,” admitted Natalie. “Well, surprise, surprise. I’m on the team that is supposed to decorate Mr. Hardon’s office.”

“Why are you surprised by that, Natalie?” asked “Josie”. “I did not think that you were going to be a natural pick for any other team.”

“I am not really surprised, Josie. I was joking. Mr. Hardon has let me know in no uncertain way that I’m on his hit list and that my job would be secure with the firm if I helped him with some ‘very private matters and correspondence’. Who did you get, Josie?” probed Natalie.

“I got Mr. Eater’s office,” stated “Josie” after reading the note posted upon her computer screen. Natalie had been right about the reality that “Josie” had somehow caught the attention of the higher-ups. The good news was that instead of having to probe here and there to find out what was going on, what was going on was going on “her”. This also meant that for the next week or two that Jose would be allegedly “out in the field” for longer periods of time. Natalie actually began to look for Jose and asked “Josie” if she had heard what was happening with him.

“All I can say about Jose, Nat, is that he is about the only guy in the management component that isn’t trying to score with me,” said “Josie”.

“It sounds to me like you need a sponsor, Josie.”

“What does that mean, Natalie?”

“If one of the top managers lets it be known that you are part of his stable, the other sparing with the middle managers fades noticeably. It is like the young roosters don’t want to step on the feet of the cocks-of-the-walk, all puns are intended.”

“But then don’t you have to put out for the cock-of-the-walk all of the time?” probed “Josie”.

“That only happens if you become one of his favorites,” stated Natalie. “But, it looks and sounds to me like you already have a sponsor in Mr. Eater.”

“How do you know that?” probed Jose/Josie.

“He sent you that gift of a PVC business suit and spiked heels. Did you try them on?” asked Natalie. “He loves ‘his girls’ to dress in PVC clothing.”

“I did try the outfit on, Natalie, and while I have to admit that it looked great on me, those extreme shoes and the cut of the suit were too uncomfortable for office wear.”

“Well I would adjust to how it feels and wear it soon if I were you, Josie,” advised Natalie.

“This all seems so unnecessary to keep a steno job,” said “Josie”.

“It will send a series of signals that will make your life a lot easier around here. You might even get a transfer to an overseas position like so many others. That’s what happened to Charlotte when she wore the PVC suit that Mr. Eater gave to her. From the notes posted on the bulletin boards around the plant, she has a great job in the Paris office where Dick Eater works when he is in Europe. With all the steno layoffs that have happened in the past few weeks, a girl has to do what a girl has to do,” declared Natalie. “I just wish there was a way they could feel the indignities they subject us to.”

“That would be some fabulous Halloween prank,” responded “Josie”.

To keep “her” cover as a harassed steno in the company clerical pool, “Josie” decided not to wear the PVC suit and promised to use “her” alleged artistic talents to make “her” peers in the pool identical “Elvira” masks. As a trade off, she made a casting of each of the steno’s faces and created a mask of each of them for their personal use. Instead of making a perfectly fitting mask of “Elvira” for each steno, “Josie” ordered a set of light colored “She Devil #2” masks from Nikki Locke. Actually keeping “her” cover, as a sexually harassed steno wasn’t all that difficult, for the longer “she” held “her” own, the greater the harassment became. The exploitation and sexist moves on the part of the company’s executives angered “Josie” and “she” decided that Jose was just going to have to straighten out the injustices being leveled by the sexist pricks against the female secretarial workers. Jose also approached Veronica in his “Josie” disguise and tried to learn what Veronica knew about the company’s executive’s participation in the white slave trade. That probe took an unexpected twist after several discussions where “Josie” all but blew “her” cover. Veronica revealed that she was actually the brother of the missing twins that Natalie had mentioned. He told “Josie” that he thought that the only way he could get to the bottom of his sister’s disappearance was to cross-dress and become part of the secretarial pool that they had disappeared from. He also hoped that “Josie” could figure out a way to get “Veronica” onto the team that was decorating Mr. Eater’s office.

“I’m on Mr. Eater’s decorating team, Veronica or should I be calling you Vernon now?” asked “Josie”.

“Veronica will do just fine. I have vowed to stay in character as “Veronica” until I have found out what happened to my older sisters,” declared Vernon as “Veronica.” “The police just seem to believe everything those lying pricks tell them.”

“Why are you telling me all this now, Veronica?” asked “Josie”.

“There is something about you that is really different from the other girls in the pool. They all act like they are hiding something, but you seem so open an honest. You approach things so logically. You give me renewed confidence in my masquerade. I know that if I told the other girls in our group what I was doing that they would be horrified.”

“They might surprise you with what they can do, Vernon,” suggested Jose/Josie.

“Not the way you can Josie. You aren’t some husband hunting bimbo. You have an inner strength that makes me feel that I can trust you. Besides, I knew that I would have to tell you about my situation before you made a casting of me so that I could become part of the Elvira Steno Club. Do you think you could get me onto the Dick Eater decorating team? I just know that he is the one that is orchestrating the white slavery end of this sexual exploitation ring. None of the other men would be able to move with such freedom without his knowledge.”

“I don’t see why I can’t get you onto the team. Considerate it a done deal Veronica. As luck would have it, I have been made the chair of my group,” stated “Josie”.

“And will you swear to me that you won’t tell a soul who I really am?” pleaded “Veronica”.

“My lips are sealed on this topic, Veronica,” assured Josie. “I promise that your secrets are safe with me.”

“You don’t know how good it feels to finally be able to share my mission with someone,” confided Vernon/Veronica.

“I may call upon you to help me correct these injustices in my own way before this Halloween season is over,” responded “Josie” while wishing that he could confide as easily in Vernon’s ear as Vernon had confided in “Josie”.

“I will do whatever you need, Josie. If we weren’t into all this intrigue I think that I could fall in love with you,” blurted out Veronica/Vernon. “Oh my God, where did that come from?”

From inside his “Josie” disguise, Jose decided to ignore and not pursue Vernon’s last statement. The only way he felt that he could react to Vernon’s proclamation was to reveal who he really was to Vernon and Jose believed that the timing wasn’t right for that at this point in time. Instead “she” decided to increase the pursuit of “her” own plot, by approaching each of the executive’s wives in the role of Jose, the security agent, and informing each of them of the extra curricular activities of the Sexist Pricks that they were married to. When each of the wives were told that they could go to the Halloween Community Ball disguised as the steno that their respective husbands were targeting, each of the wives jumped at the chance. Then he suggested that if they could convince their husbands to cross dress, that it might be fun to make them into the stenos and then the wives could become their husbands. This suggestion went over even better than the first option of becoming stenos. According to Gail Eater, this probably was because many of the executive wives had started out as stenos in the first place and were still treated like empty headed bimbos even though they had the title of “wife”.

When the executive wives asked Jose if he thought he could really make the switch with their respective husbands look real, Jose explained that it would probably take a lot of effort and cooperation of the wife’s part. He also told them that he hadn’t figured out how to get castings of the husband’s faces yet. However he assured them that with the proper masks, costumes, padding and appliances that the cross-gender switches he was proposing were definite possibilities. Without any soliciting on his part, each of the wives gave Jose a large gratuity for his “discretion and clever idea” as well as to assist him in his “research and development”. For an additional “consulting fee” Jose offered to make a casting of each of the executive’s wife’s faces to add to the custom fit of their new identities. He was surprised at how easily they all went for the second option. In the process he now had the capability to turn each executive’s wife into her husband or her husband’s favorite steno and each steno into an executive wife. He swore each wife to secrecy in the context of the prank on her husband and did not tell any of the wives about each other or the plans of the stenos.

As Halloween drew closer and Jose thought through what he wanted to do, he kept thinking that some vital ingredient was still missing in his plans. Somehow, Veronica would be in on whatever went down, but how was all this masking capability going to insure revenge and retribution on the Pricks with a decisive Halloween Prank? He still hadn’t figured out how to get the castings of the “Sexist Prick’s” faces. There had to be a way where each of the targeted stenos could help “Josie” get the castings of the Executive Sexist Pricks in order to make the Halloween pranks work. He knew that Patti, Marsha and Judy would help if “Josie” laid out what plans and preparations “she” had made to this point. Natalie was the wild card, but her latest comment on making the “Sexist Pricks” the victim of their own moves sounded like Natalie was ready to help as well. But, how could they make each executive subject themselves to the prank while thinking that they (the executives) were the ones pulling off the prank instead of being the butt of it? A meeting of the “Elvira Steno Club” was in order to brain storm how to do this. “Josie” would suggest that they have a party to try on their costumes as a group.


“Do you really think that we could transform the executive pricks into stenos, Josie?” asked Natalie as she started to pull on her Elvira mask.

“Give me a second to make a couple of adjustments and then look at yourself in the mirror and ask me that question again,” proclaimed “Josie”.

“This is just incredible. I am Elvira, Mistress of the Night,” squealed Natalie as she looked at her transformed image in the mirror and began to impersonate the moves of the person that the Elvira mask made her. “I guess seeing is believing, Josie. Okay, so you think you can pull this off. But I still don’t believe the reality that I am seeing in the mirror, even though I know that I am inside of this costume and making the moves. The fit is so perfect that I can hardly feel the addition to my own image. Do the other girls look this good in their Elvira costumes?”

“I am sure that they will, Natalie. As a group, we are going to cause a lot of confusion at the company’s Halloween Community Ball.” “Josie” had decided to run the whole plan by Natalie before the other stenos in what they were now calling the “Elvira Steno Club” arrived to try on their costumes.

“You have spent the Omnitec funny money that the company gave us very wisely, Josie,” commented Elvira/Natalie in her new “Elvira” voice.

“I am not much of a shopper. Patti and Judy were a big help, Nat. They did most of the up front work and Karen and Veronica are whizzes with their sewing machines. I just coordinated the whole thing and made the masks. In fact, at first I wasn’t going to make a custom fitted Elvira mask for each member of the Elvira Steno group for the Halloween Community Ball. I was going to save that effort for the Exotic Erotic Ball in December. I even ordered a set of the red She-Devil masks from Nikki Locke for the Halloween activity. But the girls seemed to have their hearts set on doing the Elvira Mistress of the Night bit for the Community Halloween Ball, so I guess we will use the She-Devil masks for the Exotic Erotic Ball.”

“That sounds like a great plan to me, Josie,” commented Natalie. “I have to admit that I love the way I look in this Elvira Mistress of the Night mask and costume.”

“I think that it was a great idea to pool all of our Omnitec funny money. We were able to make it go a lot further that way, stated “Josie.” “Mr. Hardon’s office is about to become the wild and thrilling sadomasochistic dungeon that we planned. I wonder if what our team has created will win against the decorations in the other offices.”

“I think that you are being too modest about your part in this whole scheme as usual, Jo,” commented Natalie through her “Elvira” mask. “The entire design for the dungeon is really yours, not to mention the time you have put in helping us to create and locate the various devices. This whole coordinated effort wouldn’t have happened without you. The girls on Mr. Eater’s team were telling me how working with you makes them feel like a field general is in command of the operation. I never even questioned those comments, because I feel that way about you when we have a big project at work.”

“That is so weird, Natalie. I don’t know where you all get that impression. Hardon’s office already had all that athletic equipment that was easy to convert and after all, at most, all I did was to redirect the majority of the company’s funny money to the Hardon project.”

“You have got to know that you are supervisor material, Josie,” suggested Natalie through her Elvira disguise.

“I don’t know any such thing.” Having a career supervising a steno pool was truly the last thing on Jose’s list of priorities.

“Well then, let me be the first to enlighten you on this subject, Miss Calaverilla,” said the latex Elvira. Jose was truly turned on by Natalie’s moves as Elvira. The disguise had most certainly liberated the whorish streak in this sweet young thing. “Do you think that it was an accident that your decorating committee made you the chair of their group? We all know what you can do and wonder why you aren’t going for some of the promotional positions that are open. Of course, your tall regal stature and fabulous figure also play a strong part in your package.”

“I like things just the way they are, Natalie. I don’t want to supervise anything. I have my friends and I want to keep them. I just wish there were a way to make the job less hostile when it came to sexual harassment by the company executives. Anyway, how does the mask and costume feel now that they have warmed to your body temperature?” asked “Josie”.

“I feel so incredibly sexy in this get-up. It allows me to release my fantasies and frees me from my inhibited self,” proclaimed Natalie from inside of her “Elvira” disguise. “I can’t believe how free I feel to move and play like the whores I have always despised. Nobody would ever be able to guess who I am and the mask is so fluid upon my face that it doesn’t appear to be a mask. I would love to vamp that prick, Mr. Hardon in this outfit. I could make him into quivering putty in my hands.”

“Do you really think that you could, Natalie?” probed “Josie”.

“That is a done deal, Josie. Why do you ask?” inquired the sexy Elvira impersonator.

“Because I need a way to make that happen if we try to pull off the prank that I have in mind,” declared “Josie” while continuing to make minor adjustments in Natalie’s “Elvira” look.

“Okay, Josie. I guess that is my cue to ask you to spill what you want me to hear.”

“Is it that obvious?” asked Jose in his role as “Josie”.

“Of course it is Jo. Why else would you have us all meet here together?” asked “Elvira”.

“Okay, Elvira let me try this out on you before the others get here. This is what I have so far,” started out “Josie” while continuing to admire the stunning effect of her latex creation. “The idea was born at that meeting where Mr. Eater told us about this years Halloween decorating contest. After the meeting Patti said something to the effect that there had to be some Halloween prank that could get revenge on the Sexist Executive Pricks. I responded with the idea of turning one of the offices into a dungeon. Then you said something about ‘private matters’ with Mr. Hardon and that ‘a girl had to do what a girl had to do’. A memo crossed my desk that made me think that the wives of the executives were out to get their wayward husbands as well. I heard that they were planning cross-dressing costumes for their husbands at the Halloween Community Ball. Then Patti suggested that we all try and get castings of the Sexist Pricks. In my mind, this fit in with the cross-dressing idea, but instead of turning the Sexist Pricks into their wives, we would make the executives be us and let their wives become the executives. Then in this cross-dressed mode, the executive’s wives will treat their feminized husbands like their Sexist Prick husbands currently treat us.”

“I like the sound of that plan. It seems to be the perfect employee fantasy, but we could get into a lot of trouble and how do you know that the wives of the company executives would go along with it?” asked Natalie.

“Trust me, Natalie, I have done my homework. Let’s just say that I have it from a very reliable source that they just would, Miss Elvira,” stated Jose through his “Josie” disguise.

“Why do I get the eerie and uneasy feeling that you haven’t told me everything, Josie?” asked the perceptive and sexy “Elvira”. “There is something spooky going on that is adding to the meaning of this Halloween prank and you are not letting me in on the secret.”

“You already know the secret, Elvira. You just haven’t put everything together yet,” declared “Josie”. With that comment, the other girls in the “Elvira Steno Club” began to arrive at “Josie’s” apartment. They all ooed and awed at how fabulous Natalie looked in her “Elvira Mistress of the Night” mask and costume. None of them even guessed that it was Natalie that was vamping around the apartment when they arrived. In turn, they each tried on their custom fitted masks and costumes until a room full of “Elviras” surrounded “Josie”.

Each of the marvelously masked “Elviras” took a couple of turns at probing holes in “Josie’s” plan. The basic outline of “Josie’s” plan had an “Elvira” seducing and drugging one of the Sexist Executive Pricks to get a casting of his face. They made suggestions like having the option to do it in their own personas or as “Elvira Mistress of the Night”. Some wanted to do it in Hardon’s “sadomasochistic dungeon office” to heighten the adventure and risk, while other members of the “Elvira Steno Club” wanted to do it during a “get away date” with their Sexist Prick. The discussion among the classy and sexy group of identically masked “Elviras” then turned to the question of which of their membership would take on the various executives. It was decided that the “favorite of the month” should not do the deed. They all felt that moves like that would be too obvious and put each of the participating “Elviras” at risk. After all, by this point in time, they were almost sure that each of the men they were trying to compromise was linked to the recruitment, sale and transport of their peers into slavery. Thus, Patti was assigned to get the casting of John Hardon, Natalie to Jack Doff, Karen to Hans Grabber, Judy to Frank Krappen, and Marsha to Felix Wad. They also made sure that the “favorites” of each of the targeted executives would have ironclad alibis for the time when each casting took place.

“Josie” was appointed by the “Elvira Steno Group” to do the cast of Mr. Eater’s face. Without telling any of the other girls that were in on the prank, including Veronica, Jose decided to enlist the aid of Mrs. Gail Eater in his plans for her husband. He had already placed the seed of having Mrs. Eater dress and mask as “Josie” in her off beat seduction and entrapment of her lecherous, amoral and unethical husband. “This is going to be the perfect Halloween for me,” said Gail Eater as she examined the mask, body suit and PVC costume that would transform her into “Josie”.

“Why is that?” probed Jose.

“Last year I found a folder in our bedroom wall safe that convinced me that Dick was actively recruiting and addicting young women for lives of forced prostitution. I don’t think it started out that way, but he got involved with one of his stenos that threatened to compromise him and he got her hooked on drugs and sold her into slavery with some crime group that does protection for one of the company’s South American assembly plants. She thought that she was going on a vacation with him to South America and the crime group made it look like a random kidnapping. I guess that the event turned out to be so lucrative that he decided to start a side business that involved most of his partners.”

“If you knew all this, why didn’t you go to the local authorities?” inquired Jose. “I’m sure that the FBI would be interested as well.”

“Half of the local authorities are on the company payroll. They may also have connections with the Federal law enforcement agencies. I found copies of checks to a variety of officials in the folder as well. I didn’t know whom I could trust, Jose. Besides I was afraid that somehow he planned to hook me into his scheme. Both John Hardon’s previous wife and Dick’s first wife of fifteen years disappeared on a trip to the Holy Land and I figured that I might be next. When I confronted him and told him that I knew what he was doing during a squabble over where to send my stepchildren for school, he said that one-day I might be altered and sent into the company’s foreign placement program. I didn’t even want to think about what he meant by altered. The only thing that saved me from that fate was that I already had placed some incriminating evidence beyond his reach.”

“Can you still get to that evidence?” asked Jose Calavera.

“Of course I can. But it was set up to surface only if something happened to me like happened to Sheila Doff,” declared Gail Eater.

“I have seen her,” said Jose. “What do you suspect is going on with her?”

“Jack Doff’s wife has gone under the knife repeatedly in the last two years. I almost didn’t recognize Sheila at the last company function. Mable, Felix Wad’s wife told me that it wasn’t Sheila, but a young girl that had been made to look like a younger version of Sheila. If that is true, then where has Sheila Doff gone?”

“I will have to check into that, Gail,” stated Jose. “Is there more?”

“I could go on for hours listing little events and degradation’s, but the scariest happened one evening when I became very drunk. I know that someone had to have drugged me because normally, I hold my liquor very well and I hadn’t completed my first glass of wine when I felt the room start to spin. When I awoke from my drunken stupor, I was in a bed in the middle of an orgy with two young blonde women. I think that they were twins. Dick has a copy of the tape that he made of that activity. I think that he meant to use it as something to neutralize the evidence I had put beyond his reach because he told me that if I didn’t do everything he told me to do, that he would send copies of that tape to the TV show called Celebrity Follies. I just couldn’t let that happen.”

“Have you ever seen those twin girls again?” asked Jose.

“No I haven’t, Jose,” said Gail Eater.

“I believe that they are a pair of twins that have disappeared from the steno pool.”

“That makes sense. I have a vague memory of Jack talking with John Hardon about the sale of twins to some crime boss in Japan,” confessed Gail Eater. “But, I don’t know if they are the same twins that you are talking about. I have so wanted to tell this to some one as well as make some plans to get out of this mess, but I am so scared and he has that tape of me in that sex orgy with the twins.”

“I have it on good authority that your husband is hot for this ‘Josie’ that I am transforming you into, Gail. Maybe with this disguise we can start turning the table on him.”

“That be would so fabulous,” commented Gail Eater as she continued putting on the various elements that were transforming her into “Josie”. “I am tired of living on pins and needles and waiting for the next shoe to drop. My maiden name is Gomez. Educated Latina women are known for chopping the balls off of Sexist Pricks like Dick Eater. I so want to do that to my Dickie boy for the fear he has made me endure these past few years.”

“Then as ‘Josie’, I want you to seduce your husband while some other operative starts the processes to bring his activities to an abrupt and destructive halt,” declared Jose while helping Gail Eater put the finishing touches and adjustment to her transformation. “Do you think that you can do that?”

“Just watch me, Mr. Calavera,” said the new sexy image of “Josie”. “Dick Eater won’t even have a clue as to what hit him. I have been preparing and waiting for an opportunity for months. I don’t want to be another Prissy Hardon or Sheila Doff.”

Mrs. Eater made a far more whorish, sex starved “Josie” than Jose ever could. She really enjoyed being out from under the threats that she had felt in her own persona. She told Jose that she felt “incredibly comfortable and safe” in her new image. By relieving Jose of his role of “Josie” Gail helped him to put all the other elements of the Halloween Prank into place. For the first time, Jose and “Josie” could be seen having a conversation in the company cafeteria. Natalie watched this with interest and worried about it until “Josie” (Gail Eater) assured her that Jose was just a friend and didn’t seem to have any designs on her.

Gail wasn’t kidding about throwing herself into the Halloween scheme. She pulled out all of the stops. Jose felt that if she turned on Mr. Eater as much as she turned him on in her “Josie” disguise, the completion of the Halloween Prank was just a matter of well planned execution. Mrs. Eater knew every trick in the book that put her husband off his guard and into Sexist Prick paradise. Knowing his fetish for rubber and plastic clothing, she went on a buying spree and started wearing it to work as often as possible. She also started wearing spiked high heels and over the knee platform boots. Since she was already five nine, this made the new “Josie” a towering six-foot two. This made her appear to be taller than Jose in his own persona and taller than he had been in his “Josie” impersonation. Josie/Gail’s new height wasn’t a problem for Dick Eater in that he was over six-foot four in his stocking feet. In fact all of the Executive Sexist Pricks were tall men. One of the company jokes was that if they had not been so successful in the field of electronics, they could always have become a basketball team.

The other women in the steno pool just saw the wardrobe switch as something that Mr. Eater was forcing “Josie” to do. Gail had him so hot that Dick Eater swore that he would leave his wife for “Josie” at the drop of a hat and without a second thought. Mrs. Eater taught Jose a new level of respect for the cunning and composure that a woman had when she was on the prod and prowl. Mr. Eater’s wife turned the heat being generated by her office antics and the cast making process into pure sexual torment and torture. She had Dick Eater unconscious or oblivious for an entire weekend while she had Jose transferring Mr. Eater’s liquid and invested assets into private off shore accounts that Gail Eater had created for this purpose. She decided to make a casting of his entire body for her switch on him as her part of the “Halloween” prank. Gail’s devilish strategies, devotion to detail and devious cunning created a plan design where it would be several weeks into December before Mr. Eater would find out through internal audits that his fleecing of his company had been redirected in an undetectable manner by person or persons unknown. In fact further investigation would make it look like Dick Eater had done it to himself and his other partners. All the while, Jose Calavera never revealed to Gail or any of the other women in the “Elvira Steno Club” that he was also “Josie Calaverilla”.

“I have the casting of Dick Eater, Veronica. How would you like to play him in an alleged security video were he confesses to the selling of his office staff into the illicit slave trade?” asked Josie/Jose.

“Do you think that will work?” probed Vernon from within his “Veronica” disguise.

“It may be the only way to get this guy to make a ‘confession’. He may be the biggest sexist prick of all time, but dumb is not part of that package.”

“I know that, but do you really think that I could pull off an impersonation of Dick Eater?” inquired Veronica/ Vernon.

“You have been impersonating a woman for several months Veronica. Know one guessed that you were doing that. I always thought of you as a tall, sophisticated and stately female. I don’t see you as a man at the moment and I know that you are. But, since you are really a man, becoming Dick Eater should be much simpler in my estimation,” declared “Josie”.

“If the truth were known, Josie, I have enjoyed being Veronica so much, that I may not go back to being Vernon. I like being the pursed instead of the pursuer. I have learned more about my likes and dislikes as Veronica than I ever did as Vernon, but I think I will give a try at being Dick Eater. I want to bring him down so bad.”

“That process is already well under way, Veronica. I wish I could tell you everything that is about to happen, but it is probably better that you don’t know for now.”

“I agree, Josie. I can’t tell anyone what I don’t know,” said “Veronica” as “she” started “her” transformation into Vernon on route to becoming Dick Eater. The transformation process never stopped fascinating Jose. No matter how many times he saw it, he was thrilled by it to the very core of his being. Since Vernon had become such an accomplished masker, these transforming activities were extra special. In Jose’s expert opinion, probably the only person that had done it with more flare and erotic style was Gail Gomez Eater.

The office-decorating contest had turned into a real fiasco, but the Halloween theme definitely played out in the administrative division. The stenos held there own contest and pooled some funds to award their own creative efforts at spicing up their workstations on their own time. Somehow, the company’s “community funny money” found its way to converting John Hardon’s huge office suite into a dungeon loaded with bondage and discipline fetish gear. It was a good thing that he was away in the Philippines for the three weeks right before Halloween. Mr. Eater’s office looked like a Fairyland Ginger Bread House that featured a huge hideaway bed. Jack Doff’s digs appeared to have been hit by the Great Pumpkin two days after it started to rot from a mildew infestation. Orange and gray chunks of foam and webbing were everywhere. Mr. Grabber’s work site seemed to have been attacked by a swarm of web spinning tarantulas. Animated skulls, pumpkins, witches, goblins and ghosts squeaked, moaned and squealed around Mr. Krappen’s office, while Mr. Wad’s space had become a festival of blinking orange lights full of creeping and crawling objects. The Omnitec electricians had been very busy stringing extra circuits to power all of the lights and animated devices. In any normal operation, all of this hanky-panky would have disrupted operations, but at the administrative division of Omnitec, all seemed like business as usual. All of the bosses seemed occupied by extra curricular sexual activities and unaware of the changes being created in their offices. They weren’t even able to plan the games promised to entertain the winning team, which turned out to be the team that created the John Hardon Sadomasochistic Dungeon. With the exception of “Veronica” and “Josie” all the members of the John Hardon decoration team were also charter members of the “Elvira Steno Club.”

Somebody or group of some bodies, probably the Executive Wives, convinced the Omnitec Board of Directors that the Halloween Community Ball should be held in the Omnitec Multipurpose room. The facility was not only used as the cafeteria and exercise room, but it also doubled as a conference and teaching facility. The Board of Directors suggested that the money saved by using the company facility should be put into the decorations and the prize money. Any proceeds from the sale of admission tickets were to benefit community charities working with homeless children. To increase the community connection, all the catering and decorating was to be done by local companies and firms. Jose figured that the company was really doing The Halloween Community Ball in this manner to increase the event’s value as a tax shelter for Omnitec and to raise its economic clout with the business community over local government’s decisions.

The local companies and businesses that participated in putting on the ball for Omnitec went for the whole nine yards. The facility was closed as a cafeteria for four days in preparation for the Halloween Community Ball. When Jose saw the results, he decided that the inconvenience of losing their lunchroom for a few days had been well worth it. A five-year-old child could have told you that the Omnitec Multipurpose room was a Halloween Ballroom before a single reveler appeared in costume. The lighting, entrances, decorations, and food all looked like they came from the set of some Halloween musical sound stage. The décor went from early harvest festival to late cemetery and crossed urban dungeon motifs with backwoods fright. The characterizations in the décor followed that theme by going from fetish scarecrows to outlandish ghouls. It appeared that if the local community had their say that the Halloween Community Ball wasn’t going to the farce that the office-decorating contest had become. The community’s effort showed what could be done with good will and a big budget. Word about the cross-dressing theme on the part of the Omnitec executives had been leaked purposefully to the entire staff and everyone picked up on the theme. With the notable exception of the “Elvira Society”, gender bending became the order of the night. By nine o’clock on Halloween, the Ball was in full swing and the pranks were about to begin. Finally it was time for all the Elviras and Josie Calaverilla to come out and play with no questions asked.

“I see that you were able to dump or ditch the old ball and chain for the evening, Mr. Eater,” commented Jose/Elvira.

“What makes you say that, Elvira?” said the lecherous Dick Eater as he drank in the beauty of the costumed creature next to him.

“I could swear that I saw you here at the Halloween Community Ball with your favorite, PVC-clad steno,” responded Jose through his “Elvira” mask.

“That is exactly what you saw, whoever you are. That is one great costume,” observed Dick Eater.

“So where is the Mrs.?”

“Unless you are the morality police, I don’t think that is any of your business, even if you are one of the sexiest things here tonight,” snapped Mr. Eater.

“My we are even more sensitive than I was led to believe, Zorro. I see that you decided to keep your costume simple,” noted Jose/Elvira. “The Zorro mask, hat and cape do the job very nicely, but rumor had it that you were going to cross-dress like the other bosses.”

“You are remarkably well informed, Elvira. The other executives are doing that tonight, but I wanted Josie to be pretty for me and not some poor imitation of me like my wife had planned,” responded Dick Eater with a devilish smile. Jose recalled Natalie’s comment about the devious intelligence of Dick Eater. Had he figured out what was going on or was he just being his standard prick like self?

“If you need anything, just ask one of the Elviras, Mr. Eater. We are the internal undercover security force for the Ball.”

“That is good to know,” stated Zorro Eater. “I was wondering why there were so many Elviras wandering around the ballroom with each other or totally unattached.”

“It is just part of the planning to make sure that this a safe and sane event, Sir.”

“I see that my girl has gotten our drinks. Things look great, this may even be the social event of the year, But I wasn’t aware that plant security had so many females on staff,” said Dick Eater.

“They don’t,” said Jose/Elvira truthfully.

“Then did they hire some female temps for the evening?” inquired Dick Eater.

“No, all the Elviras are regular staff. Executives aren’t the only people who know how to cross-dress,” said Jose/Elvira as he moved off and left the homophobic Dick Eater wondering if he had lusted after a man or a woman.

From inside of his disguise, Jose Calavera assumed that the person that Mr. Eater assumed was Josie was in fact Gail Gomez Eater in disguise. This proved to Jose that the best disguise was one that didn’t look like one. “Josie’s” costume probably would not win any of the evening’s prizes, but then that was not what Gail Eater was trying to accomplish at the Community Halloween Ball. Maybe that would be something that she could accomplish for the Exotic Erotic Ball that was still over a month away. A group of exotic/erotic PVC-clad She-Devils would be perfect for something like that.

Claiming that the “Elviras” were part of the security force for the ball was an off the cuff remark for Jose, but he immediately saw the advantages to the idea. It not only gave the “Elviras” freedom of movement; it also supplied gender misdirection to the bosses. He moved quickly around the huge room spreading the concept to the other “Elviras”. The consensus among the group was something like, “Why didn’t we think of this idea before”. Jose’s next move was to get “Josie” alone so that he could touch bases with Gail Eater. Her appearing at the ball as “Josie” had not been in the plans. He had heard from several of the “Elviras” that had talked with “Josie” that she was looking for Jose Calavera. They had also asked her why she had come to the Halloween Community Ball as a PVC-clad, whorish looking steno. From the information that Jose/Elvira was able to gather form the other “Elviras”, “Josie” had said that she did it to get Mr. Eater to the ball with the promise of a visit to the Hardon Dungeon. When Jose noticed Mr. Eater heading off to the bar for some alcoholic reinforcement, Jose/Elvira walked over to “Josie’s” table.

“Good evening, Miss Calaverilla. I love your big hair and black PVC suit, but weren’t you going to dress as Mr. Eater or an Elvira?” asked Jose/Elvira.

“You are the sixth Elvira to ask me about being an Elvira, but you are the first one to ask me about my being in a Dick Eater disguise,” responded Gail/Josie as Jose/Elvira sat down next to her. “Is there something else you want to ask or tell me?”

“You are a better looking Josie than the real Josie, Gail Gomez. What did you do with her?”

“You must either be the real Josie in her Elvira disguise or you are my man, Jose. Either way you look seductively wonderful in you Elvira disguise. When do the games for the Sexist Pricks really begin?” asked Gail/Josie.

“Put this in Mr. Eater’s drink. Get your gear to the Hardon Dungeon and the Elviras will make sure that Dick Eater gets there as well.”

“Can we do that the other way around?” asked Gail/Josie. “I so want to lead Dickie Boy to his castration. I want to see the royal balls fall off.”

“Sure, Josie. Your desire is our command,” responded Jose/Elvira. “By the way, where is the real, Gail Eater supposed to be?” probed Jose/Elvira.

“Officially, she is at her sister’s playing baby sitter. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. Will this drug you gave me to put in Dickie boy’s drink work with the hormones and addictive “vitamins” I have been feeding him these past two weeks?”

“It will probably intensify the craving for the drugs and activate the hormones,” confirmed Jose/Elvira.

“Good, I was hoping that it would have that type of effect,” said Gail/Josie.

By 10:30 P.M., the drugged executive pricks and their cross-dressed wives were taking turns in the Hardon Dungeon. The wives sported huge dildoes when they acted out their roles in the dungeon. The drill was that the cross-dressed husbands were supposed to be the winning office decorating team. The cross-dressed wives took turns raping each of the winning team members repeatedly in the ass to see which one was the grand prizewinner and the most perfect asshole. Constant and repeated corn holing was the order of the day because the cross-dressed Sexist Pricks were all so good at being perfect assholes.

Once the pricks had totally sore, reamed and torn asses, the cross-dressed wives with the assistance of the “Elviras” put the extended prank into play. First they gagged the Sexist Pricks and encased their dicks in devices that made them appear to be vaginas. The gags had tubes in them so the drugs and food supplements could be forced down their throats. They were also hobbled before their respective latex “She-Devil” masks and full latex body suits were glued onto the drugged Executives of Omnitec with Perma Bond glue. These epoxy glues not only insured that the prank on the pricks would last for at least two weeks, it also burned like crazy. The new “Latex Stenos” were then forced to participate in the production of videos where the cross-dressed wives made it seem that their husbands were confessing their part in the slavery ring. The Hardon fetish dungeon made the perfect setting for the video productions as each “Latex Steno” was told that “she” was about to enter a life of addiction and prostitution in the service of some sexually perverted slaver master. The alleged announcement/confession detailed how they had set-up the recruitment and abduction scheme that now involved several hundred female employees who were allegedly working at various overseas facilities of Omnitec.

After the “Latex Stenos” had “completed” their parts in the videoed confessions, they were chained into the workstations of the stenos that they had tried to seduce. The effect of booth after booth of the steno pool being occupied with “She-Devil” masked secretaries made for a startling site. Then some of the “Elviras” became the executive wives and went back to the ball with the cross-dressed wives prior to the costume contest to establish an alibi. Jose stayed an “Elvira” and Veronica as “Dick Eater” escorted Gail as “Josie” back into the Halloween Community Ball. As the costume judges, the new “wives” saw to it the “Elviras” won the group grand prize of a get away weekend in Las Vegas during New Years at the Bellagio Hotel and Resort. Jose/Elvira accepted the prize for the “Elvira Steno Club”. The same club also won the grand prize for the Exotic Erotic Ball. No one could begin to compete with the incredible group of fabulous red PVC clad She-Devils.

For All Saint’s Day (starting with the next morning and continuing through the Dias de Los Muertos) the gagged, and hobbled, latex encased Sexist Pricks supplied the administrative division staff with a lot of post Halloween mirth and joy. The real images of the Sexist Pricks weren’t missed as each of their wives decided to assume the roles of the Sexist Pricks while the investigations began. The wives didn’t want any paper shredding or computer crashes until the investigating agencies had impounded all of the incriminating evidence. However, the cases against Omnitec’s company executives ground to halt when the executives themselves mysteriously disappeared like so many of their female staff had, only this time the disappearances to place right after the Exotic Erotic Ball. Law enforcement searched in vain for the missing executives, but nothing ever turned up. Fortunately, their former wives seemed to be more than competent in keeping the company on an even keel after the head quarters was moved to Seattle.

Seeing that his job was done, Jose filled out all of the required reports for his security firm and asked to be moved onto his next case. He figured that the former executives of Omnitec were now functioning as slaves to the places they had sold so many women to, or had been killed by the owners of those places to protect the identity of those who had purchased slaves from them. Jose decided not to put this conjecture into his reports. Maybe his partners could take on that challenge if they wanted to. Jose’s partners said that they understood that an obscenely large gratuity had been placed in Jose Calaveras’ name in a secret Caiman Island account. They suggested that Jose take “Josie Calaverilla” on a long vacation. Jose thought that maybe a vacation like that would be fun if the former Gail Gomez Eater would join him and “Josie Calaverilla”.