Halloween Revenge


By Rita Chante and Nancy L. Boots

Author’s note: The attached copyrighted short story is a collaborative effort between the authors listed. It has evolved over the past eighteen months and one version of this story was posted on the old Maskfiction site. Some parts of this story get pretty dark and they are not meant to be read by the faint of heart or those who love romance novels. While this is not the main thrust of this story, it is important to note that even when a couple masks together, their agenda for doing it maybe conflicting if not opposing in purpose. The female mask featured in this Halloween tale is the “Lisa” by Kerry.

Most people claim to enjoy parties. What is there about parties that wouldn’t provoke a positive feeling? Other people really thrive on Halloween celebrations. Normally I live for Halloween and a Halloween party is the pinnacle experience of each year for me. I start looking and planning for those parties in my mind in July. For me, if Halloween came twice a month I would be in a female masker’s paradise. But if it happened once or twice a week, my world would be complete. That is why when things go bad for me on Halloween, it is a super emotional and physical crisis. It is also why this Halloween story is, for me, an incredibly sad if not sadistic tale. If you are looking for masked comedy, please read no further.

I wish that I could say that the events that I am about to reveal here were an exaggeration or some tawdry figment of my over stimulated imagination. If you don’t believe the contents of this piece, then all I can say to you is that you have lived a very sheltered life and that you should have been part of my story. I guess that for some realities you just have to be there for their validity and veracity to break through. But, if I implied that that this story was mere fiction, and you somehow met up with my former wife, you would have to call me a liar. And, therein lies our first little problem. Whatever else I may have been and done, I am not a liar. I may have tried to keep a few things a secret. I may have a wild philandering eye. I may even try to cover up and deny my fetish needs, but when approached directly I can’t lie. To be totally honest here, I would lie about these things if I could; but it would not be worth the trouble, because I am just lousy at telling lies. Therefore, in that context every word in the following tale is the truth as I think I remember it. Only the participant’s names have been changed to protect the guilty parties. With that being said and hopefully understood, as I try to put these events into words, I am sure that some of the material will come out as a blatant understatement of the true facts. But, there are limits to what language can do when relating a masked Halloween tale like the one on these pages.

Over the last few years I have enjoyed going to the New York Greenwich Village Halloween Parade, but this wasn’t always the case. Halloween is the only time of the year that you can mask without people thinking that you are weird and perverted. In addition to the parade, I tried to line up as many parties and Halloween contests as I could. I even managed to sneak out of the house when I thought my wife didn’t notice so I could dress up and have a good time. Oh yes, I really got good at the make up, and I even had acquired a few costumes and masks, so I could masquerade as a female. I went out to a few nightclubs after the parade in my new female persona. Then when I had my fun, I would try to quietly sneak back into my house before the sun came up. I stupidly assumed that along with my other extra marital activities at the office, I was keeping my female masking life a secret from my domineering wife. I realize now that Rhonda was much better at keeping secrets than I was, for she had been keeping tabs on me and knew exactly what was happening. Thus, that year’s Halloween was quite different, as Rhonda had different plans for us.

That chapter of my troubles began when I agreed to my wife’s idea of going to the Johnson’s Sunday Night Halloween costume party. Mr. Johnson was a VP in the firm that employed me at that time in my life. I had inside information from Mr. Johnson’s private secretary that I was up for a promotion. Marsha was a real sweet kid. This cute little number was helping me out both professionally and personally in and out of the office if you get my drift. She was built like a playboy centerfold and she saw me a rising star in the company and made sure that I had plenty of opportunities to do some rising between her legs. Knowing my weakness for leather, Marsha wore it to the office all of the time. I even slipped her some of the leather gear that my wife and she had refused to wear for me. I figured that going to the Johnson’s Halloween party and making the right impression would be good for my career and that I might even be able to have Marsha as a side dish once I Rhonda got well oiled.

Even though I wasn’t exactly thrilled by most of my wife’s party ideas, her suggestion of going to the Johnson’s had really got my attention. I had been to parties at the Johnson’s house by myself twice before. As the vice president in charge of employee relations and benefits, he was always having parties at his house. It was considered as a real plus to be invited to the Johnson house for a party. I think I even worked at my place of employment because of the Johnson’s parties. They were wild masking affairs were the company workers did a lot of physical bonding if you get my drift for a second time. This type of suggestion was a first for Rhonda and that should have been another warning bell saying that something was amiss. Normally, she had resisted masking and my flirtatious costuming activities and avoided going to the Johnson’s like the plague. She usually described my cross-dressing and masking as time wasting items among what she called my “ever growing list of perverted appetites.”

In my own way I really loved Rhonda. In fact as you will see, in some ways, I still do. Her domineering style and unbridled ambition had brought a real measure of stability into my disorderly life. Before Rhonda, I was one of those nerdy engineering whiz kids that played at doing work. When I first met her she had been a model, not one of the super models, but the kind that got steady work for the fashion catalogues. The first time I saw her, she was modeling a leather business suit at one of those fund-raiser luncheons that all young, civic-minded executives are required to attend. She had become devoted to her career in fashion design. She was good at it too and her salary definitely contributed to our economic success as a couple. We managed our funds well and had accumulated all the toys that a successful childless couple gathers to prove their worth. Rhonda was a good woman, pleasing to the eye and pretty good in the sack once she got into the mood. The problem of course, was getting her into the mood. Her domineering style made that reality a pretty steep wall to climb most of the time and the older she got the higher the wall became. At times Rhonda felt like a dull mill stone around my neck, but I had so wanted to do a wild Halloween party with her.

Of course, at first I didn’t let onto Rhonda that I wanted to go and had been trying to figure out how to sneak over to the party without Rhonda’s knowledge. In the past, when I had done that, she applied the brakes like gangbusters. So I let Rhonda work on me until she made an offer that I couldn’t refuse. She was good at that when she wanted to be. First she tried deprivation and then she started with little gifts and moments of affection. She even did some lightweight masking and stripping for me. I could see that she was really serious. I did everything I could think of to make her think that she was forcing me to go to the Johnson’s Halloween party. I actually held out for about three weeks. She said it would be a wonderful time and that she had researched some costumes for us with full head masks. I couldn’t believe that Rhonda was offering to wear a full head mask. Did I listen to that nagging voice that said, “Watch out, Buster?” Of course not! I wanted to believe that she was planning to mask for me because she loved me. Rhonda also assured me that a lot my co-workers and our friends would be there, and we would have lots of fun.

I should have gotten the direction of the wind when she mentioned that even Marsha had called and told my wife that she was going, but I missed that too. Normally that would have been a reason for Rhonda to keep me away from the party. I guess the lightweight masking prior to the event, should also have been a tip-off, but I was having such a good time that I missed that as well. Her insistence that we attend the Johnson’s party gave me renewed hope for our relationship. It was like a fantasy come true. That is probably why I missed all of the warning signs. I actually became excited by the thought because we were going to share a part of my life that was as she had said, “an ever growing” one. To be totally honest here, if she had offered to do things like this at an earlier point in our marriage, maybe I wouldn’t have wanted to fuck everything that wore a leather skirt, and they didn’t have to be mini-leather skirts either. I liked them all; slim, long, full, short, high back slit, side slit, with pockets, without pockets, metallic, black, red, blue, smooth, and suede.

In the weeks before that fateful and life changing Halloween, I kept quizzing Rhonda about what we were wearing to the party, but she refused to give me so much as a tiny hint. I had told her that anticipation would increase with knowledge, but she wasn’t having any of that. I also knew from previous experiences that if you waited to the last minute to get your costume, all that was left would be clowns, pigs and presidents. I must admit that Rhonda kept me in line and rewarded my acquiescence with what she call “a little light masking and quickie sex”.

The morning before the Johnson’s party, Rhonda told me to be sure and come home early. Normally I didn’t work on Saturday, but since Halloween was on Sunday and the Johnson’s party was normally an all niter, I was planning to take Monday morning off. Since I was going after that promotion, I didn’t want to get behind on my assignments. So Saturday morning saw me in my workstation. However, I did what Rhonda asked and that Saturday afternoon, we picked up our costumes and began to dress at our house. According to Rhonda’s cover plan, we would surprise everyone by keeping them guessing as to who we really were. She told me that I was never to reveal my identity to anyone at the party. I thought that Rhonda had decided to get me a blue/red Spiderman costume. It was a zippered, red and blue, form fitting, spandex cat suit that tucked into red leather boots with a cloth hood that pulled completely over my head to cover everything. The suit also had a red leather cape and matching red leather gloves. Rhonda was extremely aware of my passion for leather along with the fact that “Spidie” was my favorite super-hero. She knew that I would not be able to resist putting on this costume.

In her pitch about my costume, Rhonda had said that since the suit was so tight, that I would need to wear a long leather cape to shelter me from the most of the cold of the Halloween night. At first I felt that I could be macho and have a little fun at the party by going naked under my costume, but the mid-day weather report convince me that was not a good idea. I even toyed with the idea of wearing a female mask under Spidie’s hood as an added fantasy for me, but at the last minute I decided against it. With my newfound anonymity in the hood mask maybe I would get lucky and score with Marsha along with some of the other young and vivacious hotties at the Johnson’s Halloween party. Rhonda carried the costumes home in a garment bag, so I didn’t really get to see what she had chosen for us to wear. Since I also had a passion for super heroine that went way beyond my desire to be a super hero, I hoped that her costume would somehow match mine.

When we got inside our well appointed house, my wife sweetly suggested to fix us some drinks while she changed. She also told me that I wasn’t to change into my Halloween costume until she was in hers. These instructions just gave me a rush. She had never directed how we were to mask before although she always tried to direct every other aspect of our marriage. Rhonda went upstairs our bedroom and took an unusually long time to change. My job and her work had provided us with a comfortable living and extra money to buy all the toys that fulfills what some laughingly call the “American dream”.

I called out to Rhonda and asked her why she was taking so long. Rhonda called back through the locked bedroom door that she was preparing for some after party fun as well as becoming one of my masked fantasies. I don’t have to tell you how that kind of talk made me hot to fuck. If I weren’t extra careful I would stain my shorts. I was incredibly curious as to what she was doing as well as what she was becoming. I went upstairs to see if I could speed-up her progress, but she refused to unlock the bedroom door and instructed me to go back downstairs if I wanted an unforgettable night of passionate sex and frivolity. This kind of talk was really unconventional for Rhonda and had my motor revved-up to the screaming point. Once again, my gluttony for masked passion and sex masked me from dangers I should have seen. Her new style surprised even me when she finally came downstairs to the living room. I was shocked though secretly half enjoying it and totally horny.

Rhonda had decided to go as PVC and leather-clad Cat Woman and from the looks of her mask and costume, she had spent considerable time on gathering and making all of the appropriate gear. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize until much later why she dressed this way. At this point, she could have knocked me over with a feather. I was stunned and totally taken aback by Rhonda’s completely and totally transformed appearance. There she stood in all her masked radiance. Rhonda was completely decked out to the tens in fabulously fashioned, totally to die for, shiny black PVC and leather costume. She was totally covered from the toes of her platform soles to the tops of her pointed cat ears.

On her feet, she wore black leather boots that were laced all the way up to her thighs. These black leather boots were built on top of the sexiest eight-inch spike heel and platforms that I had ever seen. The platforms were lit up from the inside and flashed with each step that she took. I had seen boots like this in catalogues, but I had never seen them on anyone before. Rhonda looked so leggy in those boots that if I had seen a picture of her dressed in this costume, I would have said that the photo had been computer enhanced to stretch her legs and overall look. Around her waist were a three-inch wide black leather belt with a golden lasso, which separated her leather shorts from her black leather bustier. That tight fitting leather bustier that was layered over the PVC cat suit gave her an hourglass waist and huge voluptuous tits. I couldn’t tell if she had some of those incredible silicone breasts attached to her chest or if the corseting/pushup effect made her look so incredibly large. Maybe it was a combination of both realities, because I had never seen her this magnificent before.

Her face was fully covered in latex by one of Kerry’s “Lisa” masks. Over the “Lisa” mask was layered the typical Cat Woman open face hood. The “Lisa” mask had full sensuous red lips. The round crown of the mask gave her a regal look that added to Rhonda’s domineering presence. On her arms, she wore elbow-length, black leather gloves to complete her costume. What’s more, the mask and costume seemed to take about twenty years off of her age. She was no longer a forty-something career woman. My mousy, plain figured little blonde Rhonda had transformed herself into a TEENAGE AMAZON SUPER HEROINE HOOKER! Where had this desire and talent been through all the years of our marriage? She had knocked down all my analytic resistance and presence of mind by rolling several of my fetishes into one fantabulous package.

She could see that her appearance didn’t go wasted on me, as she stared at my hard-on bulging in the front of my Spandex suit. She seemed pleased by my desire. Quickly, her black gloved hand grabbed my crotch and as she squeezed my penis, she whispered in a hot breathy and sultry manner, “We’ll have to take care of this problem later, Honey.” Then out loud she said, “I have a wonderful and wild Halloween night planned for you, but right now we’re late for the party, so let’s get you into your costume.”

As my incredibly stunning leather caped-clad Cat Woman opened my costume bag instead of the red and blue leathers of the Spiderman costume that I had anticipated, I saw that the contents would designed to duplicate the look that my exotically dressed wife was wearing. About the only obvious external difference in our costumes was that the heels on my boots were at least six inches shorter that the one that Rhonda had on. After my fabulous and apparently loving wife spread out the items from the costume bag, I also saw that the bag had contained one incredibly wicked full Victorian corset and huge torpedo tit breast forms. These were obviously designed to make my body shape match dimensions of the Cat Woman that was preparing my transformation. I couldn’t help making and audible gasp of surprise and delight, but Cat Woman ignored it and sprung into action and began my transformation into her twin. In hindsight, I should have protested being transformed into a female, super heroine, but I loved what Rhonda was trying to do. I felt that she had finally come around to participating in my most passionate dreams and fantasies.

No sooner than the rapid and somewhat painful completion of my transformation, my dear and sensitive Rhonda/sexy Cat Woman had me get our car out of the garage and get on our way to the Johnson’s Halloween party. Her voice had changed to a sonorous command style that to match her dominating leather outfit. When I backed our car up to our front door, Rhonda added a floor-length black leather maxi-cape to cover her seductive costume. I still couldn’t believe how incredibly sexy she looked. I had never known my wife to ever do something like this. In our capes, we matched in every way except for our black boots.

We arrived at the Johnson’s house, and the party was already in full swing. With so many people there, Rhonda and I sort of split up. She said that she wanted to make contact with all her friends from work, and that I should use this opportunity to spend some time at the bar and work a few angles to insure my promotion. I now remember that I wondered what friends from her work would be at my company’s party. But, I ignored that warning bell as well. Let’s face it, Rhonda was working me for all she was worth and I was letting her push every button I could expose. I had a number of drinks and since I was still horny from the image of Rhonda’s costume; I began to circulate the crowd looking for some “chick” action. You would think that I would have searched for Rhonda. After all, she was the sexiest woman at the party, but old habits are hard to break and I wasn’t feeling any pain by this point.

There were a lot of young females around, and the better they looked, the more revealing and sexy their costume was. The variety of costumed women at the party was stupendous. The decorations created the mood of a Roman orgy. The place was full of capricious kittens, naughty nurses, bouncing bunnies, wild witches, sultry school-girls, flaunting fairies, daring devils, pretty pirates, saucy sirens, elusive Elviras, magnificent maidens, and horny harem honeys. Everyone had pulled out all of the stops. I thought to myself, it was amazing how quickly and deeply a woman’s inhibition dropped when she was hiding her identity behind a mask. I should talk; everybody was guessing who “the Cat Woman Twins” were. All the time, I was sure that my rampant and bulging penis had to be giving me away. However, thanks to the drinks I had at our house, (Rhonda had me drink her drink too) I had all but lost all of my inhibitions as well. The more drinks I had at the Halloween party, the more I circulated through the costumed crowd looking for some horny babe I could seduce.

I couldn’t take it anymore. Where was Rhonda? I had to have her soon or bust. I was proud of the fact that I felt that way about her that night. In fact, I am still proud of that feeling, but all the luscious gals in wild costumes finally dulled the reality that I was with the fantasy dream date of my life. I had to have a woman that I could take upstairs to one of the bedrooms and get it on with, even if I had to drag her forcibly and rape her. Then over in the corner of the room, I found my prize and Rhonda was still nowhere in sight.

If I could have improved on the fantasy costume that Rhonda was wearing this would be the one. The target of my desire stood rather tall, with very long straight black hair, but what attracted me is that this sexy Elvira was dressed completely in shiny, body shaping and hugging, BLACK LEATHER. This included her wide brimmed conical crowned witch’s hat and floor-length, hooded, black leather cape. The long black satin lined leather cape was tossed back across each of her black leather-clad shoulders so that I could see that she had on knee-length boots with 4-inch block heels. These gorgeous boots went up her curvy legs a couple of inches past and under the hem of a form fitting, long black leather midi-dress. The dress had a slit up the left leg that revealed the top of her boot and a generous amount of stocking covered thigh with the clip of her undergarment garter just visible where the top band of the nude shade stocking ended. Over the black leather midi-dress she wore a matching black leather hip-length jacket with black leather gloved hands extended out of the sleeves ready to greet me. While her make-up was brash with bright red lips, her eyes had long thick lashes and glittery eye shadow so they looked mysterious and staring, behind her slightly tinted black framed glasses.

I couldn’t have improved on her look in any way. Normally I am attracted to tall women with long legs and a voluptuous body. Rhonda’s normal stature was an exception to this rule. That is why I felt that tonight Rhonda was wearing the perfect outfit for her as far as I was concerned. However, I am such an absolute sucker for a woman that is totally encased in a sexy leather outfit. As much as I adored what Rhonda was wearing, this tall leather-covered vixen had her beaten hands down in my book. Even when an outfit like the one she was sporting was still hanging on a hanger in a closet, I would become sexually aroused. On cold nights, I sleep naked in my large fur-lined and hooded female leather trench coat. I guess you could say that I am a total deviant when it comes to shiny, buttery smooth black leather. The slightest encouragement on this vixen’s part and I would be putty in her leather-clad hands.

I wish I could figure out why black leather, especially when the odor of it was mixed with that of warm latex turns me on more than a horny and well masked naked woman with a wet pussy. I had been that way ever since I could remember. I wish I could have had Rhonda wear outfits like my black leather-covered beauty everyday of the week. Heaven knows that she could have if she had wanted to do that for me. I made sure that she had a large closet full of the stuff, not to mention the shoe boxes and drawers that had every kind of boot and leather accessory sold in the market place.

At this point, the vision and moves of the object of my affections had me to where I didn’t care where Rhonda was or what she was up to. The massive, throbbing hard-on between my legs had already made up my mind that I was determined to have this beautiful and graceful leather-clad woman. My knees almost went soft when she beckoned me over to her with one of her elegant leather shrouded fingers. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to find a vacant bedroom in the house fast enough. I went, actually almost stumbled over to her and introduced myself. Over a couple of drinks, I found out that this gorgeous creature’s name was Marsha, but that she was very different from the Marsha that I played with at the office. This beautiful leather-clad goddess spoke in slow measured whispers that hinted of a mature and sensuous contralto voice. My secretary’s voice was one of those high cute jobs that sounded like a little girl reciting her prayers before bed. I didn’t think that any costume would make my petite little Marsha into this elegant, graceful creature anyway. While magnificent my vision of leather-covered loveliness was charming to converse with, there was something “odd” about her that I could not quite place. Maybe she was too perfect. However, the effect of a few more drinks only served to focus my mind and penis on bedding and ravishing this black leather-clad female. The more drinks we had, the more she appeared to lower her resistance to my advances. Conversely, she actually became more inviting, until I finally took her black gloved hand, and without Rhonda seeing (or so I thought) was able to sneak upstairs with my leather-encased fantasy to a vacant bedroom.

I only had one thing on my mind as I lowered the zipper in the crotch of my cat suit so I could have my penis jut out in the direction of this cutie. I gently caressed her as I backed her against a wall. As I fondled her leather-covered body with my hands and kissed her mouth and lips; I felt her face, which was perfectly smooth and cool. I still couldn’t place the staring expressionless emotions tucked behind her tinted glasses. I had reached the point where my hard-on was just about ready to explode. I felt my black leather gloved hands grab her leather skirt and start to hike it up to her waist. There was no doubt I wanted to screw this woman and nothing could stop me, though I felt dizzy and the room started to spin. She offered no resistance and seemed to be enjoying the advances of her she/male Car Woman. Even though the alcohol was getting the better of me, I was on top of her, and trying to pull down her panties. She must have wanted me to do this too, because she still wasn’t offering the slightest iota of resistance. She was helping me focus on her red lips by messaging my neck and the back of my head. How could she know that I loved it when a woman did this to me?

In the heat of the moment coupled with my groggy condition, I failed to realize that the bedroom door had been opened and that another party had joined us in the bedroom. I thought that the muffled grunt from Marsha’s sensuous lips was for the ecstasy I was about to give her. I had no way of knowing that it was a signal to the intruder. My hands began to fumble with the Spandex pants of my costume to pull them off, but my wrists were grabbed by another pair of black leather-gloved hands and pulled behind me. I went to fight back, but couldn’t. Marsha must have slipped something into my drinks that made my resistance impossible. The next thing I knew was that I couldn’t free my hands. I looked around and standing behind me was none other than my wife, Rhonda/Cat Woman. She had taken her golden lasso off of her tiny corseted waist and used it to tie my wrists together.

She pulled me off of Marsha and back from the wall, as she scolded, “Leave you alone for a couple of minutes at a party and you are off trying to get into another woman’s pants. My friends told me that you would try this routine when I tried to become your fantasy heroine. I was hoping that they were wrong, but you have destroyed that hope now. Do you have any idea what the concept of fidelity means?” I went to answer her rhetorical question, but she continued slashing me with her words of rebuke. “I knew just this would happen, as it always does. This time however, Marsha agreed to help me. When we entered the party I spotted her immediately. I could tell by the way she was dressed that the minute you laid your lascivious eyes on her that you wouldn’t be able to resist her even after I worked so hard to be your Cat Woman fantasy. I had her drug your drinks, and help me spring this trap on you. Come over here, Marsha. We’ll teach this prick a lesson he will never forget. Your leather-clad goddess will be the last woman you’ll ever try to screw while I am married to you. From this night on, you will be the screwed instead of the screwer.”

Rhonda’s version of Cat Woman backed me against the bed as Marsha moved away from the wall and pulled her leather dress’ skirt back down and smoothed the leather with her glove-covered hands. This was more than a fantasy. It was ecstasy. I had always wanted to be part of a kidnapping fantasy; however, I had pictured myself as a bride instead as Cat Woman. What was happening had me in a totally horny state, but I was helpless to take advantage of it. Rhonda then took more rope and bound my arms to my waist. Next, she bound my knees together in a hobble so I couldn’t free myself. Rhonda then unzipped my costume down to the waist so my chest was exposed. While Monica’s gloved hands squeezed and played with my nipples under my breast forms, arousing them to an erect and hard condition through the touch of her leather-covered hands, Rhonda came back with two items that she peeled from a paper backing and stuck them over my nipples. She told me that they were little electrodes connected by a small wire. The purpose of these items had me confused. Rhonda helped me with a little demonstration that cleared up my confusion in a hurry. She picked-up a little pager-like control box and pressed the button, the next thing I knew an electric shock went through my tits and I screamed and writhed in pain, as both females sadistically laughed.

Rhonda reset my breast forms and re-zipped my spandex suit and said, “Stop that pitiful screaming Cat Woman. You sound like a whore that finally came after a night of total frustration. Didn’t I see you attempt to take Marsha’s panties off?”

With that, Marsha’s gloved hands reached up under her leather midi-skirt and in a couple of seconds she had pulled her black satin panties down and off of her booted legs. Marsha then rolled them up and handed them to my wife who pinned herself against me as she lifted my “Cat Woman” hood, lowered the zipper of my catsuit again and raised the neck flange of my “Lisa” mask. She then forced my jaws open, and in an instant shoved the filthy panties in my gaping mouth. Just as quickly and before I could breathe, Marsha tore something off of a roll and handed it to Rhonda. The next thing I knew my wife had a couple of strips of wide duct tape firmly pasted across my mouth. I tried to scream “HELP” but nothing came out. My mouth was stuffed full of Marsha’s foul tasting, piss flavored underwear and my lips had been sealed shut. The last thing I saw for a while was Rhonda/Cat woman’s movement of glee as she took more duct tape and pasted a couple of very small pieces over the eyeholes of my Lisa Mask. She then pulled down the neck flange back down, zipped-up the high neck of the catsuit, and concealed her handy work by encasing my neck in a posture corset. Maybe she was taking this kidnapping fantasy just a couple of steps too far.

“Come on my blind and silent Super-Heroine. We are all going for a little ride and a time you will never forget. I know how much Halloween turns you on. I hope you are pleased by this turn of events. I always envied how easy your were to please. But tonight is my turn for getting the ultimate pleasure. This Halloween Night is the perfect time for my revenge,” declared Rhonda.

I could see why she had chosen my Cat Woman costume; it was the perfect outfit for her to carry out her evil plan and in my drugged condition, I couldn’t resist. She put my black leather cape around me to hide the bondage ropes. Then Marsha and her hustled me downstairs between them as they excused us from the Johnson’s wild masking Halloween party that was still going on full blast. Some one told them that if they came back by a certain time that they could get in on the costume contest. The leather-clad Marsha and Rhonda/Cat Woman had kidnapped me without a fuss and without anyone knowing I was securely bound and gagged inside my costume. Actually, the party goers weren’t feeling any pain by this point in the evening and probably would have gone along with Rhonda and Marsha’s stunt even if they had know what was going on. The Johnson’s party crowd would have been entertained by a well-planned “trick”. For everyone at the party, everything just appeared normal as my two evil female captors led me out the Johnson’s front door and sat me in the back seat of our car. Well, I assumed that it was our car. I heard the creak of a leather outfit as Marsha got in the back seat with me. I heard my wife open the car’s trunk and pull out what I assumed was a coat to wear under her black leather cape and protect her from the cold Halloween night air. Then she got into the front seat, locked the doors and started the car.

As we drove off, Marsha pressed her leather-clad body against me, so I was pinned between her and the locked car door. There was absolutely no way for me open it and escape. Her leather-clad hand grabbed and fondled my penis and forced a constriction ring on me. At the same time she pressed the beeper button and gave my nipples several shocks with the control box in her other gloved hand. I let out a very muffled scream as I writhed and squirmed while trying to escape. Marsha had me pretty well cornered and at her mercy in the back seat. I was gagged and bound so well that I couldn’t attract any attention from the outside. As we drove along, I guess to anyone who passed our car, it looked like two lovers on a date “getting it on” in the back seat.

Soon the girls pulled the car into what felt like the driveway of our house. I was surprised how the removal of touch, taste, and sight was raising my sense of hearing and smell. I felt both of my female tormentors pull me by force out of the car. I was walked, supported between them, into the house. I was so weak from all the delicious bondage, sexual torment, drugs and electric shocks that I was still unable to resist what they were doing to me. I was taken upstairs to what smelled like our bedroom, and both girls then quickly began to untie my feet and hands. As Marsha firmly held me, Rhonda began to pull my boots off and strip my Cat Woman costume off until I was naked. After Rhonda had pulled the hood/and “Lisa” mask off, she pushed me down backwards across the bed. I felt the crackle of a thick plastic sheet under my body. What was that for asked a small worried voice inside my head?

Marsha pinned me down and kissed my face and neck with her full, red, lushes lips, while all the time rubbing her leather-clad body against my naked one. Her action added to my fired-up, extremely horny condition. Even though I should have sensed danger, my mind raged on with fantasies of Rhonda/Cat Woman and Marsha/Elvira having a threesome with me. Rhonda ran to each corner of the bed and cuffed my wrists and ankles so I was spread-eagle. Across the room I saw a number of strange garments hanging on a rack like they were waiting for something. My wife it seems, had this all pre-planned and had converted our bedroom into a torture chamber when she went upstairs originally to don her PVC and leather Cat Woman costume. My mouth was foul from the horrible taste of Marsha’s panties. I tried to plead my case, but neither of my female captors would remove the tape and ungag me.

Rhonda stood in front of me as I lay helpless and exhausted. She put her black leather-gloved hands on her black PVC covered hips, and the toe of her black thigh-high boot near my naked and constrained manhood. Then she said, “I saw you going around the party trying to put the make on every woman there in hopes of taking her to bed and fucking her panties off. You’ve done this every time we went to a party and I’m sick of it. I had promised you a wonderful evening of fantasy and desire, but I forgot to tell you that the fantasy was mine and that it was full of revenge. Marsha and I are going to teach you a lesson you’ll never forget, and you’ll be going back to the Johnson’s party for a time you’ll wish you could forget. You will be sorry when we are done with you. There’s no escape now, so just forget the pathetic male-self you were, as it’s all going to be a memory.” As Rhonda left to get a few more things, she gave the control box a squeeze and I got a couple more nipple shocks, then she told Marsha to “get started on finishing him off.”

With that, Marsha, in her incredible sexy black leather outfit got down on the bed next to me, and bending over my waist, she removed the constriction ring and put her whorishly red lipstick-covered lips on my engorged hard-on and began sucking my penis. At the same time, she toyed with the “shock box”. She was both ruthless and relentless. I mean, this woman was an expert at this task. The vacuum she created with those lushes lips and muscular tongue had me pulsating in her mouth and down her throat. It felt so good and incredibly painful at the same time. I couldn’t hold it back and finally exploded in a massive blow off as her sexy lips continued to pump my dick until I went completely flaccid. Had I not been restrained and aroused against my will, I could have enjoyed the idea of a beautiful woman in black leather giving me a night of what I wanted the most when I first saw her. What still bothered me was her expressionless and passionless face behind those tinted glasses. What I could see of her eyes showed no emotion or pleasure on her part. In addition, those lushes red lips of hers must have been coated with some kind of tactually transmitted drug, as my neck and face, as well as my dick started to feel totally numb. It was like that somehow she had injected my entire body with a large dose of Novocain. By the time I had spent totally myself, Rhonda had returned from our bathroom with some bottles of Nair and razors.

“Great blow-job Marsha. I see that you have him ready for the next step, but first, I think there’s some Halloween tricks and treats that Mr. Pig Dick should see, if you will do the honors.” Rhonda seemed to be enjoying herself and yet, her attitude felt so terribly cold and absolutely distant. I couldn’t help but wonder how long she had been masking this anger from me. As usual, I was off the mark. I should have been wondering what Halloween tricks and treats she was referring to.

With that, Marsha took off her black leather jacket, then her gloved hands reached around and began to unzip the back of her black leather midi-dress, letting it fall to the floor. Next came her gloved hands and then she removed the sunglasses that hid her huge staring eyes. She fussed with her hair and in a second, she removed her long black wig. The next thing I saw explained why her skin was so smooth. It wasn’t hers; the head was so “bald” and artificial that it finally hit me. She was also wearing a full “Lisa” rubber mask by Kerry. You would think as an accomplished masker that I would have figured that out earlier, but when you let your fantasies run away with your mind, the result often ends in suspended disbelief. Her gloved hands reached behind her head to loosen the mask’s laces. When the neck seam was opened enough, she peeled the mask upwards until it came off of her head. I was simultaneously aroused and totally horrified by the revelation and transformation this move created. I had seen unmasking staged on the Internet. I had even done them for myself in front of a mirror. This was the first time I was a captive witness to one and it thrilled me. But, standing in front of the bed, wearing a black leather corset gartered to stocking covered legs clad in boots was my co-worker Ralph with a big erect penis bulging at the front of his black kidskin leather panties. He had been disguised in leather, as the beautiful woman I thought had been Marsha. I squirmed and tried once again to spit out the panties gagging my mouth when I realized he originally was wearing them and that it was his piss that had been fouling my mouth. The other unspoken reality of this moment was that the real Marsha had told me that office rumors said that Ralph had been my only real competition for the promotion I wanted.

Their next move made it clear to me why the bed was covered with a plastic sheet. Both of the “women” approached me and began to spread the Nair up and down my legs and then washed and shaved them until I had hairless silky smooth legs. They didn’t stop there as they then spread the cream around my penis and balls, then up my chest to my armpits and finally after lathering my arms, they put a liberal amount in the hair on my head. That Nair stuff was no picnic. I screamed into my gag as my pubic area and armpits felt like they were about to go up in smoke. After some considerable length of time, they released me from the bed, and dragged me into the shower. They turned on the water and flushed all the cream and every bit of hair from my body. I was now butt-naked, totally hairless and bald.

“That’s right,” Rhonda said, “we have to get rid of all your male hair so we can totally FEMINIZE your ass. I think once we complete your transformation that I will have my Halloween revenge. We’re going to make you over into our little Halloween Party-Slut! I know that you think that you are the fantasy planning expert, but I’ve been planning this evening for a long time, asshole. Ralph and I have worked out every possibility. There is no way you can escape.”

With all my body hair gone, Rhonda and Ralph dragged me back into the bedroom, and while Ralph forced me back on the plastic covered bed, Rhonda got something out of the dresser drawer. She held up what looked like a silver penis with leather straps hanging from it as she said, “He needed that blow-job, because with that massive hard-on that he had, he never would have fit into this.” Then she forced a catheter tube into my penis and opened the silver dildo since it was hinged down the middle. Both of them forced the chastity penis over my now limp dick, and she then closed it and padlocked the top so the “corset” couldn’t be removed. Then she attached a wire from the chastity penis to the clips on my nipples. She then ran the straps around my waist and through my crotch as she gleefully proclaimed, “Don’t even think about sex as you used to know it, my little horny and philandering Cat Girl! Not only can’t you get it off, you can’t get erect to even get off!”

As Ralph held me down on the bed, Rhonda went to the clothes closet and came back with a rather strange looking garment on a hanger. It looked like a naked female from her head to the upper thighs. As she brought it closer to show me, I noticed it was made out of rubber with a zipper running all the way up the back and the face was decorated in bizarre make-up that I had seen many hookers wear. The garment had luscious red lips and staring green eyes. The eyelashes had to be at least an inch long. “That’s right dear, I had this Lisa mask and big breasted torso mimicking your office slut made especially for you. You love to screw females so much, now you’re going TO BE SEXED CRAZED OFFICE SLUT! Don’t expect any help from your girlfriend Marsha. Ralph has some plans for her as well.”

Rhonda took the garment off the hanger and Ralph helped her force my shaved legs into the bottom of it. The cool feel of the rubber legs was arousing, but remember I had a slight problem “tied” to my waist. As they forced the latex torso up to my crotch, Rhonda took the silver chastity penis and forced it into a tube inside the garment. Then they pulled it up to my waist. The tube securely hid the chastity corset behind a feminine looking “mound” and triangular patch of pubic hair. Before they continued pulling the rubber garment on me, Rhonda reached around the back inside the torso and took another stiff rubber tube connected to the bottom and started to slide it into my rectum. They continued to pull the garment up to my arms. I quickly saw it had two huge 40” HH tits hanging from it. On the real Marsh these huge jugs looked fabulous, but hanging loose, they looked like floats for a seaplane. However, by the time they had the torso stretched over my shoulders, I noticed the breasts were hanging perfectly in front of me and that they had large batteries in them to power the shocking mechanisms. There was also a tube that came up my left arm with the capability of reaching well into my mouth. I didn’t have any idea what it was for, but in my condition, I couldn’t have prevented what they were planning to do to me with that tube.

For now they just let the “Lisa” rubber head and the tube dangle down in front of me as they worked the laces and corset built into the torso. Each tug became painful torture as the garment once again reconfigured my shape. After they achieved the stature they desired, the two “women” zipped up the back to enclose me in the extremely tight fitting torso. When they reached the back of my neck, Rhonda picked up the little control box and pushed the button. I noticed as I got a shock in my own nipples, the false tits of the torso I was squeezed into began to jiggle and the latex “pubic mound” twitched as well. I was helpless; I was horny but couldn’t get aroused and couldn’t escape either. I was now led over to Rhonda’s make-up table and both of them forced me to sit down. Rhonda took out some cosmetics, and quickly ripped the duct tape off my mouth. Just as quickly, I spit out Ralph’s black satin panties that had been balled up in my mouth, and began cursing at the two of them.

“Well you ungrateful prick!” screamed Rhonda. “We will just have to fix that foul mouth of yours. I guess you never listen to me. I have been warning for months. I have a lesson to teach you. Just remember what you used to be, because now it’s only a memory. You will finally, after all these years of marriage, do as I say and you’ll see how you treat females.” She went over to the dresser drawer again, and took a pair of red panties out of it. “See these stinky little darlings? This is my time of the month, and I’ve been saving them up all week like this just for you, asshole. I hope you like the flavor.”

With that, she wadded them up, shoved that tube from my left arm into my throat and once again stuffed soiled panties into my mouth. They had to be the foulest tasting things ever with the odor of a woman’s “sex” in them. Before I could think even about spitting them at her, she had a wide strip of adhesive tape once again plastered across my mouth. She then opened a drawer of the make-up table and took out a jar. Immediately she began to brush some type of thick liquid across the tape gag and my lower face. I saw from the jar that it was a fast setting flesh-colored liquid latex. The compound dried so fast that now I couldn’t move my lips or lower face as my mouth disappeared from view in the mirror.

“Now try to spit or even talk back to me hubby-dear”, she said. “I knew you would like this treat. It looks like you are going to be on a liquid diet, my horny slut. While we want you to lose a little weight, we wouldn’t want you to get dehydrated.”

Rhonda then came around in front of me and quickly pulled the torso’s “Lisa” head that had been hanging down my big boobed chest, up over my bald head and stretched the rubber mask over my face. The powder inside the mask and suit felt so soft and soothing to my Nair irritated skin. It made the application of the latex appliances easy to manage. Of course, no one was telling me at that time that the powder was really and extremely strong dental adhesive that would be activated by my own body’s moisture and bond deep into the pours of my skin. On the other hand, had I known this fact there would have been nothing that I could have done about it anyway. In a second Ralph was behind me pulling the zipper up from the neck to the top of the head. I was now trapped inside, and all I could do, since speech was impossible, was to stare out of the green plastic eye lenses of the rubber head at my surroundings. “We’re not finished yet,” shouted my beautiful and sexy Cat Woman as she took the jar of flesh colored latex and began to brush several layers around the openings at my upper thighs, arm pits and along the entire length of the zipper in the back. Many times more she did this, as finally the latex became so thick and hardened over what it covered that the zipper as well as leg and armholes completely disappeared.

“Well, my latex worm, I think that I have achieved the perfect Halloween revenge on my gigolo husband. You’re now sealed into that thing and I’m not letting you OUT! NOT NOW, NOT EVER. And, just you wait until have to try and shit or pee. Give him some of that special mixture we prepared for him, Ralph. Now that is going to be painful.” Rhonda laughed along with Ralph. He attached the tube at the end of the middle finger of my left hand to a douche bag full of some foul concoction and released the value. I could feel the fluid running down the tube from my arm and into my stomach, but I was once again in no position to stop or protest the process. Ralph then took his hand and slapped me hard across the ass. All I could do was let out a very faint grunt even though I was screaming my lungs out for HELP.

“Good”, Ralph said, “nice idea, you’ve got ‘her’ quite silent the way you wanted. That mixture should clean our slut out for the night.”

As I sat at the vanity table pondering what was next, Ralph grabbed my hand and quickly glued very long and curving 4-inch nails to each finger. As soon as the glue hardened, Ralph began to put black nail polish on each one. When they were all dry, they pulled black leather gloves, without fingertips onto my hands and sealed them to my fingers at the base of the four-inch nails with black, quick drying black latex. While this made my hands look incredibly exotic, they were all but useless for much more that decorating my body. I could not even pick up a pencil if I wanted to. Then the mixture they had poured into me hit my lower bowels and the pain of having to relieve myself hit like an 8.2 earthquake. Rhonda heard the rumbling in my bowels and got me to the toilet in time to save cleaning up a massive mess. Next, Rhonda stood me up and walked me to the bedroom mirror. What I saw was a naked and bald female looking back at me. “She” looked drop-dead gorgeous in “her” womanhood and made-up face. The mammoth breasts and inviting “mound” in “her” front looked perfectly formed to the untrained eye. No matter how good I looked, I feared this was the beginning of my agony. Little did I know how right I was, as Rhonda now pushed me from behind onto the plastic covered bed, as Ralph approached me.

“There’s one more thing we’ve got to do here Ralph, if you would love the honors,” said Rhonda. With that Ralph took his erect manhood and laying on me, with his hands reached between my crotch for the rubber pussy that now was between my legs.

“This is for all the times you got it on with my wife and all the girls at the office, I never liked your womanizing ways,” he said.

Swiftly he jammed his penis into the slit, which was connected to the tube Rhonda had earlier placed in my rectum. Pumping as hard as he could, he forced the tube deeper into my rear until he finally let go a massive orgasm and flooded the tube and my rectum with his hot sperm. With my “shape” and fate now defined, I was stood up from the bed as Rhonda said, “Steps one and two are completed, Ralph. I think that it’s time to impose step three. We need to dress our little hot to trot whore for her Halloween party night.” This little proclamation didn’t sound like good news at all. On the other hand, how much more sadistic degradation could my two tormentors lay on me?

From her dresser drawers, my vengeful and vicious wife took out a few more items. First she wrapped a black leather corset around my waist and cinched it as tight as she could with the laces in the back. It was heavily boned and squeezed with additional pressure upon my already painful yet shapely torso. To my surprise this corset made my waist sink further in and pushed my hips and false breasts further out to give me extra inches for that perfect hourglass shape that the rubber torso started. From the corset hung 6 garters, for which Rhonda had a pair of dark colored seamed nylons that she produced from the dresser drawer. As Ralph held me in a squeeze-lock, Rhonda carefully worked the nylons up each of my silky smooth shaved legs. After she adjusted the seams, so they were straight up the back of each leg, she carefully attached them to each of the corset garters. While Ralph continued to restrain me, Rhonda went over to our clothes closet and came back with a long white box. When she opened the top of the box, I could see there were a pair of black leather, thigh-length, platform boots. They must have had 8-inch heels to go with the 4-inch tall platforms. To me they looked sexy and I would have chased after any “chick” wearing them, but now the boot would be on the other foot.

Holding one up as she unzipped it, my wife said, “I KNOW you love women to wear these neck breakers. I got them in YOUR size, so can have a chance to see how we have to walk in them. Maybe after a good long stint in these towers of torture, you won’t think they’re so sexy.”

With that, she forced the right boot onto my right leg and zipped it all the way up almost to the top of my stocking covered thigh. Quickly she took the other boot put it onto my left leg and zipped it up to it’s top. Those fabulous looking thigh-high, platform boots may have been my size, but the were too narrow and felt like corsets on my feet. I found standing in them quite difficult, but that was academic as I was not free to walk. For the finishing touch, Rhonda/Cat Woman went over to the closet where she left a strange garment hanging from before we left for the party. Bringing it over to me and lifting the hanger it was on, so I could see it’s entirety, I was again aroused and turned on (or at least would have been, in better circumstances had I not been wearing the chastity corset). It was a floor length gown made of BLACK LEATHER, but with a profusion of zippers almost the entire length.

Rhonda told me that she had designed this garment and had it special made for me. This had to be my perfect fantasy kidnapping bridal dress. I would have wanted this garment for any girl of my choice who would be willing to wear it, including Rhonda. However, I don’t think that was to be the option my tormentors meant for me at this time. It had two main zippers running in opposite directions, one from the waist to the high neck posture collar and the other down to the maxi-length hem at the floor. It also had auxiliary zippers on the sleeves and one across each side of the chest. Before I knew it, Rhonda had it off the hanger and unzipped. As Ralph held me, she forced the gown over my “Lisa” masked head. Down the garment fell, it’s soft leather caressing the naked appearing parts of my body. Rhonda finally worked it down to my waist as she first grabbed each arm, and being careful of the claw-like nails on each finger, forced my hands into first one sleeve, then the other. The top of the dress was drawn up to my shoulders and carefully fitted over my corseted breasts where the zippers in the chest now matched up to where the nipples of my fake tits would pop out if they were opened. Ralph pulled the zipper up from the waist all the way up my back to the top of the high-neck posture collar.

When the long leather gown was completely zipped up, it was totally tight fitting and form clinging. It prominently accented my extremely slutty, feminine shape. In fact, I felt more exotic in it than when I appeared to be nude. The neck collar was made of hard, stiff leather, so that when zipped up, buckled and padlocked in the back by Rhonda, it prevented me from slouching or relaxing without feeling strangled. That posture collar and corset made me stand tall even if I didn’t want to. It also concealed the body torso seams underneath so that only my masked face was now visible and held totally erect. Only my black gloved hands protruded out of the long sleeves with their black claw nails ready to attack.

Next Rhonda came behind me, and as she pulled the second zipper down from the waist, she said to Ralph, “See, I had this dress designed so it can be raised up to here, and since our little Halloween office slut is not wearing any panties, it’s an easy ‘access’.” I could see Ralph nod his approval in the mirror’s image behind this gorgeous leather-dressed, bald-headed woman standing in the foreground, but I didn’t know what they meant. Rhonda continued at the zipper until she had it down to about the back of my knees, as I felt the gown tighten from my waist down. From the back, it looked like the gown had a slit, as one could see the sexiness of the black leather platform boots, even though they were thigh-length, just the lower back of them were visible in the slit. She now came back in front of me as she reached under my left arm and quickly tugged at a concealed zipper. Down the length of my arm she pulled it until the zipper was at my wrist. Quickly she reached under my right arm and did the same with another zipper. When she finished, I couldn’t move my hands or arms. She had pinned my arms to my body turning the dress into a leather straight jacket that was to be my prison. There was no way I could escape, especially trying to walk in the platform boots, and now I couldn’t even reach any of the zippers or locks on the dress to get it off. Even if I could escape this excuse for bondage chic fashion, where was I to go as a voluptuous, butt-naked female?

Rhonda went into the closet again and took out another garment on a coat hanger. This one turned out to be a thigh-length black leather cape. Unbuttoning it, she draped the garment over my shoulders, and coming around in front, reached inside fastening a zipper, which pulled a soft leather sheath tightly down over my dress. Then she fastened the 6 buttons of the cape over it on the outside. I was now wearing another tight leather, form fitting straight jacket over the tight fitting gown, and the cape hid my bound arms with only my gloved hands with their long fingernails showing beneath the bottom of the cape. Her final act was to take something off the closet shelf. It was a white foam wig stand that had a long blonde wig attached to it. She unpinned the hairpiece from the wig stand, and came around in front of me. She took some more of that infamous quick drying latex and painted it into the wig’s cap. Then she placed the blonde wig over my bald rubber head and pressed it permanently into place.

“Congratulations, my Halloween Office Slut. Look at your new image in the mirror. I know that you are in love with what you can see. Too bad you may not have time to enjoy it. Since you have violated your wedding vows countless times, I have decided that you are deserting me. This will make divorcing you a breeze. You are now designed to provide assholes like yourself a useful service. I hope they grow to love abusing and exploiting you as much as you have abused my love and faithful devotion. You are no longer my husband! Your new name is Holly Fuchs. Walk around and get used to your new body and function. Be sure to admire yourself in the mirror, like you used to stare at the former objects of your desire. Learn to be the show-off whore you now are!” exclaimed Rhonda.

I couldn’t believe what had happened to me. I was staring in the mirror at a gorgeous longhaired blonde completely dressed in black leather. I really looked like I was ready for a Saturday night date in my maxi-length skirt, cape and platform boots. Naturally, moving around the bedroom in the boots was easier said (even in my condition) than done. The long hobble skirt only allowed me to take short baby steps. Even these had to be done very carefully because of the high platforms and heels on the boots and the tightness of the hobble the long leather, tight fitting, skirt formed. Since my arms were pinned under the cape, I was hard put to keep my balance. Finally both of them tired of their little game as Rhonda approached me with a pair of tinted sunglasses. She dipped the arms of the glasses in that quick drying latex and slipped them over the rubber ears of the mask, so they partially hid those staring green eyes I had been given by the full-head “Lisa” mask that so beautifully covered my identity.

“I know we’ve got her ready now, so all that’s left to do is for you to change into the Cat Woman costume, Ralph. Then we can return to the Johnson’s Halloween party,” Rhonda said. With that declaration, I watched as Ralph slipped into what had been my PVC and leather Cat Woman costume. He took the rubber “Lisa” mask and pulled it over his head. In a second, he reached around and zipped it down the back until it conformed to the features of his face. Lastly, he pulled on Cat Woman hood over the bald rubber head of the mask and adjusted it to frame “his” new latex face and make it look ultra feminine. He then took the matching black leather cape and slipped it over his arms. I have to admit that Ralph made a more erotic “Cat Woman” than I did. “His” moves were almost for seductive than Rhonda’s were. “That looks just great Ralph, …er, Marsha, but first there’s one thing I have to do,” declared Rhonda as she stepped over to the bedroom closet. I realized that Ralph and I had traded places and the he and Rhonda was now the Cat Woman Twins. “I no how to make my feminized philander even hornier.” Rhonda stood back and looked at herself in the mirror. My wife then spent several minutes “strutting” her stuff and showing off with her exotic and erotic identity and teasing her twin. Rhonda knew that I loved her look. Everything she was wearing were garments that I had purchased for her to wear in the privacy of our bedroom. I had begged her to dress like this for me on any number of occasions and was now in total mental torture and frustrated desire because of her outlandish fantasy behavior.

Finally, she looked me in the face with magnificent cat eyes while trying to probe my eyes and expressions hidden behind my “Lisa” mask. Then she said, “Hope you like the two of us, I’ve decided that we’re going back to the Johnson’s party as the Twin Cat Sisters, and you’re going to be our out-of-town cousin who just happens to be a sex starved nymphomaniac. I hope you weren’t expecting the Doublemint Twins?” With that, the two “leather-clad cat ladies” grabbed one of my leather-encased arms and walked me down the stairs to the car standing in our driveway. Ralph who I thought of as “Cat Woman A” forced me down and into the front seat, while my wife who I classified as “Cat Woman B” sat beside me. After Ralph/Cat Woman “A” pulled my seat belt over me and secured it, he tugged at the zipper above my knees, and pulled it down to my booted ankles. I was now totally hobbled and trapped for good in this tight fitting gown. Ralph/Cat Woman “A” then got in the back seat of the car, and as my wife started the car, he leaned forward and whispered in my ear, “I’ve got your wife all to myself, buddy boy, while you get what you deserve at the Halloween party. And after this evening, we have another series of surprises planned for you tomorrow.”

In a short while, we were back at the Johnson’s house, and I was being unbelted and stood up from the front seat of the car. When they had me upright, Rhonda/ Cat Woman “B” reached down to raise the lower zipper in the back of the gown, so the boots showed through it like a slit in the back and I was able to take hobbled baby steps. Next we entered the house and the Sunday Night, soon to be Monday Morning, Halloween party was still in full swing. Ralph/Cat Woman “A” addressed the crowd as I was dragged into the living room. “This is Holly Fuchs. She is the horny country cousin of the Cat Woman Sisters. Since she has been away from the big city for a long time, she is eager for some hot and heavy, Sunday Night, Halloween sex action.” They continued with this announcement by telling everyone that I wasn’t much on words. Considering the tape and latex seals that they had placed under my mask, this had to be the understatement of the year. “But what she lacks in conversation skills she can make up in several other departments. I don’t think you will find a more willing partner when it comes to sex from the rear. She is hot and horny for some heavy and exotic screwing,” announced Rhonda/Cat Woman “B”. Then “Cat Woman A” presented me to the wild and sex crazed crowd by unbuttoning my leather cape and unzipping its inner sheath to expose the hour-glass, leather-clad totality of my body. Ralph/Cat Woman “A” even demonstrated the ease of access to my “sex” by turning me around, and raising the lower zipper of my skirt up to my waist. After he pulled my leather skirt wider apart, “she” said, “Look, see, she’s ready, no panties and a wet pussy, and to tell you the truth, she’s a HE. That’s right, my fellow Halloween revelers, it is our own sex demon, Damien Camacho under that leather-clad Holly Fuchs costume. If you are up for it, this maybe the time to have a little Halloween revenge”

That was all some of the men at the party needed. I was approached by every man there, some made comments about my gorgeous sexy attire. They rubbed up against me while telling me to stop playing hard to get. Others pinched my private parts under the leather dress. It wasn’t long before the two “Cat Women” disappeared into some other part of the Johnson’s Halloween party and I was left surrounded by a group of horny, inebriated men. Of course the majority of them were from work, or the husbands of wives I knew at work. Soon, one of them grabbed my shoulder and told me, “This way BITCH. You’re going to get what you give to the girls and our wives at the office.”

I was pulled off the precarious balance I had maintained with my monster platform boots. Then I was manhandled and roughly dragged up the stairs to one of the Johnson’s bedrooms. Once inside, the “costumed pirate” who captured me pulled off his mask and eye patch, and I realized it was Billy, the husband of Diane at work. I wanted to tell him that I had never touched his wife. She had a loud mouth that knew no discretion and she was a real fat pig that actually turned me off. I wouldn’t have touched her with a ten-foot pole if he had shaved her ass and taught her to walk backwards. But my latex sealed face didn’t allow any such protest. It probably won’t have done any good if I could have protested. He threw me on the bed, turned me face down and in an instant had his pants off as he rammed his penis into the tube connected to my fake pussy. He pumped away until he shot a full load of his orgasm into my rectal tube.

Then a knock on the door came and he pulled up his pants as he opened the door for a “Dracula” costumed figure. When this intruder took off his mask, I could see it was Charlie from work. He had the hots for my secretary, the real Marsha, and blamed me for his lack of success with her. I had tried to tell him that she was a tramp and not worthy of him, but that just seemed to tick him off. As the Billy the Pirate left, Charlie unzipped his tuxedo pants, and lowered them as he climbed onto the bed. He also rammed his swollen manhood into the tube connected to my rectum, and shot a load of juice into my rear end. Then Michael took his turn. He was dressed as a NFL fullback. He had claimed that I had aced him with both his secretary and his wife. It wasn’t my fault that his little dick couldn’t satisfy a Chihuahua and all they did with me was complain about how small he was, but he didn’t want to hear that.

One after the other, all the men stood in line at the bedroom door to take their “turn” with Holly Fuchs. Even Mr. Johnson took a turn and dumped a load up my swollen ass. So much for making a good impression and getting my promotion. I couldn’t believe all of the verbalizations that these guys shouted as they began to climax. I thought that the repeated “OH YES” exclamations were exclusively a woman thing when they came. It seems that many of the married women that I worked with gave permission to their husbands for this “special” Halloween party event. Some of the women came into the room to take pictures and watch their studs do it to Holly Fuchs. Relentlessly they all took their turn at me. Some took more than one turn at my enflamed ass. Too bad I wasn’t able to charge admission for this service. Even at ten dollars a pop, I could have paid for a wild weekend in Las Vegas with the proceeds. After several hours of this my rear end was incredibly sore, even though it had been well “lubricated”. I could probably have opened a sperm bank with all the semen that had been deposited in my ass. I figured that I wouldn’t be able to sit down for at least a week. I kept trying to scream, but nothing except a small murmur escaped from under the mask. All of my happy rapists chose to take this sound for an expression of the “ecstasy” that I was supposed to be in.

By the time the party was over, I couldn’t take any more. The “Cat Woman Twins” came upstairs to retrieve me from the bed of forced sex. They once again buttoned up the black leather cape as they prepared to lead me downstairs. My wife had to tell Ralph/Cat Woman “A” to hold on to me for the minute, as she decided to use the bathroom. Once inside, she pulled off Cat Woman hood and unzipped her “Lisa” mask so she could wash the make-up from her face. The heat trapped by the mask she had been wearing had melted her make-up into sticky goo. That was Ralph/Cat Woman “A’s” cue, as he motioned to somebody in the hall. In came a costumed policeman, and he was instructed to “hold” on to me under a “citizens arrest” for felony prostitution. When Ralph/Cat Woman “A” turned his back, the policeman took off his mask, and I saw it was David. This guy’s bimbo wife was also a loser, but she did have one fabulous ass. I had taken her many times in the janitor’s closet of the executive washroom. David threw me back onto the bed and took one more turn at the sore “pussy” between my legs.

While David was occupied with me, “Cat Woman A” (Ralph) had a little surprise in the pocket of her leather jacket for Rhonda. He quickly took out a small brown bottle and cloth, and after pouring some liquid on the cloth, he walked into the bathroom behind my wife. All I could smell was the unmistakable odor of Chloroform, as he crept up behind her, and before she could even see his reflection in the mirror, the cloth was against her face. I was helpless to aid my frantically struggling wife as “Cat Woman A” forcefully dragged her back into the bedroom. By the time he got her back into the bedroom, she had ceased trying to resist and fell limp as he tossed her across the bed. “The party’s MINE now, Bitch!” he screamed at her. “You might have planned everything to get even with your husband, but you forgot that I still desire you. I am sure that you have forgotten that you dumped me years ago for that bastard we feminized tonight. Ever since that time, you have repeatedly exploited my love and abused our friendship. Now, I’ll have you any way I can.”

He then had David to give him a pair of handcuffs. David obliged and Monica “A” wrenched Rhonda’s arms behind her back and snapped them around her wrists. In his “Cat Woman A” disguise, Ralph began to unzip Rhonda’s black PVC and leather cat suit and gently pulled off her boots. In a flash, he had unzipped his own cat suit until his rampant, pulsating organ was exposed. Quickly he lay on top of her and began forcing himself into the slit between her legs. I couldn’t believe it, all along he had desires to rape my wife, but he never let it be known at work. I heard his excitement through the rubber face he wore, as he became more aroused watching himself in the mirror getting off an orgasm on my wife in his female attire. When he finished his climax, he pulled up their respective zippers and smoothed the leather/PVC like nothing happened. “Give me the leg cuffs, officer” he yelled next, as David handed him a pair, which he bent down and snapped around each of Rhonda’s lovely booted ankles.

Ralph/Cat Woman “A” took her black satin panties and rolling them into a wad forced her jaws open and stuffed them in her mouth. “Cat Woman A” then took the roll of duct tape, and tearing off a strip, firmly pasted it across Rhonda’s lips. Soon the chloroform began wearing off and Rhonda started to come around to full consciousness. She opened her eyes to find herself quite helpless just as Ralph/Cat Woman “A” came out of the bathroom with Rhonda’s “Cat Woman B” mask in “her” (Cat Woman “A’s”) gloved hand. As Rhonda moaned through the gag from the soreness of the rough and forced penetration between her legs, Ralph/Cat Woman “A” quickly jammed the rubber “Lisa” mask over Rhonda’s head and had it zipped tight to her face. Next the Cat Woman hood was put back in place over the bald dome of the “Lisa” mask, and once again no external observer would be able to tell the secret that was hidden underneath.

“Okay, Dave. You know what to do now,” said Ralph as he turned his leather clad body around with his arms behind his back.

“Are you sure you really want to do this?” asked David. “I already did what I wanted to do.”

“You had better do what I tell you to do or I will post those pictures I took of your tramp wife getting it on with one of the Cat Woman Sisters,” threatened Ralph as “Cat Woman A”.

Dave then took another pair of handcuffs out and snapped them on “Cat Woman A’s” leather gloved wrists. He then he pulled out his service revolver, and pointing it at me and Rhonda as “Cat Woman B”, he said, “Okay, march, let’s go, downstairs and outside to the car, do it now!” As we helplessly struggled in our plight, we were pushed through the hall and downstairs to the living room of the Johnson’s house by this “imposter” cop. Behind me, were the “Cat Woman Twins” looking like captives of this horrible night gone awry. Before we were escorted out the front door, the fake cop David said, “Sorry Mr. Johnson to ruin the last few moments of your Halloween party, but I caught these three sleazy hookers upstairs turning tricks and causing trouble.”

“No problem, Officer,” replied Mr. Johnson through his jester disguise and thinking that it was all part of the “Cat Woman Sister” act. “Do your duty. Everyone knows the I am a law abiding citizen.” The crowd of revelers had a hearty laugh at that comment. “I like seeing law enforcement at work. The four of you definitely qualify to win the party’s group prize.”

“I will be taking these whores to the county jail for the rest of the night,” said David as the fake cop. “They won’t be causing you any more trouble.”

“Don’t forget to come back and claim your prize, officer,” said Mr. Johnson.

I couldn’t believe it, Ralph/Cat Woman “A” had everybody duped into this charade, and he was playing one of the victims as his alibi! Rhonda/Cat Woman “B” and I tried to scream through the gags from behind our beautiful, feminine, rubber masks, but they were thick and our mouths were well stuffed. In addition, the tape was so firm that nobody at the noisy party heard us as we left the house. Some how I made the trek without losing my balance or falling down. I guess all the fucking of my ass was sobering me up. The down side was that the platform boots were making my feet hurt almost as much as my enflamed ass. Once we were out in the backyard, David as the fake policeman led us over to Rhonda’s car, and one by one, he forced Rhonda/Cat Woman “B” and me to sit in the back seat in our helpless and masked plight.

“Cat Woman A” (Ralph) then turned around to David and told him, “The game’s over, you played your part perfectly, David. You can release me now.”

David hesitated, and training his gun on “Cat Woman A” said, “Not so fast pretty girl, it’s my turn to get some more action with all you slutty, leather-clad ladies.”

“Cat Woman A” said, “I don’t think so, Dave. It doesn’t pay to be greedy when you are out with the Cat Woman Sisters.” “She” quickly and adroitly raised her booted leg and knocked the gun from David’s hand, sending the weapon flying across the large well-lit and manicured yard. In the process the toe of her boot clipped David’s hand hard, bruising it sore. David winced in pain and tried to massage it. “The next kick you’ll get from these boots will be to that massive night stick hung between your legs, so uncuff me NOW!” loudly reiterated “Cat Woman A”. I have to admit that Ralph maneuvered pretty well in his boots. He must have had a lot of previous practice, because I know I couldn’t have made any of those fantastic moves in mine.

David reluctantly relented, and taking the key, released “Cat Woman A” (Ralph) from the handcuffs and started to leave. When David turned his back, “Cat Woman A” crossed the large yard and retrieved the gun. “She” took the gun in “her” gloved hands and pistol-whipped David over the head, knocking him unconscious. Immediately David fell to the ground like a heap of oil soaked rags. Just as quickly “Cat Woman A” grabbed the handcuffs from the lawn and pulling David’s limp arms behind him, snapped them on his wrists. Once that had been done, “Cat Woman A” got in the driver’s seat of Rhonda’s car. While pointing the gun at “her” captives in the back seat, “she” proclaimed, “If either of you cause even the slightest hint of trouble, you’ll both be riding in the trunk the rest of the way.” “She” started the car and we left the Johnson’s house.

When “Cat Woman A” had pulled the car into the driveway of our house, both “Cat Woman B” (Rhonda) and I were forced to leave the back seat of the car at gunpoint, and led into the house. We were marched upstairs to the bedroom, where “Cat Woman A” uncuffed my wife and chained me to the bed. At gunpoint, “she” ordered Rhonda to strip out of the leather dress and gloves. Leaving her in the corset, boots and her “Lisa” mask, “she” mercilessly and roughly fondled and teased her body until he had her backed against the wall. (Ralph) “Cat Woman A” appeared to be attempting to kiss Rhonda through their masks. As their red rubber lips met, and Rhonda became distracted during her act of resistance, ” Cat Woman A” grabbed a wrist cuff attached to a chain coming from the wall, wrapped it around her wrist and padlocked it on. “She” pinned “her” body against Rhonda’s, and did the same to her other arm. Now that the “Lisa” masked Rhonda’s arms were held to the wall, “Cat Woman A” bent down and grabbed each booted leg and padlocked and cuffed each of her ankles to the wall. Restrained in this manner, Rhonda couldn’t move or sit down.

“Time for your breakfast, Lisa,” said Ralph. With that he shoved a tube up through one of the nose holes in the “Lisa” mask. He pushed the tube about another six inches as my vicious and vengeful wife strained in pain against her restraints. “This will help calm you down and let you pass the day while I have some fun with Holly Fuchs. If you think this is bad just wait until I get back to you. Tonight, my sweet and ungrateful Rhonda, I am going to send the “Lisa” in you on a wild drug induced trip that will make you mine forever!” angrily declared Ralph from within his “Cat Woman” disguise. With that he poured a pint of what appeared to be either white rum, tequila, gin, vodka or a mixture of the above into a douche bag. He hung the bag on a hook above Rhonda’s masked head and attached it the tube in Rhonda’s nose and released the valve on the bag. I could hear the mixture rumble down Rhonda’s throat.

Ralph now turned his attention and anger to me, as he proclaimed, “Soon it will be Monday morning, Miss Fuchs, and I am due back at work. I know your missing male counter part took Monday off, but I’m sure that Holly Fuchs will love taking his place today anyway. Halloween might be over, but your masquerade will continue. This should be of great delight for you, Damien. Rhonda tells me that you would be happy if everyday was Halloween. Let’s see how long we can keep that fantasy of yours alive. To be honest, I’ve got some wonderful and devious plans for you at the office. You are going to insure that promotion for me. You will be there on duty twenty-four-seven, so it’s time to get you ready for your first day in your new career. After all, first impressions count and I want you to make a great first impression for me.”

Ralph stripped off his leather and PVC Cat Woman costume. Once again he demonstrated that he did things like this all of the time. He also moved around my bedroom and closet in a familiar manner that suggested to me that he had been here before on a number of occasions. Everything came off, the dress, boots, jacket, gloves, corset and underwear as he replaced each item on a hanger in my wife’s closet. Finally he lifted the Cat Woman hood and then peeled the “Lisa” mask off his face. He now stood naked and fully aroused before me. “Before I loose control of myself again. I’m going to give you another quickie, because the time is getting late so we have to be going,” he declared. “In case you are wondering what my things are doing here, you might as well know that it was me that hooked Rhonda into masking and not you. To be quite honest, I wanted Rhonda so badly in my life that when you took her from me I was compelled to create an image of her that I could become.”

Ralph seemed almost proud of his accomplishment, but this bit of news didn’t bother me as much as it should have. After all, Rhonda said we were all but divorced and I wasn’t in any position to do anything about it anyway. Besides, I wanted to tell Ralph that I needed to take a shit in the worst way and that my bladder was about to burst. Fortunately he realized this from the gas coming out of my latex pussy and allowed me to relieve myself. He then filled the douche bag with a mixture that looked like a cross between straight bourbon and liquid ex-lax. He hooked me up to it and poured it into my gut. While he was waiting for that to take affect, he laid out the items he planned for us to wear into the office.

After he allowed me to relieve myself again, he cleaned me with disinfectant, and fucked me hard. When he was done filling my painfully sore ass once again, he reached into the closet and took out his usual 3-piece business suit. I watched him put on white jockey shorts, socks, a button down white long sleeve shirt and burgundy tie. Next he stepped into the gray pinstriped pants as he fondled his massive penis in the jockey shorts. Finally he donned the gray pin-stripe vest and jacket to complete his attire. After combing his hair, one would never have guessed this was the luscious long black haired, leather-clad woman I had met the night before at the Johnson’s Halloween party.

“Every fast paced, welled oiled amoral office needs its equally desirable and well oiled, amoral office slut. I’m going to get a bonus and a promotion for finding you. I was going to use Rhonda, but then she set me up with this idea. At the party last night, Mr. Johnson already gave me a very large cash bonus. That means that you are going to be constantly loose as a goose. Welcome to the world of sex, drugs, addiction and alcoholism.” With that proclamation, Ralph began to undress me little by little, releasing me from the leather prison Rhonda had designed and placed me in. Off came the leather cape, after unzipping my arms then the gown, the boots and corset. He forced me to suck another pint of bad bourbon and had me relieve myself in the toilet again. Then he tested the remote shock device several times to make sure it was still working. Unfortunately for me, the device worked perfectly.

According to Ralph, I was not to be given a break from Kerry’s custom made rubber body suit and “Lisa” mask, as Rhonda had insured it would be on me for a very long time. Fortunately for me, of all of Kerry’s fabulous female mask creations, the “Lisa” mask fits me the best. The long nose tubes almost made for normal breathing. Thus, Instead, Ralph pulled tan pantyhose over my hairless and latex-covered legs and up to my rubber bound waist. Next, from my former wife’s dresser drawer, he took out a beige panty girdle and long-line bra. He then made me sit down while he pulled the panty girdle up my legs. After zipping it up to the waist, I was made to stand as he came behind me and hooked the long line bra together. From another drawer he pulled out a beige satin camisole and midi-length half-slip, which he pulled over my undergarments. He then took one more garment out of the dresser drawer, and to me it looked very odd. It had two long sleeves with ribbons attached at each end, but there were no holes to stick the fingers through, and they were attached to a short waist length jacket that had what looked like a plunging neckline.

Grabbing my arms, he forced each one of my hands still with the long “claw-like” fingernails attached into the sleeves of this “canvas” material “jacket”. Before I knew it, he had it buttoned down the front over the camisole and was pulling the ribbons of the mitten sleeves back behind me. As he pulled the ribbons across my waist, he knotted them together. I discovered that he had me helplessly trapped in a straight jacket that went over my female undergarments and held my arms close to my body so I couldn’t move them. Going to the closet, he reached into the deep recesses of its wardrobe and came back with a pair of brown leather knee high boots. They were conservative, sort of “office-wear chic” with 2-1/2 inch heels, and he then lifted each one of my legs and fitted the boots on each foot. He then carefully zipped them up to the top. Ralph went through the dressing ritual like he was enjoying his play with his new, life-size, rubber doll.

“We’re almost finished and you’ll be ready for your new role at the company, Holly Fuchs,” Ralph said as he went back to what had been my closet for some more things. He came back with another garment on a clothes hanger, and proceeded to show me what it was as he held it up. It was a tan colored ribbed-knitted sweater-skirt suit he had specially prepared. He first took the skirt off the hanger and made me step into it, as he pulled the skirt up to my waist just below my bound arms. The tan skirt was midi-length, with a short slit on the left leg, which showed part of my booted leg chicly, and accented the brown color perfectly. The tan turtleneck sweater top was odd and I couldn’t figure it out until he had it off the hanger and was slipping it over my latex covered head. As he pulled it down over my masked face, and straightened the cowl neck out, and fussed with my blonde wig, I noticed the sleeves were stuffed and there were fake rubber hands sticking out of them.

Once he had the sweater top pulled down to my waist, I noticed the fake hands had conservative length fingernails with chocolate brown nail polish that matched my boots. The top also completely hid my “straight jacketed” arms tied around my waist. Finally he took a maxi-length, chocolate-brown, leather coat out of the closet, and draped it over my shoulders. The reflection that looked back at me from the mirror looked like any normal, conservatively dressed woman on her way to work. Finally, he took out a black leather trench coat from my closet and put it on over his suit as he said, “Well Miss Fuchs, it’s time for us to go to work. Your new official position will be the Office Slut.” As he started to lead me out to his car, we passed the location where he had my drunken former and masked wife, Rhonda, chained to the wall. Ralph yelled, “I’ll be back for you later honey, rest up!” I guess that Rhonda and the gang banging rapists at the Johnson’s party weren’t the only ones getting their fantasy Halloween revenge.

After our drive to downtown, he escorted me from his car in the underground garage at our office complex to the elevator. Even though I was in two-and-a-half-inch heels, I was pretty groggy from the pints of bad bourbon and wobbled a bit as I walked. This is not to mention that I hadn’t slept in almost thirty-six hours. On the other hand, I was feeling no pain in my feet, waist or ass. There were many other people coming into the building for work that Monday, but none of them gave an extra look to Ralph’s new chicly dressed “girl friend”. The women all seemed to admire the outfit I had been dressed in. None of them even thought twice about what could be helplessly imprisoned inside this “business attire”. Forgetting the futility of protest, I even tried to scream for help, but again all that was heard was a murmur that was mistaken for a nodding approval of their visual comments on my outfit.

When the elevator reached the twenty-second floor, I was pushed out of the elevator and helplessly led down the hall to our company’s executive offices, where people gathered around Ralph’s new “woman”. As he took the leather coat off my shoulders to hang it up, he told the office staff, “Damien Camacho no longer works here. He quit last night when he heard that he didn’t get the promotion he wanted. I want you all to meet his new replacement, Holly Fuchs. Some of you may remember her from the Johnson’s Halloween party. You may also remember what special talents she has. Come on guys; meet you at the coffeepot. Miss Fuchs, just wait right here a minute for me. If you move I will have to press your trigger.” That threat was enough to freeze me in place, even though it would have been better if he had let me sit down.

When Ralph had the guys alone, he told all of them, “You all know that Mr. Johnson wants his troops to be happy at their work. To this end he has decided to provide sexual relaxation sessions as an additional office perk for outstanding effort. I want you to make Miss Holly Fuchs ‘feel’ really at home. She’s really a very silent and mellow nymphomaniac slut, who loves to get screwed all day long. If you feel under stress, just ask her to come along with you to the Xerox Room or the supply closet, and she’ll fuck your socks off, no fee, no questions asked. Like I said before, Mr. Johnson wants you to think of this as a serious office perk. Exercise is good for the body, and Mr. Johnson felt that the company gym wasn’t providing some of you with the type of exercise you desired the most. In the interest of sanitation, make sure that you clean up after yourself. I would recommend using condoms.”

“Does Miss Fuchs do blow jobs?” asked Jake.

“I’m afraid that she doesn’t care for oral activities,” responded Ralph. “But, she enjoys group sex during normal office break-times. I will set up a schedule to assist you in the type of activity that suits your needs. If you have some exotic suggestions please fill free to submit them and I will have our office slut programmed to provide them for you.”

“Is there anything we can do to spice up her approach to sex?” inquired Mike.

“Holly Fuchs loves to sip on bad bourbon mixed with really cheap tequila. Just make sure that you bring along plenty of that mixture for our office nymphomaniac. She really relaxes on that and will generally let you do anything you want. If she slows down on you or appears tired and/or reluctant, just suggest to her that Ralph still has her trigger in his office. I think you will find her a most willing sexual partner after that. Also, don’t forget to clean up after yourself. No one like to fuck a dirty slut.”

“I am not much in the mood for doing it in a broom closet, Ralph,” stated Horace.

“Hear, hear,” seconded Max. “It is hard to relax on top of a Xerox machine, Ralph. Is there some way we can improve on that situation?”

“We will have the special office for her special duties finished by next week. It will be built in Damin’s old workstation. It is good that his former work station is centrally located and windowless,” said Ralph with a sardonic chuckle. “It will be really convenient and ready right in time for the office Christmas parties and all of the other the holidays. I hope that you all like the Victorian brothel motif, because that look really turns our office slut on.”

“What are your plans for the oral sex, component, Ralph?” asked David who joined the group without any reference to the pistol whipping that he received from Ralph at the Johnson’s house. When Ralph acknowledged David’s presence he looked to see if David was the any worse for wear from his violent experience. Maybe David had been so drunk that he wasn’t aware of what had happened to him.

“I hope to have the nymphomaniac who will do blow jobs for you online as well, but first I will have to scout up another site for that project,” answered Ralph.

“I told you guys that Mr. Johnson wants us to be a happy crew,” announced Eddie.

Needless to say, after that announcement, my life at the office was drastically modified. I pretty much lived on the booze and drugs that they force-fed me. I lost a lot of weight and Ralph adjusted my torso, corsets and clothing to take advantage of this fact. As my waist got smaller he boosted the size of my tits and ass until I was a life size Barbie doll. I have to admit that he was a pretty attentive keeper and that they managed to keep me pretty clean. However, I guess that I should also mention that I was on duty in my Victorian decorated brothel twenty-four-seven. The men in the office made sure that they got a lot of exercise. They doubled their output to be the weekly winner of raffles that had extra time with me as the prize. I imagine that their wives enjoyed the freedom from having to provide constant sex to their sex crazed mates. I lost all track of time. I was helpless to prevent any of it, just because of one wild Halloween party. So beware when your wife wants to go to one and offers to become your masked fantasy.

It took me over a year to break out of that situation. I am not totally positive about this, but I think that it was Mrs. Johnson who helped free me after her husband began using me more than his fair share of my talent. My bound arms atrophied to the level that it took a year of strenuous and disciplined physical therapy to restore most of their normal functions. The same thing could be said for my bladder. Because of the corset binding and weight loss, I still have an effeminate figure. My spine and ribs hurt when I remove my corset, so I have to wear one under my male clothes when I wear my male drab. The repeated removal of all my hair has me looking like a chemotherapy patient. My doctor told me that my hair might never grow back in. He also said that my liver and ass would never be the same again.

The real Marsha, my leather wearing office playmate, became Ralph’s private secretary, but that is not much of a story. I have heard that when they are not at the office that Ralph forces the real Marsha to wear Ralph’s mask of Rhonda as well as Rhonda’s clothes. Eventually she even began to mask as Rhonda in the office. I guess that helped Ralph think that he had a life with his fantasy Rhonda. Actually at first I thought that the masking Marsha was Rhonda, but then I heard that the real Rhonda was providing blowjobs for the company’s executive staff. After a few months, Rhonda managed to escape with the aid of some unknown benefactor and found her own world of hate and fantasy, but that is another story. Some say that the unknown benefactor was the real Monica, but I can’t confirm that for sure, because shortly after that both Marsha’s and Rhonda’s images disappeared from the office. I figured that even Ralph got tired of maintaining his fantasy. I heard from some of my devotees, that office morale and productivity reached an all time high during my tenure as the office nymphomaniac slut. However, after a several months the novelty of immediate and constant availability along with free and easy access began to wear off and I was reduced to a human toilet. A couple of the guys would take out their aggression and frustrations on me and work me over pretty well. The costume and mask hid most of the bruises from view, but they still hurt anyway. Remember that I was a one-orifice act. I guess that even with free and easy sex, variety is till the spice of life. Maybe that is why I still have such a roving eye.

I work in a pornographic bookstore now and have a new outlook on life. I dress in drag at work. While I still enjoy masking, chasing women has lost most of its glamour. My masking has also been toned down a couple of notches, not that the right situation and/or woman couldn’t spark me to new heights of fantasy. Halloween also lost some of its attraction and fascination for me. One of the ironies to come out of that fateful series of events, is that I would go back to Rhonda at the drop of a hat if she would have me and mask for me like she did on that Halloween. I guess I till love her. Anyway, I am back to celebrating Halloween with the Greenwich Village Parade. The street is a more open place and limits the degree of perversion more than a private party does. Ralph pretty much destroyed my engineering career. If you are interested I guess I could tell you about those stories too, but you would have to swear never to tell another soul about what I have already written here for your information and reading enjoyment.