Masked Dreams




Masking is the most delightful recreation I can think of thought Chato as he

signed off of the Internet after he down loaded several masking stories from for some enjoyable late night reading. “It is such a reprise from the day-to-day slavery I have locked myself into at work. Nena has become such a great email friend. I tell her almost as much as I confide in my beat friend Mango Cantu. I sure wish I could meet her. I wonder if she could teach me to mask as I have always desired,” said Chato to his computer monitor.


“Go to bed Chato. I am becoming really tired of your attitude. All you want to me to do whenever we go any place is mask as your mistress,” shouted Nena.

“That is not true, Querida. I didn’t ask you to mask for me when we went out last New Years,” asserted Chato. Besides you always said that you like to mask when we were courting on the Internet.”

“But you wanted me to wear those tall monster heels and that long, black Vampira wig, not to mention that full-length, body hugging, black sequined dress and Black PVC gloves last New Years,” complained Nena. ” As for our Internet courtship, you were never happy until you had photos of me wearing oversized breast enhancers, hour-glass profiled Victorian corsets, and bush level false eyelashes as well. Even without your precious latex mask you would have me so painted that my own mother wouldn’t recognize me.”

“You know you look super fine in that outfit, Nena. If you would have worn what I desired to my company’s New Years Gala, you would have made me the envy of every guy at the party. I’ll bet you would have done it for me if we weren’t already married.”

“So says you, Chato, but you aren’t the one that would have had to walk around in it and get ogled all night. Our marriage has nothing to do with it. How would you like it if I made you walk around in an outfit like that?”

“That’s impossible, Nena, I don’t have the basic equipment for doing that.”

“I’m not so sure about that, Chato. I just know that you are having all the fun and that there is nothing in it for me.”

“But honey, by being my mistress, you know that when I am out with what appears to be another woman, that I am being totally faithful to you,” reasoned Chato. “You can’t even imagine how your being Monica Chichi for me makes me total encased in your powers.”

“Do you know how strange that sounds, Chato?”

“What do you mean?” asked Chato.

“You claim to be chained to my love because I transform into another woman for you,” suggested Nena with an offended snarl in her voice.

“It doesn’t sound strange to me at all, Nena.” Chato really did feel an intense joy and thrill at Nena’s transformation into his incredible Monica Chichi. Those times when she had been Monica Chichi for him as a birthday or Christmas present, were the high points of their relationship. He was positive that in all her protests that Nena Like doing Monica as well. For Chato the proof of this was that when Nena was Monica, she came harder and longer than at any other time. Being Monica Chichi released Nena from her own day-to-day image of herself and allowed her to do things as Senorita Chichi that she would never even think of in her own persona. To compound this for Chato, his memory had converted those events with Nena as Monica Chichi, into organic video clips that played across his most torrid dreams, time and time again. When Nena refused to be Monica from him for more than a month at a time, he found himself dreaming of nothing else. The best part beyond that thrill and visual sex was that he didn’t have to feel all the guilt of cheating on his beloved Nena; knowing all the while that it was her own unbridled and passionate abilities that drove Monica’s image.

“It must be some weird form of male logic, then,” continued Nena. “To be quite honest, I find the whole thing rather insulting. You say that I am beautiful, but then you seem to prefer her in moments of passion. I don’t know why I ever consented to do her for you in the first place. I don’t want to be your Monica Chichi anymore. Why can’t you like me just for me?”

“Does that means that you won’t wear what I have picked out for you on Valentines? After all was said and done, you didn’t do any part of this outfit for New Years, let alone be my mistress, Monica Chichi.”

“Is there something wrong with your hearing, Chato? My attitude right now is the same as it was for New Years. I don’t want to be your Monica Chichi in any outfit at anytime, anymore. Doing it at first was a lark and a novelty. Now it is just a chore.”

“I wish you didn’t feel that way Dearest. I need you to do this for me.”

“I know you feel that way, Chato, but I just don’t want to do it.”

“But Nena darling, if you do this for me, I will know that you love me and are truly mine,” pleaded Chato.

“Don’t Nena darling me, Chato. You can’t get around me with a few sweet words anymore, not that they ever worked for you that much anyway. Why must I prove to you that I love you by being your masked, buxom, call girl? Why can’t you just go to the ball with me as me?”

“Okay, how about this for a compromise?” proposed Chato. “You don’t have to wear the mask when we are outside of our room, Nena. You don’t even have to

wear anymore make up than you want. All you have to wear at the ball is the

rest of the outfit.”

“How about this for a compromise, Chato, I go as I want in whatever I want, to the Valentine ball and you have a great time with me, and only me, and love me for it,” countered Nena.

“How is that a compromise, Nena? What’s in that for me?” asked Chato.

“Like there is so much in what you are proposing for me, Chato. I guess you still don’t get it. What I am offering is that I will go with you to the ball as your beautiful, loving wife, instead of a fancy whore.”

“You don’t look like a whore in what I am proposing for you to wear, Nena.”

Whenever Nena used the term “wife” in this context, Chato knew that she was really serious. He didn’t really have a clear vision of their whirlwind courtship and Marriage. Much of their courtship had evolved out of a chance email contact, that became an intensive and protracted correspondence. Nena was a brilliant, professional woman that made him feel whole. He remembered their wedding and short honeymoon the previous November in Las Vegas. Nena had set-up the entire event, with Chato footing the bill. The whole thing had been a wild party with most of the attendees being Nena’s friends and associates. Only his best friend, Mango, had attended from his side of the wedding.

“I sure do feel like one, in that get up, Chato. I would rather wear the mask in that costume than go as myself,” continued Nena.

“That would be fine with me, Nena.”

“Of course it would, Chato. Like have already said, you aren’t the one that has to wear it. I’m not making you change yourself to go out with me. If you continue on this course, why don’t we just forget about that stupid Valentine ball and just stay home as you and me?”

“Where is the fun in that, Nena? Besides, I am changing my entire image when I wear that monkey suit for you.”

“Are you saying that being with me without all your latex modifications, mask and sequined ball dress draped over me, isn’t fun anymore?”

“I am not saying that at all, Nena and you know it.”

“No I don’t know it, Chato. All you want me to be anymore is a free latex whore for you. You don’t even want to wear your handsome tuxedo for me. If I wore the mask it would only be because I would be ashamed that people knew I was being a whore for you. To make sure that no one knew it was I in that dress and latex body, you would have to be masked as well. Some of my friends are going to be at that ball and I don’t want them to think that you can cheat on me whenever you like.”

“All right, if you want me to mask for you, I will. That is only fair,” agreed Chato. He didn’t know where that idea had come from, but he felt he had to say it.

“But you like masking and I don’t, Chato. Making you mask is like forcing a polar bear to swim in ice water.”

“All right, I will wear whatever you lay out for me. The sky is the limit, mask or no mask,” proposed Chato. Again, saying things like this were out of character for Chato. He was a control freak; a take charge kind of guy. He had used these traits to become the CEO of his multi-billion-dollar electronics firm. More and more, however, Nena was helping him make critical decisions. On the other hand, all of these realities still seemed perfectly natural, because the basic ideas seemed to originate with Chato and her creativity was developing product lines that were sending the companies profits soaring even in a time of economic turn down.

“Are you sure you know what you are agreeing to Chato?” asked Nena as an idea began to shape in her mind.

“Sure, Nena I have masked on Halloween. I isn’t all that hard and the effort is more than balanced by the fun of the transformation process.”

“So what you are saying, Chato is that if I wear that sequined dress, monster boots, and all the latex accessories and mask that you call your Monica Chichi, then you will wear whatever I pick out for you, no questions asked.”

“Sure, Nena. How can I lose? You have great taste. This will great be fun for both of us.” Why was he saying that? Nena was often very masculine in her style and tastes. He had been working on her wardrobe to feminize it a bit.

“I will need some of your internet sites to do some shopping for my half of this bargain, Chato.”

“No problem. They are all booked marked and stored in my favorite’s list.”

“Now be assured that I won’t go out as Monica Chichi unless you do the fantasy outfit I have designed for you. Is the crystal clear, Chato?”

“Crystal, Nena. Would you like to make a wager on who will be better at doing the other’s fantasy? Just to make it really interesting, I mean.”

“What do you have in mind, Chato?” asked Nena while acting like she might as well go for broke for at least one fantasy evening.

“If I do your fantasy more willingly and better than you do mine, you have to Monica Chichi for me during our entire spring ski snow trip. That means that you will be Monica Chichi for me twenty-four seven, during the trip. To show you how serious I am I will even promise to supply your wardrobe and everything.”

“What do I get if I am the winner of the bet?” asked Nena skeptically.

“I don’t see how that could happen with the way you feel about being Monica

Chichi in public, but if you won the bet, I would be your fantasy for our entire spring snow trip.”

“It’s a bet if I can name the what, time and place of my fantasy if I win,”

countered Nena. “I’m not sure that our spring snow trip is the time I would chose for what I have in mind for you.”

“That’s kind of a blank check, Nena.”

“Be that as it may, that is the only way I will make this bet along with the

reality that you pay for everything whether you win or lose, in addition to the twenty-four seven clause for your Senorita Chichi from your side of the bet. Her ski wardrobe will be a knock as well Chato. I don’t want your whore to look like a bargain basement has been.”

“Your are on for the wardrobe. We can pick out the whole thing from the North Face Catalogue, but the win or lose paying for the whole thing is just not fair, Nena,” protested Chato. “I want you to feel as vested in this event as I am.

“What are you worrying about Chato. A couple of minutes ago you were absolutely positive that there was no way you could lose this bet,” teased Nena.

“Who is going to judge who the winner is?” probed Chato.

“I’ll pick a friend I can trust to be a judge, you pick one you can trust to be a judge, and we will decide together on who is to be the third judge. That means of course that they will have to know who we are as a couple, but not necessarily which half of the couple we are.”

“What does that mean, Nena? Not too many people, outside of your circle of arty friends, know us as a couple.”

Nena chose to ignore the second half of Chato’s last remark. “I am not totally sure yet, Chato. The details of and the plans for my fantasy aren’t complete in my mind, but this is the only way your full blown Monica Chichi is going to that Valentine’s ball at the Fairmont.”

“I know you won’t believe this, Nena, but just the thought of you saying that is turning me on,” commented Chato.

“I believe you Chato. You are so easy.”

Chato was so enamoured with the thought that he agreed whole-heartedly with Nena’s terms for the bet. He didn’t even wonder what she meant with the remark that he was so easy. He further agreed to have the conditions for the bet put into writing and witnessed by the three judges. All this negotiating told Chato that Nena was really serious about the project and that at last he was going to have an unfettered night of bliss with his fabulous Monica Chichi. Chato picked his best friend Mango as his judge, and Nena picked her sister Lupe as her judge.

“I’m ready to go to bed now,” stated Chato. “I have a big day tomorrow in

preparation for the business meeting in Los Angeles.”

“I forgot that you were leaving tomorrow afternoon. Are you all packed?”

“Everything is in the garage and waiting to be loaded in the van we will be renting.”

“Are your reservations confirmed?” probed Nena.

“Yes, Nena. I took care of the van rental and Mango set up the display booth and the hotel reservations. We will be staying at the Marina Hilton.”

“I hate these little separations, Chato. I will miss you so. Be sure to call me when you get in and let me know what your room number is in case I have an emergency and have to call you,” declared Nena.

“I always do that, Nena,” said Chato as he cuddled in the down blankets on his bed. He didn’t even hear Nena ask him if he wanted to have some sex play when she came back out of the bathroom in her slinky negligee. Chato was already deep in his dreams and dancing at the Valentine Ball with his fabulous and voluptuous Senorita Monica Chichi.


“Did I ever tell you about the dream I had while I was in Los Angeles?” asked Chato as he lounged in bed with Nena a couple of mornings after he returned from his business trip.

“I don’t think so, Chato, but it better not be about you Monica Chichi woman,” declared Nena as she rolled towards him and opened her eyes wide with a powerful threatening stare.

“Don’t start up, Nena. The dream was all about you,” warned Chato.

“That’s a good start. Let me hear it then,” said Nena.

“The dream was strange because during it I wasn’t sure if I was a wake or asleep. That is how real it was.”

“Maybe it wasn’t a dream, Chato.”

“It had to be one, Nena.”

“Why do you say that?” asked Nena.

“Let me tell you and you will see why,” stated Chato.

“Okay, I will be quiet as long as you don’t turn it into one of your marathon stories.”

“Maybe I shouldn’t tell you at all.”

“You started it, Chato. It would be really mean to just tease me and not tell me now.”

“Okay, then here goes. The second Night I stayed in the hotel, I was really tired. The demonstrations and presentations had worn me out. Mango wanted to party, so I told him to do that in his room and I went my own room about an hour after I called you and left a message on the machine. Bye the way, you never told me where you were when I called.”

“I went shopping with my sisters,” informed Nena. You know how I don’t like staying here in the house by myself.”

“I thought is would be something like that,” responded Chato. “Anyway, I think I fell asleep for about an hour. I was so tired that I had just laid down on the bed to relax and watch some television before taking my shower and actually getting into bed. I guess I dosed off before I put the television on. Then came a knock at the door. Mind you, I don’t know if this was a real or a dream knock. I think I got up to answer it, but maybe I only dreamt that I did. When I opened the door, you where standing there in your black, hooded, full-length leather coat. I asked you what you were doing in Los Angeles and you said that you were just checking to make sure that I was behaving myself.”

“That sounds like me. So then what happened?” asked Nena as her eyes sparkled and danced while Chato revealed his fantasy dreamscape.

“I invited you into the room to see that I was all by myself. Then upon seeing that I was, you said that you might as well stay a while. I told you how tired I was, but you started taking off your long leather coat anyway.”

“I suppose I was naked under the coat, Chato.”

“No, not this time. You pealed off the coat to reveal that you were wearing your hooded, black leather parka under it. I could also see that you were wearing tall leather boots and black leather pants.”

“That is different. It must have been really cold.”

“Yes it was. I guess that is why I hadn’t undressed myself.”

“So what happened next?”

“I made you a Tequila and Kaluha drink from the honor bar.”

“That sounds yummy.”

“Yes, you enjoyed it in my dream as well. I then asked you if you were staying awhile or leaving soon. You said you had decided to stay since I seemed to be in a hurry to have you go. You also said something about me have a hottie waiting for me at Mango Cantu’s party.”

“Did you?”

“Of course not, Nena. I wanted to be sharp in the morning because I knew that Mango was working the party and wouldn’t be in any condition for an early start the next day. The dream continued with you removing your parka only to reveal that the leather pants were part of a black, three-piece leather suit. I could see that the suit and vest were custom tailored and fit you the way your leather gloves fit your hands. That suit showed off you gorgeous hourglass figure to the max. Damn you were a total hottie. I wanted you so bad, I felt like I was going to totally uncoil and hemorrhage in my own pants.”

“Was I wearing any make up?” probed Nena.

“I guess so. Let’s just say that you paid attention to every detail that you thought might be a visual turn on for me,” answered Chato.

“How long was my hair?” asked Nena in an impish manner to distract Chato from enjoying his fantasy memory in her presence.

“Now that you ask, it think it was a shoulder length page boy that was longer in the front than in the back.”

“Are you saying that you don’t like my pixie cut?”

“No, Nena. I think you are very cute in it.”

“So why didn’t I have a pixie hair cut in your dream?”

“I don’t know. All I am trying to tell you is how I saw you in my dream,” responded Chato with frustration in his voice.

“Well at least I wasn’t wearing one of Monica Chichi’s long, curly showgirl wigs, but I would have liked it better if you remembered me with a pixie styled hair cut, Chato.”

“Fine, you had a pixie hair cut, Nena.”

“But, you said that I didn’t,” countered Nena.

“I know that, but whose dream is this anyways?”

“All right, please continue, but I still think I should have had a pixie hair cut,” teased Nena as she winked hair right eye. She really could look like a pixie when she wanted to, thought Chato to himself.

“By now I was laying down on the bed and you were sitting on the corner. You started messaging my tired feet with your gloved hands. I thought I hand achieved a total turn on with the visual effect, but this was just fabulous. I felt the warmth of your affection tingle it’s way up my legs and pulsate all the way along my spine. It was a totally erogenous sensation.”

“That’s different,” interrupted Nena. “I don’t think I have ever done that for you.”

“You haven’t, Nena.”

“Then how do you know it would feel so good?”

“You aren’t the only woman I have known, Nena.”

“And I suppose those flipping bitches all rubbed your feet.”

“Not all of them.”

“How many, Chato?”

“I don’t recall. My life didn’t start with you, but all other pale in your


“That sounds good, but those memories of your wild life before better fade quickly in the distant past if you want to keep the present pleasant. So what happened after the foot message.”

“You pull my trousers off by pulling on the cuffs and started working your way up my legs, one messaged muscle at a time.”

“I can see where this is going,” said Nena with a chuckle as she reached her hand between Chato’s legs to find that if he rolled onto his back he could lift the blankets off the bed with his ridged shaft.

“So did I, but just as you neared the top of my thighs, you reached into your blazer’s side pockets and pulled out a brass ring and two latex gloves. You then took off you blazer to reveal that you were wearing a shiny black leather blouse under your vest. Next, you pulled those black latex surgical gloves on over your leather ones. Once they were smoothed on you fingers to you liking, you took that brass ring and forced it down along my shaft to its base. I couldn’t believe the incredibly erotic pain I began to feel. It was excruciatingly marvelous.”

“Since I never did that to you either, how man and which one of your former girl friends did that for you?”

“None of them. I don’t even know where I got that idea from.”

“And now I am supposed to believe that you have the Brooklyn Bridge for sale as a package deal with the Golden Gate to help me into an early retirement of luxury and fantasy sex.”

“No, Nena. Maybe I was hoping that you would try that with me.”

“Only in your dreams Chato. Things like that come out of sick male minds and whores who want to please those sick minds for big money. Have your Monica Chichi do that for you if you think she can. Is there anymore to this sick and disgusting dream.”

“I don’t have to go on with it, Nena.”

“You had better go on with it, Chato. I am beginning to wonder just how much you paid the whore who did this for you.”

“I swear it was a dream, Nena. At least I think it was a dream. Oh my God!”

“What now, Chato?”

“What if Mango Cantu drugged me and had a whore do that to me, but then she would have had to been a perfect double for you.”

“Or she could have been masked to look like me, Chato.”

“That is a wild and horny thought, Nena, but Mango isn’t into masks that way. It had to have been a dream. Anyway, You lay down next to me and bit my nipples and scratched my back with one gloved hand while you continued to work on my genitals with the other. You were incredibly strong and rough with me. When I went to touch you with my hands you reached in to you pants pocket and pulled out a pair of wrist cuffs and chained my arms together behind me before I had a chance to resist. Then you put you round leather covered ass in my face and started to give me head, only the ring wouldn’t let me cum. When I begged you to let me cum you pulled a black ball gag out of your coat pocket and rammed it into my mouth. I don’t know how much longer this all went on, but in the morning you were gone, my jaw was sore, my dick was swollen and totally horny, and my wrist and ankles were bruised”.

“That is one vivid and disgusting dream, Chato. No wonder you came home so horny from your trip. How do you account for the soreness of your wrists, jaw and ankles?”

“I can’t. That is what has me all confused, Nena,” confessed Chato.


The following day Nena and Chato decided that Fred Barnikle should be their third judge for their masking side bet at the Valentine Day Ball. They both

regarded Fred as a friend, even though he was Nena’s friend first. Fred was also fair, and as the promoter of the Ball, Fred agreed to pay for the costs of the costume, sight unseen, that Nena was designing for Chato. Over the next three weeks, Nena and Chato spent almost all of their spare time designing and perfecting each other’s costume for the Valentine Ball. Nena teased Chato mercilessly about her progress with his costume, but never revealed to him what exactly his costume was. Nena also suggested to Chato’s delight that they make a real night of it and take a room at the Fairmont Hotel as well and have drinks and dinner before they went to the ball in the Fairmont’s palatial Regency Ballroom.

As the night of the ball neared, Chato’s dreams and memories of his Tia intensified. His body also was cooperating by slenderizing itself. He found himself swearing off his big calorie lunches in favor of soups and salads. He started to shave his his legs and armpits. Then he desired that all of his body hair be removed. It felt great to be smooth all over. It was like the his Tia’s spirit was invading his body and taking over again like she had during his childhood. He had even found and purchased a leather corset, panties and bra that he began wearing full-time under what he felt were becoming his drab masculine clothes. Not only did he enjoy wearing them, but also as the days went by, his body seemed to respond to their shaping format. In addition, Chato realized that every spare moment he had found him in stores selecting panty hose that he could wear as well.

Nena and Chato were supposed to arrive with all their gear for their respective costumes at the hotel about three o’clock on the day of the ball, but Nena had an emergency at her work and told Chato to set-up their room by himself. As he followed the bellman into the elevator to go up to his room and unpack, the thought occurred to him that he was going to have to ask Nena about her work. As intimate as they had been, and for all she knew about his company, her work world was still pretty much a mystery to him. Chato put all of Nena’s costume in the huge double sink and Jacuzzi containing bathroom of the suite. She had packed and sealed his gear into a couple of very large and locked suitcases. He had promised not to open them and had the bellman place the suitcases in the suite’s spacious closet. After that he lay on the great bed and dreamed for a while of his Monica Chichi. Nena sitting on the bed next to him awakened him. She was talking to him like they had been in conversation for about five minutes.

“Since we have a little extra time, Chato, why don’t we jump into that great big bed and drain that organ of yours so you won’t be all over me in the elevator on the way down to the bar?”

“That is a marvelous suggestion, Nena,” thought Chato while dreaming of the evening with Monica Chichi that was so near now. Like long lost lovers that had been separated from each other for months in celibate conditions, Nena and Chato seduced and played until they both needed a nap before changing into their outfits for the evening. Once again, Chato’s Tia came to him and worked over his mind in his dream.

When he awoke, Nena had Chato put on his tuxedo and a simple full head latex mask of Cupid while she allegedly went into the bathroom to transform herself into his vision of Monica Chichi. Chato couldn’t believe that a simple latex head, as good as it felt, and his own tuxedo was all she had come up with in three weeks of teasing. He walked over to the mirror to see how the mask tuxedo combination looked. As simple as the outfit was he was still turned on by the transformation. He began to feel his arousal to the wearing of the mask and then suddenly, he began to feel faint. He considered taking off the mask to make a mouth hole bigger and allow for more oxygen in his system. He wanted to move, but looking at the masked person in the mirror riveted him to the door sized looking glass. With his entire remaining masculine will, he reached up to the neck of the full head latex mask to begin the untying process to remove the mask. The room started to spin and Chato passed on into his dreamland with his glamorous Senorita Chichi.

“Are you all right, Monica?” asked his Tia’s hollow voice from the distant fog of the whirling and buzzing dreamscape.

“Who’s calling me?” asked Chato’s fog bound voice. Something was wrong and

confining yet wide open and simultaneously liberating. The blurred vision was in perfect focus. The reversed position like he was passing through an inverted mirror seemed somehow most natural and reassuring.

“Who do you want it to be?” responded his Tia’s hollow voice from out of the

focused fog.

“I am not sure,” responded Chato’s self-contained and muffled voice that pierced the blocking fog. “I know that voice should be Nena’s, but it must be my Tia Monica’s voice. She is the only one that can save me from the monsters under my bed, but then you called me Monica.”

“You sound so knowledgeable and in control, Monica,” asserted the closing hallow voice that drifted into one ear and then the other as if it was bouncing off antiphonal walls.

“Now you sound like my own voice, but I am not sure who that is. I am so confused,” murmured Chato’s dream echo.

“You have been confused ever since your chichona Tia Monica first saved you from the dust monsters that invaded the space under your bed.”

“No one was supposed to know about that,” whined Chato’s little boy voice.

“She save you by molesting you when you were five years old. She played with your penis while scaring you with that old black gas mask. She would not stop until you penetrated her and sucked the juices in her pussy. She told the monsters to hide in the closet while she smothered your face with her huge chichis and powerful thighs.”

“How do you know that? I promised Tia over and over that I would never tell anyone if she kept saving me from the sand monsters that made me service them.

“But you told Nena and you must be punished for it my little pony slut.”

“I swear, Tia, I never did tell,” asserted Chato’s lonely and frightened voice.

“But you know you did, my sweet Sissy Monica, that is why the monsters forced you inside Chato’s ugly male body. As scared as you where of the monsters then, what will save now as it did then will be to reestablish your craving for your favorite Tia’s breasts and cunt. You know how your educated and trained lips love sucking on your Tia’s private parts. That is why you want your Tia Nena to be even bigger and juicier than your old Tia was. Nena is the perfect Tia. You will do anything, absolutely anything, your Tia Nena Chichi tells you to do. You must fuck your Tia’s boyfriends to keep her happy now that you have violated her trust. You must never ask them to take off their sand monster gas masks or embarrass them in anyway.”

“But I don’t want to service anymore of those gas masked sand monsters, Tia,” cried Chato as the Pony slut in his little sissy voice.”

“Do what your Tia tells you to do, Sissy Slut. This is your punishment for telling Nena our secrets. Of course it won’t be as bad as you protest anyway, because you love to do it anyhow. Your complaints are so dear and pleasing to me. This is why your Tia let’s you service her too.”

“I will keep trying to please you Tia. You can even put on you gas mask, just like before, and I will do whatever you want.”

“That’s my good little Sissy Slut. So what have you to say to you Tia now?”

“Please let me suck on your huge boobs and juicy cunt. I will promise to never tell our secret to anyone again, as long as you keep saving me from the Sand Monsters,” proclaimed Chato in his Sissy Monica persona.

“Your Nena Chichi is the very best Tia you have ever had. That is why you love her so. You know that Chato has to release Monica so she can serve Nena the way she served your old Tia, but as always, you must keep the secret and never tell,” smoothly demanded the powerfully focused female dream voice.

“I already said that I will never tell, but how can this all be, Tia Chichi?” asked Monica’s dreamy and creamy voice from inside her hallucinating Chato prison.

“You know you want to be your lovely Monica if you found a partner that could help achieve that goal.”

“I guess you are right, but why is this so clear now and never an issue before?”

“Your mind is finally ready for a new shift of performance and attitude, My little sissy slut. Chato is no longer in control. Keeping that thought in mind, I want you to tell me who you want me to be,” commanded the powerfully focused female persona from the romantic and erotic dreamscape.

“I want you to be my Monica Chichi,” replied Monica’s voice from inside Chato’s face.

“Now you know, Monica, that cannot be. I can’t be the persona that Chato has imprisoned all these years. Set us both free by telling me who I really am.”

“Can you give me a hint?” pleaded Chato/Monica.

“I am the only woman you ever really loved.”

“Then you have to be Tia Chichi.”

“Will you still do everything your Tia Chichi tells you to do?”

“Yes Tia.”

“That’s a good girl, Monica. It is time for you to come out and suck your Tia like you desire. If you do it well I will force that brass ring onto you and stroke you until you are ready to proper service you sweet loving Tia.”

“Thank you Tia. You know how much you taught to love that ring. I have never told anyone except for Nena about it, but what do I do with Chato while all this is going on?”

“Put a gas mask on him, wrap him in a rubber bag and throw him in the closet with the other Sand Monsters.”

“But they might hurt him.”

“Not as long as the latex bag is totally sealed.”

“That’s good. I’ll zip up the bag myself, Tia.”

“That is my perfect cunt sucking Monica. Remember that Nena isn’t good enough for you now that you have your Tia Chichi back online to protect her loving toy.”

“Thank you for telling me this Tia, but this must be a dream,” said Chato/Monica while trying to wake-up.

“Why would you think that?”

“Nena loves me and I love her.”

“Don’t you mean you love the way Nena imitated your chichona Tia?”

“Well that too, but don’t I love her too?”

“You only love your Chichona Tia and when she tells you do something, you will do it with out question, Monica.”

“You must be right, Tia Chichi. You always took such good care of me.”

“Tell you Tia Chichi what she wants to hear from you my little Sissy Monica.”

I love you Tia Chichi. I want to suck you dry. Tell me what I must do to earn that privilege.”

“You must force Nena to go out with you in your Monica persona. Disgust her and make her be a lesbian with you. Make her act like your Mistress and you will force her to let you serve as her Maid.”

“Yes, Yes, Tia. I will do it for you. With that “Monica Chichi” got up and dressed as a totally, from head to foot, and finger tip to finger tip, black and white PVC clad maid. “Her” extreme heels made “her” hobble about in small hurried steps to keep up with “her Tia’s” masterful strides. “Her” full length faux fur dark mink coat cuddled around “her” and protected “her” from the cold night air and the drafts of the great dreamland ballroom. “Monica Chichi” felt so good when “her Tia” fastened the six-foot leash to “her” studded collar and forced “her” kneel with “her” head between “her Tia’s” thighs at the ball. Even through “her Tia’s” leather clothing and underwear, “Monica” could inhale the scent of the honey box “she” so craved to be smothered in. When they danced everyone noted how well behaved and submissive “Monica” was with “her Tia”.

“Wake up, Chato. I have put this stupid outfit on for you. Are we going to the dance or not?” announced Nena as his Monica Chichi.

Chato tried to reply but something was wrong with his teeth and he couldn’t make his jaw move. He opened his eyes, but his sight was blurred. Somehow his glasses had become fogged and his face still felt funny. He could hardly feel himself touch his skin with his fingertips. The latex of his mask must be made of some very special material, he thought. “I have checked everything in the room and turned out all of the lights. Let’s go,” continued Nena as Monica Chichi. “We have gone to great expense sleepy head. I want to see who will win our bet. We can sleep after dinner and the ball.”

Chato tried to stand on his feet, but even though he was sure that he was touching the floor with the bottom of his shoes he felt a yard off of the floor. “Come on my little fashion slut,” snapped Nena as “Monica Chichi”. While he was sleeping she must have put some platform shoes on him, but when he finally steadied himself on his feet, he wasn’t any taller than his “Monica Chichi”. “Monica” already had her coat on. It looked very much like the one he had dreamed about. “Here is your coat, Nena. I can’t have my maid looking dumpy now, can I? You better check to see if that brass ring is holding you inside that black rubber dildo properly. I don’t want my maid dribbling all over the place. I didn’t want to be the dom with you as my maid, but as long as you have forced me to do it, let’s go.”

Maid? thought, Chato. Who’s the maid? Oh my God, I’m the maid. Once again he went to speak, but something had his mouth all stuffed and his tongue all jammed. In addition he was sure that the brass ring was in place. It felt just as good and painful as he dreamed it would.

“I hope you like your costume, Nena. At first I tried to make it match what Chato had picked out for me, but that didn’t seem appropriate. However, I found this wonderful PVC Maid costume in the back of Chato’s closet, and as they say, all the rest is history.”

Chato tried to protest as his beautiful Monica Chichi put a full-length female cut, hooded, black leather coat over the PVC maid’s outfit he was wearing. Because the lights were off in the room and his vision was restricted and fogged, he couldn’t see how he looked in the mirror. He wanted to resist what was happening to him, but as weird as it was, it seemed natural. Some irresistible urge deep in the back of his mind was driving him to comply. Maybe he was still dreaming or maybe he was back after the actual dance and asleep from all the wonderful food, liquor and sex of the evening.

“By the way, Nena, you will think of me as your Tia Chichi for the evening. If you could talk or when I allow you to talk, will address me a Tia Chichi. I guess you have figured out already that I will be doing all the talking for us in that you are gagged behind your mask,” continued Monica Chichi with her monologue. “I just love the way your mask covers that reality. To the rest of the world you will be a really dumb blonde, but they make for the best maids anyway. Don’t worry, you will be able to drink everything I tell you to drink through a special entry straw. Of course you won’t be able to eat, but your extreme Victorian corset probably wouldn’t allow your stomach to hold all that much anyway. Also, don’t worry about getting lost or finding your way, this leash will hold you by my side unless I trade you to someone else to repay a favor or get credit for another favor. One other thing, You will respond lovingly at all times to the name of Pony Slut, as in My Little Pony Slut.”

Again, Chato’s conscious mind wanted to scream in rebellion even though Nena was doing his Monica Chichi routine to perfection, but something blocked all his ability to stop what was happening to him. He felt that he just had to go along with the program no matter where it lead him or how humiliating it might be for him. Of course not even his own mother would recognize him or his date for the evening, so where was the harm in all this. It would probably best to go along with the program. If his “Tia’s” plans were close to his previous dream or if he was dreaming now, this could be fun. Being called “My Little Sissy Pony Slut” wouldn’t be so bad as long as he was with his Monica Chichi and if he won their bet in his role as the maid, then he would have his fantasy snow trip as well.


“I thought you and that guy you call your boy friend were a scream at the

Valentine Ball, Charles.”

“You weren’t so bad as my sister Lupe, yourself, Fred.”

“You know that I just love doing her. That mask is your best one yet. I could pass for a female anywhere in the world when I wear it. Where did you get that great name of Nena and Monica Chichi?” asked Fred Barnikle/

“From some chat room correspondence with Chato. They are some of his fantasy names and I just built a scenario around them that he wants to believe,” declared Charles in his male persona.

“You make such a believable Nena and that Monica Chichi and her maid performance was priceless. I will be able to use the photos we took to boost next year’s ticket sales.”

“I’m glad to hear that,” said Charles.

“Does Chato still believe that you are going with him on that Ski trip?”

“I thought I would bring him along as a slave to service us on ours, Fred. After all, your vote gave me an opportunity to do whatever I want him to do for a week. He even believes that stuff I fed his unconscious about our being married and his Tia’s sexual abuse of him in his childhood. Those hormones and hypnotic drugs you got me along with all the feminizing gear and masks have really done the trick. If you mask in the Monica Chichi outfit tonight, Chato will do anything you want him to, Fred. If Chato starts to waiver in anyway, just pull on your Israeli gas mask. I have programmed him to believe that gas masked female impersonators are the feared Sand Monsters of his youth.”

“I think I will surprise him when he comes home from the office today,” said Fred. “His company is really doing well according to the trade magazines, so he should enjoy spending a wad on a new, full-length mink coat and latex gear for his Monica Chichi.”

“He is going to provide us with a very nice life style Fred. All we have to do is manage him properly and keep him happy with his fantasies,” stated Charles as he changed into his Nena persona.

“How long do you think you can keep him believing the stuff about your phony marriage and his fictitious Auntie?

“As long as I want him to. In fact, the more we work on him, the more he will beg us to believe it.”

“I guess all your training as a psychologist has finally paid off Charles,” said Fred with a chuckle.

“This is serious business Fred. Both of our necks are on the line here,” proclaimed Charles. “I will meet Chato for lunch today and prepare his mind for you tonight. I have some ideas for his business that will keep him busy and on the right track. I also want to make sure that his friend Mango Cantu becomes as involved in our masked plots as we are. Have fun, Fred.”

“I am really looking forward to fulfilling Chato’s masked dreams,” declared Fred. “When he is masked as our Little Sissy Pony Slut, he can really pleasure me.”

“I know, Fred. I know,” said Nena as Charles while “she” stepped toward the exit door of the room in “her” brand new leather suit, gloves and boots that

Chato had purchased for “her”. “Don’t forget that you need to spend a couple of hours this afternoon practicing your roll as Chato. It is essential to our plan to get complete control of the company.”

“I know, Nena.” confirmed Fred. “But, it is so much more fun when I mask as Chato’s Tia Chichi.”

“We all have our little crosses to bear, Fred,” sighed Nena as she left to go to her luncheon meeting with Chato.