Masked Imperfections


By Rita Chante

Author’s note: This copyrighted novelette uses the basic premises that no marriage is perfect and not even the most skilled masking can solve everything.


In a total state of sexual and psychological neglect, how long can a person resist total temptation? I guess if you were a god, you could do it for an eternity. But, what if you weren’t a deity or the perfect man? Could you continually resist responding to a beguiling smile or the suggestive move of a willing siren? I know they say that it is mind over matter, but what happens when the mind is the matter? Such was the state of things in which Sergio Barrajas found himself. Sergio believed that his wife, Marisol, was really a good woman. To the rest of the world, Marisol Cortina/Barrajas was smart, caring and had more than her share of beauty, although she was reluctant to show it. They had spent twelve good years together. They weren’t any spectacular events to write home about; their activities would never have made the front page of the National Inquirer; and they would never have starred in a manual for lovers. No one would beat down his or her door for pointers on how to set the world on fire with hot exotic sexual behavior. On the other hand, they had put each other through college, given birth to two children, started their careers and purchased a modest, but adequate home in the suburbs of Silicon Valley. To all their acquaintances and associates, they were the perfect couple on the edge of breaking out of the stereotypical Barrio mold and making it big. Each of their large, extended families saw Sergio and Marisol as models of success. Yet, Sergio was starving emotionally and felt sexually emasculated.

Sergio had an image in his mind where he had caught the brass ring, but some how the ring was stuck in his nose instead of opening the doors to paradise. Other times he felt like the ring had been forced around his penis and was preventing it’s use to the point of internal hemorrhaging. Each morning while shaving he found his voice asking his handsome reflection, “Is this all there is? I work and slave; provide, shelter and love; protect, honor and respect; but at the end of the day I go to sleep with an empty cup. The further I go into this mode the deeper I get into never-never-land. Where did I go wrong? How do I get myself out of this rut? How do I let Marisol hear my dilemma? Where is the key to the paradise that I have worked so hard to achieve?”

For several years he answered his reflection with the reasoning that he was working his way to the door of paradise and that once there, he would spring through it with Marisol in his arms. His only relief to his frustration with Marisol was his secret, in the closet, female masking. He had always kept it hidden from Marisol, his parents, children and other family members. Not one of his friends or work associates were in on this secret, but every chance he got he opened the false wall in his darkroom in the garage and indulged in his fantasy female masking and cross-dressing. He especially enjoyed going to conferences by himself where he would take an outfit and mask a long. He made believe that he was “Marisol” on these occasions and dressed as she had during her fantasy lover act prior to their wedding. When he had finally tried to talk to Marisol about this reality, but she discounted his concerns and told him that happiness came from within. Of course he really just skirted his hidden behavior once he felt her scorn at his feeble attempt to approach the subject. “Look at me, Sergio. I work every bit as hard as you do. Look at all we have accomplished together. I’m living a life my sisters and mother only dreamed of. Be happy in our children. Be happy in us. We are so blessed. I thank God and La Virgen daily for you and all we have together.”

When he mentioned to Marisol that “all they had together” didn’t include anything that even approached passionate romance, adventure or sex, Marisol suggested that he go see a priest and ask for immediate confession. She also suggested that he consult a therapist before his “dirty, professed sexual needs” started setting a bad example for their children. It never even occurred to Marisol that she was emasculating her man. She just took his submission to her position as normal and didn’t acknowledge his love and tolerance. “I don’t know why you have sex on your mind, twenty-four-seven, Sergio. My gosh, it isn’t like I’m neglecting you. I force myself to give it to you all the time.”

“Excuse me? By all the time are you referring to the twenty-four times we have had it since the last time you became pregnant?” probed Sergio.

“I didn’t know that we were keeping a numerical count of how many times I have forced myself to make love to you,” retorted Marisol.

“Did I hear you say for the second time in so many sentences that you force yourself to have sex with me?” asked Sergio realizing that at long last, Marisol had slipped and revealed her basic feelings about sex.

“Here’s a news flash, Sergio. Woman view sex differently than men.”

“Please go on, Marisol. You really have my attention. This should be good,” commented Sergio.

“Men see sex as a recreational activity. Women are so much more practical. They see sex as a necessity.”

“I guess I’m on the side of the women here, Marisol, because I see sex as a necessity too,” declared Sergio.

“You are twisting my words again, Sergio,” stated Marisol. “I don’t mean necessity as in I need sex once an hour. I mean necessity as in procreating children as well as other marital duties and obligations. In this context, women give sex to men because they have to do it. I give you what I feel you need to function like a good husband should.”

“So you see sex in the context of marriage as a duty and obligation?” probe Sergio.

“Of course,” responded Marisol.

“That explains a lot, Marisol.”

“What does that mean, Sergio?”

“It means I now understand the different level of our premarital sex in relation to the procreating sex, as well as the post children sex.”

“What is all that gibberish about?

“I’m talking about your desire for sex, Marisol.”

“That is filthy to insult me like that, Sergio. I am the mother of your children, not some cheap tramp who works in your secretarial pool as a hunt and pecker!” shouted Marisol.

“Then I guess that ends all hope of romance in our marriage, Marisol.”

“Don’t lay the death of romance at my feet, you philandering sexaholic. When was the last time you brought me flowers or a box of candy?”

“You told me not to do that because the flowers always died and the candy made you fat,” responded Sergio.

“That didn’t give you license to stop. Besides when was the last time you took me to a candle light dinner?”

“You told me not to do that until you could get into that size eight sequined dress you use to love so much.”

“I hate that dress, Sergio. I felt like a slut in it every time I wore it!” proclaimed Marisol.

“But you bought that dress, Marisol. I thought you wanted to be with me when you wore it.”

“I bought it on sale at a thrift store as a joke, Sergio, you liked it so much I couldn’t bring myself to tell you what I thought about your taste in clothes. Only sluts where that kind of clothing after they become mothers. Why don’t you have one of your bimbo tramp lovers wear it for you?”

“I have never cheated on you, Marisol. You and I are on opposite corners of the universe on this topic.”

“I don’t get your meaning at all,” declared Marisol.

“It means, that as an obligation, unless you are trying to have children, sex more than the basic once or twice a year is defined as a lot.”

“I don’t count how many time we do it, Sergio, but we have to have done it more than twice a year. I forced myself to do it on our anniversary and your birthday. I even let you do it to me a couple of times on our vacation. You get sex all the time.”

“I was with you until the all the time part. It is this forced bit that is so revealing to me, Marisol.”

“Does the way I do it for you make you happy, Dear? Because if it doesn’t, why should I make such an effort?” asked Marisol.

“Forced; now effort. That is so significant. Where does this revelation stop?” probed Sergio.

“What is so significant about that?” inquired Marisol.

“Those two words and probably several others that I missed in previous conversations explain your attitude about sex and why you think we do it all the time,” answered Sergio.

“But we do, Sergio. By your own admission we had to have done it four times in the last year.”

“We had to do it?” probed the dumbfounded Sergio.

“Yes, and if we hadn’t you would probably have raped me. I was reading in Psychology For Women that most women get raped by their husbands on a regular basis,” declared Marisol.

“How are we defining rape, Marisol?”

“The article said that if you don’t want to do it and are forced to do it by your mate, that it is emotional rape.”

“So now you are saying that I raped you four times last year?” surmised Sergio.

“I didn’t say that and don’t twist my words. Since I forced myself and volunteered to do that without your knowledge I don’t think you actually raped me,” rationalized Marisol.

“But now I know about the force bit, Marisol. So I guess from now on when we have sex, I will be raping you.”

“Technically, I guess you are right, but don’t worry about it. I won’t complain or tell anyone that my sex crazed husband plans to rape me four times in the next year.”

“Do you consider our children products of rape?” probed Sergio in an effort to follow Marisol’s logic.

“No, Sergio. There you go twisting my words around again. I wanted them. I let you fertilize me so we could have them.”

“You put that so romantically, Marisol. Don’t worry about the rape bit. I won’t bother you until you beg me for it, Marisol. Let’s just hope I’m still capable of doing something if and when you get around to asking for it,” proclaimed Sergio Barrajas.

“You are the best, Sergio. My sister’s husbands force them to have sex constantly. That is why they have so many children. You don’t know what a relief it is for me to not have to worry about when you and I are going to have our next sex session anymore. La Virgen is truly watching over me. I must thank her in my evening devotion tonight. My mother was so wrong about you, Honey,” announced Marisol.

“Could you explain that last comment, Marisol?” asked Sergio while knowing that it had something to do with sex, but fearing it would deepen his fears about his wife’s frigidity.

“She said that all you wanted me for was free sex. She warned me that you acted so much like my father that she thought you would continually knock me up like he did to her and result in forcing me to have ten to twelve children the way Papa did to my Mama.”

“Fascinating. I guess the pill just came too late for your mother. That also explains what your Papa told me at my bachelor party.”

“What did he say?” asked Marisol.

“You are his daughter. It would be better if he told you himself.”

“Why can’t you tell me yourself, Sergio?” inquired Marisol.

“I’m only your husband and you know how I get people’s words all twisted around,” replied Sergio sarcastically.

“Don’t worry Sergio, I will ask him when I call my parents today.”

Thus, when Marisol sent Sergio off each day into the world of temptation for the next three years, she never realized the test and stress in which she was placing her man. Evidently, her father didn’t tell her that he had a mistress and had an affair with her mother’s sister as well to cope with Marisol’s mother’s frigidity. Sergio Barrajas was fully aware that he had feet of clay and that sooner or later they would melt under the onslaught of reality if they didn’t drag him down into the mire of despair first. The shattering of his feet began when a lovely young Chicana named Maribel Ruiz was assigned to him as his clerical assistant. She was a much younger and sexier version of his wife Marisol. Their physical dimensions weren’t all that different and Maribel was every bit as bright and ambitious as Marisol. She was enrolled in a master’s program at the university and encouraged Sergio to join the program as well. Marisol saw Sergio’s desire to go back to school as an excellent career move and a way to get him out of her hair three nights a week. At this point, Sergio failed to mention to her that he had a new secretary or that this person was the one encouraging him to pursue the degree.

Besides their age, the major difference between Maribel and Marisol was that the former was not afraid to use the feminine gifts that the deities had bestowed upon her. Whenever she leaned over Sergio’s desk to hand him a report or materials he had requested her to get, she always showed off the grand canyon between her soft, full, round, pliable, brown breasts. If she saw a speck of dust or a scrap of paper on his office floor, Maribel bent over to pick-up the offending object from the waist. She never bent her knees. Instead, Maribel extended her incredible round buttocks into the air. Sergio reasoned that her youth had not yet taught her that these very natural and innocent maneuvers stirred the juices of any normal male. She couldn’t be doing these moves to intentionally arouse him. After all, Sergio had the pictures of Marisol and the children prominently displayed upon his desk. He never tried to hide that he was married and wore his wedding ring like a badge of courage. If he had said anything about these moves, Maribel might have grieved that he was sexually harassing her. After all, to ask her to stop meant that he had noticed her moves in the first place. Yet, it was only a matter of time until Marisol would stop by his work and notice the new secretary and his goose would be cook when Marisol saw Maribel’s moves. If she found out that he was enrolling in the same classes as Maribel his cooked goose would be in for a barbecue. As much as he enjoyed the shots of the Grand Canyon, he had to tone down Maribel’s moves. On the other hand, dreaming of Maribel as Marisol’s body double was putting the spring back in his step. He even went to the mall to shop for some duplicates of Maribel’s outfits and purchased them for his wife, Marisol. Then he removed some of Marisol’s less revealing fashions from her closet and put them into a box in the trunk of his car. At the very first opportunity, Sergio would see to it that this box of Marisol’s dowdy clothes would become a thrift store donation.

“Sergio!” yelled Marisol across the breakfast table to break his concentration while he was allegedly reading the sports section of the paper. Actually he was fantasizing about Maribel making him breakfast in the buff.

“Yes, Dear?” responded Sergio after swallowing a gulp of very hot coffee.

“Have you seen my tan and brown polyester dress? I have looked every where for it,” declared Marisol.

Sergio knew exactly where the dress was (the trunk of his car), but he didn’t want to tell her that, because while it was one of her favorite dresses, he thought it turned her into a frump. “Did you look behind your shoe rack? You know how sometimes your things fall down there.”

“Yes I did, but all I found was this little number. I don’t know what possessed me to buy it. It is too racy to wear to work. To quite honest, I think the stress of rearing the kids and working as much as I do is really getting to me,” said Marisol.

“Why is that, Dear?” asked Sergio in a flat voice.

“I don’t even remember buying this outfit and now I’m losing my clothes,” declared Marisol.

“I’m sure you forgot sending them to the cleaners or something like that,” offered Sergio.

“Maybe you are right, but do you think I should wear this little number?” asked Marisol.

It was one of the outfits that Sergio had purchased. He loved it. The style would make Marisol look ten years younger than she did in that dowdy brown and tan get-up. “It looks fine to me, but then you have always said that I didn’t have any clothes sense.”

“I agree with Papa on this one, Mama. It looks great, Mama,” said her daughter. “It’s about time you caught up with the styles. Jeremy’s Mom works in the bank and dresses like that all the time.”

“Thank you, Sarah. It is bad enough that I have to listen to your Father’s noise without having you join the fashion police,” declared Marisol.

“I have to agree with Sarah, Marisol,” stated Sergio.

“I don’t need this kind of stress in the morning,” said Marisol as she ducked into the downstairs bathroom to try on the outfit. Sergio gave a wink of thanks to Sarah and Sarah returned his wink with a big smile. Was his daughter reading his thoughts or was she just bonding with her Papa? A couple of minutes later, Marisol stepped back out of the downstairs bathroom. “I can’t wear this to work, Sergio. I mean, look at me. I’m going to have to take this back if I can remember where I bought it.” Sergio was looking at, Marisol. She didn’t need a body double. All her equipment looked absolutely perfect. “Stop looking at me that way in front of the children, Sergio!” exclaimed Marisol.

“What are you talking about, Marisol? Have you been on a diet?” asked Sergio innocently.

“Don’t try that soft soap on me, Sergio. It might work on the bimbos in your secretarial pool, but not on me,” snapped Marisol.

Did Marisol know about Maribel? Was his goose about to be fried?

“I think you look really cool, Mama,” commented Sarah.

“I think you look specially good, Mama,” added Junior.

“Do you really think so, ninos?” asked Marisol.

“Sure, Mama. You are the bomb in that dress. I wish I had one just like it,” said Sarah.

“I hope it is not too much,” stated Marisol as she smoothed out the soft shiny material and modeled for herself in the dining room mirror. Sergio was afraid to stand for fear that Marisol would notice that his body was definitely rising with approval. “All right I’ll wear it, but I don’t want you getting any strange ideas, Sergio.”

“What are you talking about, Marisol?” asked Sergio innocently.

“You know exactly what I am talking about, but I don’t want to discuss it in front of the children.”

“You must me have confused with someone else, Marisol. I wish I knew what I’m supposed to know,” said Sergio Barrajas.

“She’s talking about sex, Papa,” offered Junior.

“Now you have your son thinking about the problem,” said Marisol.

“I didn’t say a thing, Marisol,” declared Sergio.

“You didn’t have to, Dear. It is written all over you face and probably a couple of other places, as well,” announced Marisol. “That look is so unsupportive, Sergio, and now you are undermining my dignity with the children. I was reading in a magazine in the doctors office that there is so much more to a marriage besides carnal knowledge.”

“What are you talking about now, Marisol?” asked Sergio.

“You know and don’t try to be cute!” snarled Marisol.

“She’s talking about sex again, Popi,” said Sarah.

“You managed to pollute the children again, Sergio!” yelled Marisol.

“Whatever,” submitted Sergio as he got up to leave for work. Maybe he had finally hit on the problem. Marisol believed with all her frigid heart and soul that his natural desires for their sexual and emotional happiness was a “problem”. He was a selfish pig and unsupportive of her desires because he wanted sex with her. In this context, the only way he could demonstrate his love for her was to become an emasculated non-entity. How could she do this to him if she really loved him? Sergio went off to work and struggled through the day. Fortunately, he had to work overtime on a pivotal project for the corporation. He was told that his input was critical. At least at work he felt like he had value. He had no illusions that this was personal or real. In his rise up the corporate ladder, he had replaced any number of formerly valuable and critically necessary people. Sergio was aware that if he didn’t break his butt on a regular basis that the higher ups would relegate his ass to the bone yard without a second thought. He arrived home to a house full of sleeping people. He peeked into his children’s rooms, said his good nights, and went to his room and undressed to the rhythm of Marisol’s musical snoring. Any continuation of this morning’s conversation would have to wait until the following morning.

He awoke the next morning to find Marisol awake and staring at the bedroom ceiling. He could sense in tense expression of her face that before they dressed and went down to breakfast that Marisol would start up the discussion again. This time she entered the fray over the issue that Sergio wasn’t supporting her before their children.

“What did I say that started this direction, Marisol? We need to talk about where our marriage is going.”

“Do you want a divorce? Is that what you are saying? So you have finally found a little tramp to take my place?”

“What is this all about? When did I suggest a divorce? That is always your tact,” complained Sergio.

“What else can I think, Sergio? You are always working to turn my children against me,” declared Marisol.

“How am I doing that, pray tell?” inquired Sergio.

“By turning them into sex crazed maniacs,” answered Marisol.

“What? Where does this originate?” probed Sergio.

“Your language and attitudes are filthy and your thoughts are `X’ rated,” proclaimed Marisol. “If you think you are going to make me have sex with you by holding our children as emotional hostages, you have another thing coming, buster. You had better get your shit together or move out.”

“Marisol,” shouted Sergio in a rear raising of his voice. “You are capable of saying some really evil things, but that takes the cake. I’m going to get up, get dressed, and wake-up the kids and head off to work. Don’t worry about my breakfast or lunch. I will pick-up something in the office cafeteria. Oh, and don’t forget to take your birth control pills.”

“What does that mean?”

“What?” asked Sergio.

“The bit about the pills, Sergio.”

“Nothing, just a habit I guess. You always are asking me to remind you about them,” commented Sergio.

“Thank you for that, I guess?” said Marisol.

The deities of love and romance were definitely toying with him. Sergio’s only consolation was that there was so much literature about this subject that he knew he wasn’t the only one having this problem. At this point he knew had to go to work and get out of this conversation before her constant emasculation of him became an all out physical tragedy. Maybe this was what had the commuters all around him on the freeway fighting for a chance to be at their jobs on time. If they had good home lives, they probably wouldn’t want to go to work at all. If he could get home early, he would have a session with his masked fantasies in the darkroom of his garage.

Thank God he had a job to go to, even though it drove him crazy just trying to get there. All the way to work the question of, how long would it be before his feet of clay became feet of wind blown dust, kept spinning through his mind like a buzz saw cutting wood. “Life is just a crap shoot, Marisol,” said Sergio to the mental picture of his wife in his mind. “Right now the great crap shooter in the sky is only passing snake eyes for us, my loving Marisol.”


“Mr. Barrajas?” greeted Maribel as she placed her elbows on his desk and rested her head on the open palms of her hands.

“Yes, Miss Ruiz?” responded Sergio as he looked up from his work and straight into the magnificence of her soft and full tan Grand Canyon. He tried to look away without being obvious that he was doing a double take, but he just couldn’t refocus his eyes. Between his legs his third leg was morphing into a stiff rod of hot-blooded strength.

“On my way into work I was thinking that we should pool our research resources for the papers we are writing for our Master’s projects. It will cut down the time each of us have to spend on our reviews of literature.” All Sergio could think of at that instant was researching Maribel’s private parts. “Are you okay, Mr. Barrajas?” asked Maribel with concern in her sensuous voice.

“Not really Miss Ruiz. You caught me in the middle of a deep thought. What was your question again?” asked Sergio while stalling for time to regain his composure.

“Well, it was more of a suggestion than a question, Mr. Barrajas.”

“Then could you repeat your suggestion?” asked Sergio.

“I think we should pool our research resources for the papers we are writing for our Master’s projects. By doing this, we maybe able to cut down the time each of us have to spend on our reviews of literature.”

“I don’t think our thesis statements are close enough in content to allow for that, Miss Ruiz.”

“I could make some minor adjustments in mine to correct that situation, Mr. Barrajas. Are you sure you are all right? You don’t look like you are having a good day.”

“I am not having a good day, Miss Ruiz.”

“Maybe it would help if you called me Maribel instead of Miss Ruiz all of the time. You sound so formal and it is embarrassing when you do it in class,” declared Maribel.

“I don’t think that would help very much, Miss Ruiz,” responded Sergio.

“Is your family okay, Mr. Barrajas?”

“I guess so. Why do you ask, Miss Ruiz?”

“Like I said, you don’t look like you are having a good day. You seem distracted and really down.”

“Thank you for your concern, Miss Ruiz. I am okay, but…”

“What is it, Mr. Barrajas?”

“Well Miss Ruiz, I don’t quite know how to say this.”

“It can’t be all that bad, Sir,” responded Maribel.

“Maybe it is not, but it sure feels that way to me.”

Maribel stood tall and turned to pull up a chair. “I’m seated, Mr. Barrajas. Fire away. I just hope you aren’t trying to fire me.”

“Why would you say that?” inquired Sergio.

“This is the mood two of my last three supervisors were in when I got the ax. The last one had me transferred to you.”

“You are a great secretary. Your skills are excellent. In fact they are way above the job description. You have pulled my fat out if the fire more than once these past weeks.”

“So if the problem isn’t me what is it?” asked Maribel.

“Well I would not exactly say that you aren’t the problem, Miss Ruiz. There is something…”

“Please Mr. Ruiz. Just spit it out. That double negative you just used was a cute way of telling me that I am the problem,” stated Maribel.

“I don’t think my wife would appreciate the way you are dressed and if you want to grieve my comment it’s okay with me,” said Sergio.

“What is there to grieve. What is wrong with the way I’m dressed.”

“Absolutely nothing. If I weren’t married I would see you as a fashion trendsetter and just enjoy the realty. But, if my wife caught one look at you in today’s outfit I would either have to fire you or get a divorce. Working on our research together isn’t even on the horizon.”

“Is she that insecure in your love, Mr. Barrajas?”

“I can’t say. She never talks about it.”

“Maybe she has and you have missed the point,” suggested Maribel.

“Now that I think of it, she has made some suggestions about the women in the secretarial pool.” Now that was the understatement of the year, thought Sergio to himself.

“You have been a perfect gentleman with me, Sir. I don’t think she has any grounds for complaint.”

“It is not your opinion I am worried about, Miss Ruiz.”

I still say that she has nothing to worry about. You are squeaky clean, Sir,” reiterated Maribel.

“Yes she does, Miss Ruiz. I have lied to her about you and to be honest, being a perfect gentleman has its limits.”

“For the sake of argument, what do you suggesting to me?”

“Less trendy outfits.”

“I don’t have any, and wouldn’t know where to get them.”

“You could shop where my wife shops. You could probably try the thrift store in North Ridge Place. She says that they have great clothes at great prices.”

“Would you go there on our lunch break to help me select a few things?” asked Maribel.

“I don’t know if that is such a good idea, Miss Ruiz.”

“I could wear a raincoat over my current outfit and if what you say is true, you have a vested interest in making sure I get the right things.”

“Guess I could go with you. I have a donation to make and I wanted to look through some of their old long playing records, but when we are in the mall, we will have to act like we aren’t together.”

“Why is that? Are you ashamed to be seen with me?” asked Maribel.

“It’s nothing like that, Miss Ruiz. It is just that my wife’s friends and neighbors shop in that mall. I have never gone there that I haven’t run into at least one of them.”

“But I’ll be in my raincoat and sunglasses. How will they know who I am?” probed Maribel.

“That is not the point. They will know that you are not my wife and that is all they will need to publish the neighbor gazette with you and me on the front page.”

“When I hear you say things like that and realize that it is logic and gazettes like the ones you are referring to that has gotten me fired, I am glad that I am not married and subject to those silly rituals of alleged fidelity.”

“I love my wife, Miss Ruiz. This is not silly to me.”

“Are you telling me that if you could have the best ever sexual affair of your life without the slightest chance of being caught that you wouldn’t go for it, Mr. Barrajas?”

“I can say that with those conditions and my current home life that I would find it hard to resist going for that, Miss Ruiz.”

“Is that a yes or a no, Sir?” asked Maribel.

“Let’s call it a positive maybe,” stated Sergio while knowing with his starvation diet of extremely limited sex with his wife, that he would take that kind of offer without a blink of an eye.

“That’s sounds like a girl’s answer, Mr. Barrajas.”

“Be that as it may, it is the only one I am prepared to give at the moment, Miss Ruiz,” replied Sergio. “Besides there is no way that could happen anyway. We shouldn’t even be having this conversation.”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Barrajas. We weren’t having it, but I just may know how you could that affair without any risk.”

“We have to get our work done if we are taking that extended lunch, Miss Ruiz. If we get a chance maybe you could elaborate on your fantasy then.”

“Oh I wouldn’t be involved, Sir. This idea is something my sister told me she was doing.”

“Whatever it is, maybe we will get to at lunch.” With that, Maribel finally took the hint to let her boss return to his work. She took a sweatshirt that she wore to walk to and return from the employee gym and put onto over her low cut blouse. When she returned to Sergio’s office right before lunch, she had put her hair in a bun, removed much of her lipstick, and put on her oversize raincoat. With the sweatshirt underneath the raincoat, it looked like Maribel had put on twenty pounds. When Sergio first saw her dressed in this manner he did a double take, because with the exception of her darker hair color and youthful face, at first glance, Maribel could almost pass for a tan Marisol.

“Is this dowdy enough for you, sir?” asked Maribel.

“That is perfect. Let’s take off right now to avoid the rush in the parking structure,” suggested Sergio. “Can we take your car? I came on the light rail today.”

“No problem, Mr. Barrajas. This is your party, sir. I’m having fun already,” declared Maribel.

“Your are driving. Right?” inquired Sergio.

“Whatever you say, sir.” said Maribel with a chuckle.

Once they left the parking structure of the plant Sergio actually slid down in the seat to keep as low a profile as possible for the half-mile ride west on Silicon Boulevard to the North Ridge Mall. After Maribel had parked her car in the parking structure on the side of the mall where the thrift store called “Bargain City” was located; Sergio unloaded the box with Marisol’s clothes that he had gotten out of his car. He then left Maribel’s car about a minute before Maribel so that they would appear to be making separate entrances into both the mall and the store. Having given the box of clothes to the clerk by the door, Sergio immediately walked to the woman’s clothing section of “Bargain City” and began searching for items he thought would create the look that would take hungry eyes off of Maribel in the office. This is not to mention that he believed that this process would lower the temptation levels he felt.

At this point, Sergio forgot that sometimes a well covered, sensuous woman can fire a male’s imagination more than one where all the goods are immediately available. Sergio didn’t remember that he had always given a coat wearing woman the benefit of the doubt when it came to imagining the engine that moved under the covers of fashion. Wasn’t Maribel in a sweat shirt and oversize raincoat as exciting as she had been when the vision of her Grand Canyon was available for all who hazard a look. Of course the look based upon “hidden realities” generated a different type of excitement than the one based upon “revealing everything”, but the passion generated was pretty close to the same thing. After gathering up an arm full of items he passed by Maribel and motioned to her with his head, to go into the dressing room where he was taking his selections. He noticed that Maribel also had an arm full of clothing. He then headed over to the records to see if there were any old albums by Mexican American rock groups that he collected.

At that point disaster struck. Not only did one of his neighbors with a really big mouth stroll into the store; Marisol was right behind her. His wife looked stunning in the dress he had bought her. Her raincoat was flung over her shoulders like a cape and added to the grace of her fashion. Sergio immediately started to gather albums and rehearse his story as to why he was there on his lunch hour. He prayed that Maribel would take a long time in the dressing room. He also said a prayer that Maribel would not come out and ask him what he thought about any of the outfits. It was his fervent hope that Maribel spot Marisol. After all Maribel had seen Marisol’s photograph on his desk on a number of occasions. He prayed again that Maribel would have the wisdom to make her purchases and leave the store like there was no connection between Maribel and Sergio. What Sergio didn’t know as he nervously thumbed his way through a bin of old records, was that Maribel had been attracted to a latex female mask of an older woman with a gray wig and that she planned to put it on as a joke with some of the clothes Sergio had picked out for her to try on. Maribel was a born masker at heart and had even developed a nonexistent sister as a roommate so she could have fun with her masks without the neighbors asking any embarrassing questions. The old woman mask fit so perfectly, that unless you knew Maribel was wearing a mask, once she had the old fashion, high neck dress covering the neckline of the mask, her disguise was virtually undetectable. I addition she had about six layers of clothes on so that she now appeared to be about fifty pounds over weight. She had found a triple “X” fir coat that covered everything.

Maribel even shocked herself with the transformation she saw in the dressing room mirror. “What if I just up went up to the front counter and paid for the coat and walked out of the store with all these clothes under it and mask on?” ask Maribel of the reflection in the dressing room mirror. “That would be a real adventure and Sergio would be at a loss as to where I was.” She made sure that she had the exact amount required for the coat in her leather gloved (courtesy of the store) hand. She also made sure that no tags were visible. She hadn’t planned to spend fifty dollars for old styled, oversize fir coat, but the coat, not to mention the mask, wig and items she was wearing under the coat was well worth the investment. The portly, elderly woman made her way from the dressing area to the checkout counter. On the way she picked out a cane for three dollars that she felt completed her illusion. She paid for the coat and was given a “grab box of clothing” sense this was “Grab Box Wednesday” and anytime a customer bought fifty dollars or more in goods they were given a “grab box”. The irony of it all is that she was given the box that Sergio had just brought in. Meanwhile, Sergio picked out five records that he had been searching for and headed to the check out counter. When he saw the clerk hand the old woman his box, he prayed that she wouldn’t open it and reveal the contents of Marisol’s old clothes. So far, Marisol hadn’t seen him and was heading off to the dressing room area with several items and the mouthy neighbor who was congratulating Marisol on her new promotion.

“You know, Jennifer, I think it was this dress that made me stand out at the right place and time,” commented Marisol.

“Why do you say that, not to mention that you look ten pounds lighter in it?” loudly commented the neighbor.

“Everything else was the same. I didn’t do anything different. It had to be the dress.” Marisol and Jennifer’s entry into the dressing area precluded Sergio from hearing the rest of the conversation. It seemed like the old woman in front of him was going to wear the picture of George Washington off each dollar she handed the clerk in payment for her purchases.

“If you want Mamm, we can have one of the stock boys help you with this box. Or, you can use one of our courtesy baskets if you leave a deposit.”

“Can you have one of the young men escort me to my car? That would be just lovely,” declared Maribel as the portly elderly female. She tried and pushed on her bowels so that she passed some gas right into Sergio’s face. She was having so much fun that she could barely contain her joy. “I’m so glad you had this cane. My burcidis was making it difficult for me to get back to my car.”

“John you are needed up front for a carry out,” called the checkout clerk. John came out of no where to assist the elderly female.

“Who cares about your farting burcidis?” muttered Sergio softly under his breath as the portly, elderly woman limped off and out of the store with the aid of the cane and John the courtesy clerk. “All I want to do is clear the store before Maribel and Marisol come out of those dressing rooms.”

“I see that you have five records, Sir. On Wednesdays, when you purchase five records you are entitled to a sixth one at no additional cost,” informed the check out clerk.

“I’m on my lunch break and in a hurry. That old lady all but gassed me out,” proclaimed Sergio.

“She was so sweet. She reminded me of my grandmother when she counted out each dollar. She must have been saving up for that coat a while.”

“Yes, could you just ring me up?” inquired Sergio as he realized that the old woman’s face reminded him of one of the masks in his darkroom hiding place.

“Cash or charge?” asked the clerk.

“Cash,” responded Sergio. “You can have my sixth record if you want it.”

“Thank you, Sir,” said the clerk while returning his change and receipt. “Would you like a bag. We have them in paper and plastic.”

“Save the trees and the oil. I’ll carry the records as is.”

“Have a nice day,” said the checkout clerk when she handed him his records.

Sergio bolted out of the store and thanked his lucky stars that he made his get away undetected by Marisol and without Maribel making a scene. Hopefully she left her car unlocked so he could hide in it until Maribel got back to it. With any luck he might get out of the mall and back to work without any further incidents. No such luck. That fat, wind breaking, old lady was getting into Maribel’s car. Just his luck she couldn’t remember which car was hers. John was already starting back to his stocking duties at “Bargain City”. “I guess I will have to help her to her own car,” said Sergio to the parking lot pavement. “What else can go wrong? I just knew this trip was going to be a disaster.”

“Young man, oh young man?” called out the elderly portly woman in Sergio’s direction. “I seem to be having some trouble with my keys. Could you help me out, please?”

“She having problems because she is in the wrong car,” muttered Sergio again. “Are you sure you have the right car, Mamm?”

“My key opened the door and I think you are the gentleman that came with me to the mall.”

“No Mamm, I am not here with anyone.”

“Am I to understand that you intend on walking back to the plant, Mr. Barrajas?” asked the portly older woman.

“Do I know you, Mamm?” asked Sergio.

“Did I go too far in changing my look for you, Mr. Barrajas?”

“This isn’t funny. Who are you?” demanded Sergio.

“I’m your secretary, sir stated Maribel as she reached up behind her neck with both of her gloved hands and took the wig off with the left one and the mask off with the right hand.”

“That is amazing. But how did you make it look like you gained so much weight.”

“I’m wearing my clothes and six layers of their clothes under this coat. Please get me out of here. I am burning up under all of these clothes. I can’t wait to see what is in that box,” said Maribel as she moved around to the passenger side of the car while shedding the coat and the layers of clothes.

“I still can’t get over what you just did here,” commented Sergio. “How much of that stuff did you pay for?”

“Basically, I paid for the coat and the cane. Nothing else, including the wig and mask.”

“What are you going to do with that coat and mask now that you have it?”

Maribel reached into her glove box and pulled out a gun and pointed it at Sergio. “I think I want you to put them on, Sir. I hope my little gun is enough to tell you I am serious. If it doesn’t and you don’t do as I ask, I will have to go back to the store and tell them what you made me do in front of your wife on the day of her new promotion.”

“You can put the gun away, Maribel. It is not necessary. I’ll wear the mask and coat. This way if my wife and neighbors see us together, they will think that an old lady’s niece took her shopping.”

“That is very smart, Mrs. Pedo, but I want you to take me to a motel for some research before we return to work.”

“How do you suggest that we do that?”

“You will make a phone call stating that we had to do some field based marketing research,” Mrs. Pedo.

“Then what?” asked Sergio who was transforming into Mrs. Pedo.

“To complete our cover and begin my fantasy, I’m going to stop by my sister’s. She has a mask that will make you look just like your wife.”

“You have a whole bunch of her clothes in that Grab Box,” added Sergio from behind the old woman mask. It fit him even tighter than it fit Maribel and totally responded to his own facial movements.

“That will make the fantasy even better,” commented Maribel. “I think Marisol is going to have a drunken lesbian affair with an older neighbor this afternoon and my sister has the camcorder that will free you from your life of sexual starvation.” Maribel started her car and headed with “Mrs. Pedo” in the direction of her sister’s house.

“How will it do that?” asked “Mrs. Pedo”.

“We are going to have to figure out how to make Marisol lose some time that she can’t account for and then have her find this tape in the pocket of her coat or her purse. The minute she plays it she will have a terrible secret to hide that will allow some evil unknown neighbor to force you to do things for her. This will allow us to make even more tapes and will free you from her domination while allowing us to have the sex we both crave,” declared Maribel as they continued on their journey.

“What makes you assume that I am a sex starved, emasculated male?” asked Sergio as “Mrs. Pedo”.

“Sweet Sergio, I can read you like an open book. Any woman with half a heart could do it as well. Your desire will allow me to have a little fun and set you on the road to recovery in your marriage. Maybe it will help if you convince yourself that you are doing this for Marisol.

“I have to admit that you seem to have all the bases covered, Miss Ruiz, but as much as I resent what Marisol has done by emasculating me, she is still the mother of my children and I don’t want to see her hurt.”

“I don’t think you have a whole lot of choice here, Mrs. Pedo. Besides my goal isn’t to hurt Marisol. Like I said before I want to have some fun, prove a point and set you free so you can spend some time with me and get the sex you deserve.”

“Your fantasy sounds to good to be true,” announced Sergio.

“May be it is; maybe it isn’t. You are just going to have to trust me, Mrs. Pedo,” declared Maribel.

“I don’t know if I can do that,” responded Sergio.

“In that case we will still make the video, but your frigid little spouse will get a copy detailing it as a sample of our tempestuous affair,” declared Maribel with a sharpened tongue.

“You wouldn’t?”

“Why wouldn’t I? Fun is fun. All that sounds like great fun to me,” proclaimed Maribel Ruiz.

“If you did that, you could never really have me for real, Miss Ruiz,” said Sergio.

“We will see about that, Mrs. Pedo. Of course there is the chance that I don’t really want you anyway or that you are so tied to that iceberg of a wife that I won’t get you anyhow, even if I wanted you,” reasoned Maribel Ruiz. As she finished this thought, they pulled up to a modest little house and parked in the driveway. “Come on in. My sister (who really didn’t exist) won’t mind.”

“Are you sure you really want to do this?” asked Sergio as “Mrs. Pedo”.

“Sure, I’m sure,” responded Maribel. No one appears to be home. Let’s go inside. We have some work to do and some videos to create and some calls to make.”

“I don’t know if I should.”

“I can always fix your problem by getting my gun and blowing your balls off!” exclaimed Maribel Ruiz.

“You can’t be serious!” retorted Sergio in his Mrs. Pedo disguise.

“Try me and find out. To be truthful, I hope we don’t have to do that, Sergio. It would be such a waste of perfectly good bullets,” said Maribel like she was ordering breakfast at Denny’s.

Sergio believed Maribel and went into her “sister’s house” and did everything that Maribel asked him to do. The first thing that Maribel did was to have Sergio help her to become an imperfect Marisol. However, she was close enough with Marisol’s clothes, mask, and low light, that not even Marisol would be able to tell from the video tape that she wasn’t the woman having the torrid lesbian affair with the portly and wealthy “Mrs. Pedo”. Because Maribel could almost be a body double for Marisol, the clothes in the box that Sergio had donated to “Bargain City” were a perfect fit. She had Sergio coach her until her voice tonality and inflection was the same as Marisol’s. Sergio was absolutely amazed and aroused by her sexy rendition of his frigid wife.

In Marisol’s voice, face and clothes, Marisol asked what is the name of the neighbor that most resembles you as Mrs. Pedo, Sergio?”

Sergio thought for a moment and replied, “Dora Martinez.”

“Then from now on, you are Dora and I am Marisol. Forget that Maribel is here. Make love to Marisol as you have always desired, but remember you are Dora,” instructed Maribel.

“I have some pretty heavy fantasies, Marisol,” responded Sergio from behind Dora’s elderly face.

“Show me what you got, Vieja,” tease Maribel as “Marisol”.

Once the camera was in place for maximum viewing effect, Maribel directed herself and Sergio in a series of sexual fantasies that made it look like she was drugging and taking advantage of an elderly woman and then extorting money from her as well.

Maribel knew moves that Sergio had only dreamed of. His pent-up reservoir of sexual energy gushed forth on demand. He was pleasured in every way imaginable and then reciprocated in kind. Maribel showed him that he had stamina that others could only dream of. Her leather gloved hands worked and rubbed Sergio to cloud nine and back several times. She used their cum to soften the leather so he couldn’t resist her next sexual exercise. From one to four-thirty the camcorder ground away creating a database that in Maribel’s editing hands would create forty minutes of tape that would make Marisol doubt her sanity. That task completed Maribel had Sergio boxed up the masks and costumes and returned to the office.

“We have an hour before we have to be in class, Sergio. Your next assignment is set up a way that we can have Marisol lose some time that she can’t account for. You will also have to plant the tape when it is ready along with a couple other items that will add to the video tape’s authenticity and credibility.”

“Do you have anything in mind, Miss Ruiz?”

“Don’t you think that you can start calling me Maribel?”

“All right, Maribel, what is our next stop?” asked Sergio.

“I think that you are going to be sick from work. I will cover for you and be your alibi.”

“Sounds like you have already given this some thought, Maribel.”

“I like you Mr. Barrajas. I want to be happy with you and make you happy with her as well,” stated Maribel as she flashed her Grand Canyon in his face. “Just in case you need a reference, Mr. Barrajas, you are the best fuck I have ever had. That wife of yours is a total fool. If she only knew what she had in you. I swear that you have enough sexual drive to keep four of five women happy.”

“I first want to say that I am flattered by your praise. No one has ever told me that I could do more than piss with my organ. But, as much as I would like to take credit for my ability, Maribel, it was your talent that made me arise to every occasion. You are the best there is. It just doesn’t get any better than you.”

“That is so sweet, Sergio, but all I know is that you passed every test I could throw at you with flying colors.”

“Thanks, Maribel, but I still say that all the credit goes to you.”

“Maybe it is the syncretism of our combined talents and sexual drives that is so fantastic,” suggested Maribel.

“Now that is a thought,” said Sergio as his maleness started to swell again.


Sergio and Maribel caught a snack on the way to their night class. Sergio should have stood in bed for all the stuff he learned in class that night. He could just barely concentrate of the subject matter. He kept flashing on the sensation of Maribel’s leather gloved hands stroking him into ecstasy. On the other hand, Maribel seem in her best form. She was the class star. Later, as they walked towards her car after class, Maribel began to lay out her masking based plan.

“While wearing the clothes and a mask of Marisol, I will buy a variety of masks, sex toys, and fetish clothing. To make Marisol start losing time you will suggest to Marisol that you car-pool with her to your respective jobs.

“Why should we start car-pooling?” asked Sergio.

“I’m getting to that, Sergio,” asserted Maribel. “Once you have established the car-pool pattern, you are to start replacing her birth control pills with sedatives and estrogen. Didn’t you tell me that Marisol’s habit was to take her birth control with her morning coffee?”

“That is true. She also takes a variety of food supplements and vitamins,” added Sergio.

“With the right dosage on any given day, Marisol should pass out on the way to work and then you will make a slight detour to my place. Then, dressed as Marisol, I will take her place for that day. Mean while, she will be getting

some hypnotically induced programming via some audio tapes that I will prepare.”

“Do you think that will work?” asked Sergio.

“There is a lot of research on brain washing that says it does. Let’s just say that it can’t hurt our cause,” informed Maribel. “If we do this right, you will be able to cover for me at our place of employment while I am substituting as Marisol. The following day, Marisol will have to account for an entire day’s activity for which she won’t have the slightest clue. I will start projects and begin negotiations that she will have to complete. I’ll also talk about you and her in the context of a mad love affair. Her peers will press her for more and she won’t know what they are talking about.”

“Back on the topic of the drugs and tapes, what will they accomplish?” asked Sergio. “It is my understanding that they can’t make her do anything against her will.”

“You said that your wife used to have a sexual appetite, Sergio.”

“That’s true,” confirmed Sergio.

“Then we will use the items that she used to motivate herself in that direction to fan the flame of desire that she used to have,” instructed Maribel.

“So what would be the overall purpose besides the time confusion stuff?” probed Sergio.

“To create an image and a set of appetites that she will feel compelled to fulfill. For example, I’ll go out of my way to over commit the newly promoted supervisor to every activity that comes down the line. Her staff will all be putting in volunteer overtime if they want to keep up with her. I’ll turn her into the all time kiss up and trend setter. Get ready to go shopping for her and taking care of the kids, because the little wife and mother is about to start putting in eighty hour work week, while hunting for sexual gratification,” continued Maribel.

“Then what?” asked Sergio.

“Then when we have her totally committed to the job, we drop the tapes and other stuff on her. Of course we will help her wake up in strange, scandalous places in wild costumes, masks and wigs with no knowledge of how she got there,” stated Maribel.

It was a good thing that Marisol got a full day’s sleep about every third working day, because her “enthusiasm” (courtesy of the Marisol masked Maribel) had Marisol working an eighty hour week. This, in addition to Sergio’s workload, grad classes, and renewed sex life (courtesy of the Marisol masked Maribel), made their children spend more time with day care and peer groups than with their parents. This process continued for about three months and then was accelerated with the end of the spring semester for Maribel and Sergio.

Because of the fast pace of their life style, Marisol felt tired all the time. She believed that she was talking to her children and husband, but wasn’t sure. Then every once and a while she would wake up in the morning in her own bed or a motel room, totally in cased in an Emerrald mask from Kerry, a fire red wig, and a neck to foot, black, PVC cat suit. She found strange sex toys in her purse and the pockets of her clothes. There were exotic, colored rubbers in her coin purse. The heels on her shoes and boots seemed to grow. Slowly her wardrobe began to take on the look of a Fredrick’s of Hollywood store crossed with the clothes from Nordstrom’s. Marisol thought it really fortunate that Sergio didn’t seem to notice any of the changes. Maybe he was too close to her to notice. He was always so understanding and willing to accept her feeble excuses about her aberrant behavior. True to his word, he never asked her to have sex with him even though she was beginning to feel absolutely starved for it and needed some kind of sex in the worst way. It occurred to Marisol that maybe this subterranean sex drive was what was splitting her personality.

Sergio made it a point not to make any more remarks about the absence of romance in their marriage. Marisol reasoned that this was a mark of honor with him as well as the fact that Sergio was also very busy with his grad work and demanding job. He was helping her get to work and back as well as covering for her with the children when he could. He even started to do most of the shopping and the children were thriving on what he purchased. Of course the sweetest thing he was doing was picking up all her birth control pills, diet pills, vitamins and nutritional supplements. He made sure that she took them every morning, rain or shine. He was so concerned about her health and the fast pace she seemed to have set for herself. Too bad Sergio didn’t turn her on anymore. But, then maybe any old fuck would be better than no fuck at all. After all Sergio was safe. He was a known commodity. He would do whatever she asked. However, he seemed to have a new attitude. If he was as strong and independent, as he now appeared in their marriage, She might have to ask, even beg for it. If only her pride wasn’t so strong. There was no way she was going to beg Sergio for sex like he had predicted several months back. Except for the lost days, an erratic menstrual cycle and being tired all the time, her life had never been better, or so she thought. She attributed the exhaustion, memory losses and erratic menstrual cycles to the stress created by her colossal work schedule. Somehow she seemed to be committed to the work that amounted to three times the men were doing in her rank at the corporation. What Marisol didn’t consider about her new job rank, work schedule and life style was the effect it was really having upon her children’s attitudes. It was having a profound impact on the way they felt about their mother.

“I don’t like the way Mama is changing, Popi,” proclaimed Sergio’s son, Marcos.

“People change all the time, Son. That is just one of the realities of life,” said Sergio as he became aware of his son’s feelings while trying not to discount them.

“But I hardly see her anymore, Popi. She is always off at work or doing something related to her new job.”

“I know that parents sometimes get so involved in their careers that they seem to forget what is important to their families, but I’m sure that with Mom, this only a temporary situation,” reasoned Sergio.

“But she doesn’t hardly have anytime for us, and when she does, she is either really tired or all weird,” observed Marcos.

Thinking that Marisol’s “weird” behavior might be the times when his son witnessed Maribel masked as his mother, Sergio commented, “Your Mom is going through a really stressful time, Marcos. Let’s try and give her a little space.”

“Space? Mom is already acting like a space cadet,” proclaimed Sergio’s daughter Lisa as she joined the conversation. “I don’t know when Mama last offered to take me shopping with her. She used to do that all the time.”

“I took you shopping Lisa,” offered Sergio.

“I know, but my girl friends think it is weird that I go shopping with my Dad,” declared Lisa.

“When Mom is with us now, Popi, she just looks at you and tries to hang all over you. She never does things just for us. It is like she doesn’t even want us around,” added Marcos.

“Have you tried talking to Mama about this, Kids?” inquired Sergio.

“Are you kidding?” responded Lisa.

“Please do it for us, Popi,” pleaded Marcos.

“I promise I will talk to Mom about this as soon as I can. Don’t worry things will get better, but they may get a little worst first as your Mama makes adjustments and realizes what she needs to do.”

“Thanks, Popi,” said Marcos.

“I love you, Popi,” said Lisa. “Your are the best. Mama will listen to you. I know she loves us too.”

While Sergio never noticed or commented on Marisol’s strange and dynamic behavior, her male colleagues at work sure did. She was the fastest rising star in her division. Those around her tried to spin off her creativity and odd almost sporadic and random style. While her staff complained about the long hours and the deadlines that always seemed to be yesterday, they could see that if they could stay with her, that her team was going places. Every Monday and Thursday seemed to be “jump on it days.” As much as Marisol bore down on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, Monday and Thursday were Marisol’s “follow the leader and don’t get lost days”.

The brass didn’t seem to care how she was doing it as long as it got done. All of a sudden, she was next in line for the new senior vice presidency at her work place. The CEO said that if he had three or four “girls” like Marisol, he would be able to corner the market in their industry. On the first of July, the company newsletter announced that its first female senior vice president was Marisol Barrajas. Maribel and Sergio couldn’t believe that their attempts to derail Marisol had the reverse affect. On the other hand, Sergio’s star was rising in his firm as well, just not as fast.

“You know, this could play into our hands, Sergio,” said the masked Maribel one July Saturday afternoon when the kids were off at camp and Marisol away off in Las Vegas trying to catch up with yet another project that came out of the wood work on the previous Thursday. “That tape and all the other stuff is just hanging out there like a bomb with a delayed fuse.”

“What do you mean, Maribel?” probed Sergio as he rolled over and cuddled what appeared to be his wife in her own bed.

“I keep telling you to call me Marisol when I’m masked like this for you, Honey,” reminded Maribel as “Marisol”.

“It won’t happen again Marisol,” said Sergio with a wink.

“Your wife is out of town at another conference in Las Vegas next Tuesday and Wednesday,” continued Maribel as Marisol. “We will have her allegedly return on Tuesday evening for the company’s new product promotion. That type of commitment will definitely impress the board, but I have some special plans for that evening.”

“What do you mean, special?” probed Sergio as he stroked his “wife’s” heavy breasts and squeezed the nipples.

“I’ll tell you later, Sergio. Right now you have taken me out of the mood for talking,” stated Maribel masked as “Marisol” while dropping her free arm between their warm bodies to find and manipulate Sergio’s throbbing staff. Within seconds, she had him as still and straight as a two thousand-year-old Redwood tree.

“Not so fast, Marisol,” said Sergio as he practiced the self-control with which he intended to frustrate the real Marisol. “You don’t get what you crave until you tell me Maribel’s plans.”

“You are getting good at this, Sergio,” observed Maribel as “Marisol”.

“I have had a couple of great teachers, Marisol.”

“Me and who else, Sergio?” inquired Maribel as “Marisol”.

“Why my lover and playmate, Maribel, Marisol. She is the best fuck I have ever had,” proclaimed Sergio knowing that a phrase like that was exactly what Maribel wanted to hear. “Now, Honey, tell me that plan before I explode all by myself.”

“Speaking quickly, Maribel as “Marisol” announced that, ” the Promo Event will be Marisol’s coming out party. You will be dressed and masked as her lesbian female assistant.”

“When did all this happen?” asked Sergio.

“I have been dropping hints at her work place for a while now. That is why I have Marisol wearing so much purple and lavender.”

“I was wondering about that,” commented Sergio. “Is there anything else I should know so I don’t trip on the program?”

“Not really, Honey, but while the real Marisol is locked into a slavish job, the neighbors will think she is at home being the sexy little wife. Her life is getting more schizoid by the second,” proposed Maribel Ruiz as “Marisol Barrajas” while cuddling tightly to the real Marisol’s husband. “The last thing she needs is a scandal. If she pops that video tape into the hotel VCR Wednesday or Thursday night, and finds the false bottom in her suitcase with all the fetish stuff, she might think that she really is doing all the stuff that seems to occur in her dreams.”

“The real Marisol is a fighter and researcher, my love. She will figure out that we are pulling stuff on her if we go that far.”

“Not a chance unless she is much brighter than you think she is. The build up has been very gradual. Obviously, the alarm lights in her head haven’t even started to glow let alone turn on. If she back peddles through the receipts and the paper trail of motels that I, as her alter ego, have left right out in the open for her to find, she will have to believe that she has a split personality. To add to this, she will have come out at a company party in the Silicon Valley while she is supposed to be in Las Vegas Nevada. The problem is, we don’t know when, where and how the bomb is going to go off, let alone how she is going to react to it.”

“What if the hormone pills we have been giving her finally awaken her sex drive?” asked Sergio as he drank in the smell of the latex mixed with their sex.

“Then, baby, your sex life is going to go into overdrive, because I’m not going to give up the love and fun we have developed together. After all, if your kids were to come home, or a neighbor were to drop by, you are here with the little wife in a moment of domestic bliss,” declared Maribel. “In addition, the hormones don’t seem to be working on her. Your dream of having your sweet wife turn into a sex craving goddess like me is off in never-never-land with Peter Pan and Wendy.”

Sergio hated it when Maribel got all cocky like this. He wasn’t the puppet on a string that she thought she had made of him. While she was fabulous in the rack, she wasn’t half the woman that Marisol could be if her womanly instinct ever overcame her sexual fears. In addition, he remembered the conversation he had with Marcos and Lisa about their Mama. He knew that some of the strangeness and erratic behavior the children sensed was the fact that often the person they were seeing in the role of their mother was actually Maribel. It was obvious to him that Maribel only wanted to “play” with him and didn’t have time or any tolerance for his children. “Remember you are only masking as Marisol, Maribel. You aren’t Marisol,” stated Sergio while feeling the strength and warmth of Maribel’s youthful body.

“Are you sure about that, Sergio? What if we pulled a switch on you?”

“I would know.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“I just know I would,” said Sergio with doubt in his voice. Even if he didn’t know the difference, he could rely on his children’s instincts. “Besides why would you do that? What would be in it for you?”

“Ah, those are the million dollar questions, Sweet thing,” said the masked female in his bed as she decided to mount him for another mid-day ride to the stars. This was Maribel. He was positive. Marisol had given birth twice and Maribel had never done so. Thank God that pussies were as individual as fingerprints. Sergio decided that he would keep this little bit of knowledge and his surprise plan to himself in case the women did try to pull a switch on him. “Anyway, Sergio,” continued Maribel from behind Marisol’s face, “I have things just the way I want them and Marisol doesn’t know that some one else is about to put her where she never intended to go.”

“Does that some one else want to share with me where that destination is?” asked Sergio of the masked Maribel.

“Enjoy the adventure, Sweetness. The masking games are about to begin,” replied Maribel through the perfect replica of Marisol’s face. “Now Lover, put me in the mood for our Dinner at the Rodeo Restaurant by giving me the ride of my life.” Sergio rose to the challenged and bucked and rammed until Marisol’s replica begged for him to stop. “Oh Honey she cried if who I am representing ever gets a taste of the ability I have awaken in you she will whither in your glowing power. Your are the first man to ever wear me out. Until this afternoon, I thought I was insatiable.”

“Shut up and kiss me, Marisol.” As Sergio kissed the Marisol masked Maribel he started his own plan by dripping an entire tube of crazy glue along the zipper channel of Maribel’s Marisol mask. Without her knowledge a switch was about to be made, but it was Sergio that would be doing the switching.

“Maybe I should be Maribel tonight, Sergio. I turn you on too much in this mask and I am becoming jealous of my masked self.”

“I don’t think so, Marisol. You started this and you are going to see it through to the end. Besides you were going to be the wild outrageous Marisol at the CEO’s reception tonight. I faxed them that you were flying back from the convention just to attend party and push the latest product line. Your CEO sent his well done as an acknowledgment of your good business sense. Let me dress you so everything will be as way over the top as you have planned.”

“I love it when you know my mind better than I do, Sergio. I want to be a showstopper in that loud, violet PVC dress. With the act I’m going to put on tonight, every tongue in town will make me tomorrow’s gossip topic. If you need grounds for divorce, the entire community will side with you. Is your costume as her dikish assistant already?”

“Do you want me to dress first or second?” asked Sergio while thinking he didn’t want to divorce Marisol and that Maribel was beginning to act far too possessive.

“I want you to dress me Sergio. Then I can have a drink and relax as I watch you make your transformation. It will be such a turn on for me to know that beneath your feminine image strides a real steed.”

“Let the games begin, Sweetums,” proclaimed Sergio noting that the zipper on the back of Maribel’s Marisol mask was now totally fused. By the time Maribel had on the extreme, black lace, Victorian corset; the triple “H” jell filled breast torso; the super long, red nail, latex hands, the perfect shaped buttocks; and her thigh-high, lace-up platform eight-inch stiletto, black PVC boots, Maribel would almost be permanently sealed into Sergio’s fantasy image of the untamed and totally free Marisol. He had liberally powdered the inside of each garment so that they would slide on and into place. What he didn’t tell Maribel was that the powder was a fixative that would all but permanently bond the mask and multi-layered costume to her skin for at least two weeks. This would give him enough time to put “Operation Marisol” on track.

“I have been conjuring a whole series of masking games for this evening Sergio,” announced Maribel as “Marisol”.

“That’s interesting,” commented Sergio while stripping in preparation for becoming his alter feminine ego.

“You know that I intend on coming onto you really strong at the party, Maritza. Prepare your mind to be extremely receptive my advances.”

“What are you planning, Marisol?” inquired Sergio fearing the worst.

“Something that would embarrass both Sergio and the real Marisol, but then, Only Maritza and I will be there.”

“Why won’t you give me a direct answer?” probed Sergio.

“If I did, Honey, it would spoil the spontaneity of your response. Just go with the flow. The rest of the crowd will if I am any judge of the dot com mentality.”

“But what purpose will that serve?” probed Sergio once again.

“I want everyone to note that we are lovers having an intense affair. By the time the party is well under weigh the other participants will be able see that we are lesbians,” predicted Maribel masked as “Marisol”.

“I didn’t know that you intended to come on that strong,” commented Sergio as he put on his corset and began to tighten it. He wasn’t really good at it yet, but with each new transformation it was getting easier and the resulting figure was becoming more feminine. “Are you sure that kind of behavior is such a good idea? Wouldn’t a more subtle approach leave a nagging impression that would actually do more damage in the long run?”

“I think you might be right, Honey. Maybe I will tone it down a little. Just remember that whatever I do, when I come on to you at the party, I won’t be acting. Seeing those tits and ass on you, really turns me on,” observed Maribel as “Marisol”.

Sergio felt himself blush with embarrassment as he continued dressing. The masked Maribel continued to scan and enjoy his every move like she was filming the process with her eyes.

Not knowing about Sergio’s masking fetish or his collection of costumes and masks in the secret closet in his garage dark room, Maribel as Marisol observed, “You are becoming a master masker Sergio. You take to the process like you were born to it.”

Sergio blushed again. Not only was this first time he had openly masked with someone, it was a first to be masking with someone who completely resembled Marisol in her finest physical form. “Thanks for the compliment, I guess?”

stuttered out Sergio as he progressed even further along in the transformation process.

“It was really considerate of you to assist me in dressing. The powder you put in my things feels wonderful. I get the sense that my external garments move as one with the rest of me,” noted Maribel as “Marisol.”

“I did it out of love for you Marisol.” Sergio’s torso was now completely feminine in shape and was almost as over the top as Maribel’s “Marisol impression”. Once he had the opaque nylons on and slipped his feet into the size twelve, patent leather pumps he even began to move more feminine. He wondered if women moved the way they did because of genetic structure or because of the garments and accessories they wore. He concluded that it was a combination of both of these factors. Maribel had picked out a quasi masculine, but unmistakably feminine dark violet, satin tuxedo for Sergio to wear in his role as her lover and dikish personal assistant. The color of the tuxedo complimented and coordinated with the color of “Marisol’s” PVC, formal, column dress. The bright all but neon, rose satin cummerbund, gloves and bow tie added to the garishness of the attention getting outfit that showed off all of Sergio’s new feminine wares to the max.

“Good, Sergio. Keep calling me Marisol. It is an excellent habit to get into. It helps me to stay in character as well. I am beginning to feel that I am more of what Marisol should be than she is.”

“Only on the outside, Maribel,” commented Sergio in remembrance of the discussion he had with his children.

“Forget that I am Maribel tonight, Maritza. We don’t want any slip ups,” reminded Maribel through Marisol’s lips.

“Who is Maritza?” asked Sergio.

“She is my half sister,” lied Maribel through her “Marisol” mask. Sometimes I mask as her. How does the mask fit?”

“You be the judge,” suggested Sergio while modeling the mask for Marisol as Maribel.

“It is perfect; just perfect,” observed Maribel through the eyes of Marisol’s mask. “I have a complete set of identification for Maritza, for your wallet and purse. You even will have credit cards and a driver’s license. Looking the way you do and with the identification, no one will doubt that you are who you say you are.”

When Sergio completed dressing himself, with some assistance from Maribel, who was already masked and dressed as “Marisol”, he felt the transformation even before he stood in front of the bedroom’s full length mirror and observed the total effect. The transformation was amazing. The figure in the mirror bore absolutely no resemblance to Sergio. Instead what looked back at him was the dike like character that Maribel had name “Maritza”. The image totally turned Sergio on. He could see what was priming the masked Maribel’s motor. “Maritza” was stunning and elegant. The four-inch, size twelve, black, patent leather heels and the black opaque stockings covered by the soft black satin pants, made “her” long legs appear fluid and graceful. The darts in the princess seamed jacket hinted at the curvaceous figure underneath it, while firing the observer’s imagination with blatant, teasing concealment.

Sergio loved the feel of the luxurious heavy satin against his skin. He could see why people wanted to use this material for underwear and bed sheets. He promised himself, as he continued to model for himself in the mirror, that he was going to have a bedding set custom made out of black heavy satin for his bedroom fantasy with Marisol as “Maribel” and himself in the role of “Maritza” the insatiable she/male. The shiny black, block cut, knock out, pageboy wig framed “her” gorgeous “Tan Emerrald” mask by Kerry. The tinted rhinestone inlaid, horn-rimmed, cat eyeglasses gave the illusion that the big, lush lashed, brown eyes of the mask actually blinked and dance mischievously. Sergio also loved this particular mask by Kerry the first time he saw it on Kerry’s website. Kerry, that awesome TV gal, had her own website at Maskon.Com. She was a master mask maker. He was so impressed with Kerry’s work, that he had ordered a second “Tan Emerrald” to compliment the one that Maribel was having him use to be “Maritza”. Sergio intended on addicting Marisol to this mask, once he got her masking by whatever means necessary. He could see them masking together as the Twin Sisters of Christmas like Chante’s story on the site devoted to masked fiction at Mask Fiction.Com. Sergio was convinced that masking would free Marisol from the inhibitions that prevented her from achieving her full sexual and emotional potential by getting her out of her frigid self. What Sergio held back from Maribel was that he was really doing this entire evening for his wife Marisol. As stated before, the powder between Maribel’s skin and her mask and garments, was really an incredibly powerful bonding agent that when mixed with the natural salts that were in Maribel’s perspiration, would glue the separate elements of her costume into one totally unified unit that would be fixed to her body for least two weeks. If he could get her dancing and sweating profusely inside her latex costume, that time could be extended for an even longer period.

Since this mid-week party was the beginning of a possible three-week “vacation” for Maribel, she felt she could be Marisol’s tall twin and not missed at her work. On the other hand, if Sergio could have Maribel believe that and allow her to voluntarily step into Marisol’s work life while forcing Marisol to be “Maribel” and have Marisol become Sergio’s administrative assistant at his place of employment, so much the better. Sergio was about to go off the edge and pass the point of no return. He had to cross the line, cross roles, cross dress and cross gender. He was going for broke. Either he would turn his marriage to Marisol around, or Maribel would become Marisol and he would allow Maribel to complete her work of shoving his wife into the never-never-land of lost memories.


Maribel had no idea of Sergio’s plans or how those plans were going to impact her life and their relationship as she sat watching Sergio transform himself into her female administrative assistant. She was quite a sight, sipping her tall, cool drink in her over the top, drop dead gorgeous, bright violet PVC dress, gloves and boots. She had the air of confidence about her that made her administrative material. She believed that she was in total control of her design and destiny. That confidence was to become her down fall as it blinded her to realizing Sergio’s over riding design and desire. If she had concentrated more on her man and less on replacing his woman, maybe she would have seen what really was happening, but at this moment, Maribel was masked as her rival for Sergio’s affections and cruising on top of the latex world. Sergio had laid out Marisol’s newly purchased full length, almost black, ranch mink coat for Maribel to wear to the company’s promotional party. Marisol had bought it with her bonus money when she was named a Senior Vice President of the firm. The design of this garment could turn any ordinary woman into a goddess from the neck down. Its cut said “plush” and “class” all along its wonderful lines.

On Maribel’s masked and augmented face and body, this fabulous coat became the covering of a goddess. The cut was so full and luxurious that it complimented Sergio’s “Maritza” costume as well when he tried it on. He not only liked the look of Marisol’s mink, but he enjoyed wearing it. He had never known the sensation of being covered in luxurious, heavy satin lined animal skins before. Thus, Sergio had purchased a faux edition of the same coat. While the visual effect was a close imitation, “Maritza’s” coat didn’t hang, feel, swing or move like Marisol’s did. Then again it fit Maritza’s role of assistant, while Marisol’s coat on Maribel said, “CEO”. Maribel was true to her predictions of her behavior as “Marisol” at the corporation’s New Products Reception. From the moment of her spectacular entrance, she was one of the central focuses of the event. No one seemed to notice that “Marisol” was wearing a beautified mask of “herself”. Maribel had Marisol’s mannerisms down pat. Every nod of Maribel’s head, every flick of the wrist said that this being was exactly who the mask portrayed it to be. Sergio as “Maritza” basked in the light of the gorgeous image of his “wife”.

Maribel may have thought she was playing her character as a wild, open, flamboyant, flirtatious caricature of Marisol, but “Maritza” found “herself” wishing that this characterization was actually a portrayal of future acts by the real Marisol. Somehow she seemed assertive and demur, incisive yet sweet, and direct but diplomatic, all at the same time. Sergio would have been proud to call the PVC clad, woman in red, who manipulated the party like she was the guest of honor, his wife for life. Without her knowledge, Maribel was actually building a powerful and irresistible public face for Marisol. All Sergio had to do was to prove to Marisol that this face was a self-fulfilling prophecy and not merely an unattainable one-night fantasy.

Like a lot of Silicon Valley’s parties this reception was a wild affair designed to assist new and potential clients to catch the “start-up” entrepreneurial fever. Maribel as “Marisol” was a walking advertisement for this reality. She moved with ease in this setting of fast paced glittz and glamour. Her image glided from group to group like she was on roller blades. The board members made sure that all potential and new clients met her and were involved with one of her highly creative discussions. This was doubly true if they were males. “Maritza” played her role of go-for and support. “She” was always there to backstop and protect “Marisol” from any undesired advances made by the hungry mob of men that “Marisol” excited. The party continued until the small hours of the morning. Several of the board members congratulated “Marisol” on her conquests and deportment. A couple even went so far as to joke about her becoming the CEO for the whole company and how Wilbur Smith, the current CEO better sharpen his act to keep pace with the powerful glittzy and edgy image “Marisol” was creating.

“I think bring your gorgeous assistant along, instead of that dull engineer type you are married to, was a brilliant idea, Marisol,” observed a wife of one of the board members. Next time bring a couple more like her and the board will make you the CEO.”

“Clara, that sort of behavior went out of fashion in the twentieth century,” commented Maribel as “Marisol” while smiling pleasantly and with the charm of a cobra that is about to strike.

“As long as there are bright, bold and beautiful women like you and your assistant and rich, hungry, yet dirty old men like my Morton, that kind of behavior as you choose to call it, will never be out of fashion,” instructed the gracious board member’s wife.

“I don’t know if I hope you are right or wrong about that, Clara,” stated Maribel as “Marisol.”

“There is no right or wrong to it. What I said was a fact and you will be taking it to the bank if you do as I suggested,” asserted Clara with authority in her sonorous voice.

“I can see where Morton’s wisdom comes from, Clara,” complimented Maribel as “Marisol”.

“Your are as wise and perceptive as Morton said you were, Dear. Most of the women he is attracted to are pure airheads. I like you. You are ambitious and you have smarts,” said Clara as she leaned into “Marisol” and pressed a note into her hand before moving off to another click. When Marisol took a moment to look at the note a little later, it said: “If you could ever spare Maritza for an afternoon of the recreation that I am sure she gives to you, I would be eternally grateful and totally in your debt. It never hurts to have a sister on your side.”

“It looks like you have made an important conquest for me, Maritza,” said Maribel as “Marisol” when she pressed the note into Maritza’s hand in a public moment of open affection. This was a reality that Sergio had not bargained for and Maribel seemed to revel in “Maritza’s” absolutely complete embarrassment.

From behind his mask of “Maritza”, Sergio wondered what would happen to their marriage if the real Marisol actually became her corporation’s CEO. If she stayed with him, would he have to service the board member’s wives as Maritza? Maybe Maribel would expect this, but would the real Marisol also think it was appropriate in her new open, reformed style? At the moment this idea disgusted Sergio, especially when he thought of the prodigious weight of a couple of the wives. On the other hand, if it promoted Marisol into the fantastic being he knew her to be, maybe this act of self-sacrifice would be worth it.

Thus, rather than tubing Marisol as was Maribel’s original intention, her performance landed several mega money contracts for the corporation and the board started talking about spinning off a segment of the business and making Maribel, as “Marisol”, the CEO of the new company. “You have got to get rid of Marisol, Maritza,” commanded Maribel as they headed back to her place after the event. “You and I as Maritza and Marisol could take over this company. If we resign our positions with our current employer we will be able to really concentrate on this move.”

“I will have to give that some thought, Maribel,” replied Sergio from behind his “Maritza mask”. “There are my children to think about and I want to finish my thesis and get my Master’s Degree as a fall back position.

“I demand that you do more than that if you want to keep me happy,” proclaimed Maribel as she tried to take off her “Marisol mask” and wig. After a few tugs she gave-up. “You don’t need a degree when we look the way we do tonight, Maritza.”

“Can I take my mask off as well?” asked Sergio while changing the subject. “It is beginning to itch.”

“Of course not, lover. How would it look for me to be going around with a woman that has a man’s head? Besides, I want you to be my she/male lover tonight and my zipper seems to be stuck. I guess I didn’t need to take it off in the first place.”

“I could pull over and help you take it off, Maribel. I guess you deserve a reward for your performance this evening,” conceded Sergio as “Maritza” while knowing that he had fused the zipper shut and that the mask was firmly bonded to Maribel’s skin for at least two weeks and possibly as much as three.

“That won’t be necessary Maritza. I was fabulous. Wasn’t I?” confirmed Maribel while reaching over to “Maritza’s” crotch with her gloved hand and proceeding to probe for the toy she knew was between “Maritza’s” long, powerful, stocking clad legs.

“If you keep that up, Maribel, we may have to pull over,” declared Sergio as “Maritza”. The satin on satin sensation and the teasing that Maribel was doing as she groped through “Maritza’s” fly and into “her” black, heavy satin underwear was really getting to “Maritza’s” magnificent penis.

“Did you hear me say that I didn’t want to make a detour to a secluded lane on the way to my place?” teased Maribel as “Marisol”. She was pushing and pulling on all of “Maritza’s” buttons now. “On second thought, I don’t want to stop.”

By this point in the ride home, Maribel had “Maritza’s” fully extended toy out of “her” pants. With one smooth, well-coordinated move, she leaned over into “Maritza’s lap and all but swallowed the throbbing toy. Her firm young lips behind the smooth latex lips of the “Marisol mask” slid up and down “Maritza’s” pulsating shaft while her tongue danced on the tip. “Maritza” moaned with pure joy as “she” tried to concentrate on driving safely. “She” wanted to stop the car, but every time “she” started to pull over to the side of the road, “she” felt more teeth than lip. Fearing the worst, “Maritza” tried to keep a steady speed and a straight course. They should have made the film “Speed” with Sandra Bullock doing this to Keana Reeves, thought “Maritza”. Now that would be a believable reason to keep a steady speed and try to jump a bus off of a bridge.

To distract “herself” from the pleasure/torture at hand, “Maritza” moved her mind onto Sergio’s other problems. Up to this point in their relationship, Maribel had designed or acquired all their masking gear and costumes, including the ones left around Sergio’s house to make Marisol think she had a split personality and that the alternate personality was having several illicit and lesbian affairs. While Sergio had come to enjoy masking and some of the thrills associated with the process he needed to get up to speed on where and how to acquire what he needed to carry out his plans for Marisol’s coming out party.

At that juncture, they had to stop at a red light and “Maritza” blew out of herself. Maribel didn’t let a single drop of the hot fluid go to waste. She raised up as they got back under way. “Good, Maritza. Now you will be able to last through what I have planned for you to do to me for the rest of the evening.”

“Are you planning another marathon session, Maribel?” inquired “Maritza” as Maribel straightened “Marisol’s” gorgeous wig on her head.

“I fixed your little head, Honey. Give me a moment to fix mine,” demanded Maribel as “Marisol”. She refreshed her make up and viewed herself in the visor mirror. “Your loving `Marisol’ wants you to show `her’ all the tricks that Maribel has taught you, Maritza. `She’ wants to make sure that your are ready to service the wives of the entire board in one night if it is called for,” announced Maribel as “Marisol”.

I know more tricks than the ones you taught to me said “Maritza” to “herself”. Tonight is the beginning of “Operation Marisol”, only neither Maribel as “Marisol” nor the real Marisol know it yet, continued Sergio’s interior dialog behind “Maritza’s” face. What I am going to have to do first is find that web site called Maskon.Com. and get in touch with Kerry. As “Maritza” pondered “her” order to Kerry, “she” realized that “she” would probably be giving Kerry one of the biggest mask and torso orders she had ever received. “Maritza” would probably need to buy at least two of each of Kerry’s models, so that “she” could add to the confusion by double masking. “She” would also need Maribel to make an augmented, over the top, latex replica of her body so that “Maritza” could trap Marisol in a full body suit. To add to the depth of that fantasy “she” would need to purchase a large quantity of the powdered fixative from the medical supply house to make sure that Marisol was in the reverse position that “Maritza” had Maribel placed. Even after their marathon session of sex that Maribel as “Marisol” insisted on, Sergio as “Maritza” couldn’t sleep. Maribel’s comment about eliminating Marisol kept play through his head. If she really desired this and he had no reason to think otherwise, that was an ominous direction that he did not want to go in, at least, not yet. His children deserved to have their mother, and Maribel had no desire to fulfill that role. He needed to give Marisol a chance to redeem herself through “Operation Marisol”. As he stared at the bedroom ceiling while listening to the masked snoring of Maribel’s sensuous “Marisol image”, Sergio determined that the starting and ending events of “Operation Marisol” were critical. As clear as he could fathom, both events had to take place in a time and place of disorientation and possible confusion for both Marisol and Maribel. He should be masked as “Maritza” to keep his cover and allow him to have more than one identity. This would allow his Sergio image to remain apart from and innocent of the manipulation of both women’s lives. In addition, “Maritza” was now accepted as part of Marisol’s entourage at her place of employment. This would allow him to enter “Marisol’s” work environment, as being played by Maribel, without any question or suspicion. On the other hand, if Marisol was masked as “Maribel”, she could be part of Sergio’s work place. This would also permit Maribel to live as “Marisol” during the process.

The place for the starting event for Maribel’s insertion into the operation had been the product introduction party of Marisol’s firm. In the confusion leading up to and during the party, Maribel had sealed herself into being “Marisol” for at least the next three weeks. Maribel was so turned on to being “Marisol” that four days would pass for she realized the total extent of her predicament and that being “Marisol” might be a permanent reality. The place that Sergio as “Maritza” decided to suck the real Marisol into the operation was the airport. He rented a limousine and stocked it with all the gear, masks and costumes for a variety of contingencies leading to Marisol’s masked transformation. The airport had “changing and refreshing kiosks” that could be rented for the transformation. That setting would be ideal, but how to get Marisol to use the kiosk when she was so close to home was still a problem. Thus, he would need to meet her and play the activity by ear if he chose this method. On the other hand, if he used the limousine for the location of the transformation, drugging Marisol with either a refreshment from the car’s bar or releasing gas into the limousine’s passenger compartment would be the easiest way to start the process. However, where to do the act of transforming Marisol into “Maribel” was a logistical problem, not to mention that donning the garments and masks would be difficult in the car. The airport parking structure or any of the parking lots of the nearby airport hotels weren’t good candidates for a transformation site either. In addition, Marisol was not expecting to be picked up at the airport by a limousine service. She had planned to take a cab home since she was arriving late and it was a school night for the children. Sergio had already agreed to watch their children at the house. Thus, Sergio would have to work out a process and reason for having a limousine pick up Marisol at the airport. So that he could do all of the above, Sergio decided that Maribel, now semi-permanently masked as “Marisol” would stay with the children. “I can’t lay the ground work for dumping the real Marisol if you don’t let me meet her and start addicting her to the drugs I have purchased for this purpose, Maribel,” declared Sergio Barrajas.

We should do this together,” proposed Maribel as “Marisol”. “I could double mask and your wife wouldn’t be any the wiser.”

“What would be the purpose in that?” asked Sergio.

“I don’t think it is a good idea for you to be alone with the real Marisol, Sergio,” declared Maribel as “Marisol”.

“You need to be here to watch the children, Maribel.”

“They are old enough to watch themselves,” said Maribel.

“Look we don’t want to get tripped up by something happening to the kids while we are doing our number on their mother,” asserted Sergio.

“You have a point there. So, let me see if I understand your plan, Sergio?”

“Fire away, Maribel.”

“Okay. First, you, masked Maritza, are going to meet Marisol at the airport with some excuse about an emergency company meeting.”

“Check,” confirmed Sergio.

“Then, somehow, somewhere, you are going to drug her and transform her into my image.”

“Yes,” stated Sergio.

“You are not quite sure how or where this going to happen because of the variety of possible contingencies.”

“Right again,” responded Sergio.

“That seems sloppy to me, Maritza,” commented Maribel as Marisol.

“Don’t worry, Marisol. I think I have all the bases covered,” asserted Sergio as “Maritza”.

“I hope you are right, Maritza.”

“I know I am,” confirmed Sergio as “Maritza”.

“Assuming that you have all the bases covered, once she is locked into being me, you will restrain her into what she will think is a psycho ward. There you will inject and infuse her with designer drugs until she has a dependency and habit as big as a house?” probed Maribel as “Marisol”.

“You have the gist of it, Maribel,” said Sergio. He really hadn’t considered this notion before, but the fantasy of doing this to either Maribel or Marisol if they didn’t cooperate with his plans was rich and really turned him on. All of a sudden he felt like he was listening to the “dark side of the Force”.

“Meanwhile, I step into Marisol’s shoes, get your children enrolled in a boarding school, and you become my she/male partner, Maritza,” continued Maribel not realizing that she was going way over the line with Sergio’s desires and plans.

“That’s it on the button,” lied Sergio knowing that is what Maribel wanted to hear, “but probably not in that exact sequence.”

“What’s wrong with the sequence?” question Maribel as “Marisol”.

“Nothing, but it probably won’t happen that fast,” declared Sergio.

“Why not?” asked Marisol.

“Well, for one thing, the boarding school bit can’t happen until the beginning of next semester,” answered Sergio knowing that he had no intention of sending his children off anywhere. “Then we have to make sure your life as Maribel is all tied up and legally terminated before Marisol as you is declared catatonic and hopelessly insane.”

“Good. I love that part, Sergio.”

“Next, we have to create work at home situations for me so I can be myself for you as Marisol’s husband and as your administrative assistant, Maritza, at work. I will also have to wrap-up my position at my job in an orderly manner. We just can’t drop off the face of the earth without raising some questions. We have to move at a pace where we don’t raise any suspicions. Remember, what we are doing to Marisol is totally illegal, even though it is totally deserved. I don’t want some noisy neighbor or disgruntled employee unraveling our whole plan before we can bury our plans really deep and totally out of site.”

“This is going to be more complicated than I thought, Sergio.”

“There is a big difference between a fantasy and a planned and structured reality, Maribel.”

“I know that, but does it really have to take so long? Some of what you said might take at least six months,” complained Maribel as “Marisol”.

“Look, Maribel, I am a systems analyst by training. The whole doesn’t work unless it is the exact sum of the parts with each piece interfacing like the parts of a well put together jig saw puzzle. We are creating a situation with lasting permanence. This is for keeps. There are no second chances, editing, or a repeat performance. We have to get it right the first time and make it stick.”

“What does all that mean for me, Sergio?” asked Maribel.

“That means you will have to perform an ordered sequence of events that doesn’t raise any additional questions and suspicions while answering all the obvious ones. It also means that we have to take everything step-by-step and pay attention to the smallest, most insignificant detail.”

“That sounds so like a man,” stated Maribel as “Marisol”.

“You may have me masked and dressed as a woman, Maribel, but I still have my male mind.”


Sergio dressed like “Maritza” in a Chauffeur’s outfit and met Marisol at the airport to allegedly pick her up with appeared to be a company limousine. As Marisol came through the gate from the jet-way into the main terminal she saw “Maritza.” “She” was holding a sign with “Marisol Barrajas: Important” printed on it. Marisol walked right up to “Maritza” while Sergio as “Maritza” tried to act like he didn’t know that the person, who was about to address him, was Marisol.

“I’m Marisol Barrajas. Do have a message for me? Is everything all right with my children?”

Sergio made a mental note that she didn’t inquire after him. “I wouldn’t know that, Miss Barrajas I was sent to take you to an emergency meeting at the company. While you have been gone there has been a shake up and you are on the short list.”

“List, what short list?” asked Marisol.

“That is all I was to tell you, Miss Barrajas.”

“I need to call my house,” said Marisol.

Again, she is calling the house, and not her husband, thought Sergio. “That has already been taken care of, Miss. Your husband is a most understanding man, I’m told and he knows you will be an hour later than you originally planned.”

“I need to get my luggage,” said Marisol.

“Give me the claim checks and I will do that for you, Miss Barrajas.” Behind “Maritza’s” mask, Sergio noted that Marisol seemed to enjoy being called “Miss”. If you wait in the limousine loading area, I will get the bags, load them into the limousine and then pick you up.”

“My what service,” commented Marisol as they left the main terminal and headed to the baggage and transportation areas. I don’t believe I caught your name, Miss.”

“It is Maritza Espinosa.”

“Have we met before, Miss Espinosa? Your face is vaguely familiar,” said Marisol while flashing on some of the video that she had found in her suitcase in Las Vegas.

“Yes we have, Miss Barrajas but this is the first we have met formally. I guess you don’t remember the other times. Those drinks at the office gatherings can be pretty strong.”

“But I seem to recall something more, but I’m not sure,” said Marisol as more flash backs of her allegedly having a lesbian affair with a young woman who resembled “Maritza”.

“Yes, Miss Barrajas, but we don’t have to go there if you don’t want to,” politely commented Sergio as “Maritza”.

“I guess there are some perks to being and executive,” observed Marisol while trying to make sense out of what seemed nonsensical. “Where is the limousine parked now?”

“It is in the loading area, Miss Barrajas.”

“Does it have a bar and phone?” asked Marisol as they entered the foyer of the escalators that took them to the baggage claim and loading areas.

“Yes Miss and a fully stocked snack cupboard as well.”

“Take me to the limousine, Maritza. I’ll have a drink and snack while you pick up my luggage. That bag of peanuts they gave me on the plane left me both hungry and thirsty. I also have a couple of calls to make.”

Sergio as “Maritza”, took Marisol to the limousine. It was a stretched, black, Lincoln Towne Car. The interior was neatly appointed in rich black leathers and rose oak. It had everything but a toilet. The chauffeur’s compartment was divided from the rest of the vehicle by a one way mirror, plexy-glass partition. Sergio showed Marisol how to use the phone, where the snacks were and mixed her a drink that had enough drugs in it to put an elephant into a hypnotic trance.

“Maritza are you my regularly assigned driver?”

“I am your executive assistant, Miss Barrajas. It is my job to be whatever you need me to be.”

“That is fabulous. Just refresh my memory, how long have you been my assistant?” probed Marisol.

“I think it has been at least a month, Miss Barrajas.”

“I hope we work well together,” stated Marisol while still trying to match up the ends of all the pieces of disjointed information from the videos and fogged memories of missing days. Marisol was beginning to believe that the stress from her fast paced life style was splitting her personality. One side of her was the workaholic, pillar of the church, stable person she had always known; the other, was some wild, uninhibited, hedonistic, lesbian.

“It is a pleasure to work with and serve you, Miss Barrajas.” Knowing that it took twenty minutes for the drug to kick in, Sergio was certain that he would be back from the luggage carousel and they would be under way before Marisol was once again, totally out of it. He called his house and told Maribel as “Marisol” to take the phone off of the hook in case the real Marisol tried to call there.

When “Maritza” returned with the luggage “she” drove the drugged Marisol to the Notel-Motel to transform her into “Maribel”. Once “Maritza had the limousine parked in the space closest to their room, “she” awakened Marisol into the trance state and had her walk, almost robotically into their room. She left Marisol standing in the room and went back out to the car to get all of the gear.

After all the items for the transformation had been placed in the room, “Maritza” couldn’t resist kissing the entranced Marisol. To “her” surprise, Marisol responded and returned the kiss. “That was very good Marisol, now you need to take off all of your clothes.” Marisol obediently complied. “Maritza” marveled at the perfection of Marisol’s naked body and only wished that her mind would allow and enjoy the sexual games and pleasures that this fabulous image of a woman was designed for. It almost seemed criminal to alter it and hide it beneath the masking disguise that Sergio was convinced he had to use to liberate Marisol from herself imposed prison of frigidity.

“Go stand in the shower and smear this cream all over yourself Marisol. Make sure you wash it into your hair as well,” directed “Maritza”.

From previous “time-loss sessions of erotica” that had lead Marisol to her present confused state, much of her body hair as well as the hair on her head had repeatedly been removed. Once her wig and make-up were washed off, she looked like a cancer patient in the advanced stages of chemotherapy. Therefore, this latest treatment made her skin totally hairless: a tableau raza. Sergio’s intention was to transform Marisol into an over the top Maribel. To any causal observer, Maribel was a natural knockout: a real hot number. Sergio decided that this new “Maribel” should be so designed as to cause train wrecks. If she crossed a busy street in the middle of the block, traffic would come to a crashing halt and the stunned male drivers would snarl the boulevard’s flow for miles.

Maribel had made a casting of her entire body, onto which, she had built an exaggerated latex form of herself. Since most of Maribel’s basic dimensions were a perfect match for Marisol, the resulting total body suit and mask were a perfect fit for Marisol. Maribel had tinted the suit so it appeared that she had spent just a little too long in a tanning salon. She had also built in a corset mechanism and jell filled additions to the breasts and buttocks so the she had an extreme hour glass figure. Once Marisol had been totally bonded into the suit with the fixative, dentists use to take dental impressions, the latex move absolutely like a second skin. When Marisol moved, “Maribel’s skin replicated the action.

To make the eyes come alive and avoid the starring qualities of many latex masks, Sergio inserted special, full corneal caps that sat right on Marisol’s eyes and completely covered her eye balls. Even by themselves these caps changed the look of Marisol’s facial expressions. The eyes of the mask were cut out and liquid latex was used to attach the feathered edge of the mask to Marisol’s eyelids in addition to permanently attaching a set of full, long eyelashes. The same level of attention was given over to converting Marisol’s “lips” into those of a lush Maribel. This was done in order to allow for control of facial expressions. In this case the “lips” of the mask were modified so that the latex when complete around Marisol’s lips and inside of her mouth. The dental bonding agent secured the latex lips so the when Marisol smiled or talked, Maribel’s face responded in kind. “Maritza” proceeded to seal and delete all points of entry into the suit and mask with liquid latex. “She” also glued the black flowing wig to Marisol’s masked head. Once completed, Marisol was a beautified, if that was possible, perfect, exaggerated and tanned form of Maribel. The one incongruity to the costume was the large phallic member that was attached in an anatomically correct fashion to “Maribel’s “feminine area”. The latex appendage was designed to rub Marisol in such a way as to keep her in a constant state of arousal. However, the “testicles” were also designed so that with a slight adjustment, they could be moved aside and allow Marisol, as “Maribel” to be penetrated like a normal woman while getting total clitoral stimulation. This new “Maribel” appeared to be the perfect she/male that matched “Maritza’s look, only the prostheses were reversed. Sergio made sure that all the systems worked by having the best sex of his marriage with the totally aroused “Maribel.”

Once that was accomplish and he was totally satisfied that all was in order, Sergio as “Maritza” dressed Marisol as “Maribel” into the basic exotic PVC undergarments and cat suit that would be her new and constant image. The eight- inch high boots made this new creature taller than Sergio’s six-foot three height as “Maritza”. When he was in his Sergio persona, she would tower over him by four-inches.

While he dressed her, Sergio implanted the trigger words that would take Marisol either into or out of a hypnotic trance that opened her mind to post hypnotic suggestions. The only suggestion he implanted at this point was that “Maritza” was her most trusted friend and that as “Maribel”, Marisol was to confide in “Maritza” how Marisol felt about her marriage and Sergio. Then, “Maritza” told “Maribel” that she loved her new look and the manner of dressing. “Your trigger word for desire is `Maritza’s testicles’. You will go into a deep trance when you hear the phrase, `Sergio’s phallus’. I will awaken you with the phrase, `Sergio’s dream’.”

Sergio as “Maritza” positioned “Maribel” and “herself” into a sixty-nine sexual format and awoke Marisol as “Maribel” in what appeared to be the middle of a lesbian love making session. Sergio in his female disguise told the new “Maribel” that “she” had to seduce him as “Maribel” or the woman that has stepped into “her” place would be allowed to keep Sergio and Marisol’s entire life. In addition, Marisol as “Maribel would be shipped off to some unknown destination where “she” would be put in a crib and forced to serve all comers.

“Am I to understand that some unknown force is coercing you to do this to me?” inquired Marisol as “Maribel”.

“Absolutely, Miss Barrajas. They are monitoring our actions through that camera in the corner,” said Sergio as “Maritza” while pointing at the dummy camera he had mounted in the corner of the room.

“Why don’t we just disconnect that monitor, get out of these costumes and leave?” probed Marisol from behind “Maribel’s” beautiful face.

“I wish we could, but they are holding my children as hostages, Miss Barrajas, I mean Maribel”.

“You poor thing,” sympathized Marisol from behind her “Maribel” mask.

“Thank you for your concern, Maribel.

“Why do you keep calling me Maribel?”

“Because if I don’t, they will hurt my kids and that is not all,” continued Sergio as “Maritza”.

“What do you mean?”

“They said that you had better cooperate or the agent in your house, who is masked to look and act like you, will be forced to poison your children and husband.”

“They can’t mean that,” asserted the new “Maribel”.

“But they do,” responded “Maritza”.

“But my children haven’t done anything to deserve this,” proclaimed Marisol as “Maribel”.

“Mine haven’t either, but they have some things they want us to do and if we don’t they will carry out their threats. They have already sent me the little finger of my oldest child.” Behind “Maritza’s” lovely face, Sergio once again noted that Marisol’s attention and concern was directed towards her children and that there was no mention of her husband.

“How horrible for you, not to mention the cruelty to the child,” declared Marisol while making the mask she was wearing display the anger she felt.

“I just know that these people will see to it that our kids die a really painful, untraceable death. They also told me that you are already having psychotic episodes and unaccountable lapses of time,” added Sergio as the sexy and informative “Maritza”.

“That’s true, Maritza, but how could they possibly know that?” asked Marisol as “Maribel”. “That is a total secret. I haven’t even shared that with my husband.”

“They seem to know everything about us, Maribel.”

“But how?” inquired the masked Marisol.

I don’t know, but they said that if you and I behave, you would be put into a position where you have to seduce your husband as part of an illicit affair in this motel room for the benefit of the cameras. If you don’t, they said your husband’s days and your children’s days would be numbered in the single digits.”

“Don’t worry, Maritza, to protect my children, I’ll make Sergio do whatever they want me to do. I know that this outfit will make his third leg as stiff as a Greek pillar. He probably won’t last a day.”

Marisol had done it again. There was no hesitation. Sacrificing her husband’s honor to protect her children from an imagined threat wasn’t a problem for her. She had no faith in his will power. He wouldn’t last a day. Did he ever have news for her? “That’s the spirit, Maribel,” commented Sergio as “Maritza”.

“Why are they doing this to me?” asked Marisol as “Maribel”.

“They said that your husband is in a pivotal position on some multi-billion dollar contract and that they wanted to insure his cooperation.”

“Can you be more specific than that?” asked the new “Maribel”.

“No, they didn’t tell me any more than that,” informed “Maritza”.

“Who do I have to be?” asked Marisol in “Maribel’s” image.

“Actually, you are dressed in her foundation garments. She is a very pretty package as you have noted and she is your husband’s secretary,” informed Sergio as “Maritza”.

“Why didn’t they, whomever they are, get the secretary to do it?” questioned Marisol as “Maribel”.

“She refused their proposition and has been eliminated,” answered “Maritza”.

“You mean, dead?” Asked Marisol through her mask of “Maribel” after the thought that this “Maritza” was one special friend to risk telling her so much about what was happening.

“That is my understanding,” declared Sergio as “Maritza”.

“His office is full of gold diggers that want him and want him to be happy with them,” proclaimed Marisol as “Maribel”. “Why not use one of them?”

“I asked that question, too,” said Sergio as “Maritza”. “They told me that the purpose of this exercise was to compromise your husband so that he will have to do what they tell him to do. They want you to hook him so hard, in your current persona, that he rather die than give you up. They said they couldn’t count on that type of effort from a gold digger.”

“That makes sense,” observed Marisol as “Maribel”. “When do I find out more on this project?”

“I don’t know that for sure. I got the sense that we would be given information on a need to know basis,” instructed Sergio as “Maritza.”

“I need to know more about how to save my kids,” declared “Maribel”.

“They said that for now, all you needed to know is that you are to sexually compromise Sergio at his work place.”

“I don’t get why they are forcing you into this as well, Maritza,” said Marisol as “Maribel”.

“Honey, I am told that you are a Frigid Bridgett. I am to coach you and teach you everything you need to know to knock over your husband.”

“This suit will do it,” proclaimed the new “Maribel”.

“That is not what is the word in his office. The woman that you are replacing said that she tried everything she knew for the last six months.”

“But you are a woman. Shouldn’t I have a man to teach me what a man craves?”

“You probably already know that, Maribel. You probably aren’t willing to give it out.”

“How would you know what I can do and can’t do?” asked Marisol as “Maribel”.

“Your husband’s nickname at his place of employment is the Sterile Surge. Everybody knows he has gotten any real sex in years,” explained Sergio as “Maritza”.

“I just knew he was a blabber mouth,” complained “Maritza”.

“No dear, when men are getting it regularly they talk a little and smile a lot. When they are getting it rationed to them, they laugh and brag a lot. But when they aren’t getting any; they never say a thing and snarl at those whom do. Sergio is the king of the snarlers. It is so bad that he is considered anti-social. The word is that his wife has him so emasculated that he couldn’t get it up to go to the toilet and probably has to sit down like a woman.”

“Then why are so many women after him?” questioned Marisol trough “Maribel’s fabulous latex image.

“He is a gentleman. He never makes unwanted advances or passes. He doesn’t take his female staff for granted like the other bosses. Then there is the reality that he makes a great check, not mention that he is a challenge. For a few, he may even have become a trophy.”

“Okay, let’s just say that Sergio is all that you have heard. That still doesn’t tell me why you have been assigned as my coach,” declared Marisol in her awesome “Maribel” mask and costume.

“I am still part man, Maribel. That is what they got on me. If I do this, they will let my kids go and get me an operation that will finish the job. Please. Help me do this. I can teach you things that will turn your life around and make your husband an adoring slave.”

“Maritza, maybe I am one of those women who have come to view Sergio as a trophy. It’s not the fact that he is a good provider, father, and helpmate that keeps me with him. It is because I don’t want his trophy sitting on another woman’s shelf.”

“Look, we have to do this thing or our kids are in danger, Maribel!”

“We can fake something for the TV if you want to keep them off our backs, but that is all.”

“What have you got against Sergio anyway. I would think you would think that an opportunity to make love to him without him knowing that it is you would really be fun.”

“Sex is not fun, Maritza. At least not after you get married. It is a chore.”

“What do you mean, Maribel? What does marriage have to do with it?” asked Sergio sincerely through his “Maritza” disguise.

“Picture this. The grimy little man comes home to the little woman all turned on because he couldn’t get it on with every skirt in the office. He wants to jump her bones and dump a load of hot sperm up her cunt. Then he roles over and takes a nap while dreaming of some sweet, young, alleged virgin that gives it away to all the other guys in the office for free.”

“That is really an ugly picture, Maribel,” stated Sergio as “Maritza”.

“Ugly or not, it is real for most women,” continued Marisol as “Maribel”.

“Are you saying that with all his qualities, Sergio doesn’t turn you on?” probed Sergio as “Maritza”.

“Look Maritza, I feel I can tell you anything, so I am going to tell you something that I have never admitted to another living soul.”

The post hypnotic suggestion must be working thought Sergio as the image of “Maritza” asked, “Are you sure you want to tell me this?”

“I feel I must,” confirmed Marisol as “Maribel”.

“Then do what you have to do, Sugar.”

“I can’t think of anything that turns me off more than the thought of him wanting to manhandle me except for the vision of his attempt to actually do it,” confided Marisol as “Maribel”.

It appeared that while the real Maribel’s conditioning tapes has succeeded in raising Marisol’s desire for sexual gratification and fulfillment, none of that desire seemed to be directed towards Sergio. In fact, the reverse was the case. Sergio smelled that something smelled in this reality. Had the real Maribel designed the tapes so this would occur? Or, was Marisol so turned off by Sergio that no amount of persuasion, short of drug induced brainwashing, would make her see him as a torrid sexual partner.

Behind his “Maritza” mask, Sergio was fuming. If he were a different type of personality he would have punted Marisol’s masked head into the next county. It appeared that Marisol knew she was poisoning their lives and she was getting sustenance from this reality. No wonder she had the reputation of being a shark among sardines in her office. Maybe Maribel’s over the top performance was only a factor in the rapid promotion of Marisol up the corporate ladder. This woman not only had the killer instinct; she also had the desire to continue firing lethal rounds even after the object of her hunt was dead. He had to do something to channel her power or she would consume him with it. So, he kept his cool, and said, “Then lets get Sergio by making a masked video that will put him into harms way.”

“What are you suggesting?” probed Marisol as “Maribel”.

“I have a mask and torso of Sergio. Let’s have Maribel make love to him for the video and then black mail him in the office, with you playing the amorous Maribel,” proposed Sergio as “Maritza”. He planned to pretend to be masking as himself and put Marisol as “Maribel” into a semi trance and have her act a whore like as he could direct her to be.

“Why don’t we play around first. I never made love to a she/male. At least I don’t think I have,” stated Marisol as “Maribel” as she remembered the hard core, pornography videos she had found and watched with horror in her Las Vegas hotel room. It had been clear to her that she was the major star and perpetrator in those damning videos.

At this point, the new “Maribel” mounted Sergio as the she/male “Maritza”. Marisol had always enjoyed being on top when she and Sergio had sex on those rare occasions when she “allowed it”. Being on top prevented what she called

the “being smothered and groped feeling”. It also gave her control of the pace of the sex and if she wanted to stop mid-stream, as she had done on several occasions, she had the option of doing so. When Marisol as “Maribel” reached down passed her glorious chest and firm abdomen to blindly grab “Maritza’s huge penis and insert it into her feminine parts, she was shocked and surprised to find her own phallus. “What the H…?” shrieked Marisol through “Maribel’s” mask. “Do you know anything about this thing that is hanging on me, Maritza?”

“What are you talking about?” asked “Maritza” innocently.

“This thing! This penis!” exclaimed “Maribel”.

“What is the problem, Maribel? I still have mine too,” responded Sergio as “Maritza” as if he was asking for a glass of water.

“But this thing really isn’t mine!” proclaimed Marisol as the she/male “Maribel”.

“I think of the one that is still hanging on me in the same fashion. I think we do that so we won’t miss it when it is cut off,” stated “Maritza”.

“But I never had one before,” announced “Maribel” with horror and disgust in her voice as she got out of the bed and went over to the motel mirror to exam the organ that now seemed to a permanent part of her anatomy.

“Well, you definitely have one now,” confirmed “Maritza”.

“How do you use this thing?” inquired Marisol/Maribel as she posed before the mirror in a variety of positions with her new appendage.

“Do whatever comes natural Maribel,” suggested Sergio. “That’s what I did. They don’t come with manuals.”

“That’s cute. Real cute,” commented Marisol/Maribel as she climbed back on the bed and remounted “Maritza”.

“I guess because you are on top, you want me to do it to you first?” questioned Sergio as “Maritza”.

“Yes please, Maritza. This is all very new to me, but I don’t know why, this is all making me so horny,” confessed Marisol in her she/male disguise as “Maribel”. Do you think this torso has added to my breast size as well?”

Sergio thought a bit on whether or not he should answer this question. If he admitted to the fact that they were indeed much larger and heavier, he would also be admitting to prior knowledge. On the other hand, “Maritza” had allegedly been Marisol’s administrative assistant for a while. Thus, “Maritza” observed, “It is hard to say, Maribel. People look different without their clothes on.”

“Well, I feel larger, but I can’t say that I don’t like the feel of my new size. In fact I love the feel of their weight in my hands,” stated Marisol/Maribel while she fondled “her own” and Maribel’s combination breasts.

As Marisol/Maribel made moves on top of her she/male partner, “Maritza”, Sergio began experience sexual sensations that he never before felt let alone contemplate doing with Marisol. This latex clad female was a new sexual entity. While Marisol’s passion, as “Maribel” equaled that of the real Maribel, Marisol was more deliberate, graceful and elegant in her movement. Her precum felt smooth and stronger. This was not to mention the strength of her inner thighs that tensed and pulsed as they clamped and enveloped “Maritza’s” gorgeous, latex clad body. The masked Marisol’s hands caressed and stroked “Maritza’s” magnificent breasts in a way that gave both participants unbridled joy. “Don’t go until I tell you, Maritza. I want to make this last for a long while and then explode together.”

“Sergio was thankful for the practice and stamina he had developed with the real Maribel and complied with “Marisol/Maribel’s” request. He not only couldn’t believe “Marisol/Maribel’s” desire to experiment, but also she had an incredible natural ability that surprised him to the emotion core of his being. Not in all his born days would he have imagined that his straight laced, puritanical wife, would have been a superior fuck to the real Maribel. The mask and torso on Maribel had released energies that had been pent-up through years of self- restraint and what she had considered mature propriety. Her moves and acts on Sergio as “Maritza” made him feel as if his entire body was being sucked up into her womb through the channel of his massive, rock hard shaft.

The longer Marisol had the life like dildoe hung between her legs, the more fascinated she became with the use of the her new male appendage. She had read in her college psychology classes that women had penis envy. She had never believed that, but now she knew it was absolutely true, because she had one of her own. She was the predator now; the hunter among the hunted. The item she had for so long and subconsciously associated with male power and domination was hanging between her legs. The unit was so designed that it stimulated her clitoral region as well as the clitoris itself. The sensations and rhythms of usage were all brand new to her. She found herself admiring and playing with it and enraptured with the sense of external sexual movement. This could be addictive, she thought. The rhythm of pushing in and out of what she believed to be “Maritza’s female cavity gave her a new sense of power that was totally exhilarating. So this was what men craved and why they wanted sex all of the time, realized Marisol inside her she/male “Maribel” body and mask.

“For the sake of the camera, Maritza, let’s have you assume a position over the end of the bench at the foot of the bed. I never let my husband do this to me, but I always wondered what it would be like.” stated Marisol/Maribel while fondling her new sex toy.

“You mean that you want to try it `doggie’ style?” asked “Maritza”.

“Yes I do if that is what you call it.” confirmed Marisol/Maribel. “After I do you, I want you to do me.”

“Marisol/Maribel” positioned herself and “Maritza” so the cameras would get a full view of the two she/male’s activities. Sergio hadn’t even tried this with the real Maribel and wasn’t sure he would be able to do it, let alone enjoy it. But, why should Maribel and Marisol have all the fun and the adventure of discovery. Thus, he took Marisol/Maribel from the back and had a blast, but that thrill was nothing when compared with the sensation when Marisol/Maribel returned the favor. Once again the new Maribel seemed to have a rhythmic instinct that gave the act of sex the sense of a totally involved love dance. “She” was teaching Sergio new tricks that one day he hoped that he could use in his own persona with Marisol in hers. With the breaking of the dawn, “Maritza” reminded “Marisol/Maribel” what was expected of her when she went into work as Sergio’s private secretary and administrative assistant. “You won’t have to go into Sergio’s work until eleven. That way we can rest up for our respective assignments,” instructed Sergio as “Maritza”. “Remember to make him become totally dependent on your professional capability. Since you and your replacement have been starving him emotionally and sexually, play that angle as well. I will try and trip up the person that is taking your place at your corporation and you will try and compromise Sergio.”

“Like I said before, with the equipment I have, the dumb runt won’t even know what hit him,” declared the over confident, “Marisol/Maribel”.

With this comment, “Maritza” as Marisol said, “I have to go into work now. I’ll send a car back for you at ten-thirty.”

“I’ll be ready and waiting,” confirmed Marisol/Maribel.

In his own personage, Sergio planned to act like he was unaware of the switch when he met Marisol as “Maribel” at his place of employment. Seeing Marisol/ Maribel’s over confidence mentally ended his emotional starvation. He transformed himself back into his male persona in the back of the limousine and drove into work. While taking off the “Maritza” mask and body suit, Sergio felt invigorated and in control of his personal and emotional life for the first time in several years, even though it was courtesy of the female masking process. He had Maribel taking control of Marisol’s professional life and he had Marisol in a place where she was going to have to have his sexual cooperation instead of him needing hers. The early morning routine was uneventful. The floating secretary, Anna-Maria, was a capable woman and would be a good secretarial a replacement for Maribel once Sergio’s plans for Marisol were completed. Sergio made sure that the limousine picked up Marisol/Maribel late to stress her on her first day. When she arrived in the office, in her over the top persona and covered by a loose duster, the whole office noted her entrance and asked her what she was doing there.

One of the post-hypnotic suggestions kicked in and Maribel/Marisol responded, “Mr. Barrajas has a special project due and he asked me to delay my holiday for a week or two.”

“That is a real bummer, Maribel,” said Myra. “He has Anna Maria.”

“She will take care of the day to day while I work on the special for him.”

“That is real dedication, Maribel,” declared Norma. “I wouldn’t do that for my boss.”

“Unlike your boss, Norma, Mr. Barrajas is a rising star. I intend to make my own star rise right along with his,” said Marisol/Maribel in a snotty manner.

“Be careful that he doesn’t dump you like a falling star, Maribel,” retorted Norma. “He is incredibly loyal to the witch wife of his.”

Marisol/Maribel had an immediate and intense dislike for Norma. It sounded to her like she wanted to be on Sergio’s team, herself. Marisol/Maribel continued on to “her” desk, only to find Anna-Maria sitting at it.

“Anna-Maria, could you tell Mr. Barrajas that I am here for my special assignment?”

“He said that you would be in at 11:00 A.M., Maribel. I hope you have a great excuse for being a half an hour late.”

“I am supposed to be on vacation, Anna-Maria. This project better be really important,” responded Marisol/Maribel.

“I must be. He had me order in lunch so the two of you could get started on it. He also told me that you better clear the boards for tonight and the next couple of nights. Mr. Barrajas appears to be on a crash and burn schedule.”

“I’ll make sure that doesn’t happen, Anna-Maria,” said the over confident, Marisol/Maribel as she started to take off her duster and flash her fabulous over sexed body.

“You better leave that duster on, Maribel. You know how Mr. Barrajas is about what he calls professional office decorum,” observed Anna-Maria.

“I am here at his request, Anna-Maria. He will take me as I am or not at all,” asserted Marisol/Maribel as Anna-Maria shook her head and buzzed Sergio regarding “Maribel’s” arrival.

Sergio came out of his office and took one look at “Maribel” and smiled to himself. She was dressed in about as sexiest an outfit as the real Maribel had in her closet. It showed off every bump and curve to its full advantage. In spite of his desire to maintain his professional cool, Sergio could feel the physical response to “her” image as his underwear suddenly became two sizes too small. “You are late, Miss Ruiz, but let’s get to it as fast as we can. As usual this project is due yesterday.”

“The limousine was late in picking me up, Sir,” offered Marisol/Maribel as Sergio ushered her into his office. Before he closed his door Sergio told Anna-Maria to hold all his calls unless they were from his superiors and to send their lunch in when it came. Once he had secured the door, Marisol/Maribel immediately took off her duster and flashed her magnificent Grand Canyon. It took all of Sergio’s constraint to ignore the beauty that was laid out in front of him. He had really designed “her” costume to meet all of his fantasy specifications. If he could keep from succumbing to her whiles, he would build his own self esteem while making “her” invest in the effort. He had to prove to both Marisol and himself that he was no push over. To his amazement his voice did not betray him when he instructed Marisol/Maribel on the project and the procedure he wanted to use to develop it. While continuing to flash all of her “special equipment” Marisol, in her Maribel mask and costume, listened intently to her husband/boss. She knew that she was dressed to kill. Everything she was doing and had on, were things she had seen him notice in other women or requested that she do for him. Either Sergio was one great actor, or truly was the loyal bird dog to Marisol that “Maritza” said he was, or she was using the wrong tact with him. “She” would have to consult with “Maritza” after work to find a different strategy.

Sergio used their lunch as a priority setting work session. Marisol/Maribel knew that her husband was considered an outstanding systems man, but she had never really seen in his work element before. It was tiring just to keep up with his creativity as it came reeling out of his mouth. He thought out contingencies to the minutest detail. Then he planned out contingencies for the details of the contingencies. Before Anna-Maria left for the day, Sergio had her order them a Chinese dinner. Except for a periodic trip to the rest room, he never even took a break and kept Marisol/Maribel working right through until nine at night. “Two or three more days like this and we will be able to put this puppy in the can, Miss Ruiz.”

“I don’t know if I can do two or three more days like this, Sir. I never seen you work this hard.”

“There is a lot riding on this project, Miss Ruiz. It could be a real career surge or a possible career breaker.”

So Maritza’s intelligence about the importance of this project was correct, thought Marisol behind Maribel’s face. “Are you calling it a night, Mr. Barrajas?”

“You can leave if you want, Miss Ruiz. I’ll lock up.”

Once Marisol got past the initial feeling of being trapped into her masked, “Maribel” status and realized that there was no way out of the tasks laid out before her if she valued the lives of her children, the total body suit and mask that she was glued into, actually became liberating. She was temporarily freed from roles of mother and wife. The freedom from being the wife was a real relief. She had truly come to hate that role as she conceived it. All of a sudden she was back in her courting and dating days. Her new wardrobe, courtesy of the real Maribel was risqué and exciting. This wardrobe combined with her extremely curvaceous and voluptuous figure gave her the talent to be the beguiling temptress that she had always wanted to be in her youth. Men found her incredibly desirable and Marisol reveled in the light of her newfound glory. After the passage of the first day, Marisol, as the over the top “Maribel”, discovered that her “forced transformation” felt almost like a voluntary act. The only chore before her was the seduction of Sergio, but she did not believe that his seduction would be any problem at all. Not knowing Sergio’s plans and objectives, Marisol as “Maribel” decided to see how loyal he was to her (Marisol that is) and set out to seduce him as “Maribel”. Before “Marisol/Maribel” left for the day, she checked the real Maribel’s email. The last entry on the list of incoming correspondence had the curious title of “Maribel’s little task.” Marisol as “Maribel” opened the message to find that she allegedly had sent the following message to the real Maribel from the computer in her office at her own place of employment. The email stated:

“You had better get the deed done. Your children are depending on your completion of your little task.”

The message had been sent from her personal email account. There was no way she would be able to prove that she hadn’t sent this vailed threat. Whoever was moving her furniture, was very good at it and had covered all of the bases. She assumed that the agent, who had stepped into her life style, must have been the sender. If the agent was as well disguised as she was, no one would be able to tell that a switch had taken place. Marisol finally believed that the down side of her new masked freedom was that she was totally locked in and had to seduce Sergio. No time like the present to get started, she thought to herself.

“Mr. Barrajas?” called out Marisol/Maribel.

“Yes, Miss Ruiz,” responded Sergio.

“Would you like to step out for a drink to unwind before going home to the little woman?” asked Marisol as Maribel in her most seductive voice while striking a posed in Sergio’s office doorway that showed off everything that he had always desired in a woman.

“I’m afraid not, Miss Ruiz. My wife is the jealous type and wouldn’t understand. Besides I need to get home to my children so I can check their homework. In addition, I’m already late and we have an early day tomorrow.”

“It’s just one little drink,” said Marisol/Maribel as she left the doorway and moved directly towards Sergio’s desk and flashed her feminine whiles with each graceful step. “You know you deserve me, I mean the drink, Sir. You have been working so hard.”

Nice intentional slip, Marisol, thought Sergio to himself. He could feel himself rising to the occasion once again. Sergio would have loved nothing better than to take his beautifully masked and seductive wife right there on his office couch. Instead he said, “I’m very flattered Maribel, but I have told you in the past that there is only one woman in my life.”

“I’ll bet you say that to all the girls, Sir.”

“What are you trying to get at, Miss Ruiz?” asked Sergio innocently.

“You probably have four or five women waiting on the side to take my place, Mr. Barrajas,” said a stressed and masked Marisol.

“What are you talking about, Miss Ruiz? I am with you at the moment, not someone else,” returned Sergio in his best “I don’t get it and even if I did I wouldn’t know to do with it” act. “However, my thoughts are really on my wife, Marisol,” continued Sergio truthfully.

“Maybe that is true at the moment, Mr. Barrajas, but I have seen how the women in your secretarial pool look at you. To them you are a God that blesses them once in a while with attention and assignments.”

“That is very flattering of you to say so, but where did that come from, Miss Ruiz?” asked Sergio of his perfectly masked wife without the slightest glance in her direction.

“Don’t give me that innocent bit, Mr. Barrajas. I have heard some very disturbing things,” said Marisol as “Maribel” while not realizing that Sergio was fully aware that she was a masked Marisol and not “Maribel.” “You are probably being just as selfish with me as you are with your wife. You don’t care how I feel as long as your dick head is satisfied.”

“That kind of talk is uncalled for, Miss Ruiz. Remarks like that border on commission of sexual harassment in the work place,” declared Sergio with his authoritative voice.

“I feel I have to be honest with you and risk that, Sir,” responded Marisol/ Maribel.

“There maybe four or five moon-eyed types that work in the pool, but I largely ignore them. Besides, when would I have time for them and create that fantasy? My wife is more woman than I can handle now,” lied Sergio.

“The word in the office is that you aren’t getting any from your wife and people are losing respect for your authority.”

“Thank you for that comment, but I still don’t think that my relationship with my wife is anybody’s business.”

“Sir, I wish I could agree with you, but I fear that it is affecting you at work.”

“How is it doing that?” asked Sergio.

“People say you are all business with no heart. You need to open up a bit if you want people to give you their full potential,” stated the perfectly masked Marisol.

“So what are you suggesting I do to correct this, hypothetically?” inquired Sergio.

“Okay, I hope you can role play with me a bit.”

“I’ll keep the option as to where I bow out, Miss Ruiz.”

“Fine. Then, hypothetically speaking let’s assume that the office gossip about you is true and your work production is entirely based on the absence of sex in your life.”

“It’s not,” lied Sergio, “But go on.”

“What if the little wife wakes up and demands more time, Mr. Barrajas? Will your selfish dick head deprive her so you can make keep your pace at work and use me as a substitute?” asked Marisol in the role of “Maribel” trying to probe the depth of Sergio’s capacity for loyalty and or infidelity.

“I’m hoping for Marisol’s awakening as you say, but I still don’t see the connection or how any of this is your business, Miss Ruiz,” said Sergio while ignoring Marisol/Maribel’s suggestion that he become sexually involved with her.”

“Trust me, Sir. It involves me more than you will ever know,” said Marisol as “Maribel with the thought of the imminent danger his resistance meant to her children.

“I’m praying Marisol awakens and soon. I love her. She is the center of my life. I have always told you that. Marisol is the mother of my children and she will always come first with me.”

“I was afraid of that, Mr. Barrajas. It fits into your selfish way. Love them and leave them. Just keep that dick head fucking away. I guess you will have to spend more time with her,” suggested Marisol as a totally masked Maribel.

“Weren’t you the voice of doom that complained that I already didn’t have enough time to be with you, Maribel?” probed Sergio as he gestured his hands and arms skyward. You just condemn me for being an infidel and then you want me to be unfaithful. I just don’t get it.”

“Do you want to be with me or not?” asked Marisol as Maribel.

There was another million-dollar question. The answer had to be careful and spontaneous or Sergio would be into the lose, lose category. “I adore being with the woman I love.”

“That was very clever, Mr Barrajas,” observed Marisol as “Maribel”. You are a very smart man and you know how to use words well. So, which of us is it, assuming their are only two of us and not a whole stable of tramps and whores.”

“I told you I didn’t have time for such a spread out activity, Miss Ruiz.”

“All right, I’m taking your word for that, so answer my question,” asserted

Maribel as “Marisol”.

She had him back to the million-dollar point again. Maybe she was the CEO material that the board thought she was. “Well, if you are forcing me to rank my affection, and that is difficult because I value you both very differently…”

“Cut the crap, Mr. Barrajas, and get to the chase!” demanded Marisol as “Maribel”.

“As I was saying, If I had to rank you, Maribel, you may not like the results,” said Sergio.

“Just tell me so I know where I stand and what I need to do,” declared Marisol Barrajas from behind Maribel’s fabulous face.

“Then I have to say that my wife, Marisol, is still the love of my life. She always has been and always will be. For better or for worse, I believe that she is my soul mate,” answered Sergio truthfully and from the bottom of his heart.

“That’s a pretty strong statement for a man who really needs a mistress,” commented Marisol as Maribel. At one and the same time, Marisol was glad for herself and angry that Sergio told this to Maribel instead of to her. She now had to figure out a way to break through his well guarded and defended fidelity to herself. On second thought, she thought to herself, maybe Sergio was protesting and resisting too much. I’ll bet my bottom dollar that he really wants me. I must find a way to wear him down. “I guess that means that I am going to go home all by my lonesome. It is awfully late and the company limousine brought me into work,” proposed Marisol/Maribel.

“Are you asking me for a ride, Miss Ruiz?”

“Like I said, Sir, it is late and I would feel a lot safer if you took me home, Mr. Barrajas,” responded Marisol/Maribel in her innocent, little girl, vulnerable voice.

“I can do that, but I will need directions to your place. I don’t even know if it is on the way to my place,” lied Sergio.

All of a sudden, Marisol, behind Maribel’s mask, struggled to think exactly where she was supposed to be living as Maribel. The limo had picked her up at the notel motel. “I am a bit embarrassed, Mr. Barrajas. I just moved there myself, and the limousine brought me into work. I know the building, but I am terrible with exact addresses. I don’t even know yours,” lied Marisol/Maribel. “I am not quite sure how to get there. I keep a copy of it in my purse for cabbies and situations like this.” Marisol hoped she had the address or she would have to look it up in the phone book. I hope, Maribel has a listed number thought Marisol inside Maribel’s latex covered head.

“Just get me the address. I’ll go online to get the directions,” sighed Sergio while enjoying Marisol’s embarrassment. She found the address in “her” purse and gave it to Sergio. He fussed around looking for directions he didn’t need. Marisol as “Maribel” continued with her suggestive and seductive remarks all the way to “her” apartment, but Sergio managed to stay stalwart. Before he dropped her off, Sergio promised to pick her up the following morning.

“Don’t you car pool with your wife, Sir?” inquired “Maribel”.

“Yes, but I am sure she won’t mind the extra passenger on the way to her work.” Sergio decided that it was about time for the masked and reversed women to have a face to face. He would make sure that the real Maribel as “Marisol” would sit between him and the real Marisol as “Maribel”.

When Sergio told the real Maribel who was still glued into her “Marisol” disguise, that she was going to be car pooling with him and the real Marisol in her “Maribel” mask and clothing, the real Maribel almost came unglued. “Look Sergio, being your wife isn’t all fun and games for me. While you have been out playing with her, I have had to do her work and take care of her brats.”

“I hear you, Maribel,” said Sergio to his involuntarily masked mistress. “We will only have to do this until you can get the glued on suit and mask off. Besides, I have to keep and eye on Marisol as myself or Maritza so we can trap her into her own demise. Isn’t that what you told me you wanted?”

“Yes, but…”

“But nothing, Maribel. How can you step into her shoes if we don’t make her disappear as you? As you become her, she is going to have to die as you.”

“I don’t want to die, Sergio.”

“Then how do you propose becoming Marisol?”

“Maybe I could do her and me the way you do yourself and Maritza.”

“But I am predominantly myself and only Maritza once and a while. I am only in my fantasy costume on a periodic basis. On the other hand, you have it set up were you will be in costume almost all of the time. It will only be a rare occasion when we can afford for you to be yourself.”

“From that point of view, Sergio, maybe this plan wasn’t as great as I thought,” declared the masked Maribel.

“What do you mean?” probed Sergio.

“I thought it would be more fun to be Marisol, but you spent more time with me as Maribel than you are with me as Marisol,” complained Maribel from behind her glued on “Marisol” mask.

“If you just hang in there, Maribel, this will be only a temporary state of affairs. If you stay my sex hungry Marisol, I promise that the phony Maribel will be short lived,” lied Sergio. With that, Sergio took the latex image of he beautiful wife in his arm and released all the pent-up love and emotion he had developed throughout out the day with Marisol as “Maribel”. Feeling his passion and believing it was truly for her, the sensuously masked and sexually skilled Maribel responded in kind.

The ride into work the next day was an incredible round of sparing with each woman trying not to reveal that they knew the other was masked as them. The real Maribel as “Marisol” put on a display of affection for Sergio that had the real Marisol boiling behind her disguise as “Maribel”. The real Marisol knew that if she didn’t copy the style of her competitor, she would lose her man it this impostor. While that thought angered her, the thought of losing her children motivated her desire to new heights. The second Maribel as “Marisol” was dropped at her place of employment. Marisol as “Maribel” moved right next to Sergio and imitated the moves of the competition.

“What has gotten it you, “Maribel”? My wife’s perfume is still in the air and you are making totally inappropriate moves,” observed Sergio.

“Don’t you like what I am doing, Mr. Barrajas?”

“Yes, Maribel, but that is not the point.”

“I feel the point in your pants, Sir.”

“That maybe true, but I am a married man, Maribel.”

“That doesn’t seem to stop any of your superiors, Mr. Barrajas. The other women in the office are complaining about unwanted advances all of the time.”

“If they are referring to me, it is all brag and fantasy, not fact,” asserted Sergio.

“I haven’t heard a word about you, Mr. Barrajas, but that is what makes you so desirable.”

“I remember when you told me that before, Miss. Ruiz, but my answer is still the same. Please move to your side of the vehicle or I will have to let you out and ask you to take a cab to work,” announced Sergio.

“My father always said that it was a cardinal sin to shove a willing woman out of your bed, Mr. Barrajas.”

“You aren’t in my bed yet, Miss Ruiz.”

“I like that `yet’ part, Sir.”

All through their marriage, Marisol and Sergio had never used their professional skills in tandem. To their respective amazement, their styles of working meshed and dovetailed with the other’s in an incredible harmony. Often, they sensed that they knew each other’s thought before they expressed themselves verbally. The hours of work drifted by quickly and profitably as they labored together to create the projects the company had assigned to Sergio for completion.

The industrious pair ordered in both lunch and dinner like they had on the day before. Even with all the work, the hours started to fly by at an ever increasing, accelerated rate. The project came along faster and better than Sergio had planned. He had Anna-Maria draft four women from the clerical pool just to keep up with the documents and graphics that he and “Marisol/Maribel” were generating. By nine in the evening they were nearing completion.

“You have been a real trooper, Maribel. I think I have under estimated your ability. You deserve a promotion and a division of your own,” complimented Sergio with real sincerity and admiration in his voice.

“I think that deserves a drink, Mr. Barrajas. Don’t you?” asked “Marisol/Maribel” thinking that she had found a crack in his armor.

“I wish I could, Miss Ruiz, but while I truly enjoy working with you, I’m afraid we are at the same impasse we were at last night,” reiterated Sergio. “If you promise to be good, I’ll give you a ride to your home and back in tomorrow morning.”

“Oh, I’ll be good all right, Mr. Barrajas. I’ll be the best you have ever known,” declared “Marisol/Maribel” with a twinkle in her voice.

“Maybe I should rephrase my offer,” said Sergio. “If you stay on your side of the car, I’ll give you a ride to your home and back in tomorrow.”

“I was afraid that is what you meant, Sir,” responded “Marisol/Maribel” with obvious disappointment in her voice. Marisol went back to her computer, only to find another vailed threat in her email. She hoped that Maritza would call so she could get some new strategies on how to break through Sergio’s defenses. For the first time in her life, she found herself wishing that Sergio wasn’t such a Boy Scout.

The rest of the week followed the same pattern with Sergio getting twice as much work done as he had planned. The real Maribel held up her end at the real Marisol’s job. Her corporation was pleased with their new CEO. The Board member’s wives were sending emails for dates with Maritza. The real Maribel in her “Marisol” disguise took Thursday afternoon off to find an assistant that wanted to be a “Maritza” for her. She neglected to inform Sergio about this development. On Friday, Marisol as “Maribel” got an email from “Maritza” that said she would be free that evening and that she would pick up “Maribel” after work at the employee’s loading zone in parking structure number five. Sergio had to go home early for some function his “wife” insisted that he attend and Marisol/Maribel agreed to meet “Maritza” at the loading area. Sergio’s children were thrilled that their father picked them up at their school and took them out to dinner. Sergio told Sarah and Junior that he had gotten a message from their mother saying that she was going to be really late and that he should spend the night with the kids and take them to a movie of their choice. To his surprise, Sergio enjoyed being off the merry-go-round that had him sandwiched between Maribel and Marisol in their reversed roles. Trying to keep both of them on track, while doing double work in his company was wearing him down even though he had set up the situation in the first place. For Sergio, his children were a delight. They regarded him as their favorite parent, especially since the real Maribel as “Marisol” had stepped into their life.

“She just wants to get on with her career and screw you dad,” said Junior.

“I told you not to talk to about your mother in that manner, Junior.”

“But it is true Dad.”

“Things will get better soon, Son,” announced Sergio.

“If you get a divorce, Dad, can we go with you?” asked Sarah.

“Where does this divorce stuff come from?” asked Sergio.

“Most of the kids at school have divorced parents. My friend, Josie, said that Junior and I can pick the parent we want to be with if you and Mom get a divorce.”

“Well at the moment, kids, there is no divorce in the picture unless you know something I don’t. Has Mom talked to you about divorcing me?”

“No, but all the other signs are there,” said Junior.

“What signs are those?” asked Sergio with interest.

“She is hardly ever home and when she is she sends us off to a sitter. Then she is so mean to you, Dad,” observed Sarah.

“What are you talking about, Sarah?”

“You know, Dad. She makes you do strange stuff for her and then she goes out on you,” confided Sarah.

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” said Sergio truthfully.

“Mom has a lesbo lover, Dad,” confessed Junior.

“You must be mistaken,” said Sergio.

“No I’m not,” responded Junior. I think her name is Maritza.”

“She is out with her tonight, Dad. We over heard her setting up the date before you got home last night,” added Sarah.

“Don’t worry, kids. No matter what happens, you will always have a home with me. I know your mother loves you. I’ll figure out a way to straighten things out. You’ll see.”

“I love you, Dad,” said Sarah as she gave him a big hug.

“Be careful, Dad,” said Junior. “You are swimming in shark infested waters.”

“I’ll be careful. Don’t worry, Kids. “Now what movie are we going to see tonight?” asked Sergio. He really didn’t want to go to a movie. He wanted to get at the bottom of what his children were alleging. Maybe his plans weren’t as on focus as he thought they were.

Sarah interrupted Sergio’s thought with the question, “I know that Mom said that we should go out for a movie, but I would rather go to the Halloween store and plan out my costume.”

“Me too, Dad. That would be perfect. If we wait to much longer, the really neat stuff will be gone,” added Junior. “Besides, you are really good at making costumes out of junk.”

“Are you sure you wouldn’t want to see a movie?” asked Sergio half-heartedly. He was glad that his children had a healthy feeling about masks.

“There isn’t anything good out right now, Popi,” said Sarah. “Besides, all my girl friends want to be witches and I know you could make me into a witch that could scare their socks off.”

“What do you want to be, Junior?” asked Sergio.

“I know this sounds weird Dad, but I would like to be twins with Sarah,” declared Junior.

“I don’t think that is weird, Son, but what will your friends think?”

“That is why you have to make my costume so good that they won’t know that it is me, Popi,” answered Junior.

“If that is what you really want, Kids, I think I can do that for you,” stated Sergio.

“Great, Popi. This is going to be a real fun night. The kids in my class would never believe that my Dad helped me make my costume,” proclaimed Sarah. “Can we go to the Mexican Deli for dinner? I feel like a burrito de carne asada.”

“Me too,” confirmed Junior.

“That’s no problem for me, Kids,” declared Sergio. “This is going to be a fun evening.” For the moment, all of Sergio’s problems at work and with Maribel and Marisol faded behind the joy of being with his children. They not only went to the mall’s Halloween story to buy wigs, masks, feet and hands for their costumes, they also went to the Fabric Warehouse to get material, notions and patterns to make their body suits and capes. His children took immense joy in doing the shopping and Sergio reveled in the way they listened to his council. He also found several items that he could use himself for the night of joy and confusion that he was hoping Halloween would be. Then they took their packages home and started fabricating their costumes.

“You sew better than Mama, Popi,” observed Sarah.

“Thanks, Sarah. I wasn’t always married and I had to make do when I was in the Service. Fortunately, my dad could sew and he taught me a lot about the skill. The rest of what I know I picked up from those craft programs on the television.”

“I am glad your are teaching us, Popi,” commented Junior. “My shop teacher says that you never know when you will need even the most basic skills.”

“Your teacher is right on that, Junior,” confirmed Sergio.

As the evening wore on he began to think how he could turn Halloween into a night of sexual fantasy for Maribel, Marisol and himself as “Maritza”. The thought also occurred to him that from what his children were suggesting that the real Maribel might be adding another element to the mix. Maybe he would test out Anna-Maria on Monday to see if she would play along with a plan that was starting to hatch in his imagination.

The processes of trying to seduce Sergio while working closely with him, as well as the continued hormonal stimulation in the form of birth control pills and vitamins were really awakening Marisol’s long dead sex drive. His slightest smile in her direction made her body swell with warmth. However, Sergio managed to stay aloof to her desires by having nightly orgies with Marisol/Maribel in his role as “Maritza”, or by making love with the real Maribel in her masked role of “Marisol” as either himself or “Maritza”.

While Sergio was enjoying an evening of being with his children, the real Maribel had borrowed Sergio’s “Maritza” mask and layered it over her glued on “Marisol” mask. She then picked up the real Marisol who was still masked for the evening as “Maribel” in parking structure number five.

Not knowing that a switch was on, the real Marisol asked “Maritza” what she had planned for their evening out. “I thought we would do dinner and then go to your place for a coaching session,” proposed the real Maribel who was double masked as “Marisol” and “Maritza”. “I want to build-up your stamina, expectations and bizarre sexual appetites.” The real Marisol saw what was about to happen as a real adventure of discovery, not knowing that the real Maribel wanted to make her feel like an inadequate bitch in heat. “So how has your conquest of Sergio going?” inquired Maribel as “Maritza”. The purpose of this question as Maribel saw it was twofold. The first half was to show the real Marisol what a failure she was and the second was to confirm that Sergio wasn’t giving into the newly cultivated needs of his wife.

“The one time I was hoping that he would be weak and unfaithful to his wife, is the first time I have found out that he is as faithful and loyal as a bird dog. Sergio is stalwart and unshakable,” observed Marisol as “Maribel”.

“What have you tried so far?” asked Maribel as “Maritza”.

“I’ve tried the helpless little girl bit; the whore can’t get enough bit; the I will die without you bit; the tit shaking and butt wagging acts; and the wife doesn’t understand you routine. I can see in his eyes, when he lets me, that he really wants me, but he hangs onto this idyllic vision of his wife and family that I just can’t crack.”

“Have you tried to look more like his wife?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean dress like her, walk like her, generally try to be her. I know she is a boring, tiresome bitch, but she is a tease to Sergio and as long as she pulls that on him, he is hers,” coached Maribel as “Maritza”.

“Wow, I never thought of it that way. Can you coach me as to what would tease Sergio the most?”

“Sure,” confirmed “Maritza” as she set out to steer Marisol as “Maribel” in all the wrong directions. “Sergio has a giant ego. You get to him by smashing it and ignoring him. Don’t try coming onto him. You are just feeding him for free. Make him pay for it. Hide all your toys and just flash enough to keep him drooling.”

“But I thought he hated that routine in his wife.”

“He does, but it is so much a part of him that he can’t live without it,” continued Maribel as “Maritza” with her negative coaching. “If you want, I can take you to the thrift store where she shops and we can get some of the clothing that turns him on.

“But I thought he hated those clothes.”

“Maybe if he hates them enough he will try to get you out of them.”

“I never thought of it that way.”

“Sergio is looking for a mother hen to take care of him, not a sex kitten that scares him.”

“I see,” said Marisol as “Maribel” thinking that maybe that was why she had turned him on all these years when he disgusted her. “The frontal turns him off but the potential of hidden romance turn’s him on.”

“I think you have it,” said Maribel as “Maritza”, not realizing that she had in fact given Marisol as “Maribel” the key to Sergio’s deepest desires. The two beautiful masked women went shopping at the very thrift store Sergio had shown to the real Maribel. They bought the drabbest, dowdiest, dopiest, unimaginative, loosest fitting clothes they could find. To Maribel’s surprise, Marisol as “Maribel” was having a ball dressing herself down. Once they had completed their shopping they went to the El Dorado Club for dinner. All through the meal, Maribel as “Maritza continue with what she thought was a bum steer, while all the time making suggestions that would punch holes in Sergio’s best defenses like armor piercing shells. The same thing happened with the sexual advice and foreplay suggestions that “Maritza” practice with and on “Maribel” after they arrived at the real Maribel’s apartment.

“I’m so glad you are showing me all these tricks, Maritza,” said Marisol as “Maribel”. “I would never have thought to try any of these moves on Sergio.”

Nor would I, thought Maribel as she laughed to herself behind Sergio’s “Maritza” mask and her glued on “Marisol” mask. Behind her mask, Marisol as “Maribel” was not only enjoying the session of lesbian play and sex, she was also grateful for the sexual release it provided. She decided that a mix of her own designs with the new tricks that “Maritza” was teaching her would create a sexual and emotional package that Sergio couldn’t refuse. She worked the rest of the evening with “Maritza” setting up her combinations and plans for the seduction of Sergio. When they finished for the night, the real “Maribel” left her own apartment with Marisol/Maribel sleeping restfully in the bed, and went to Sergio’s house and transformed from “Maritza” into “Marisol”. The real Maribel marveled at how easily she made the transformation from one character to the other. She assumed that this ease of transformation was facilitated by the fact that the first layer, (“Marisol”) was for all intensive purposes, permanently glued on. The “Marisol layer” was becoming so much a part of her that she felt she had more right to being “Marisol” that the real Marisol did. The following Monday Sergio talked with Anna Maria about becoming a witch with him and playing a “Halloween joke” on his wife, Marisol and her supervisor, Maribel at the company Halloween party. Sergio told her that he planned to go as “Marisol’s” (the real Maribel) administrative assistant, “Maritza” and that he could disguise her as a matching “Maricella” that would allegedly be “Maribel’s” (the real Marisol) assistant. It was getting to the point, where unless he really thought about it, Sergio couldn’t keep straight who was who.

“Don’t worry about the costs, Anna Maria. The whole thing will be on me,” said Sergio as Anna-Maria hesitated.

“And you are sure that no one will know it is me?” asked Anna-Maria.

“Not unless you tell them,” replied Sergio.

“I don’t want any of my superiors coming down on me for this, Sir.”

“Not a chance if you don’t give yourself away. Besides, you will have me there to coach you.”

“You will have to practice with me before the party, Sir.”

“I will figure out how to do that if you want, Anna-Maria,” said Sergio.

“I want that very much, Mr. Barrajas. Do you think you could make me look like Maribel?” asked Anna-Maria with excitement in her voice. “I know just how I would act if I had her equipment.”

“I’m going to try and make both of us look like Maribel,” responded Sergio with surprise that Anna-Maria bought into the whole activity so quickly.

“That will be wild,” said Anna-Maria. “I can’t wait to see how you are going to do that. It sounds like it is going to be a real night of fun and confusion.”

“I hope so, Anna Maria.

Thus, Sergio started to hatch his plans for the company Halloween party, the redirection of both Maribel and Marisol, as well as the reunification of his family unit. All he had to do, he thought was keep all the masks in place until the dye was cast. Unfortunately, even with post-hypnotic suggestions and hormonal therapy, human beings are not always as predictable as a design analyst like Sergio would like them to be. The only other wrinkle might be any plans that the real Maribel had for the evening.


By Halloween, Sergio had set up a plan where Maribel as “Marisol”, Anna-Maria as “Maricella”, himself as “Maritza”, and Marisol as “Maribel” would appear to be four, almost identical, “Vampiras”. They were all dressed in black satin dresses and capes. The only way to tell them apart was by the length of the heels on their black, patent leather boots. By adjusting the length of the heel, they were all the same height. Anna-Maria was in eight-inch heels, Maribel was in five-inch heels, Marisol was in seven-inch heels and Sergio was in three-inch heels. He not only purchased the four green painted rubber masks with black wigs for himself and the three women with him, he also purchased several other of the “Vampira” masks at the Halloween Store. He had decided on these obviously female masks because they were on sale for eight dollars and seventy cents, including tax. In addition he purchased an equal amount of matching latex hands. His plan was that the higher the number of identical “Vampiras” there were at the party, the more off balance and distracted he would be able to keep both Marisol and Maribel. Anna-Maria proved an invaluable ally in recruiting five more women in the secretarial pool to go as a “Squad of Vampiras.” She even got them to create costumes like those that Sergio had prepared for their foursome. At Sergio’s instigation and with his constant encouragement, Anna-Maria had sold the project as a joke/trick she was playing on Sergio and his wife. The division office was all a buzz with the plans and sub-plots that each of the staff was preparing as there contribution to the evening’s fun. On the morning of the party, on the way into work, Sergio used his code words to activate Marisol into “Maribel’s” hypnotic state. He then introduced a series of post hypnotic suggestions that would further exacerbate the evening’s confusion and increase her desire to seek out and seduce Sergio at all costs.

“You will only answer to the name Vampira at the Halloween party,” started off Sergio. Marisol confirmed his suggestion from inside her “Maribel” disguise.

“After work you will take a cab to Maribel’s apartment and change into `Vampira’,” stated Sergio in his command voice. Once again Marisol as “Maribel” acknowledged her confirmation.

“You will be turned on by anyone wearing a “Vampira” costume like yours,” said Sergio. Marisol repeated the suggestion with gusto.

“Your prime directive at the party is to seek out Sergio and seduce him in a compromising situation,” declared Sergio and Marisol nodded in agreement.

“This will bring you great joy and a sense of accomplishment,” continued Sergio. Marisol obediently stated her confirmation statement.

As a final suggestion, Sergio stated, “You will take him to “Maribel’s apartment and video tape your sexual acts of seduction upon him to save you children”. Prior to being brought back to full consciousness, Marisol in her “Maribel” disguise stated that she would do all that was expected of her in order to protect her children.

The office continued to hum about the party with people scurrying around to make sure the last minute plans were attended to and included in the festivities. Sergio could see that both Anna Maria and Marisol as “Maribel” were excited and were having a difficult time concentrating on the work for the day. After work, on the day of the party, Sergio took his children to their own party for the Halloween festivities. He stayed at their function long enough to make sure that they were comfortable and having a good time in the costumes they had made. Then he went back to his house to become “Maritza” in her “Vampira” outfit and mask. On the way Sergio pondered as to whether he should double mask or not. As he saw it, the advantage to double masking was the ability to instantly become “Maritza” by stripping off the “Vampira” mask if the need arose. Of course, the disadvantage was the heat build-up in the double layered costume. Since his first layer wasn’t glued on like Marisol’s and Maribel’s, there always was the possibility that the two layers would slip out of sync and bind or worse yet, suffocate and blind him. Upon arriving at his house he had something to eat so that he wouldn’t be drinking on an empty stomach when he first arrived at the party. As he continued munching on his meal, he gathered and laid out the items he intended on wearing for the evening. He also remembered to get out the fir lined, black leather trench coat that he planned to wear over his costume since there was a late autumn nip of winter in the spooky wind of the final October night.

After trying the costume on both ways, he decided to wear the “Maritza” body without the “Maritza” mask and single mask as “Vampira”, even though he enjoyed the security and confinement that the double masking gave him for the few minutes that he tried it. But if there was dancing or other physical activity at the party, the double costume would definitely restrict his movement. This was good to know as he could use this knowledge to keep an upper hand on both Maribel and Marisol. In addition, he could keep the “Maritza” head and wig in a large purse, close at hand, if he needed to duck into a rest room and become “Maritza” for some reason. Once he was completely dressed as “Vampira” he posed for himself before his full-length bedroom closet door mirrors. “If I do say so myself,” murmured Sergio as “Maritza”, “you are a sexy mystery woman in your black satin dress and cape. They reveal just enough of the curves and bumps of your body to fire the imagination of any unsuspecting male. The matching blue/green latex hands and patent leather boots really add and set the mood as well.” To record the look for his album, he set up his tripod with his 35 mm camera mounted upon it and took a series of remote shot photos. The short of the situation was that Sergio was proud of his costume and the way he felt in it. He put on the large, size fifty-four, female leather trench coat over his costume. He checked out his image again before the mirror and took another series of photos of the outside version of his costume. He looked like a big woman on “her” way to a Halloween costume party.

Sergio picked up Anna-Maria in her “Vampira” costume first. He told her that she was to address him as “Maricella” and that he would address her as “Maritza”. He then said that his wife (currently being played by the real Maribel) would meet them at the party and that they were on their way to pick-up “Maribel” (the real Marisol). Sergio informed Anna Maria/Maritza about the nip in the air and she searched for a coat in her closet that resembled his. “There are going to be so many Vampiras at the party, how are we going to know who is whom, Maricella.” asked Anna Maria as “Maritza”.

“Memorize what my boots look like. Notice how they are different from yours. Do the same thing for “Maribel’s” boots. Along with my wife, our boots should make us all the same height and we should be the tallest “Vampiras” at the party, unless someone has thrown a monkey wrench into the mix,” explained Sergio. “Because of my height, the heels of my boots will probably be the shortest in the room; yours will be the tallest.”

“I was wondering why my platforms and heel were so extreme. But, in the darkened ballroom, it maybe hard to make out minor differences in boot’s, Sir,” suggested Anna-Maria as “Maritza”.

“Just have a good time and go with it, Maritza. I will take responsibility for finding you and you will be able to confirm it is me when I show you my boots.”

“Does anyone else know about the boot and size thing, Maricella?” inquired Anna-Maria as “Maritza”.

“I hope not, Maritza. The whole point is for confusion through duplication,” declared Sergio in his “Maricella” character dressed as one of the “Vampiras”. When they arrived at “Maribel’s” apartment, Sergio instructed that he would wait in the car while “Maritza” went in and got Marisol as “Maribel”. “This way, Maribel won’t know who is whom from the start,” observed “Maricella”.

“This is going to be so much fun. There could be some real funny situation arising out of all this, Mr. Barrajas.”

“I’m Maricella tonight, Maritza. One little slip like that will wreck the whole evening. Oh, and before I forget, remind Maribel to bring a warm coat.”

“Don’t worry, Maricella, it won’t happen again and I will make sure she brings a warm coat,” declared Anna-Maria as “Maritza” in her extreme boots, “Vampira” costume while getting out of the car to go into the complex and get “Maribel”.

When they came out of the apartment house a few minutes later, the “Maritza/ Vampira” person introduced the “Maricella/Vampira” person as her friend and escort for the evening to the “Maribel/Vampira” person. “Are other members of the company secretarial pool coming as Vampira too?” asked Marisol as the “Maribel/Vampira” person.

“I have heard rumors to that effect,” stated Sergio in his best “Maricella/Vampira” voice.

“This is going to be one weird party,” announced “Marisol/Maribel/Vampira”.

“I hope you are right on that,” stated “Anna-Maria/Maritza/Vampira”.

“If a Halloween masquerade isn’t weird, it isn’t a Halloween masquerade,” observed “Sergio/Maricella/Vampira”. The three matching masked “women” headed off to the party while exchanging office gossip and other small talk.

The real Maribel, double masked as “Marisol” and dressed as “Vampira”, came with a duplicate that went by the name of Rita de Las Casas. For some unknown reason, the real Marisol thought that Rita was really Sergio. Behind his “Vampira” face, Sergio wondered if this was part of the real Maribel’s design or just happened as a coincidence that occurred because of Maribel’s entrance as “Vampira” with her twin escort in tow. Sergio watched Marisol’s seven-inch heel boots as she sparred and pursued Rita/Vampira. The misdirection caused by the presence of almost a dozen of undifferentiated “Vampiras” continued when the real Maribel as “Marisol/Vampira” pursued Anna-Maria (going this night by the name of “Maritza”) thinking that she also must be Sergio. Once again, Sergio found himself wondering behind his mask at how the real Maribel could make this mistake. Didn’t she notice the size of “Maritza’s” extreme heels? Maybe people in masks are focused more upon verbal clues and the authenticity of the mask, than the style of shoes, he reasoned.

The Ball was co-sponsored by a TV and a Radio station, so the sound system and cage dances were spectacular. The music had a pulsating, constant, electronic beat that continued for five hours. A couple of the Vampiras called it Techno-disco. It was like going to a loud, dark, fancy dress, marathon, aerobic class. You had to be in costume to get into the ball. By ten o’clock, the line for entry was almost a half a mile long and four to five abreast. Most of the people left in the long line were dressed in unspectacular disguises. Already inside the ball were a couple of eight-foot Frankenstein Monsters, and a person that had built an upright, motorized coffin with a Dracula moving restlessly in it. This unit was piloted in such a way that it appeared the move and “dance” to the music. Except for a group of latex masked “Aliens”, Sergio’s Vampira people were really the only group in female latex masks. If the participant’s faces weren’t covered by their costumes or masked in some way, as in the headless group of tuxedo wearing ball dancers, most of the participants at the ball had some kind of great prosthetics and make up. There were the usual assortment of witches, devils, butterflies, animals, Japanese Anomie characters, alleged movie stars, drag queens, sex kittens, beast masters, robots, major PVC, boots and leather wear, skimpy lingerie, Star Wars, Batmen, Shining Knights and damsels in distress. One and all wore wigs. Some of the costumes glowed in the dark, while others had battery powered flashing light. With the two misdirected couples paired off, Sergio found himself dancing with yet another “Vampira” who called herself, Gisella. Even though he was there in a mob with activity and masked intrigue bustling all around him, Sergio felt lonely and isolated in the crowd of costumed revelers.

“You are a great dancer, Maricella,” observed Gisella. “For a big woman, you are really light on you feet.”

“I guess that was a compliment. If that wasn’t I’ll take as one anyway. Are you enjoying the party, Gisella?” asked Sergio in an effort to make small talk and sound interested.

“Oh my gosh, yes. Everybody has really gotten into the spirit of the evening. I never knew that Halloween and masking could be this much fun. I only wish I knew who Mr. Barrajas was this evening,” declared Gisella.

“Who is that?” asked Sergio before her realized what he had asked.

“He is our division boss, silly, and I wish he was here,” repeated Gisella as she gyrated and jerked to the loud, plasmic, electronic sounds from the ballroom’s speakers.

“Why is that?” asked Sergio from behind his “Vampira” face.

“Office gossip has it that he is on the rocks with his wife and that Halloween is his favorite holiday. There is a bet among the secretaries as to who will get to go home with him tonight.”

“Where did you hear that?” asked Sergio with some genuine interest.

“Just around and about. I believe it, don’t you, Maricella?” asked the graceful and informative Gisella as she danced in her Vampira costume and mask.

“I don’t know Mr. Barrajas that well. As you probably can tell by my questions, I’m new in the division,” said Sergio as “Vampira/Maricella” while trying to imitate some of Gisella’s gyrations.

“Well it is my guess, that his wife is also here as Vampira. If one of us girls figures out who he is, she might be able to have him for keeps if she plays her cards right.” proclaimed Gisella from behind her “Vampira” disguise.

“But what if he thinks you are his wife?” asked Sergio as “Vampira”.

“No chance, Maricella.”

“Why is that, Gisella?”

“I hear that she is a real stick in the mud, stiff necked, career type that only gives sex to get a pay off.”

“Isn’t that what you are doing too?” asked Sergio as “Maricella/Vampira”.

“I like to think that I am using it as an investment tool,” commented Gisella while making her Vampira slither and grind on the dance floor.

“How is that different from what you say Mrs. Barrajas is doing?” probed Sergio with renewed curiosity in this topic.

“From what I hear about her, she is just taking deposits of credit and her man’s good will out of the bank. With me, I am putting it in and it might pay off and then it might not,” explained Gisella while she continued to dance as a “Vampira”.

“So what if I was Mr. Barrajas, wife?” asked Sergio.

“You are too tall, honey, to be Mr. Barrajas’ wife,” observed Gisella.

“You are as tall as I am,” commented Sergio/Vampira.

“Yes, but I think that I’m one of the tallest women in the division,” declared Gisella/Vampira.

“But I understand that Mrs. Barrajas is as tall as I am,” declared Sergio truthfully as “Maricella/Vampira”.

“Well, then, if you are her, I am sorry for you and you have been warned,” said Gisella. “Do you still want to dance with me?”

“Sure, you are a very good dancer too. I am trying to learn some of your sexy moves. I can see why you say you are investing in your mantrap. Besides, you are a wealth of information,” said Sergio through his “Maricella/Vampira” mask.

“Good, because I feel really at ease with you. There is a give and take to our conversation. You don’t seem to be on the prod like so many of the other bitches here tonight.”

That is strange, because you are definitely on the prod as you say, thought Sergio to himself behind “Vampira’s” face. They continued to dance and exchange small talk until the band took a break. “Sergio/Maricella/Vampira” went to the bar to pick up some drinks and scout out how Marisol and Maribel were doing with their respective partners. Several of the “Vampiras” at the bar, including one who Sergio was almost positive was Marisol, were discussing who they thought were likely candidates to be Mr. Barrajas. None of them except the one Sergio thought to be Marisol even considered the idea that Mr. Barrajas was one of the “Vampiras”.

“There is just no way he could impersonate the moves of a woman that well,” stated one of the Vampiras” at the bar. “Men just aren’t that graceful and fluid in their motion.”

“I could pick out a man masquerading as a woman in a flash. They just walk different than a woman does,” asserted another of the “Vampiras” at the bar.

“It is the hand movements that give a man away when they try to impersonate a woman. They over exaggerate our moves in an attempt to imitate us and cover up their own masculinity,” declared yet another of the “Vampiras” as she picked up her drinks. “Women are just more subtle than men.”

“Well I’m still looking for him among you girls,” declared the “Vampira” that Sergio believed to be Marisol. “The partner I had thought was him, wasn’t. He has a few very individualistic moves when he dances. I thought I noticed one of you with those moves but now that the music has stopped, we all look alike.”

“I think that was the point,” said the first “Vampira” in the conversation. “Men have moves that they just can’t mask.” She too picked up her drinks and headed back to her table.

Sergio stood among the women as an equal and laughed quietly to himself while they denied that he could do it without instant or long term detection. Marisol probably had spotted him on the dance floor. They had danced a lot together over the years of their relationship. He guessed that she instinctually noticed him the same way he had just picked her out of the crowd. That meant that he either had to sit out a few dances until he wanted her to spot him again, or really work at imitating the subtle, but sexy gyrations of Gisella. Fortunately, during the next dance, Gisella glommed back onto “Maricella” again so that when and if he decided to dance, Sergio would have a partner.

“See that tall “Vampira over there?” asked Gisella as she pointed out Marisol in her “Maribel” costume, doing her best impression as “Vampira”.

“Yes I do. I have noticed her grace,” said Sergio in his disguise.

“That’s my point exactly. She is being too graceful to be a woman. Besides, she is so tall. I just know that is Mr. Barrajas.”

“Why don’t you go cut in on them and find out?” encouraged Sergio while working at hiding his pleasure and laughter behind his mask.

“Do you think I should?” probed Gisella/Vampira.

“It’s the only way you are going to find out if you are right or if you are wrong,” declared Sergio/Vampira. “Don’t worry, I’ll wait here at our table for you, either way.”

“Okay, then, I’m going to go for it,” proclaimed Gisella/Vampira as she rose from the table and moved off across the dance floor like a cat about to pounce on its prey.

Sergio sipped his drink as he watched Gisella cut in on Rita and move with Marisol as “Maribel” off to another portion of the dance floor. If Gisella started to unload on Marisol the way she had on him as “Maricella”, Marisol as “Maribel”, pretending to be “Vampira”, was in for an ear full. While all of this was happening, Sergio panned the ballroom to see what was happening with “Maritza” and the real Maribel as “Marisol” in her “Vampira” outfit. Following Rita’s exit path from the dance floor lead his eyes right to the real Maribel. She was still focused in on Anna-Maria as “Maritza”. Sergio would have loved to be able to snoop in on that conversation. If he did this again, he would have to have his accomplice wear a wire. The next few things that happened didn’t seem to make sense at the time, but somehow, Gisella came to dance with the real Maribel who was double masked as “Marisol/Vampira”. “Maritza/Vampira”, who was Anna-Maria, was dancing with a tall Dracula, and the real Marisol, dressed as “Maribel/Vampira” was headed in his direction. Had Marisol put two and two together from the ravings of Rita and Gisella? Did she think he was “Maritza” or the real Maribel instead of “Maricella”? Did she realize that he was her husband? Maybe it was time to duck into the rest room and double mask as “Maritza/Vampira”. Too late to make that move now. If he did, he would give away the whole game before it even started. Marisol was every bit as elegant and graceful as Gisella had said she was. Sergio was straining at the gaff that hid his manhood. He wanted his wife like a starving alligator desired to snare a plump, peacefully wading flamingo. Keeping his cool at this moment was going to be his greatest challenge of the evening, thus far.

“The girls say that you are Gisella and that you are one of the newest members of Mr. Barrajas’ staff,” started off “Marisol/Maribel/Vampira” as she neared the table. “You look fabulous in your Vampira costume. I think your height makes it look more elegant.”

“I was noticing the same thing about you, Miss Vampira.”

“I was supposed to answer only to the name, Vampira, but now I am Maribel tonight.”

“Supposed to answer to…?”

“Yes, like several of the other girls, we have traded our identities like a skilled gambler might shuffle and reshuffle a deck of cards. I have actually lost track of how many switches I have made, but I think it is between three and five times. I am so confused that I’m no longer sure who I really am or whom I am supposed to be.”

“I take it by all that, you aren’t supposed to tell me who you really are,” stated Sergio as the apparent “Maricella/ Vampira”.

“Right, but I want you to know that I think you are really Maricella.”

“You are good,” confirmed Sergio with a half-truth. “How could you tell who I was?”

“I don’t know. There is something that is awfully familiar about you that you just can’t hide from my psyche, Maricella. Since I know you, do you think you know who I am?”

“No. I don’t have a clue,” lied Sergio.

“Come on. At least hazard a guess.”

“It would be silly to try. I’m not any good at this. Besides I thought the idea was to scrap our identities for the evening. Mr. Barrajas said it would be good for us to relate as humans instead of as persons.”

“Speaking of Mr. Barrajas, have you picked out whom he might be tonight? I have a very important reason for finding him.”

“Can you tell me what it is?” asked Sergio/Vampira.

“All I can say it is very personal.”

“From what the other women are saying, I here that it is personal for everyone.”

“Believe me my is more important and personal than all the other reasons put together. So, who do you think he is?”

“For all I know, you are Mr. Barrajas.”

“I can tell you that I’m not him,” declared Marisol as “Maribel/Vampira”.

“How do I know you are telling me the truth? If I were Mr. Barrajas, that is exactly what I would be saying,” said Sergio truthfully.

“I guess you don’t know if I’m being truthful or not. Do you want to dance?” asked Marisol as “Maribel/Vampira”. All the witches and goblins and other assorted costumed creatures were bumping and gyrating on the dance floor to the latest electronic pulsation being mixed into the huge speaker systems in the ballroom.

Sergio decided to test out his theory of kinetic identity and memory with whom he believed to be his disguised wife. “Do you want to wait for the next slow one? I’m a little winded from the last round of the flat out aerobic bump and grind.”

“Okay. Shall I stay or do you want me to come back later?” probed Marisol as “Maribel/Vampira”.

“Stay please. I like you and don’t want to lose you in this crowd. The place must be near fire code capacity.”

“I’ll bet you are right on that one. The radio has really been pushing this one,” stated Marisol as “Maribel/Vampira”.

“I just tried going to the rest room and gave up,” commented Sergio as “Vampira”.

“I hear that. I’m glad that I could cross through the lounge to get to you. The table area is the only place left in the room that isn’t jammed. But, I think it is worth the effort. The newly arriving guests are in spectacular costumes,” observed Marisol as “Maribel/Vampira”.

“That’s true,” confirmed Sergio/Vampira.

“I am glad to be sitting with you. For some unexplainable reason you are the first person tonight that I also feel that way about,” announced Marisol in her “Maribel/Vampira” costume. She sat down at the table and they watched the partygoers together until a slow song started and they got up to dance together. Even in her padded costume high heels and mask, Sergio knew instantly that he was dancing with Marisol. Feeling her move next to him gave Sergio a warm and fuzzy feeling inside of his costume.

Thirty to forty seconds later, “Marisol/Maribel/Vampira” pulled back away from him and look straight at his eyes through his mask, and then moved back in very close. “You always could make me feel like a natural woman on the dance floor, Mr. Barrajas. What do I have to do to earn my way back into your life?”

“That is not necessary, dearest one. Love is not earned. It is given. Just don’t give me away to the rest of the Vampires in the room,” responded Sergio softly in Marisol’s disguised ear.

“Your secret is safe with me, Honey. Are the kids all right?”

“The kids and me will be just fine when I get my wife and they get their mother back,” whispered Sergio to the rhythm of the slow ballad.

“I always knew you had a deep abiding love for me, Sergio. I took that for granted and counted on it.”

“The last thing anyone should take for granted is true love, Marisol. It is hard to come by and when it is found it should be truly treasured.”

“How can I earn it back from you Sergio?”

“I just told you that it can’t be earned, Marisol. Love is one of those things that can only be given.”

“I now know that want to give mine to you, Honey. Happy Halloween.”

“That is fabulous, Marisol, because you already have mine. Happy Halloween to you too.”

“By the way, Sergio, I’m supposed to compromise you sexually before this evening is over and deliver that tape to someone to prevent harm from coming to you and the kids.”

“Then you had better do it, Vampira. Do whatever they told you to do to protect the kids, Marisol. I am at your command,” said Sergio through his Vampira mask.

“Don’t cave in so quick, Sergio. In my separation from you I have learned to

appreciate and pursue challenging games of sexual play. I have been in training and planning for this evening’s activities for quite a while,” declared Marisol in her double disguise of “Maribel” and “Vampira”.

“What am I supposed to call you for the evening?”

“While don’t you call me Queen Vampira?”

“Okay, Queen Vampira, I will do my best to be a responsive and compliant masked partner. Let’s go home and have our private Halloween Party.”

“Not so fast, Vampira. We still have some business to take care of here.”

“What business are you talking about, Queen Vampira?”

“What should we do to help resolve the confusion of the plethora of Vampiras?” questioned Marisol as “Queen Vampira”.

“They will work it out by morning. There are so many, they won’t even miss us. It will be like we were never here.”

“You need to know that you have been living with an agent that is trying to become me and take over my position while destroying yours, Sergio,” stated Marisol through her mask as they continued to dance.

“Don’t worry about it, my Queen. I’ll take care of everything. Why don’t you just concentrate on making this our best Halloween ever.”

“That’s a deal, Sergio. Don’t be surprised if we have Halloween at least once or twice a week from now on. I don’t ever want to starve you again.”


After the glues in her suit and masked released their grip, Marisol resumed her role of CEO, while making time to be an involved parent and wife. This, of course, met with some major resistance from Maribel. She had become accustomed to the opportunities and lifestyle that was afforded to her by being Marisol Barrajas, but when Sergio withdrew his and Marisol’s logistical and creative support Maribel found that she was not able to maintain the image on her own. In addition, the real Maribel realized that she only wanted the glamorous side of Sergio’s life and not the day-to-day, in the trenches part of it. Maribel was a born masker and game player. Once the thrill of conquest and adventure vanished in her relationship with Sergio, she quickly wanted to move on. This process had already started with Rita even before the Halloween event. To support her desires she linked up with Rita de Las Casas and ran a successful business associated with the illegal traffic of drugs. The intrigue and involved nature of this activity quickly removed her from Sergio’s world. Eventually, Rita and Maribel were caught and fled the country to Columbia, where they continue to reside.

Sergio and Marisol planned weekend get-a-ways where they watched their homemade video collection and recharged each other’s bodies and psyches. They continued doing their gender bending and masking play. Marisol especially enjoyed it when Sergio would mask as her she/male, Lesbian lover. Anna-Maria became Sergio’s loyal administrative assistant when he joined with Marisol to form their company. They are now listed on the NASDAQ Index as Vamptec.Com.