Masked Kitty



By Rita Chante

Author’s note: Apparent, yet unfounded Jealousy and suspicion play an important role in this copyrighted short story where a construction worker has to spend long periods away from his family. The masked imagery that inspired this story came from my masking friend, Jenelle.

Jenelle considered herself a pretty normal female. All she wanted was a normal family life, a roof over her head, a secure and comfortable income, a couple of kids, and a faithful husband. Of course that was the contradiction in a nutshell. She wanted both a normal family life and a faithful husband. Nacho Botella had satisfied most of her requirements. He was a good provider, great in the sack and an excellent father. His only fault as far as Jenelle was concerned was that he wanted to do fantasy masked bondage rituals whenever her could get his mother or her mother to watch their kids. He said that he had developed this fetish because of some weird actives of his ex-wife. Evidently she hadn’t told him about this until after they were married. After a while, Nacho said that in the end it became the only good thing left in his former marriage. That is while he had told Jenelle about his desires on their second date. Jenelle had really enjoyed some of the bondage routines when they had first done it as a lark. She especially loved to mask and feminize Nacho when it was her turn to be the dominant. But becoming a mother had limited Jenelle in the time she could devote to Nacho’s appetites. Until about two years ago it was every third weekend and half of their vacations. Jenelle had finally put her foot down and refused to do any of his fantasies with/or for Nacho. In retrospect, she should have wondered why he took her refusal placidly. But, she was so glad that he complied with her wishes that she just thought he was being a good husband.

The cooler reality, diminished intensity and decreased frequency of their sex life should have told Jenelle that something was off focus, but she thought that Nacho was just becoming more considerate of her lack of desire now that the children demanded so much of her time. The fact that his work started to send him to out of town jobs should have raised another alarm, but Nacho was an electrician and his company was building a power plant about two hundred miles from their residence. He even bought some land and a large elderly mobile home that he parked near the work site to save on motel costs when the company sent him “traveling”. He was sending her the per diem checks along with huge money orders. Nacho must have really been putting in the overtime and working some of the weekends as well. Jenelle missed him, but had never made this kind of money while he was in town. His mid week phone calls had a cheery quality that told her that he was proud of the way he was providing for the family. Jenelle had told him that she was salting away most of the extra money he was sending in trusts for the kid’s college education and Nacho seemed to think that was a good idea as well. He had even invited Jenelle to the trailer if she wanted to be with him during the week, but she didn’t want to leave the kids with her mother for an extended period. Then an opportunity came when the children went to a four-day, three-night environmental field trip and camp out with their school. Jenelle decided to pay Nacho a surprise visit. Because he had made such an effort to please her and not force her into his bondage activities she also decided to take all of her masking gear and bondage gear as well.

Since Jenelle didn’t trust her own car to make the trip, she had Enterprise Car Rentals deliver a small white panel van to her house. The rental rate was great and there was no mileage charge for the distance she planned to take the van. In addition, Nacho would never be looking for her in a vehicle like this one. She rechecked her gear and loaded it into the back of the van. This whole experience and the planning of the adventure were really beginning to get exciting. Jenelle felt like she was stepping off into the unknown. After all, this behavior was totally out of character for Jenelle. Turning over the engine’s starter was like sparking the kindling of a new-fired horizon.

Jenelle took four hours to drive to and locate the trailer while Nacho was at work. To her surprise, the trailer wasn’t located in a traditional trailer park, but off by itself in the high desert scrub lands outside of the town. Nacho had really bought the acreage he had told Jenelle about. Except for the relatively new shed next to the trailer, the location was a little isolated. But then, the openness of a space was always something that Nacho said he liked. The wrought iron screen door of the trailer was locked, but knowing Nacho’s habits and style, it only took her a couple of minutes to figure out where he had hidden the spare key. Unlocking that door was the opening of a whole New World for Jenelle. The man who lived in this trailer was a Nacho she had never met. The place was a dungeon on wheels. A variety of whips and floggers were everywhere. Manacles and restraining systems were bolted in the walls. She realized that even the windows had wrought iron bars on the outside. Now she understood why the trailer had cost so much even though it was old.

Jenelle figured that Nacho must have had a roommate. The clothes rack had several outfits that appeared very feminine in design. This was especially true of the fetish clothing, foot wear and fur coats. He couldn’t be using all of this stuff by himself to feed his cross-dressing fetish. What if his roommate and partner in this dungeon was a woman? Then she found some correspondence addressed to a Kitty Boots. Who was this Kitty Boots? She had better not be Nacho’s roommate. Even worse yet, this Kitty Boots better not be Nacho’s lover. He had promised that he would never cheat on Jenelle like he had with his first wife. On the other hand, if he hadn’t cheated on Kitty, he would never had found and married Jenelle. Wait a minute, did the name of Kitty just pass through her mind? What if Nacho was having a bondage-based affair with his ex-wife? At least that would explain why he had given up doing his bondage activities with Jenelle. He didn’t need her anymore. That louse had gone back to his ex-wife to fulfill his deviant needs. She had never met Kitty, but Jenelle remembered that she had been involved in serious masking and latex bondage with Nacho. No wonder he came home for his two-day weekends with a smile on his face. That also explained why he was being so well behaved at home. Jenelle concluded from what she saw in the trailer/dungeon/mobile home that Nacho Botella was living a double life. All she needed was some tangible proof that what she was seeing was in fact what was happening. Jenelle was beginning to wonder if he had ever divorced Nancy. What if Kitty and Nacho were still married? These questions demanded answers and the more she thought about them, the more agitated she became. Thus, instead of a surprise visit leading to a sexual interlude with her husband, Jenelle went back out to her van and turned her trip into a surveillance activity.

As it turned out, the white van was a great choice of vehicles. It blended into the snow covered high desert country and all but disappeared into the landscape. She had brought enough of her own gear with her to develop a complete disguise that Nacho had never seen before. She went back into the Nacho’s dungeon/trailer and changed into her disguise and borrowed a couple of things from the trailer to complete her look. “You look pretty sexy if I do say so myself. I think I will call you Kitty Boots and see what Nacho does with two of us,” said Jenelle to the reflection in the full-length door mirror in the trailer/dungeon’s bedroom.

In her “Kitty Boots” disguise and costume Jenelle drove around the small but active high desert town. Along the main highway, she found a small leather shop that had some exotic Western riding gear. This stuff would make the other “Kitty Boots” into one submissive pony girl, thought Jenelle to herself as she surveyed the gear and tried on a few things for her own version of “Kitty Boots”. The purchases put a real dent onto Nacho’s credit card and the clerk didn’t bat an eye when Jenelle signed it as “Kitty Boots”.

“You are a great customer, Miss Boots,” said the clerk. “Since you have been sending us all those other customers, the boss says that I am to give you a twenty-five percent professional discount.”

“That is great Roy,” said “Kitty Boots” as she noted the name embroidered on Roy’s shirt in a lasso script. “Are those antique cavalry binoculars for sale?”

“Sure thing, Miss Boots.”

“I will take them too.”

“Don’t you want to know how much they cost?” questioned Roy.

“This store has been fair with me. Why should I stop trusting you now?” inquired “Kitty Boots”.

“Those crotch-high chap-boots and leather corset you ordered are ready for you as well,” mentioned the clerk.

“I’ll take them and use them tonight,” said our “Kitty”. “Give me that big Black leather Stetson hat with the owl feather head band on it as well. It will look great with the boots and gloves when I take everything else off.” Behind her beautiful “Kitty Boots” mask, Jenelle had to work at not laughing as the clerk stumbled and fell to the ground as he tried to hide his aroused reaction to her comment.

When she got back into the white panel delivery van, Jenelle took off her knee-high patent leather boots and put on the custom, platform lace up boots. “The other Kitty must be a really big girl,” muttered Jenelle behind her mask. “I’m going to have to put on a double pair of wool hiking boot socks to make my feet big enough to walk in these.” The socks did the trick and “Kitty” laced the boots up to her crotch and the belted the chap flaps around her hour glass waist. Jenelle loved the smell of the new leather. The boots were a work of art. They looked like they would add at least eight inches to her height. Their soft, supple leather made them a dream to wear and easy to move around in. The large, big brimmed leather hat was a perfect match for the boots and gloves and added another four-inches to her apparent length.

Jenelle loved the design of the old fashion leather corset. While it was more comfortable than the one she had just taken off, somehow the new one made her full breasts larger, her great ass rounder, and her waspish waist even smaller. In her new Western leather, chap boots, fringed gloves and oversize Stetson hat, Jenelle decided to do some grocery shopping. Her look was too good to waste on mere commuter traffic. The local store clerks were totally turned on by the extremely tall, leather clad and booted blonde bomb shell that drove the nondescript white delivery van. While her face was sweet and innocent, her over all looks announced that she was as hard as nails and ready for business. Jenelle as “Kitty Boots” strode around the store in her tall heel, platform boots, like she owned the place.

“I don’t think I have seen you around here, before, Miss,” remarked the check out clerk.

“I don’t get out, much, Sonny. They kept me pretty busy busting studs up on the ranch,” teased “Kitty Boots”. Jenelle couldn’t believe how brazen her disguise made her feel. “But that is all about to change.”

“What ranch is that, Miss? We make deliveries to most of the large spreads around here,” said Mike.

“I’m sure you have heard of it, Sonny-boy. It’s called The Mustang Ranch and we specialize in riding studs. Why don’t you take a drive and come over and see me sometime. I have always wanted to sponsor a deep plunging tutorial program for young riders.”

“Without batting an eye, Mike asked, “How much would a tutorial program like that cost?”

“For a sweet young virgin stud like you, the first lesson would be free. The rest of the lessons would be based upon a sliding scale, depending on the angle of the dangle and the depth of the plunge. The straighter the dangle and the longer the slide, the lower you fee.” Where did all that come from asked Jenelle behind her “Kitty Boots” disguise. The clerks on either side of the checkout stand almost messed their pants when they heard “Kitty Boots'” proclamation. The clerk checking out her groceries was so stunned that he counted out nine twenty dollar bills as if they were one dollar bills when he laid Jenelle’s change in “Kitty Boots’” leather gloved hand. She had given him two twenties and a ten to cover forty-one dollars worth of groceries and several large tubes of Crazy Glue. “Nancy” stuffed the money into her deep cleavage between her two massive breasts without noticing the clerk’s mistake. That job description ought to give Nacho’s other “Kitty Boots” something to overcome when she went shopping thought Jenelle behind her mask.

Having stocked up on sodas and snacks as well as filling the van with gas while using the station’s rest room, Jenelle headed back to a inconspicuous parking space in the snow cover brush that gave her full vision of the trailer. The long drive, the shopping and the shock from the contents of the trailer had taken their toll on Jenelle, so she decided to take a short nap. Unless Nacho was doing more overtime at the power plant, he would be off in an hour. Jenelle drifted off for a fitful nap. In her semi conscious dream Nacho came home to her and somehow all of the dungeon items and fixtures had been transferred to the bedroom of their own home. In her dream she felt secure and warm inside of her “Kitty Boots” mask and leather Western costume. Then she saw “Kitty Boots” in her bedroom begging Nacho to truss her up, gag her, and take her out in public to humiliate her, but Jenelle wasn’t sure if the “Kitty Boots” that was performing the scene was her or someone else.

Jenelle came back to full consciousness when she heard the big throated V-10 Triton engine of Nacho’s black, F350, Ford 6×6 pull up to the trailer. Instead of parking in front of the trailer, the large truck moved to the backside of the unit and out of view. She stepped out of her white van and moved through the snow filled bushes until she could observe through the eye holes in her mask that the occupant of the truck was the stud that had turned her on and fathered her children. He had pulled the big Ford into the shed next to the mobile home. Nacho pulled a couple of bags out of the back of the truck. He then took a large camouflage dust cover out of the extended cab and covered the truck. He was fussy about protecting the truck’s paint job at home, but never this fussy. Once the truck was covered, Nacho pick-up his bags, walked out of the shed, closed and locked its doors, carried his bags up the steps to the trailer door, unlocked the trailer door, and went into the mobile home/trailer/dungeon.

From the movement in the trailer, “Kitty Boots” concluded that Nacho spent the first half-hour preparing and eating dinner. From the bells going off on the microwave, Jenelle assumed that he was consumed three or four TV dinners. It was now 4:30 P.M. in the late winter afternoon. Once Nacho completed his dinner, the action shifted to the back of the trailer. From the roar of the trailer’s sewer connections, it sounded like Nacho was taking a shower. Why was he taking a shower right after dinner? That wasn’t part of Nacho’s regular home routine, but then he wasn’t home either.

About twenty minutes after the shower terminated, another pick-up pulled up to the trailer. Through the falling darkness of the earlier high desert evening, the driver and passenger appeared to be two skinny little guys dressed in western wear. They each pulled a suitcase from the back of their pick-up truck. Through the eye holes of her mask and with the excellent magnification provided by the antique binoculars Jenelle believed that the men approaching the trailer’s door to be a couple of guys she had seen in a sack race at the company picnic. The door opened, but the interior of the trailer was too dark for Jenelle to make out whether Nacho had opened the door or one of the little men opened it. In about ten minutes the trailer was vibrating and rocking with some major physical activity. Forty minutes later, the two little guys left and another truck pulled up. This time there were three guys in the truck. They too were carrying suitcases. The trailer was relatively quiet for the first ten minutes after they entered and then the rumbling of activity started up again. About an hour later the three men limped back out of the trailer with smiles upon their faces, got back into their truck and drove away.

Not five minutes later a squad car pulled up the dirt road from the highway and two police officers got out. Like the five men that had preceded them into the trailer, each of them was carrying a suitcase. They went into the trailer and the rhythm of the noises occurred again, but this time they were more intense and lasted a little longer. About an hour and twenty-five minutes later the officers came out of the trailer and seem to be a little worst off for wear than when they went in. Jenelle thought she heard one of them say something about the abilities of Kitty Boots, but wasn’t totally sure. The binoculars helped Jenelle keep track of the license plate numbers and the time once the moon rose. Where had the time gone? It was already eight-thirty. Ten minutes later another truck with four occupants arrived. These guys were loud and obviously had more than a few drinks.

“This must be the place they told us about at the Rustler’s Inn, Tex.”

“I have the three hundred buck minimum they said it took to buy and hour on a week night,” declared Bill.

“Do you think she can satisfy all four of us in an hour?” asked Don.

“I have heard that she has done as many as six an hour on weekends,” said Tex. “Jake says that she is the best that he has ever had, and that includes that wild wife of his.”

The four men went in and an hour later, they came out very pleased with themselves and totally satisfied. Another truck arrived from the Rustler’s Inn as the one with the four guys headed back to the highway. This latest truck left about an hour later with three well taken care of customers. The women doing the work for Nacho must have arrived while she was taking her afternoon nap. She wished she had seen what they looked like. Was her husband pimping them? It seemed like an endless parade of horny men coming in regular intervals up the dirt road to the trailer, thought Jenelle and it is only ten thirty P.M.

The next vehicle that pulled up the dirt road was a large Lincoln. A large man and woman got out. The man got two suitcases out of the trunk and followed the woman up to the door of the trailer. Jenelle heard the woman say that she wanted to be “Kitty Boots” this time as the door opened and they went in. There was a twenty-minute period of silence before the rumbling and moans started coming out of the trailer. The noises and rocking motion of the trailer continued for about forty minutes and then twenty minutes after that, things quieted back down. The large man opened the trailer door, followed by what appeared to be none other than a leather-clad, platform boot wearing, “Kitty Boots”.

Jenelle didn’t know what to make out of this turn of events. “Kitty Boots” got into the large man’s Lincoln on the driver’s side, started the great car’s massive engine and drove him down the road back to the highway. Jenelle decided to follow the “Kitty Boots” driven Lincoln. She allowed her van to roll out of the bushes and down the dirt road to the highway without turning on her motor or the van’s headlights. Once she reached the highway, she turned on her lights and started the van’s small motor. As she pulled onto the highway, she thought she saw another vehicle slow to pull off the highway at the same point where she had just entered it. She accelerated to catch-up to the Lincoln. About three miles up the road the Lincoln pulled off the road at the Rustler’s Inn. Jenelle’s “Kitty Boots” had no other choice than to follow the Golden Lincoln into the Rustler’s parking lot. The clock pointing to the flashing twenty-four hour “We are always open” sign, said that it was after eleven P.M. “Kitty Boots” climbed out of the car, dragging the large man on a leash. Jenelle wanted to follow the couple into the bar, but the cold night air suggested that now was not the time to be changing disguises. She realized all of a sudden that she had to use the bathroom in the worst way. She had to change her look some way to go into the noisy roadhouse without taking of the majority of her clothes. She took her reversible leather coat and turned camel hair side out. She changed her blonde wig to that of a brunette and went into the coffee shop side of the Rustler Inn. She sat in a window booth where she could watch the movements of the Gold colored Lincoln. In her brunette wig and camel hair coat version of “Kitty Boots”, Jenelle ordered a short stack and coffee. While waiting for her order, she used the rest room.

Back at her table she enjoyed the piping hot cup of truck stop java. A couple of the truckers walked over to her booth and asked her if she wanted some company and “Kitty Boots” gave them a look that could have melted steel. She got some other looks from the men at the bar of the coffee shop but most of them were very respectable and friendly. As her waitress took her order for another short stack and some coffee, Jenelle in her toned down version of “Kitty Boots” stated, “Business seems to be really good for this late on a week night.”

“It has been that way ever since the workers building the power station have been using us and the club next door as a waiting room for some clandestine happenings up the road.”

“How can you tell that they are doing that?” asked Jenelle/Kitty.

“Look at them, Miss. They are dressed in leather and boots. They are all carrying a suitcase. They have the Western Saddle Shop working twenty-four seven to make all that stuff. When they aren’t up the road, they are in here bragging about what they did or didn’t do.”

“Do you mind?” probed Jenelle/Kitty.

“No, Miss. When a guy is happy he is a good tipper. When he is horny, he ain’t. The activity has taken a lot of pressure off of the local girls and kept the fights down between the workers and the local guys.”

“Sounds like a genuine solution,” suggested Jenelle/Kitty.

“Maybe it is and then maybe it ain’t. Are you going to be working on the ranch? I here that Nacho says that he is looking for girls,” said the waitress as she returned with the short stack and a pot of coffee.

“I hadn’t thought about it much,” stated the toned down, brunette “Kitty Boots”. “Have you considered it?”

“I don’t have the talent and I want to live here after the power station is built, Miss.”

“I hadn’t thought about that,” admitted Jenelle through her disguise.

“The kid in the grocery store said that you work a couple of hours from here at the Mustang Ranch.”

“Boy, news travels fast around here,” observed our “Kitty Boots”.

“There ain’t much else to talk about, Honey,” declared the waitress.

Just as Jenelle ended eating a second stack and following her third trip to the rest room, Jenelle as the brunette “Kitty Boots” noticed that the blonde, leather clad “Kitty Boots” was starting to drag the large man out to the Golden Lincoln. Jenelle paid her check with one of the twenties still stuck into her cleavage and quickly went out to her van before any of the truckers noticed that she left. By the time she had started the little white panel truck the other “Kitty Boots” had maneuvered the big golden Lincoln to the entrance of the Rustler’s Inn parking lot. Jenelle thought that “Kitty Boots” would turn back in the direction of the dungeon/trailer, but instead, she turned onto the highway in the same direction she was going before she stopped in the Rustler Inn to display her domination over the large man.

Making sure to keep her distance, Jenelle as the brunette “Kitty Boots” followed the Lincoln to yet another long, private driveway. The Lincoln proceeded up the driveway to a very large Georgian Manor house. As the car approached the mansion, one of the automatic garage doors opened and the big Lincoln glided inside. Moments later the door closed and the light went out. Where to now, thought, Jenelle as she waited to see if anything else was going to happen at the large manor house that evening/early morning. There was no place to hide the van in this location so she decided to return to her original spot in the bushes opposite the trailer.

The problem of getting back to her original parking place was not only finding the exit to the lonely road off of the main highway in the moonlight, but also navigating the last fifty yards without the use of the van’s headlights in the grove of tall pines and large sage brush where the trailer was located. Fortunately, she knew that the exit was on the left about three miles past the Rustler’s Inn. Since even the main highway was relatively deserted at this time in the morning, Jenelle was able to slow down at the three-mile mark and locate Nacho’s exit with only one pass. The bright Moon upon the icy white snow lit her way to her back original location and hiding place. Even in all her latex and leather gear she could feel the cold of the early morning as she snuggled in all her layers of rubber and clothing on the floor of the van. She slept the sleep of the exhausted that night and her dreams about the goings and comings of the trailer didn’t start until after dawn. When she awoke to the fresh frozen dew of the early morning in the mountains, Jenelle forgot for a moment that she was still in cased inside of the brunette “Kitty Boots”. For some reason even unknown to Jenelle, she decided that she wanted to be the “full Kitty Boots” and changed back into a blonde and even put on her Stetson hat. To her surprise she could navigate pretty well in the snow in her extremely tall chap boots. That was fortunate because she needed to use the toilet in the trailer with great urgency. She looked to see if Nacho’s truck was still behind the trailer. Seeing that it was gone, she assumed the coast was clear to use the toilet in the trailer. As she went inside, it started to snow.

Even with both the camel coat and her leather great coat over her Western gear and rubber foundation layers, “Kitty Boots” was still a pretty striking woman in the bathroom door mirror. She quickly pealed her outer coats off and laid them on Nacho’s bed, went into the bathroom and sat down to relieve herself. As she checked to make sure that Nacho had a roll of toilet paper that she could use to clean herself, she noticed the toilet paper holder pulled out of the wall revealing a secret cupboard. Inside of the cupboard were several four-inch thick rolls of one hundred-dollar bills. There must have been at least a couple of hundred thousand dollars in that compartment. “Kitty Boots” started to pee her panties before she could get them off. The sight of all that money was blowing her mind even more than the thought of Nacho’s cheating on her. With a little focused effort, she finally got herself centered on the toilet seat. The process she was there for had no sooner started than she heard the signature sound of the Triton V-10 pull up outside the bathroom window. Jenelle as “Kitty Boots” froze on the toilet. In her left hand she held a roll of money that was worth at least fifty thousand dollars. What should she do?

“Play out the string, sister,” suggested her adventurous self. “You are rich beyond your dreams.”

“Melt into the floor,” countered her normal self. “Hide as long as you can. Maybe he just forgot his lunch and will go away.”

“Its too late to escape. Even if you could crawl out the bathroom window, your coats are on the bed,” reasoned her adventurous self. “Think what you could do with all this money the louse has been holding out on you.”

“Strip to your birthday suit and throw yourself on Nacho’s mercy,” wined her normal self.

“You only live once, Jenelle. You wanted an adventure now you really have one going,” declared the adventurous voice. Jenelle finished her much needed pee and flushed the toilet out of habit.

“Who’s in the bathroom?” asked Nacho Botella’s deep, strong voice as he came in through the front door of the mobile home/dungeon. Nancy put the money back into the compartment and stepped out of the bathroom. “Oh it’s you Kitty. What brings you out so early in the morning? Did Big Jake kick you out again?”

“No, I just came up here to clean up our place for tonight, Lover. I thought you be off at work just now.”

“I would be Honey, but there was a snow slide that the blocked the tunnel we were working in and it won’t be cleared until tomorrow. Jake sent us all home. So I’m getting the rest of today off with pay. Actually, it is all to the good. As you know I had a really late night and I can use the rest,” said Nacho Botella. “What say you if I make us some breakfast and then we take a nap together?”

“That sound’s pretty good, lover,” said “Kitty Boots” as Jenelle seethed with jealous anger behind her mask.

“I like the way those boots look on you, Kitty,” observed Nacho. “Roy told me that you had planned to wear them last night, but I guess you didn’t want to waste them on Jake.”

“I thought they would make you happy lover,” said Jenelle as “Kitty Boots” while wondering where all this was going to go. Was Big Jake’s wife Nacho’s mistress in her role as “Kitty Boots”? When was his first wife going to show up? Did Big Jake know his wife was having an affair with Nacho? Where were the girls that Nacho had working for him the previous night?

“You can take off all your gear and get comfortable if you want, Kitty. I am to tired to play right now,” offered Nacho.

“I will keep it on for you, lover. I know how much it turns you on,” said Jenelle in her “Kitty Boots” gear.

“That’s for sure, Kitty, but right now let’s have that breakfast and a nap,” said Nacho.

“You are the boss lover.”

“Okay, but maybe you can be the dom after our nap,” suggested Nacho.

“Sounds like fun, Nacho.”

Jenelle forgot how much she enjoyed sleeping next to Nacho. Unfortunately for him, she still believed that he was being unfaithful to her, so when Jenelle, in her “Kitty Boots” gear awoke before Nacho she manacled his arms to the bed and started to do his legs as well. Nacho came around into the conscious world just as “Kitty Boots” finished locking up his left leg.

“What are you doing, Kitty?”

“I thought you wanted a little fun before we have some lunch,” said our “Kitty” innocently as she locked up his right leg. “Didn’t you want me to be your dom?”

“I see that I have taught you well, Kitty. You did that like a professional,” observed Nacho Botella.

“We are just starting, Nacho. I want this to be a session you will never forget. Let me see what toys you have in this closet.” She found a bunch of “Kitty Boot’s” gear and a mask in the closet. “Looks like I have left a lot of my stuff here to play with you. Let’s get you into this Victorian corset for starters. Can you lift up your back a little so I can slide it under you?” Nacho complied willingly with a big smile on his face. His mast had become rock hard as “Kitty” pulled on the straps of the body-shaping corset. “We can’t have that naughty huge organ of yours messing up my clothes, Lover. Let’s slide this rubber down on your sweet unit, until I’m ready to take you to the Moon.”

Kitty’s skillful hands slid the rubber on and then took a brass ring from the closet’s toy box and slid that down over the rubber. “That ought to hold you until I’m ready, but I don’t like the way that looks,” teased Kitty like she was figuring out the best way to set up a flower arrangement. She stroked Nacho to the point where he thought he would burst and unrolled a second rubber on his penis and secured it with yet another brass ring. “Let’s see if we can get this a little larger. You know how I like them big, Nacho.”

“No more, Baby, this is too good already,” declared Nacho Botella.

“Just a little more, Lover. I know you can do it,” stated Jenelle as she started using “Kitty’s” tight masked mouth to arouse Nacho like he had never thought possible. She had him throbbing to the point of torture. “I saw something I think I would like to try in that toy box of yours. Jenelle reached into the box and had “Kitty’s” gloved hands take out a large, black, hollow strap-on dildoe. She loaded the huge dildoe with hot oil from the pan on the stove and forced Nacho’s swollen member into the device and strapped it onto his body and tied the straps to the corset. He was going crazy with unfulfilled desire and pulled with all his might against the restraints. “Calm down, Lover. Save your strength for me. I want to ride you right to the Moon and back. I saw a pair of double “HH” silicon filled, latex boobs in the closet. I was going to make you wear them, but I know how you adore big-breasted women, so I’m going to put them on for you. I’m going to have you wear those humungous black rubber breasts instead.”

Jenelle went into the front room of the trailer and layered the huge boobs over her own breasts that were already extended to double “EE’s” by her “Kitty Boots” corset and silicon enhancing breast forms. She took a full-length Western styled, black rubber dress from the closet and layered it over the new padding as well as her original gear. Fortunately, Nacho had the trailer’s heater off and the place was just above freezing. Jenelle was toasty inside all of her items and was really enjoying the reality of total enclosure. “Do I look like your dream woman now, Nacho?”

“That and more than I could ever have hoped for, Kitty. But who are you, Kitty? Jake’s wife doesn’t have this kind of imagination. My weekend girls, regular Melissa and Veronica never did me like this before, not even in the excellent rubber gear you are wearing now.”

“Who do you think I am, Nacho?”

“You can’t be Sabrina. You are too tall to be her and your waist is too small for you to be Ruby, even though you have Ruby’s style,” continued Nacho. “You could be Linda, but I think she is in Australia at the moment. Damn, Kitty, you look really fabulous. Those huge boobs never looked that good on anyone of my other love slaves. Are you the new girl in town from the Mustang Ranch that everyone is talking about?”

Wrong on every count, Buster said Jenelle to herself behind “Kitty Boots'” wonderful mask and latex gear. “I am the real Kitty Boots, Nacho!” exclaimed Jenelle in her disguise. “I use to work at the Mustang Ranch and I ate amateurs like you for breakfast. You should have figured out that sooner or later that I would show up,” said Jenelle as she went into the bathroom and packed the money rolls into the lining of her great coat while she peed again. She came out of the bathroom and put on her reversible coat and started to leave the trailer.

“You can’t leave me like this, Kitty.”

“Just watch me, Nacho Baby.”

“But, why? What have I ever done to you?” asked Nacho innocently.

“Nothing that you would ever realize, Nacho. Don’t worry for now, I’m just taking my coat out to my vehicle. There is a new toy I have for you as well.”

“Hurry back. I’m getting cold,” declared Nacho. Jenelle took the money stuffed great coat out to the van. She got her own big strap on dildoe and the harnesses she had bought the day before. “Are you auditioning for a job with me?” called out Nacho from the bedroom dungeon. “If you are, you don’t need to go any further,” said Nacho when he saw the harnesses.

“You are insulting me again, Nacho. What makes you think that I would lower myself to work for you?”

“I just thought…”

“You think too much! Who needs it? I’m out of here. This time I am leaving you for good, Lover,” said our “Kitty”.

“Like I said before, you can’t leave me like this, Kitty.”

“And like I said before, Just watch me,” bluffed “Kitty Boots”.

“But we aren’t done, yet.”

“You are right when you are right, Nacho. I almost forgot there was something I wanted to do before I left. You love bondage so much, Lover. I really want you to enjoy it until one of your other playmates arrives,” said Jenelle from behind “Kitty Boots'” beautiful face as she let the feelings of her jealous rage take hold of her. She took a pair of her dirty urine soaked panties and shoved them into Nacho’s mouth and duct taped it closed before he realized what she was about to do. For her next move, our Jenelle put on a pair of chemically resistant rubber gloves over her own. She took a tube of fast and fiercely strong bonding crazy glue out of her pocket, opened it and smeared the contents on his face. Despite the muffled screams of protest that Nacho was making through his panty gagged and taped mouth, “Kitty” took Nacho’s mask of “Kitty Boots” and pulled it over his head and held it tightly on his face until it was totally bonded to his facial skin. Then she pulled the mask’s zipper shut and glued the teeth together. Jenelle then went into the closet and took off her own “Kitty Boots” mask and put on the full-hood gas mask hanging in there. She then she took a bottle of chloroform she had found and soaked a rag from the kitchen. She held the rag over the nose of Nacho’s “Kitty Boots” mask until he succumbed to the power of the anesthetic like vapors.

Jenelle worked quickly. She released his left leg and pulled a nylon stocking up the leg and smeared it wet with more of the crazy glue. Then she pulled on a crotch high, PVC boot. She didn’t need to attach the garters in that it wasn’t going to come off for quite a long while. She re-manacled the left leg and repeated the process for the right one. She then released the right arm and pulled on a shoulder length PVC glove after smearing the arm with the glue. After re-manacling the right arm, she repeated the process for the left one. Next she glued a huge pair of breast forms to Nacho’s chest and a neck corset to the neck of his “Kitty Boots” mask. Except for the twelve-inch black mast that stuck up between “her” legs, the feminized Nacho looked like a beautiful, full-size, bald-headed, “Kitty Boots”, rubber doll. Since the heat was off in the trailer, Jenelle decided that she had better cover Nacho/Nancy a little more. She unmanacled the legs one at a time and pulled on a pair of latex shorts that extended from the top of Nacho/Kitty’s PVC boots to the waist of “her” corset. Jenelle made sure that the shorts were glued into place like all the other parts of the complete Rubber Doll. She pulled the great dildoe covered organ through the convenience hole in the shorts and glued the base of the hollow dildoe to the shorts.

She then gave Nacho/Kitty another small dose of the chloroform to insure that “she” stayed out while “her” arms were free. Jenelle took another fully hooded gas mask from the closet and pulled it on over Nacho/Kitty’s mask. Jenelle then put her own “Kitty Boots” mask back on and glued a big hair flame red wig to Nacho/Kitty’s gas mask hood. Lastly, she smeared the lining of what appeared to be full-length faux beaver coat with a liberal amount of the crazy glue and put it on and under Nacho/Kitty. She remanacled Nacho/Kitty to the bedposts and zipped up the coat. Nacho/Kitty must have been having some sweet dreams as “she” snored away inside her latex and fur bondage. In her own “Kitty Boots” disguise, Jenelle parted the unglued lower portions of the coat to look at the great mast. She took her dildoe and greased it liberally and shoved it into the pussy pocket in the shorts and straight up Kitty/Nacho’s ass. The great sight of the great mast was really getting Jenelle horny inside of her disguise. She couldn’t resist taking a ride on the gas masked, glued in and properly plugged she/male, Nacho/Kitty Boots. After all, every designer should take a test ride to make sure that everything worked properly. Nacho was now half kitty and half pony. It was the greatest sex Jenelle had ever had in her entire life. She came again and again. Not only did the fur clad, latex she/male form beneath her feel incredible, knowing that the form was really going to be a totally involuntary “Kitty Boots” for a quite while also turned her on TO THE MAX.

After the wonderful but enervating sex, Jenelle in her tall “Kitty Boot’s” gear “borrowed” a full-cut, full-length faux mink that matched the faux beaver that Nacho/Kitty was glued into. After all, she had some work to do in snowy world outside of the dungeon/trailer. She put on the beautiful fur over her latex exaggerated body, packed her things and loaded her van. As she drove the little white van home she made plans for setting up an off shore trust for each of the kids and a large mad money account for herself. The trip home seemed much shorter than the trip to Nacho’s work site. When she arrived she drove straight into her garage. She didn’t unpack the van except for the leather great coat that was stuffed full of cash. She went into her lonely little house stripped herself to the skin, took a long warm, soothing bath, and went to bed for a much deserved rest.

While Nacho called her during the following weekend to tell her that he was working a lot of overtime; he didn’t extend to Jenelle his standing invitation up to his trailer. When she suggested that she could get away for an over-night stay, Nacho said that they had him working nights and graveyard as well. “What are the kids and I supposed to live on Mr. Overtime?” barked Jenelle. “You didn’t send me a check this week.”

“I’m a little tied up at the moment, Honey. But, I will have my boss wire you some money tonight. They have me putting out almost twenty-four hours a day. My boss won’t let me have any peace. Even his wife and all of the office staff have found work for me to do. I only had one good day of rest last week. I am hoping that things get back to normal in a couple of weeks.”

I hope they have you shaking the snow off the roof of that trailer all night, every night, for the next three weeks my lying Nacho/Kitty, said Jenelle to herself. There has to be enough horny guys up there working on that project to turn you into a multiple “woman” Rustler’s Ranch. “If they have you are working so many hours, why are you so short on money, Nacho?” probed and teased Jenelle with her tongue in her cheek.

“I wasn’t going to tell you this Honey, because I didn’t want you to worry.”

“Worry, Nacho? Worry about what?” probed Jenelle.

“I was robbed this week. It is a good thing that the land and the trailer are already paid for or I wouldn’t be able to send you the per-diem check.”

“Were you hurt?” asked Jenelle in a concerned, wifely manner.

“Only in my pride. The company physician has a specialty in dermatology and was able to patch up my hide pretty well,” explained Nacho.

“What patching-up are you talking about, Nacho? This sounds pretty serious. Maybe I should have Mom watch the kids and come up there to take care of you.”

“I just got a few scratches in my fight with the burglar. I will be all right. Stay where you are and take care of the family. Everything I am doing up her is to make things go easier for us when I can return,” said Nacho truthfully. “To get back on my feet again, my boss gave me an advance. The local merchants are giving me a discount as well.” I’ll just bet they are continued Jenelle with her unexpressed thought. The next thing he will probably tell me is that the cops are probably helping out as well. “The police are looking into the matter for me, but they think it was done by a professional transient that is long gone by now.”

“Do they have a description of the guy or anything?” asked Jenelle while trying to contain her laughter.

“Not yet, Honey. Even though I fought with him, it was dark and I couldn’t make out his features. I think he was wearing a ski mask. Because of the cold up here, nobody would question someone walking around in a ski mask.”

“Was it a lot of money and stuff?”

“Nothing that can’t be replaced, Jenelle. He took some of my tools and a heavy coat. I had a little nest egg I was saving for a family trip, but my overtime should get that back in a little while. All this probably means is that I won’t be able to move back home for at least another six to seven months,” declared Nacho/Kitty.

“Well send that check as soon as you can, Nacho. Groceries don’t appear in our house like magic,” complained Jenelle in her role of nagging wife and mother of Nacho’s children. “The kids are missing you as well. They were hoping to see you at Christmas.” “I will try to be there on Christmas. Things slow down then. Jake says that since so many guys want time off at Christmas, he might shut down the project for a week. I should be all healed up by then as well.”

“That sounds good to me, Nacho. Maybe we should come up there with Mother and make a vacation out of it,” proposed Jenelle.

“Let me give some thought to that. I don’t really have the trailer set up to handle the entire family and your mother too,” responded Nacho/Kitty. What if the money had been in the trailer and Nacho didn’t even know it was there. Maybe the money to which he was referring was the five thousand she found in the secret inside pocket of the faux mink she took. Maybe some of the other clothes had money secreted in them. “You will be getting a big check soon, Honey. Jake says that after the plant is built that I can stay on as a permanent electrical technician. The money is really good and they will be extending the plant for at least ten years. I could make enough for us to retire on.”

“Does that mean that you are thinking of staying up there permanently, Nacho?” asked Jenelle.

“I thought we could build a place on this property and move the whole family up here. It would be a great place to rear kids. The schools are good and the plant is bringing in a lot of high tech industry that wants to be close to the power.”

“I guess we will have to talk that over when you are here on Christmas. If we make a move, I don’t want to do it until summer. We will have to move my mother too so she can help with daycare when I go back to work.”

“You don’t need to work, Jenelle. I make enough for all of us.”

“Sounds like we will have to talk about that as well, Nacho. Would we have to sell our house here?”

“I don’t know. Let’s think about that, Jenelle. I love you and the kids more than you will ever know. You are the glue that binds our family together, Honey. Bye…”

“I love and miss you too, Nacho,” said Jenelle as she hung up the phone.

It looked like Jenelle’s version of “Kitty Boots” was going to be paying Nacho/ Kitty another visit in about two weeks. She wanted to make sure that the glue that was binding them together was re-applied. She had already set up the three off shore bank accounts with one hundred and fifty thousand dollars in each one. Maybe she should take some time to search the trailer and its content in case there was more money hidden in it. One thing was for sure. Jenelle was positive that in his current condition, no other woman would be taking a second look at Nacho unless she was a lesbian. Besides, in two to three weeks, Nacho/Kitty and/or whoever was working with “her” should have earned enough on her/their back/backs, to make a pre-Christmas “collecting trip” worth while. Jenelle’s offshore accounts had big appetites. That is not to mention, of course, that her version of “Kitty Boots” would take the opportunity to have another long and fabulous ride on her pony boy.