Brandywine Lace Hairpiece Adhesive 1.4oz

SKU #: BRA-1215

Brandywine Lace Hairpiece Adhesive is designed for attaching your lace wigs and hairpieces. This formula was created to make the most of lace’s open texture. This formula is designed to provide a 7-10 day attachment period. This is an ideal attachment period as it is less messy and easier to clean up/reprep than adhesives with longer attachment periods. Of course, the lace can easily be removed prematurely with the help of adhesive remover.

This is the preferred brand of lace hairpiece adhesive by the majority of beauticians and cosmetologists, offered here at a great price by MaskOn.

This is a great product for attaching our lace front wigs. It comes with a convenient dabber applicator.

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