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Our breast forms duplicate the natural female breast tissue and movements. Utilizing high grade raw materials such as silicone gel, they have been producing absolutely THE BEST breast prostheses money can buy. The surface is a velvety soft, life-like polyurethane skin (created exclusively for these products) that rapidly reaches body temperature. These forms are specially engineered with firm nipples. Buying breast forms can be risky if you don't buy from the right place. Some only offer a few sizes or the wrong type of breast form. Size and type are very important to get that realistic feminine look and feeling. As a cross dresser myself for over 10 years and owning one of the very few retail stores exclusively for cross dressers I have learned what works and what does not. I have fitted hundreds of cross dressers for breast forms. Please watch the videos to get familiar with breast forms and then refer to the size chart for selection. Let my experience, service and selection make your breast form buying experience be the most enjoyable purchase you ever made.




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