Santa Sex


By Chante


Santa Claus had always been a big disappointment for Lisa Gutierrez when she was a child. It seemed like her brothers were always getting the good stuff. When they got a series of action figures and slot car sets, she got some dumb fancy Barbie doll that had to stay in a box so that it would be worth something when she was grown. She never got something she wanted. Everything was stuff you normally got at the end of summer when you went back to school. She would religiously waited in line at several department stores each year to sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what she wanted, but every year Christmas morning was a disaster. She ordered a skate board with all the safety equipment and got Betsey Wetsey doll instead. Another year she asked for a Lionel HO Circus Train set and got a bubble gum pink Barbie and Scooter Garage. When she asked for a High Flier Sled, she got a training bra. Santa never listened to her and the elves had to be just as deaf.

While in high school she worked as a part time elf herself in one of the large downtown department stores. At first she thought it would be really fun and then realized that her job was to sell pictures of unsuspecting children with some numb nut Santa. Then she over heard the brain washing that mothers in the line would give there little girls when they too asked for the stuff the boys traditionally got. Had her mother done this to her as well? Lisa couldn’t remember, but knew when she was able to by her first vehicle, that it was going to be a black, stick shift, three quarter ton, 4×4 extended cab pick-up, with or without Santa’s help. She had no desire to buy some wimpy pussy wagon like a pink Honda Prelude or a yellow Volkswagen Beetle.

The years passed and the disappointments continued through her college years. Santa seemed bent on keeping her warm with mittens, muffs, and scarves. Then, during her senior year while she was interning as an assistant buyer in a large department store, the store Santa fell ill and the store manager drafted Lisa for the job since as a intern and general go-fer, she had no way of really protesting the assignment. She needed the money and her grade and graduation were depended upon her doing well at this assignment.

“But my face is all wrong for Santa, Mr. Gray,” protested Lisa. “Even the dullest and/or youngest kid will see that my youthful feminine features don’t go along with the wig and beard.”

“I think we can take care of that, Lisa,” replied Mr. Gray. “Johnny, go down to the back stock room in the far corner of the basement. In the Halloween bin we had a bunch of those Old Bag Lady Grandma masks. Bring me back a couple and we will see which one fits Lisa and glue the beard and wig to it.”

Johnny dutifully returned about fifteen minutes later with three old women type masks. While Johnny was on his errand, Mr. Gray helped Lisa into the pads, boots, gloves and suit to create Santa’s body on her. By the time they were done, Lisa’s face and head sat on top of Santa’s body. The padding made her look like she had gained about two hundred pounds. “Let’s have a look at those masks, Johnny,” said Mr. Gray in his take-charge voice. The mask that fit the best, almost as if it was custom made to fit Lisa’s face was a full head, sweet grandma look. Mr. Gray had one of the girls who did makeovers in cosmetics, blend the eyes and lips of the mask into Lisa’s and give the latex face a rosy glow and reddish nose. Then the make over artist glued the beard and wig to the head.

Lisa sat patiently through the transformation process. She had read on the Internet where men and women did masking and gender bending activities, but in her wildest thoughts she had never expected to become a cross-dressed Santa Claus. He had so often disappointed her in her youth and now she the image of that disappointment. Since her internship was in a very large department store in an up scale mall, the suit was of the finest quality. It was what most costume shops and web catalogues called the super deluxe model with a long, full, hooded coat.

The shell of the outer garment, including the hat, consisted of a plush, dark red, and velvet fur. It almost felt like real beaver or seal fur. The cuffs of the pants, belted coat and hat were trimmed in long white and combed New Zealand sheep skin. The boots, five-inch wide belt and gloves were made of shiny black leather. So that Lisa’s lap would be level, when she sat in the malls over size Santa Chair, Mr. Gray had requisitioned a pair of knee high six-inch platform boots from the teen boot department. These boots also kept the white cuff trim of the pants from dragging on the ground. The effect of the long coat, pants and boots made Lisa appear to be six-foot four-inches tall, without the wig and hat which would also add to her height. The belt had a large square brass buckle. In addition, the gloves and boots were lined in rabbit fur. No detail about the suit had been forgotten or left to chance. The pants, hat and jacket were fully lined with a heavy red satin. The full-length coat had a brass zipper along the inner edge of the placket and Velcro along the outer edge of the placket. All of the seams were double sewn. Unlike most Santa suits, this one had pockets on the inside of the coat and on the pants. The pads that went on under the outer shell of the suit were all covered in red flannel and attached together with Velcro ties.

When the process was completed, Lisa approached the dressing room mirror while practicing her “Ho-Ho-Ho” sounds. The figure that was in the mirror was the greatest Santa image she had ever seen. He had the right girth and bounce. The bearded face appeared kind and wise. The whole ensemble looked and moved like a picture out of a fantasy North Pole movie sequences. Johnny, the cosmetics girl and Mr. Gray were complimenting themselves on the great job they had done in creating the really fabulous last minute Santa.

“You are the best Santa we have ever had, Lisa,” declared Mr. Gray as he stepped backwards to admired the store’s new Santa Claus.

“No one would ever guess that you were in there, Honey”, claimed the cosmetic technician. “Even when you talk or laugh, you can’t tell that you are wearing a mask. That is just amazing. I just love the way your big blue eyes twinkle through the mask and the gold rimmed glasses.”

“Even your Ho-Ho-Ho’s have a credible ring to them,” observed Johnny. “There is absolutely no way I would guess that you were a girl if I hadn’t helped dress you myself.”

“When the parents see you, the line to talk to you will snake through the entire mall,” predicted Mr. Gray.

His prediction proved correct even as Lisa in her Santa Claus costume made her way through the store to the Toyland North Pole display with its animated elves, toy shop and reindeer. Children and parents started to mob and collect around the new Santa. Store security had to be called so Lisa could get to Santa’s throne. The artificial snow, the animated animals, busy elves in the workshop and flock laden lighted and decorated trees made the whole place look like a scene out of “White Christmas”.

By the end of the first day, even though Lisa had come to appreciate the quality and resilience of her disguise, she hated being Santa. The escorting parents and store promotions made her lie to young believers all day long. She was pushing toys the kids didn’t want and items the parents wanted the kids to want. She made promises again and again that she knew no one was going to keep. Then when a couple of the coed college types pretending to be elves and Santa’s helpers made a pass at Lisa as Santa, she just snapped inside her gorgeous costume. To add insult to injury the late shift Santa showed up drunk and Lisa had to pull a double shift. If that weren’t enough to drive her around the bend, Mr. Gray announced that because of her success as Santa he was doubling her intern stipend, getting her overtime pay and making her the store’s permanent Santa Claus. When Lisa tried to protest, Mr. Gray said that he would give her the entire suit, boots and gloves included, if she consented. “This way you don’t have to climb into some outfit that some drunk has farted in”, concluded Mr. Gray.

“All right, Mr. Gray you have a deal on the grounds that no one other than Johnny, Mona and you know that I am Santa Claus.”

“That’s a promise, Santa. My lips are sealed. The store would probably get a bad wrap if the press got wind that we had a cross-dressing Santa Claus,” stated Mr. Gray.

The second day didn’t go any better than the first and Lisa was tired of the whole thing. Then Margie, the elf who managed the camera, made a second pass at Santa. “Come with me to my sorority party tonight and I promise you a night of eats and sex that you could never have had at the North Pole, Santa. The only condition for your attendance is that you have to remain in your Santa suit the entire evening.”

Lisa thought about it a minute and said that she would meet Margie at the party as long as she took her by her brother’s apartment and dropped her off there after the party. “I don’t think I could drive to well in this suit. I am used to having Rudolph lead the way,” said Lisa in her big, jovial Santa Voice.

No problemo, Santa, Dear. I’m your helper. Remember?” joked Margie in her animated elf imitation. Just remember that when you start handing out your love potions. I’ll bet a big boy like you is hung like a reindeer.

“Bigger, Margie.” proclaimed “Santa”.

“Oh my. I can’t until the girls see whom I’m bringing as my date to the Toys for Tots Christmas Party.

“I think that if I am to be rendering a service for your sorority, that I should be paid a bonus for my favorite Charity.”

“That seems fair,” considered Margie. “What are your rates?”

“How about one hundred dollars an hour when personal services are involved?” asked Lisa as “Santa Claus”?

“Can we all take pictures with Santa fucking us?” asked Margie the elf.

“Not a problem,” said Lisa as “Santa”.

“Then as a fund raiser, I’m sure all the girls will participate and we will be able to get a ten times return on you fee,” declared Margie. “I’ll see if I can borrow the stores camera equipment.”

“I want to be paid in cash. Santa doesn’t take checks or credit cards.”

“That sounds reasonable, Santa. You should be able to clear at least four hundred dollars a night.”

“And my real identity is never to be revealed,” added Lisa from behind her Santa disguise.

“I don’t even know who you really are Santa. I won’t tell if you don’t,” confirmed Margie. “If you want, I’ll bet that we could line you up that kind of work for the next several nights.”

“I am game if you are,” responded Lisa. This income along with the promised store bonuses and overtime, made wearing the Santa Claus suit well worth the effort for Lisa. If she made enough money as Santa, she might be able to finish her degree program a semester early by not working the last part of her senior year.

In a previous part-time job Lisa had worked in a store that sold sexual toys. As a joke for her Halloween pirate costume, she had purchased a pair of flesh colored latex pants with a functioning twelve-inch dildo attached. The pants had been a discontinued close out sale item, and after her employee discount, she had purchased it for pennies on the dollar. Once the latex pants with the attached dildo were in place on Lisa, it looked and worked like the real thing. The color of the pants matched her skin color perfectly. They were so tight that they felt like a second skin. The devise masked her sex like the old woman’s head masked her face.

Trying to get into the racist and snobbish sororities at the college had disappointed Lisa Gutierrez even more than Santa had during her child hood. It seemed that her heritage was a “problem” for the all white elite sororities. While they paid lip service to racial tolerance, actual practice was more in the mode of patroness attitudes for the “under privileged.” Being Santa might mask this heritage and get her inside the hallowed doors of white feminist elitism that had been denied to her real persona.

In addition, at the base of the dildo, on the inside of the pants was a pad of small bumps to stimulate Lisa’s clitoris as well as a smaller dildo that Lisa could insert into her vagina when using the entire apparatus for sexual purposes. This made the use of the long thick external unit an intense, sexually stimulating experience for Lisa. Using this set-up as Santa would mean that being masked as Santa would mean a lot more to Lisa than entry into the sacred halls and financial compensation.

Margie was able to borrow the store’s digital instant photo camera that could be hooked up to a computer and printer at the sorority house. True to her word, Margie gave the Santa four hundred dollars in cash when she picked up Lisa after work and gave her a ride to the Sorority. The girls in the house were in the mist of a fund raiser for the Toys for Tots campaign and thought that pictures of themselves in very sexually explicit poses with Santa Claus was a great way to raise money for their charity while have an forgettable life experience. Even the housemother wanted in on the action. Each girl in the sorority had pledged a minimum of twenty-five dollars towards the “Santa photo session” activity. That first evening at Margie’s sorority, Lisa as “Santa” was totally amazed and blown away by the sexual creativity and imagination the girls in the house. Basically all she had to do was supply the lap and the male genitalia. The girls did all the rest. Each one seemed to have their special rhythm and style. They all got off on the “Santa’s prowess” and even supplied multicolored rubbers for cleanliness. By the end of the week Lisa had cleared nearly three thousand dollars including tips from her sorority/Santa activities. However, the down side to all this work was that Lisa had developed a tremendous sexual appetite of her own and the work became physically exhausting. In addition, Lisa had to keep up with her shifts at the store. The only real draw back was that the Santa suit was getting a definite smell of torrid female sex.

Then Margie came to Santa with yet another proposition. Her house wanted to raffle Santa’s services for an entire night in the snow bound Sierra Lodge to one lucky girl. The fee for the night’s work was a thousand dollars with all the previous conditions in place. In addition, Lisa could stay through the Christmas holidays at the lodge free of charge as long as she wore the Santa Suit. The lodge was willing to through in additional three hundred for this service with an extra two hundred if “Santa” presided at the Lodge Christmas party. Margie said that her sorority would chip in for the train fair to and from the lodge.

Lisa would be done at the store on Christmas Eve and decided to take up this extra bonus activity. All she had to do was get to the train station for the Sierra Christmas Special. She just hoped that the winner of the raffle was an extremely sexually active young lady. This would be a personal reward for Lisa and fuel her new and growing appetite for Santa Sex. The extra days at the lodge would be just the end of semester rest that she needed. It was beginning to look like Santa Claus was finally coming through for Lisa on Christmas. Maybe the used three-quarter ton pick-up truck she had her eye on was a possibility along with finishing her college a semester early. The big black Ford was an extend cab and a four-wheel drive as well. The recent increase in fuel prizes had knocked the resale value of these vehicles so Lisa was in the catbird’s seat.

Lisa had no way of knowing the Margie had rigged the whole event in her sorority so that she would be the winner of the snow trip with Santa to the Sierra Lodge. Nor did she have any idea that Margie thought that Santa was Billy, one of the studs on Margie’s marriage eligible lists. Roberto Garcia A.k.a. Billy had also been a Santa with the store, but not in the same mall as Lisa. Had Margie seen Lisa and Roberto (Billy) together, she could have seen that Lisa took her role far more seriously and was a far and away, a better and more authentic Santa than Billy could have ever dreamed of being. This is not to say that the kids didn’t recognize Billy as a Santa. They just wouldn’t have regarded him as the “real Santa” like they saw Lisa as.

Lisa didn’t have time to change for the train trip, so the kids on the train thought that Santa was using the train this year to deliver his goodies to the children of the world. Since the activity was totally spontaneous and motivated by genuine belief, being Santa on the train was the first time that Lisa enjoyed being Santa for his own sake. She played the role to the hilt, as was the high point of the trip for the children on the train. She told all the Christmas stories she could think of and then started to invent some of her own. The parents on the train were most appreciative of the Santa diversion and “tipped” Lisa most generously. This was an unexpected reward, but would allow Lisa to do some Christmas shopping for her at the lodge gift shop.

Margie was on the Sierra Lodge’s shuttle that met the train at Strawberry Grade. She was surprised to see whom she thought was Billy, already dressed in “his” Santa costume, but decided to play along with the gag. When Margie addressed Lisa as “Billy Claus” she realized Margie’s incorrect assumption, but decided to play the mistaken identity for all it was worth.

“Did you have a good trip up here, my wonderful Billy Claus?” asked Margie.

“The kids on the train were wonderful. I actually feel in the spirit of

Christmas for the first time in my life,” said Lisa truthfully from inside her authentic and perfect for the snow, “Santa” disguise.

“You didn’t have to be Santa on the train, Billy Boy,” suggested Margie.

“I didn’t have time to change from my last shift at the store, Margie,” declared “Santa”.

Are you planning to wear the Santa costume the whole time I am with you?” inquired Margie.

“This is not a costume, little girl. I am Santa for my entire stay at the

Sierra Lodge. It is part of my contract,” responded Lisa in her big Santa Voice.

“Surely you can be Billy for me in our room, Santa,” insisted Margie.

“Santa will see if he can do that for you,” stated Lisa from behind her “Santa” get-up. “It looks like it is starting to snow. That is really romantic.”

“I ordered it in special for you, Billy Santa,” said Margie in a breathy, sensual, hot to trot voice.

“How sweet.” was all Lisa could manage as she stifled her laughter.

When “Santa” arrived at the Sierra Lodge and entered the main lounge, the children and young at heart of all ages went bonkers. The Lodge was decorated like some picture out of a 1930’s, Technicolor, Hollywood Movie starring Bing Crosby and Fred Astair. The resort’s generator had to be working overtime to power up all the lights and special effect that it had going. They even had a decorated corral where all of Santa’s “real live” reindeer were stabled.

Lisa as “Santa” was released by the lodge to “make his around the world deliveries” at eleven thirty P.M. Margie escorted Santa to their room over looking the flood lit slopes and the gentle snowstorm that made the whole place look like a winter wonderland. “Santa” could see that Margie was really in the mood and decided to play it for all she could get.

“Take off that Santa suit, Billy. I want to get in some real Christmas play,” declared Margie.

“I have always wanted to do you as Santa, little girl. Can we keep the fantasy going a little while longer?” asked Lisa as “Santa”.

“It won’t be as good for you, big boy,” teased Margie.

“I’m not so sure about that, little girl,” responded Lisa as Santa. “Let’s enjoy the scene, the room, each other and the bottle of bubbly the hotel has given us. I am a little tired from the day and I need a short breather along with my drink from that bottle.”

“If you were out of that suit you could breathe even better,” suggested Margie in as sexy a voice as she knew how to produce.

“That is not part of my fantasy or contract, little girl,” asserted “Santa” in a forceful way that surprised and aroused Margie.

“Oh Santa, you do care. How sweet,” said Margie as she read what she wanted to hear into “Santa’s” remark.

Lisa talked Margie into a walk in the snowy woods while they consumed the bottle of bubbly. Santa made sure that Margie drank almost the entire bottle in addition to the flask of tequila that “Santa” was carrying on his hip to stay warm on the cold winter night. By the time they returned to the room, Santa was able to have Margie submit to every sexual game “he” suggested. Margie finally passed out, bound, gagged and satisfied in the maid’s hall closet. Billy was going to have to do some fast-talking when Margie met up with him during the spring semester.

Back in the room, Lisa stepped out of her Santa disguise; set the suite’s no entry safety locks, took a hot satisfying shower and went to bed. She had faxed a holding payment to the dealer for the big truck. Santa was going to have a new sleigh. It had been good to be Santa. Maybe she would do it again next year. After all, Lisa already had the suit, but it would need a good cleaning and deodorizing before she put it away for the rest of the year. She wondered if she did the Easter Bunny during the spring if she could have the same level of sexual play. Bunnies were known for doing it like rabbits.