Ski Masking



Ted Molinar was tired of looking at Valerie in one of those Nordic ski masks every time they hit the slopes. She was a relatively vain woman and concerned with what the ice and cold, not to mention the solar reflection off the snow, could do to her skin. While Ted was sensitive to her need, and appreciated that she kept herself in her concept of “beautiful” for both of them, as avid skiers, he was spending more of his winter looking at a bank bandit on the slopes, than his lovely lady.

Then on a computer search for alternatives to the old fashion wool ski masks, Ted found the Kerry’s Female Mask site and Chante’s World of Female Masking.

The search had actually come up with over 42,000 entrees using ski and mask.

The search included painter’s tape, to gas masks, to web screen masks. Ted assumed that the word mask is what had the web crawlers pull up these sites.

Among the web sites addressing the issues of female masking, Ted found and On both of these female mask sites were masking solutions that Ted thought could be the answer to changing Valerie from looking like a snow bound bank bandit into ravishingly beautiful snow bunny, while simultaneously protecting her skin. He bought several of Kerry’s custom made masks from and developed some possible scenarios for introducing them to Valerie from He was hoping that in the variety of alternatives he would be able to find which one would fit Valerie the best or which one she would take a liking to.

To make sure that the masks could be modified for skiing and not impair motion or vision, Ted took them with him on a ski trip to Tahoe that Valerie said that she couldn’t make. There had been a crisis at her work site and until her end was completed, she wouldn’t be able to join him. Ted was disappointed, but consoled himself with the opportunity to experiment with the masks.

In his pleasant, but spartan room at the Boreal Lodge he tried on all four of the latex female masks for the first time. The sense of being enclosed in the latex was incredible. He had never before felt such a sense of security before in his life. He had no idea that the smell of the rubber would give such a rush. The pulling of the zipper down the back of his head and neck felt like he was opening the door to a whole new world. The “Emerrald” mask by Kerry fit the best. While it was snug, it was still comfortable. Before checking the “Emerrald’s” image in the bathroom mirror, Ted added a full red wig, amber tinted glasses and a crew cap.

The wonderful feeling of the mask, however, was nothing compared to his shock and stimulation by the witnessing of his transformation in the lodge’s bathroom mirror. He knew, of course that he was inside the masks and that the beautiful images staring back at him from the mirror were latex rubber creations, but he also felt like he was in the room with a very intimate mistress. “She” was understanding and aware of his every need and desire. “She” shared all of his fantasies. “She” never put “her” desires ahead of his. All of a sudden he knew “her” name was Veronica. “Hi there, Ted. My name is Veronica Moreno and I want you more than you will ever know,” said the sexy dark ruby red lipped, saucy eyed image in the mirror in a sultry feminine voice that issued forth from Ted’s vocal cords.

He put his hands up to the face of the image that was seducing him. Yes, he was still in there, but where had that voice come from. “She” was the most exotic and desirable snow bunny he had the joy of being close to. He could tell that “she” wanted him and had to sleep with him for the rest of the evening. “Her” beauty exceeded that of Valerie’s. He had to get Valerie to wear this look for him. He couldn’t take his eyes off of “her”. “She” was his dream date.

He went back out into the room and to lie on the bed and relax inside the image of his “new mistress”. To test the mask’s ability to keep the face warm in below freezing conditions he opened the room’s window. It was a bright clear night and Ted stood there and watched the skiers speed down the flood lamp lit slopes. The cold, frosty breeze greeted his hands and announced its chilling power, but his face was insulated perfectly for the conditions. He turned and gazed at the moonlight glistening on the satin bed spread; the silence of the crystal clear air was deafening. Slowly, he moved in the direction of the bed as if he were under the spell of some gossamer winged witch. Just as silently, he floated down onto the satin sheets and slipped off into an ice-shrouded dreamland with his latex mistress.

Ted heard the key in the lock of the room door and wondered who might be checking out the room in the middle of the night. He had forgotten to put the do not disturb placard on the exterior door handle. If Valerie had been with him he would have done that before he unpacked for the weekend. The form of the person using the key moved its luggage into the room and then tiptoed towards the bed. Ted stayed silent. After all he was trapped in a female latex mask and didn’t know which voice to use. “Ted, it is I, your lover Valerie. I was able to get away from my work and took the midnight bus up here to surprise you, Honey.” Ted still didn’t know what voice to use and pretended to be asleep. Valerie reached over and turned on the table lamp next to the bed. “Who the hell are you?” exclaimed Valerie when she saw the apparent female lying where Ted was supposed to be. “What the heck are you doing in Teodoro’s room? That louse better not be two timing me!” continued Valerie as she stood up and pointed an accusing finger at the apparent and still silent female form on the bed.

Seeing Valerie’s surprised anger, Ted decided to use his own voice. It was clear to him that Valerie didn’t have any sense of humor in this situation. He wanted to have some fun with her and tell her that she had the wrong room, but decided that would only complicate things when the desk clerk or hotel security confirmed Valerie was in the right one. Then there was the gorgeous female mask and wig. He didn’t want to take if off because he had felt so secure in it and maybe Valerie would like to have a little masked play with him in his new role.

If she didn’t, how was he going to explain the mask and then explain why he had it on? Without saying a word, Ted sat up in the bed, took the wig off of his head, and reached behind his neck to unzip the full head latex mask. Valerie’s eyes just got wider and wider as the process of Ted’s transformation from “Veronica” continued. “You scared me to half to death, Teodoro. What is this all about?”

Ted decided to go with telling some of the truth. “I was just trying out the wear ability of a possible alternative to those ugly ski masks that you use,

Valerie. The vision and mobility of this particular one is incredibly surprising. I call her, Veronica.”

“That’s interesting, but I generally do my skiing on the slopes, not in our bed, Teodoro,” responded Valerie in a sarcastic tone.

“I was going to try it out on the slopes tomorrow, Valerie, but now that you are here, darling, you can do it.”

“Not on you life, Teodoro. You are not going to get me into that perverted gimmick. I don’t care if she has a name or not!” announced Valerie emphatically.

“I am sure that this mask is a lot more comfortable and warmer than those other woolly masks that you use, Honey,” pleaded Ted. “Just give the mask a try. If you don’t like this style or look, I have three other styles that you can try on. I know that you will like the feel and look of at least one of them.”

“I don’t think I would get out on the slopes with those unblinking, dead rubber eyes,” commented Valerie.

“I figure that with the goggles masking the eyes, it will look like you aren’t even wearing a mask. The vision is much better from this appliance than with the stocking style ski mask.”

“That is some sales pitch, Teodoro. It sounds like you have really thought this out. Do you have stock in the company that produces these things?” asked Valerie as she picked up the copy of the “Sheila” mask from the other side of the bed.

“No, but I wish I did. If this idea catches fire, every female skier in the country is going to want one,” declared Ted.

“I still don’t like the idea. If you like your `rubber girl’ so much, you be `her’, Teodoro,” shouted Valerie. “I’ll see how you fair tomorrow and if it

works as well as you say, then maybe I will try out this one for a while tomorrow night when the temperatures on the ski runs get down to zero. For now, just let me climb into bed and cuddle with you.” With that, Ted moved over on the bed and Valerie took off her boots, climbed onto the bed and slid under the covers.

“We can’t have any fun with you still fully dressed, Valerie.”

“I said I just want to cuddle, Ted. That mask bit has taken me out of my fun mode for the night,” declared Valerie.

Ted was too tired to argue. Besides he wanted to get onto the slopes early in the morning to try out the “Emerrald” mask.


The day broke, bright and cold. Small white puffy clouds drifted across the bold blue sky, hinting at the storm front that was moving in from the Pacific

Ocean. The powder from the last storm had a fresh crust of frost that made the skis sing. Ted had decided to leave the room with the mask and wig already in place. Valerie said that she would follow at a “safe distance” in her traditional woolly ski mask and goggles. If something weird happened, she would pretend not to know Ted.

“It won’t be as much fun, Valerie. In that outfit you look more like a bank bandit than a beautiful female skier.”

“I’m not here to have fun, Teodoro. I am here to ski,” declared Valerie.

Ted borrowed one of Valerie’s ski jackets so that his outfit would match his female face and hair. He found almost immediately that being a good-looking snow bunny had some real advantages. Guys competed to have “Veronica” cut into the lift lines so “she” could ride to the summit with them. She was always being offered hot drinks and whatever these guys had brought along as refreshments with them to the slopes. The stuff they had in their back and fanny packs was amazing. He would have to remember some of their gimmicks when he was back in his “Ted identity”.

Seeing the attention that “Veronica” was getting, Valerie went back to their room about ten and reappeared in her Sheila mask and a long curly blonde wig.

She then paired up with “Veronica” and got in on the fun. “Veronica” found that two good looking women got three times as much attention as only one got. They had more fun on the slopes and at the lodge diner that afternoon than they had on the last three trips put together.

Valerie found herself reveling in the attention being bestowed upon her, even

though her ego was pissed that it was the mask and not her face that was drawing the guys to her like hungry bears to pots of honey. With the goggles masking her eyes, and the long blond hair streaming out from under her colorful crew cap, Valerie, in her Sheila mask, became the gorgeous snow bunny he had always hoped she would be. Valerie now looked and moved as Ted thought she would. He was almost sure that her new found personal confidence was making her an even better and more daring skier. They returned from the days skiing exhausted, yet delighted with the day’s turn of events. Valerie as “Shiela” and Ted as “Veronica” had a double date with a couple of hunks at the Casinos on the South Shore of Tahoe.

“I don’t want to be Sheila tonight, Teodoro. Using the mask on the slopes is one thing, but not to go out to a club in public with a couple of guys,” as she came out of the bathroom after transforming back into herself.

“You have to wear the Sheila mask tonight, Valerie or Jim and Bill won’t understand,” suggested “Veronica” as she checked out how well “her” mask had held up to the wear and tear of the day’s activities.

“Then they won’t understand, Teodoro. I don’t want to start something as some rubber girl.”

“But then I can’t go either,” complained Ted as “Veronica”.

“Why should you? There is no future in it,” declared Valerie as she lay down upon the room’s bed.

“I’m not looking for a future here, Valerie. I just want to have some fun tonight and the guys will pay for all of it.”

“I don’t want to anybody’s rubber girl, Teodoro. If you like being your `rubber girl’ so much, you be `her’,” declared Valerie. “You are more than enough women for those two muscle bound dopes.”

“I might just do that, Honey. It would serve you right to see what you are missing by being a gorgeous snow bunny.”

“I know the other side of being a snow bunny, Veronica. Those guys will expect you to reciprocate. Men always do. Are you prepared for that?” asked Valerie with the voice of experience.

“I hadn’t thought about that,” admitted Ted as he removed “Veronica” from his head and Valerie’s ski jacket from his body.

“Then what do you want to do, Valerie?” asked Ted as he lay down beside her. He didn’t realize how tired he was until that moment.

“Why don’t we take a short nap and then go into Norden for dinner at the Happy Hunter,” suggested Valerie with a yawn.

“Would you wear the Emerrald mask tonight for me at dinner, Valerie?” asked Ted in his little boy voice.

“I don’t want to be your rubber girl either, Teodoro. If you like your `rubber girl’ so much, you be `her’ with me,” declared Valerie.

“But you said that the mask was the most comfortable item for your face that you ever skied in.”

“I just did it today as a lark, Teodoro. You have never looked at me on the slopes the way you stare at your monstrous creation. Besides we are going to dinner, not night skiing.”

We could do both, Valerie.”

“Not if it means being your rubber girl for dinner.”

“Okay, you can be Valerie at dinner and then change into the Monica mask if we get onto the slopes tonight.”

“The Monica mask is very Asian looking, Teodoro.”

“I know that. Being a different identity is part of the fun. I will be going as Kerry.”

“I don’t want this to become a regular thing, Teodoro. I don’t like the way you look at me when I am in the mask.”

“We can have a mask made that replicates your face exactly, Valerie. All we have to do is make a cast of your face and send it to Kerry and she will do the rest.”

“I might do this masking thing if we do a casting of my own face. Then we will see if it is the masking bit or the beauty of this Emerrald mask that has you so fascinated,” declared Valerie. Ted didn’t know how to tell Valerie that it was the transformation process that he found so interesting. Instead, he rolled toward his masking snow bunny and proceeded to cuddle with her. He knew that he had her hooked on the process and that it was just a matter of time before he would be able to extend the activity into other parts of their lives together as she became more and more reliant on the power of the mask. “You had better take you clothes off, Teodoro. I think your Veronica wants to play with you before dinner,” said Valerie as she picked up the Emerrald mask and wig, and headed into the bathroom to transform herself.

“What about or nap, Honey?” asked Ted as he stripped off his clothes and climbed back in the room’s large bed.

“Treat me right, Teodoro and maybe Veronica and Velia will have a wild time on the slopes tonight. Maybe they can get a nap after some more passionate sex,” called Valerie from behind the bathroom door.

“Who is Velia?” asked Ted as his male organ lifted the bed sheet and blanket off of the rest of him.

“You aren’t the only one that can plan a surprise weekend, Teodoro,” stated Valerie as she re-entered the bedroom in the identity of his fantasy mistress. Not only was she in the mask, but she was also wearing stiletto heels and a skintight PVC cat suit. “Are you ready to give your Veronica the ride of her life, my love?”

Maybe the hook of masking was about to catch Ted. Whatever had happened, he knew that he was in for some of the best and wildest skiing he would ever have in his life.