The Girl Outside Part 1

The Girl Outside

by Julie Baby
My watch was telling me that it was five minutes left until the shops would close for the day. I was on my way home, from hours of shopping as I approached the shop were a female friend of mine was working selling beautiful sexy woman’s apparel to the wealthy women of Oslo. Her name was Tove and I had gotten to know her friendliness while browsing through the contents of her shop one day long time ago. She was the first woman to tell me that it was nothing to be ashamed of, wanting to dress up in women’s clothes, and that I was welcome anytime in her shop to try on what ever I would like to check out.

I peeked through the front window and saw Tove talking to a customer. She saw me and gave me a smile and with a wink showed me to enter the shop. I decided to wait until the last customer had left the shop before I would enter. It was freezing outside, being late November and all, but I kept warm by looking, no make that gazing at all the nice warm ladies coats and jackets displayed in her front window.
The customer, a lady in her late forties smiled at me as she came out of the store, and I gave her a smile back as she walked away. I went inside to Tove and her wonderful little world.
After the normal greetings and hugging she told me to wait in the back room. She said she was only going to close the shop and pull all the curtains. “Then we shall have some fun, just the two of us.” she said with a smile. I went into the back room or her office, as she loved to call it and poured myself a cup of tea. I prepared one for her as well.
Tove was a rather beautiful woman in her best age, around 45-50. She always wore smart clothes and had a nice sexy make up on her lovely soft skin. I had fantasized about her more than once during our friendship but nothing had ever happened between us in that matter. I sipped my tea and noticed that time was running, actually she had been away for over fifteen minutes and it didn’t usually take that long time to close up the store. I was not able to finish my thoughts as the light went out.
I was suddenly sitting in complete darkness and for a moment not knowing what to do. Fortunately I knew my way around her office well, so I made it to the door leading into the shop and opened it up, but to my big surprise it was totally blackness in the shop as well and the room was bathed in complete tranquillity. No sound could be heard. I walked into the room and said carefully “Tove, are you there?” “Could you tell me where the fuse box is so that I can get the light back in order?”
“There’s a chair in the middle of the room” I could hear Toves voice say. Take of all your clothes and sit down on the chair. “You must be joking”, I said. “No, this is no joke, my dear friend. Take of all your clothes and sit on the chair and be a good boy now”. Hmm, I could feel junior moving between my legs of the excitement that was rising and I could feel that this commandment was starting to turn me on. I obeyed, took of my clothes, fumbled my way to the chair and sat down. As my body joined with the chair, I could feel that it was all leather, soft leather. Almost as soft as a pair of gloves clinging to a woman’s hands in the cold autumn wind. The room was left in complete darkness and I sat there by myself wondering what would happen next.
Before I could react, my arms where pulled back and I could hear a clicking sound. My hands had been locked together behind the back of the chair. Next I felt something slipping over my head and I could feel it tightening slowly all around my head. The smell of leather made me realize that I had been encapsulated into a leather helmet. Junior was getting harder and harder.
“Now, my dear friend, now you are in my power and I am the one to seal your destiny. Don’t worry I love you to much to hurt you. I am simply going to fulfill one of your greatest dreams. I know you have fantasized about me and my shop and to be frank I have had my fantasies about you as well and tonight is the time when all fantasies shall come through.”
“Obey my smallest moves and actions and I will give you something you have never been given before.” “Here, take this glass and drink all of its’ contents.” She unzipped my mouth and put a glass towards my lips. “It does not taste good, but it is a fluid which will increase the sensitivity of your skin, and in particular your genitals. You will have feelings you never thought existed and believe me you are going to love and enjoy it.” I put the glass to my mouth and let the fluid flow down my throat. She was right, it didn’t taste good, actually it was quite distasteful, and I felt a warm feeling spreading as the fluid disappeared in my mouth and started its journey inside of me. The warm feeling soon changed into a painful feeling and I started wondering what was going to happen next.
When the pain had faded away, I could feel my right foot being lifted and inserted into a pair of stockings. As I sat there I could feel my toes being surrounded by something soft. It somehow felt as if my toes wore gloves. My mind was spinning around and I was wondering if the stockings had toes. Hmmm, through the leather helmet I could hear in a distance a rustling sound which I was not able to identify. My left foot went through the same procedure as the right and I could feel her hands pulling the panty hoses up over the buttocks and all the way up to the waist. My legs started to get warm and that was not bad at all since I had spent the last minutes naked in a rather cold room. I could feel something clinging to my legs, buttocks and waist and she was still moving upwards my body. My right hand was suddenly unlocked and she put it inside a glove, feeling similar to what my feet previously had been inserted into. First the right hand, then my left. I could feel something tight over my chest and she ordered me to stand up and lift my hands up above the head. As I did this I heard the same rustling sound as earlier and the tight feeling I had felt across my chest went away. Instead I felt the same kind of tightness around my neck. I understood by now that I had been “dressed” in a suit, but what kind of suit I was not able to figure out. It felt soft and warm and I could sense that I was really aroused by the whole thing. Junior also felt restrained and it was as if he was covered by a stocking as well and this stocking was holding him firmly against my crotch of course I was obeying my “mistress’s” smallest command. I could hear pointing backwards . She told me to wiggle, move and bend my arms and legs and the sound of air leaving and I could feel air bubbles tickling against my body. Tove started to pull and adjust from the legs via the hands and all the way up to the neck where the suit met the collar of the leather helmet. I could feel the suit squeezing me tightly and my mind was starting to wonder what was going on. It just felt good the whole thing, but I was not able to imagine what was happening in Toves store right now and that made me a little bit worried.
She told me to close my eyes because she would remove the leather helmet from my head. “Under no circumstances are you allowed to open your eyes, not until I give you permission to do so.” With my eyes shut I could feel her hands, also encased in soft leather, touch my chin and ears. She carefully removed the leather helmet and then she led her hands along my face towards my neck. She pulled her hands up over my head and It was as if she was bringing something with her from the back of my neck. I could feel her hands stretching over my head pulling them down and out in front of my face and slowly pulling them out and down. As she was doing this I could feel something encasing my head completely, and the same squeezing feeling as with the chest and neck was now surrounding my head. My head was totally covered by the same soft material as my feet and hands had been encased in earlier, and I could hear air leaving as she squeezed and stretched me here and there. She pulled my covered nose out and let it come back to the face again and I felt two small tubes entering my nostrils ensuring free airways through the nose. She did the same with my lips and when she finished it felt as if my teeth was resting in some kind of a duct inside my mouth. My eyes were still shut, since she had not given me permission to look.
“Bend forward, now”. I bent my head forward and I could feel her touching the top of my head softly, then she started pressing her hand hard against the top of my head. It almost hurt a little. “Stop moaning”, she said. “I’m almost done”. “Now, raise your head, sit down and lift your left foot. I obeyed her and I could feel my foot slipping into a high heeled shoe. “Now, the right.” The right foot also ended its journey into a high heeled shoe with the same kind of ankle strap as I had felt on the first one.
“Now, stand up, girl”. “Girl, I’m not a girl, I am …..” I stopped because the voice that had said those words just now, were not my voice.
“I’m not a ….” It was me talking, but it was not my voice.
“I said, stand up, girl and give me your hand”. I had to obey, and she took me firmly in my upper arm and walked me 5-6 meters away from the chair. “Stay here”. I stood, trying to keep the balance. “Man, these shoes must have very high heels”, I murmured to myself. My eyes were still shut but I could through the eyelids sense that the room now had been lit.
“Now, raise your head, higher, higher, higher, there, stop, that’s high enough, now open your eyes slowly.”
I had kept my eyes shut for such a long time that I had to take it slow. My eyes opened and my mouth opened…..wide, because in front of me was a large full size mirror and in the reflection of the mirror, I saw….I saw….it wasn’t me, no way. In the reflection of the mirror I could only see a long legged woman wearing only Eves costume. That’s Eve from the garden of Eden. This lady was, well she was beautiful and she was…well she was naked. She had long dark hair flowing down over her shoulders. This young woman started to turn me on, even more than the fantasies of Tove which had been spinning around in my head the last hour or so. I started to realize that this woman was practically me outside me. I mean I was inside her….Ehhr you know what I mean. I was this long legged goddess standing tall and graceful in front of a mirror in a woman’s clothing shop one cold day in November in the capitol of Norway.
Tove had transformed me into a woman, and while I was thinking backwards of what had passed in this room the last hour or so, I realized that Tove had “poured” me into a second body outside of my own. I was so thrilled and exited. I soon found myself dancing and posing in front of the mirror as I had just recently seen Demi Moore dance in the movie Striptease. Actually the woman, I mean me, was not so unlike Demi with ong dark hair swishing from side to side like an airplanes propellers movement as I moved my head around. The hair did not fall off. I then I realized why Tove had pressed her hands hard against the top of my head. She had glued the wig on so that it under no circumstances should fall off and turn me into a bald headed woman. I went closer to the mirror and started to examine my new me more thoroughly. I could not tell that it was not real skin. It had to be a sort of rubber because of the elasticity but it had pores and looked like normal skin. I opened my mouth and saw that my teeth was covered by a false string of pearly white teeth and when I touched my lips I realized they were cover ups too. My own lips had fallen nicely into place behind my new hollow rubber lips.
It was all made so perfect. It was no way that anyone could tell that I was a man. Even the shape of my figure had changed due to the padding and the tight squeeze of the suit. I now had a small waist and round hips. The suit had formed my body into a real eight glass figure with strategic measurements. I had nicely shaped tits with nipples that looked like a real woman’s. I looked at my hands and saw soft female hands with long nails painted with a blanch nail varnish. I moved my hand down to my crotch and there it was a small forest of hairs covering a false vagina with soft rubber lips. I stroke it with my finger and could immediately feel a sensational feeling flowing through my body. My junior was hidden behind the false vagina so that if I stroke or played around inserting my finger into the vagina I would touch junior hiding in his rubber holster and due to the injection she gave me earlier, every small movement sent sensations through my body, and my junior just kept on being hard and stiff under the suit without anything showing.
“Now, come and sit in the chair again. Now we have to make you really beautiful.” I went over to the chair and sat down. This time I sat on the edge of the pillow, putting my legs in a crossed position like a real woman would do. In my mind I was turning more and more into the girl “outside” of me. Tove started to put make up on my face. The suit could be made up like normal skin. On my eyes she put eye shadow in brown, three different nuances. Around the eyes she used a brown eyeliner. Liquid eyeliner on top of the eyelids and pencil under the eyes. Dark brown mascara made my eyelashes look long and thick. She painted my lips with a plum red lipstick. The same color was painted on my nails and toe nails. I noticed for the first time that I actually had toe nails on the toes of the suit. “Oh my god”, I said to myself. It was like a dream I had had since I was a little boy, and I prayed that it would never end.
“Now, dear, I think you should put on some clothes. We’ll start with underwear. I have selected a dark brown set consisting of a push up bra, a G string and a pair of camisoles. All in brown silk with laces. You will find them in the box over there, on the coach. Oh yes, in the box you will also find stay up stockings in the same color as the rest of the ensemble. ”
I went over to the coach and opened the box, took out the G string and put it on first. The string went in between my buttocks and it was then I noticed how firm and round my but had become. The bra made my tits look firmer and more full than in the naked state. I carefully, due to the long nails, put on the camisole knickers over the string and looked in the mirror. I took the shoes off and pulled on the stay up stockings all the way up the leg until the tight. The stockings were of the thinnest quality with three inches elastics with laces which held them firmly towards my and I was becoming more and more one happy, that is my second skin. Every item was a perfect fit.

Tove came over with a nice off white silk blouse and helped me to put it on. I left the two last buttons open so that my chest was on display. Tove hung a small gold chain around my neck so that I shouldn’t look unnaturally naked there. “Now, what else, yes, put on these light brown leather pants and this belt. I pulled on a pair of soft leather pants that fitted perfectly to my new body. My silk blouse was tucked into the pants and I just had to have another look in the mirror. “To avoid feeling cold out there, put on this cardigan as well.” Tove gave me a wool cardigan in almost the same color as the leather pants, just a shade darker than the pants. “Take these boots, and put them on your feet”. I inserted my feet in a pair of nice brown high heeled leather ankle boots and pulled my pants over them so that they were visible and covered at the same time. “Now we are almost ready to go out. Just grab that bag over there. She was pointing towards a brown crocodile leather bag over by the counter, and put on this fake fur coat and let’s go.”
“Go where”, I asked. “We are going to the national theater downtown. They are showing “Fiddler on the Roof” and I have two tickets, one for you and one for me. Then I thought we could go and have dinner after the show. Just you and I, and by the way, tonight you are my niece, Ivy from Harts just visiting your old aunt for the autumn holidays. That my dear is what we will do now. Let me get dressed also and then we can be on our way.”
I just stood there gazing, my mind was spinning around. Being dressed as a woman in a shop is one thing, but going out in the public was something quite different. I was not sure about this. “I am not sure I can do this, Tove “, I tried. “What if anyone recognizes me?”. “Behind all that latex, how can they. No, there is no way anyone can recognize you the way you look. Just relax and enjoy the great opportunity you have been given tonight. You look incredible and the night is young”
“I won’t be a minute…”, she said and went to get her coat.

To be continued…