The Girl Outside Part 2

The Girl Outside: Part 2

by Julie Baby
Four minutes later Tove returned fully dressed for entering out into the cold autumn weather. She wore a smart black two piece suit in velvet, knee high boots in suede and a black long leather coat. “OK, I am ready, shall we go, Vivi ?” “Eh, yes, I guess so” I said with my new soft female voice. One last look in the mirror and the door was opened and I stepped outside. I quickly looked around me before I stepped one meter away from the entrance. Tove followed close behind and I could hear a click as she locked the door. I looked at her, and I must have given her a worried look, because she smiled to me and said “don’t worry, dear, you look sensational……we will have a great night to remember both of us”.

Toves shop is situated in walking distance from the Majorstua metro station so we started walking that direction. At first I was shy and was looking down as we walked, but Tove told me to raise my head, chin up and walk like a woman was supposed to. You know, I had walked on high heels earlier, but only on my living room floor back and forth. Walking out in the street was something quite different, but it truly was a wonderful experience. After a short while I could even feel my hips swing from side to side in pace with my walking. “Wow, you are a fast learner, Vivi”, Tove said as we were getting closer and closer to the metro station.

Majorstua metro station is a rather big station and the entrance is in a square in a highly trafficked street, and outside of the station young people are often gathered in groups just hanging about doing not many sensible things. As I walked up the stairs side by side with Tove I felt a mix of excitement and worry about being abused by these youths after having been noticed as a man in drag, but there were no abusive words being thrown into the air as we entered through the passage leading up to the ticket booth. “Go buy two tickets for downtown ,Vivi. You will find the money in a feminine wallet in your purse”. She was really challenging me and my guts, and I said to my self that I would not disappoint her. “Two for down town, please”, I said to the person inside the ticket booth. He was a young man and I reckoned he was a student working part time to pay for his studies. He gave me a sweet smile as he returned my change through the small opening in the window. “Have a pleasant evening, miss”. I realized at that moment, that this was going to be quite a night and that I really didn’t have any reason to worry about being recognized.

The metro was full of people in all ages and shapes, so no free seat was available for us to sit on. Standing on high heels on a train going fast through the tunnel leading to the city center was not easy. I tried to hold on to a handle hanging from the ceiling but my hand slipped and with high speed I lost balance and fell forward. “Oh no”, I was screaming inside the suit, “now I will break a leg or something and the night will be spoiled and I will have to get out of this wonderful new body and….and, there was no end to the negative possibilities that could happen, but suddenly I felt two firm arms catching me before I hit the floor. As I was raised from the floor I looked up and found my self looking into a beautiful pair of Italian eyes. “I believe you were heading for the floor a bit too fast so I allowed myself to intercept, signorina” he said with an Italian accent. Listen, I am not homosexual, but those words really hit me straight in the innermost feelings and for a second or two or three I was falling in love, her, I mean the girl outside of me was falling in love. The suit was so tight clinging to my own body so all sensations of his touching was felt all through to my own skin and the fluid Tove had forced into me earlier that evening gave a sensational feeling all over, also down where my most intimate parts were concealed behind a layer of latex. I started to understand what Tove had explained earlier about what the evening could bring.

The metro came to it’s destination and it was time to get off and head for the National Theater. I departed from my Italian hero and I heard his voice say Ciao as our eyes met for the last time. Tove took my arm and said, “Vivi, honey we are late we really have to go now”, and I followed her on my high heels clicking against the concrete floor. We came out in the open and the cold November breeze came towards us, but I was well protected inside my female body suit. No cold wind came to me, and of course I was well dressed as well, wearing the soft leather trousers and my fake fur coat. On my hands I wore soft leather gloves clinging to my second skin as a third skin. The walk over to the theater was short and we soon were inside this magnificent building from the old Oslo, from the time when the city was called Christiania after Christian the fourth who founded the city back in the 16th century some time. I am really not very good in history.

We left our coats at the wardrobe and decided to go to the bar and have a glass of wine before the show started. The bar is always a popular place just before a performance commences and in this theater you are allowed to bring your glass inside and enjoy it during the show.

Our seats were in the upper section and as we were walking towards the correct entrance, my blood suddenly froze to ice. Two meters in front of me I recognized an old girlfriend of mine going inside along with her mother. Tove noticed that something happened and whispered to me if I was all right. I whispered back why I suddenly wasn’t feeling all right, but she then whispered back the same words she had said to me before we left the shop “relax, there is no way she can recognize you the way you look tonight, you look fabulous my dear, absolutely fabulous.” I guess I eased off a little bit, but I found my eyes looking at my old girlfriend waiting for her to open her mouth and shout….something awful….she would never understand anyway….that’s why we broke up in the first place. Our seats were on row 45 which meant we had a perfect view to the scene. It was a great performance. I would never have guessed that it lasted over two hours. Soon, the show was over and we collected our coats, got dressed and headed out into the night. “Let’s have something to eat, I feel hungry, how about you ?” I had to admit that even though the suit was squeezing me into a perfect hour glass figure I felt some rumbling down there and said to Tove that that sounds like a very good idea. I felt so much more relaxed having passed the test of meeting an old girlfriend with whom I had shared three years of my life, and she had not recognized me. I had started to believe Toves words that I was beyond recognition tonight and I really felt like going to a restaurant having a nice meal, eating in a feminine way and drinking a good glass of a good wine.

I suggested a restaurant on Frogner which is the nicest area of Oslo where all the rich people go, and some of them even live there.

I won’t go into details but we had more than one glass of wine. When we left we were both giggling and having fun over the little thing girls can giggle about. We asked the wardrobe woman to call for a taxi and within a couple of minutes we found ourselves in the back seat of the taxi heading for Toves apartment. “The night is still young”, she said with a smile on her face. I like her smile, there is always something nice in the end of that smile. I couldn’t help it but I leaned over to her and kissed her on the cheek and whispered sensually into her ear “thank you”.

Tove paid the cabdriver of course, since I did not have any credit card with a picture of my beautiful face, nor enough cash in my purse resting in my wonderful crocodile shoulder bag matching my nice boots. I would pay her back. I would pay her a lot for giving me this wonderful opportunity. Let me tell you I had no idea that night how much I would have to pay for the evening and for the time following.

The night was still young….believe me.

Copyright Julie Baby 1998 (c)
To be continued…