The Girl Outside Part 3


The Girl Outside by Julie Baby

Part III – The turnaround

Tove lived in a large two-floor penthouse with direct access from the elevator. I always felt that her shop was doing fine economically considering the clients going in empty-handed and out overloaded with bags, but I never imagined Tove living in luxury like this.

The apartment was very stylish kept in a rather spartan style, marble floors and white walls with creative paintings and drawings adding colour to it. The furniture was all Italian soft leather and chrome when needed.

Tove pointed to a large blood red leather sofa and asked me to take off my coat and have a seat while she changed into something a bit more comfortable. With an accompanying bloody mary I fell into the ocean of red soft leather. It was after midnight and I felt when I started to relax that I actually was quite tired from the eventful day and evening. I guess walking on high heels that long also contributed to my sore feet. I must have dazed off.

Suddenly I heard high heels clicking against the marble floor behind me. I sat up and turned around and was startled to see something totally unexpected. Tove, at least I assumed it was Tove, was standing in the middle of the room dressed in a totally enclosing red leather cat suit covering her whole body from head to toe. Her hair flowing out through an opening on top of the hood, encasing her beautiful face. Her eyes covered by black Plexiglas lenses formed like a cat’s eyes. Her gloved hands holding up a red leather nine tail whip. Swoosh!

“Now that I have your attention girlie mine…. I want to lay down some rules for you. These rules are to be obeyed fully to avoid sincere punishment and confinement. The rules are as following:

You are my property now.

Your life will turn out the way I decide.

You will from now on live in this apartment with me, in your own room. The story outside will be that you are my niece staying with me while you are completing your studies at the University of Oslo.

You will study hard and make a good degree, but you will also do for your mistress the tasks of housekeeping and maintaining the apartment at all times.

When you are inside this apartment you will at all times wear a maids uniform, sometimes in latex, other times in leather outside your new bodysuit. I will decide which fabric which day depending on my mood.

If we go out in public you will never argue with me, just obey and follow my commands.

Saturdays you will come and work for me in the shop. You will always dress in clothes from the shop to be a live advertisement for our stock. That’s the advantage of having such a great body as you now have.

You will sometimes be lent out as a maid to some of my girlfriends and you will then obey their wishes as if they were mine.

If you break any of the applied rules you will know that you will be severely punished.

If you obey completely you will be rewarded with my loving attention and care.

“Have you understood the rules, and do you swear to follow them?”

I was so completely surprised by the whole incident that all the letters that left my mouth turned into a “yes”.

“What did you say? Speak up and say YES MISTRESS”.

I felt a stinging pain as my buttocks were hit by Tove’s whip.


“Good, now take off your clothes, leave them on the sofa and go into the bed room and wait for me there”.

I did not dare to hesitate, took off the clothes quickly and was soon only wearing the bra and panties.

“Everything goes, completely naked before you enter into the bedroom…. now get your butt moving “!

I was standing in Tove’s bedroom naked behind a thin sheet of latex giving me the appearance of being someone auditioning for the next ten episodes of Baywatch. The bed was an old Victorian brass bed and the bed linen was pure silk. I climbed into the bed and started to wait for Tove to come in and lay beside me.

The door went open and the red leather statue was in the doorway.

“What do you think you’re doing, young woman?”

“Err, you told me to wait for you in the bedroom, Mistress.”

“Did I tell you to wait for me in my bed?”

“Err, no, not exactly I just assumed.”

“Well, you assumed wrong, get out immediately and stay on the floor.”

Tove bent down and pulled something out from under the bed. It looked like an oversized dog basket. She then went over to a closet, opened it and took something out. It looked to me to be a black bundle of leather. She laid it out on the bed and it now became obvious to me that it was a black catsuit similar to the one she was wearing, except that the hood was missing…. also the arms and legs of this suit looked a bit different than Tove’s. It was almost as the legs were expected to be bent backwards in an inhuman way by the knees, and the hands looked as if the fingers had to be bent also, like a fist. Wait a minute, shortened legs, fingers bent looking almost like paws a dog basket by the bed. No way, she could not possess that much imagination…. or could she?

Before the next five minutes had passed, my legs were bent and held together with two leather straps. Then they were inserted into the suits legs, and next I had to crunch my fingers and insert them into the arms. Tove stretched and tugged to get the suit in place and I soon found myself with limited movability. She pulled the zipper in the back all the way up to my latex covered neck. My wig was tucked snuggly in place under the suit.

She then went to the drawer in the other side of the room and took out a smaller leather garment and brought it over to where I now was sitting obediently like a perfect pet waiting for my Mistress to throw me a treat. As I had guessed the new garment was a hood. Soft leather that was encasing my already latex clad head. Soon the hood was in place and another zipper could reach its final destination. The two zippers were snapped together with a small padlock and to complete the costume a red leather collar with fake diamonds was put around my neck to lock it all in place.

“That’s my sweetie … are you comfortably in there?”

I wanted to scream that I had felt better but when I opened my mouth to utter my discomfort, all that came out was a “WOFF.” Wait, that’s not what I said, I tried again. “WOFF WOFF. Whatever I said came out as a WOFF. She must be using an electronic sound sensor. Whenever it was triggered it gave the sound of a barking dog. The same sensor made sure that normal human sounds were blocked and never came out of the hood.

“Of course you are, Sweetie”. “Now be a good doggie and lay down in your basket…. Yeah, that’s it. All the way down now…. Yes, that’s my Sweetie.”

“Now I’ll show you how you look my little Sweetie.”

She brought a large mirror and placed it in front of me but all I could see was an over sized black leather dog with three pairs of soft leather nipples, long snout and two pointed ears. The eyes big green plexi lenses with long lashes and around my neck the most wonderful collar I had ever seen. Diamonds sparkling in the glow of the well-lit room. My member started tingling, as I became aware of the fact that the female dog in front of me was…. me.

Great, now I was a young man trapped inside a female latex body trapped inside a female leather dog suit what’s next? Even though a lot of pain reached my central nerve system from aching paws and knee caps it soon felt ok, and I was quite aroused in there.

“After a good night sleep in the basket, I am sure you have got the idea”, Tove said with a smile.

She started to unzip her leather suit. I could see that she had a zipper running from the top of the hood to the lower part of her back. She stepped out of the suit and she was as beautiful naked as I had fantasized of many times. She was old enough to be my mother, but had kept her body in perfect shape all the years. She slipped into a silk pajamas, bent over and gave me a kiss on my forehead before climbing into bed and turning out the light.

I lay in the basket, thinking of escape, but only for a few minutes. How could I possibly manage to escape this bondage situation? My mind went blank and I moved around in the basket until I found a position that was a bit more comfortable. After some time, a few low WOFFS and heavy sighing, my eyes fell down and the room turned totally dark. Next morning I woke by the sounds Tove made getting out of her bed. “Hello, Sweetie. Have you had a good nights sleep in your new basket? I will just jump into the shower, put my make up on and get ready for job. I will fix you breakfast before I let you out of there.”

I could hear the shower being turned on and Tove’s voice singing as the drops of water hit her beautiful well-trimmed body.

To be continued …