The Replacement Bride



AUTHOR’S NOTE: This work is a collaborative effort between Rita Chante and Booted

Nancy. The overall inspiration for this semi-fictitious tale comes for the most part from

Booted Nancy.

Dear Monica: I find myself writing to you again after and event that happened to me last month. I seem addicted to getting into these situations and need some advice as to how to stay out of them. Maybe if I tell you the story you can figure out what I need to do. It seems many people get wedding invitations from people they know or past friends, seldom from vengeful enemies. After the wedding, there usually is a big reception where everybody eats, drinks and gets merry. I’ve heard of many guys getting “too” merry, and one of the drunken pranks they pull will be to “kidnap” the Bride. Usually her disappearance will drive the Groom nuts looking for her on the first night they have a chance to try their “sex-techniques”. The tale I am about to relate to you in detail is of one such event gone terribly awry.

I had received a fancy white envelope in my mail. I didn’t quite recognize the return address or postmark. Later on in the evening, when things settled down, I decided to open it. Inside I found a fancy white card with silver decorations and engraved printing. It was a wedding invitation, but it had me perplexed, as I didn’t currently know of anyone getting married. I read it over, and it said:

You are cordially invited to the wedding of

Miss. Nancy Boots


Mr. D. Hertz

On Friday evening at 5pm July 28, 2001

Reception will follow at 6pm at the

Hilton Hotel

We ask that men assemble in the Hilton Hotel

Carlisle Room Lounge beforehand


The more I read it, the less I understood. I didn’t even know any Nancy Boots and I never met anyone at work or otherwise named D. Hertz, but I figured I had nothing to do that weekend so why not go to a freebie for some food and drink. After all, when the party gets going, nobody pays attention to who is there and how much drink you’ve had. Everybody gets sloppy and all the inhibitions stop, the hijinx among the guys and fights between couples begin. As the day grew closer, I still kept pondering what this was all about. It was like being in some all night café sipping coffee with a gorgeous blonde on your mind you couldn’t forget. It was an itch you couldn’t scratch that even itched more…..but I’m getting into some Sam Spade novel which is getting away from my story.

I decided that if I was going, it really didn’t matter whose wedding it was as long as I made a good impression. The day before, I went to a formal store and rented a complete outfit so I could look my best. The night of the wedding finally came, and I spent hours getting ready, as by Friday afternoon, my curiosity had peaked as to WHO this was. First I put on fresh white jockey shorts, then came the ruffled white dress shirt which I buttoned up to the neck and fastened at the wrists with cuff links. I pulled on the black tuxedo pants and carefully slid them over my hips and smoothed them at my waist. They were form fitting after I had buttoned and zipped them at the waist. I took the red satin cummerbund and pulling it around my midriff, snapped the ends together in the back. Next I took the matching red satin bowtie and placing it under the collar of the shirt fastened the ends together in a bow. After I struggled a couple of times with the tie, I then slipped my arms through the matching black vest and carefully buttoned it down the front so as not to wrinkle my shirt. Finally, I slipped the patent leather dress shoes on each of my feet and walked over to the mirror. As I passed the bed, I grabbed the black tuxedo jacket and slid my arms into the sleeves. When I reached the mirror, I buttoned the jacket and began to admire how elegantly I was dressed.

Several times I walked back and forth “strutting” and showing myself off, as I played with my penis, which was really getting aroused at the fancy clothes I was wearing, I grabbed the black top hat that went with the outfit and put it on my head. Then I took a couple more passes at the mirror. I figured that would be the best-dressed guy at the wedding. Little did I know what the center attraction was really going to be at this wedding? As the time was growing short, I stopped prancing in front of the mirror like some “Downtown Hooker” in her sexy costume, and went to my closet. Since it was cold, I decided to wear my calf-length black leather trench coat over my tuxedo. I figured the black leather would really look sharp against the formal suit. It was now time to head out for the Hilton Hotel reception and find out what this was all about.

As I drove downtown, I continued to ponder what this invitation was really about, but I still couldn’t come up with any answers. I know that probably would have made you kiss the whole thing off right then and there, but to be honest, the mystery was the biggest part of the initial come on for me. The night was really cold, too cold for a half-naked bride running around, but I was glad I was well dressed in my formal clothes with the leather trench coat to protect me. I found the hotel easily, and had the valet park my car. He looked around, stared and winked as he got in the car, but I couldn’t figure it out. Was he amazed at my formal attire or did my coat with some leather fetish turn him on?

I walked thru the hotel lobby and got directions to the Carlisle Lounge from the Reception desk. The desk clerk also had a peculiar look on her face, but was it my attire or the leather coat that turned her on too? I found the Lounge at the back of the hotel, but other than a few people, mainly conferencing businessmen, and stray couples, nothing looked like any type of pre-wedding reception to me. I took a seat at the bar and ordered my favorite Rum and Coke and drank away. After a half-hour and two more drinks, the Lounge started its “live entertainment” as a “Short” gentleman in a tuxedo appeared on stage with a romantic, Broadway medley act. He played the piano mechanically. His tunes were lively, but after 2 hours and several more drinks, every entertainer degenerates to playing “Feelings” and I had about had it with cocktail lounge music. I realized the time was now slipping away later and later as the bar emptied out for the night. The only others there besides the bartender and myself were two businessmen who were trying to finish their meeting. I figured this wedding invitation was a hoax by now, so I ordered another drink, which I took to a table, to close out an unsuccessful night. Whoever sent the invitation by now had the last laugh as I had been stood up after all that preparation.

As I finished the last of my drink, and I was about ready to pack it in, a strange sight greeted me standing next to my table. I was so inebriated that I couldn’t stand up, but my penis in the tuxedo pants did just fine in my place. Unnoticed by me, two women had entered the bar and were coming over to my table with 4 drinks they had just gotten from the bartender. They were real sexy drop-dead gorgeous with shoulder-length pageboy style red hair. Their make-up and skin was flawless, as they had luscious red lips, a hint of blush on their cheeks, bright green eye shadow to match their staring green eyes, and very long black mascara covered eye lashes. What really made them stand out was their attire. Both of them were dressed identically in BLACK LEATHER DRESSES that ended just around the calf with a slit over the left leg that revealed a small amount of thigh. On their hands they wore matching black leather elbow length gloves that went up their arms to the dress sleeves. Finally, they were both attired in spike-heel knee length black leather boots that went all the way under their dress skirts and concealed their shapely legs.

I was quite taken back by these two gorgeous creatures and even more so when both of them sat down on each side of me and placed the drinks on the table. I figured by now the wedding was a bust, but with two leathered up women, I still would score for the weekend anyway. They didn’t talk very much as they spent most of the time sipping their drinks through straws, though I did find out they were named Monica and Veronica. They also encouraged me to drink with them as each placed a gloved hand on each glass they had bought and they each placed the other gloved hand under the table on the crotch of my tuxedo pants. I was now in heaven, as they massaged the hard-on I was getting from their leather attire, but as I drank, I failed to notice how the drinks were taking their toll and slowing me down.

The girls didn’t fail to notice. The minute I felt like I was going to pass out they each grabbed one of my arms, and slid me out from the booth we were seated at, and bracing me upright between them, started to innocently escort me out of the bar. To the bartender, it looked like we were the last to leave, but that I had made a successful “score” with two gorgeous, redheaded, leather-clad women. Yes it was all innocent to the “naked” eye, but in my drunken state I could hear them whispering to each other “We’ve got him”, “She’ll be ready for this catch” “It’ll be payback time for him”. To passers-by it looked like they were bent forward and pretended to be kissing my cheeks as lovers smooching. I felt something strange about their skin when we touched. It was smooth, cool and “artificial”. I knew I should be able to, place why this was, but I was too muddled to do so. As we walked out of the hotel bar, they tightened their grip on me to make sure I couldn’t break free.

We reached the lobby of the hotel, still not arousing anyone as to what might be going on with two gorgeous leather dressed women and the guy they now had in a tight arm-lock. The valet was holding the back door open to a stretched white limousine. Once again I caught him make a wink of the eye at us, but what drew even more attention was the way he was now attired. He had changed to a 3 piece suit of black leather and I now saw him pulling on a pair of matching black gloves as one of the girls pulled the black leather trench coat off my arms while the other held me even tighter. She then tossed the coat to the valet, who began to put it on. I saw he really admired the way it looked, but it infuriated me, it was MY COAT! I had little ambition to fight or chance to argue as the leather women quickly shoved me off balance and onto the floor of the limousine. Quickly two pairs of booted legs disappeared inside the back of the limo as the leather clad valet now raced to get into the front seat, and start the car. Before we pulled away from the hotel, I saw the valet take something out of the car’s glove box. I then remember seeing him pull a matching black leather hood over his head. He looked through the divider panel and what I saw still “creeps” me out. The hood was rather sinister looking, with a silver zipper across the mouth and just two eyes “staring at what was going on in the back seat”.

Inside the back of the car I struggled in my drunken state to crawl up on the back seat and I even had thoughts of trying to knock out one or both of my captors so I could escape. As I finally made it up on the seat, I realized the windows all around the car were heavily tinted, so nobody outside could even see my struggles for help, much less the now masked valet driving this prison like a wild man. This idea was short lived anyway as one woman once again grabbed me. The other took my arms behind my back and snapped handcuffs on each wrist. Next she bent down and took a matching pair of leg cuffs and snapped them around each ankle. The first girl then took something out from the seat cushions of the limo, and I could see it was a pair of woman’s panties. She quickly rolled them up and deftly forced them in my mouth. Before I could think fast enough to realize what had been done so that I could spit them out, she taped my mouth closed with wide Duct Tape. I couldn’t budge the gag, yet as it remained in my mouth it left a taste that was vaguely familiar.

The other woman took her gloved hand and slid the zipper of my tuxedo pants open. Both women took turns at teasing my now rampant sex-starved penis to the point of orgasm but both denied me release each time. Next they took cocktail glasses from the limousine’s bar and poured each other a drink. Naturally, since I was now tightly panty gagged, they NEVER thought I would want a drink too. When they had finished their toast, they tore off two strips of the Duct Tape and pasted them across my eyes, blindfolding me, so I had no idea of where I was going. As the limousine sped onwards, I felt them push me off the seat and back on to the floor of the car, and then I felt the toes and heels of their boots playing with my penis which was hanging out of my tuxedo pants.

The limousine began to slow down. I think we were underground as the echo of the car noise became louder. The car stopped. The two girls had finished their little game of “boot rape”, as they once again pulled me off the floor and up onto the car seat. While one of them zipped my tuxedo pants, the other girl started to stretch something over my head. It was soft and cool and I could tell it was a rubber head mask, obviously to hide my gag and blindfold, as we had to be in some public place. I heard the car door open and the muffled voice of the valet as I was pulled from the back seat of the limo and stood up.

As the girls held me, I felt the valet bend down and unlock my ankle cuffs so I was able to walk, and then he draped my leather coat over my shoulders so my hands which were cuffed behind my back would be hidden. Had I been able to see what I was going on, I would have realized I was now in the underground parking garage of a tall apartment building. The hotel valet had also pulled a male’s face rubber mask over his black leather hood, so he now looked like my identical twin brother. In fact to anybody who could have seen us in that garage or in the apartment elevator or hallways, it looked like two brothers on a date with identical twin sisters. (and readers, no Doublemint Twin jokes either!) Having completed this transformation so we could “pass”, I was “escorted” by the ladies across the garage and we all crowded into the elevator. After going up a number of floors, the elevator finally stopped, and I was grabbed tightly by the valet who forced me down a hallway while the girls followed.

I waited a minute while one of the girls took out a key and opened the door to one of the apartments, then I was quickly ushered inside and forced to sit down on a couch. In a few seconds, I heard a voice that said, “Well, you got him here finally, and I hope he’s undamaged, as I have plenty in store for him after all these years”

It sounded like the valet who then said, “yes, the girls took a long time in the bar to get him drunk enough so he wouldn’t fight back if he didn’t like what was going on. I was getting worried I would be discovered as the real valet was tied up and stuffed in the trunk of some couple’s Lexus. Boy are those Yuppies going to be surprised when he comes to.”

Then this strange voice, which was hauntingly familiar, said “Enough of the detail chatter, let’s get him ‘unwrapped’ so he can see what his hosts have in store for him.”

With that, I felt one of them pull the rubber mask off of my head, then another pulled the tape from my eyes. I could now see I was sitting in the living room of some luxuriously furnished high rise apartment. The valet, who had removed his male mask and was once again clad head to toe in the black leather hood and suit, stood next to me. I also noticed there were THREE, (no there were two???) leather clad redheads staring at me. I squinted my eyes again, there were two (no it was THREE) redheads who all looked identical, and wore the same matching black leather midi dresses and black boots. Under these ominous conditions, I couldn’t have died and gone to heaven? But there were three gorgeous girls, could they be triplets?? But I still couldn’t understand why I had been brought here under these strange circumstances and certainly what was in the future. After all, this was supposed to be a wedding reception, not a come-as-you-are leather kidnapping party??

It seemed the only way to tell the three beauties apart was that the newest addition had a black-leather silver-studded collar around her neck as well as leather bands with studs around her wrists and she seemed to be the one who now took charge of the others. “Hurry up girls, get him undressed fast, time is going and we have a lot to do, but don’t wrinkle his suit!” She barked in a muffled voice I still couldn’t place but was vaguely familiar.

Next I was forcefully stood up from the sofa, and while the leather valet held me in an arm lock, both of the girls began undressing me. First they stripped off the jacket, next the vest and then they unzipped the tuxedo pants. One bent down to untie my shoes and slipped each one off along with both socks. At the same time, the other girl loosened my tie and after pulling it off, unbuttoned my shirt then ripped it off too. I now stood there only in my jockey briefs in front of all these strangers. That was short lived, as the valet held me with one hand, and massaged the front of my shorts with his other leather gloved hand, so my penis now stood erect. Quickly the third girl, who I now assumed to be the leader of what ever was going on, came over and quickly and forcefully pulled the jockey shorts off my waist and let them fall at my ankles. “Leather Man” now grabbed me under both arms, then lifted me off the floor, while her booted foot kicked the shorts across the room. I was now unable to make a dive for the lost underwear so I could restore my modesty. “Hmmmm, Just as I remember” she said “the size is still puny, but when we are done he wont have to worry about using that. Ok Robert, take our guest to the bathroom and give him the shower” was her next muffled command.

I was led, totally naked and embarrassed into the bathroom where I was forced to step into the bathtub as Robert took a pair of handcuffs from his leather jacket and snapping them on my wrists then secured them to a chain hanging above the shower head. Next he removed his leather gloves, then taking a bottle from the sink counter, began to smear a gooey liquid all over my body. He started at my neck, then worked it down under my armpits, across my naked back and chest, then below my waist and my private parts and finally down both of my legs. Man was I embarrassed, but I couldn’t free myself as much as I struggled, and I couldn’t even scream as I was still tightly gagged. Had I gotten loose, I probably never would make it past the “Leather Warehouse” out in the living room anyway. Finally he took the rest of the bottle and dumped its contents over my head and worked it in as he delighted in massaging my entire body, especially what was aroused between my legs. As I again squirmed to break the chain and handcuffs, he put his gloves back on, then left the bathroom and me alone in my helpless plight. I guess after about a half-hour, the door opened and he returned finishing the last of the drink from the glass he held in his gloved hand. Putting the glass down, he once again zipped the mouth opening in his leather head mask closed laughing as he did it. I would soon find out why he began laughing, as he then turned the shower on that I was standing in. The full force of the water now washed ALL the hair off my body, including my head. I was totally bald on every part of my body. Turning the shower off, he next began to towel my body dry, then released me from the chain, then led me back into the living room to the others.

Standing in front of the stud collared mistress, I felt her gloved hand first caress my naked hairless manhood and testicles, then my cheeks as one of her gloved hands quickly ripped the tape gag from across my mouth. I was glad relief was coming from that ordeal, as I quickly spit the foul tasting panties at her, but they landed on the carpet at her booted feet instead. This action immediately raised her ire as she grabbed my penis in a vise-lock with her gloved hand and pressed her face against mine. I now felt a strange “coolness” similar to the skin of the other two leather dressed girls when they picked me up in the bar. Despite her anger, her face remained calm and expressionless but I heard her growl at me, “It’s useless, don’t ever try that again. You had better get used to this as in a little while, you’ll be MY BITCH to do as I say, so what you are, have been and done to me in the past will only be a memory, tonight is pay-back time. Now it’s time for a treat for you so you can begin the new life I have planned for you.”

Quickly she dragged me, with the help of the other two girls into the apartment’s bedroom, and over to a dresser. She then opened one of the drawers and looked for something. I noticed several of the walls had full-length mirrors, and marveled at how this leather dressed beauty looked good in her black outfit from any angle, but why so many mirrors? Finally she found what she was searching for in the top drawer, then rapidly turned around to face me. Grabbing the back of my head with one of her gloved hands, which now felt erotic on my bare skin, she used the other hand to force something into my mouth. After she stepped away, I could see in the mirror behind the dresser that I was once again gagged but this time with a strange looking device. It was a red rubber ball but it had a long thin clear tube coming out of the center of it. She now took a roll of adhesive tape from another drawer, and quickly tore off a number of strips of the wide two-inch material. In rapid succession she applied each one over my mouth above and below my lips to conceal and hold the ball in my mouth. When she was done, only this strange plastic tube was hanging down from where my mouth had been. Finally, she tore off shorter strips of tape, and I watched in the mirror as she began to tape this tube to my shoulders and securely to my naked body down it’s left side. The tape stuck so well to my freshly “shaved” body that I knew it would be painful if I could ever get it off.

Going to a closet in the room, she came back with something odd draped on a clothes hanger. From the looks of it, I thought we were going to the beach, as it resembled a pair of long leg white shorts. Taking them off the hanger, she came over and as she bent down, both of the girls lifted my body in the air so she could slip the pair of “shorts” up my legs. I soon discovered, they weren’t shorts at all as she pulled them up my thighs and struggled to get them over my hips to my waist. She just about had me imprisoned in some type of extremely tight fitting white rubber “girdle”. Finally she succeeded in getting the garment over my thighs, a task made difficult by my shaved smooth skin. Before she pulled it up to my waist, one of the other girls came over and used her leather gloved hand to massage my penis fully erect (boy did I love THAT feeling), but quickly slid my now excited cock into a tight fitting tube that was molded into the crotch of this strange girdle I was about to wear. The other girl came behind me and massaged my anus, but was concealing what she really was doing with her hands. Next the three girls struggled and tugged until they finally got this contraption up to my waist. I again looked in the mirror and saw I was wearing a white rubber garment that looked like a long leg panty girdle, but had the oddest thing at the crotch were my penis used to be. There was a white sack with another clear tube coming out of it. From what I saw, it looks like I was now sealed in this thing and my only means of urinating or sexual relief was through this bladder bag and tube attached to it. But worse than that, there was something that was penetrating my rectum when the girdle was pulled tight. As I discovered the other girl had inserted the dildoe that was part of the girdle into my rear end as she toyed with my behind.

I had little time to wonder what was next, as the diamond collar girl now took a pair of huge soft rubber “tits” from another dresser drawer. She put them on the bed next to me as she now had two round patches in her hands. They each had wires coming from inside them, and one at a time, she peeled off a backing paper then stuck them one at a time over my nipples. Next she took each of the artificial rubber boobs and putting glue on them, stuck them to my shaved chest over the patches. The ends of the wires that hung down were also taped to my body, as one of the other girls reached behind me between my legs and plugged them into the bottom of the girdle. I now saw in the mirror, I had huge tits hanging from my once flat hairy chest. It was now obvious they were beginning to femininize me into some sort of woman, but why?

Another trip to the dresser drawers brought the controlling female back with a white corset. They quickly stretched it around my waist and middle as I discovered it was made of a heavy white rubber. It was really tight with boning that made it unbearable as they forced the clasps closed and began pulling at the laces in the back. Over and over again both girls pulled the laces tight, then tighter then tighter still until I almost passed out. Finally they had it closed, and I noticed my hips were forced outward and my false tits upwards as my waist was squashed in. I had the curviest feminine shape I had ever seen on a woman, of course had I been one, I certainly would have raped me!

Next, while one girl took a white garter belt and slipped it around my hips and fastened it in the back so the 6 garters hung down my legs, the other stood behind me and placed my arms through the straps of a white long-line bra. As she adjusted it to cover my bulging tits in front, she pulled the ends together and attached the clasps in the back. Then I was pushed backwards on the bed. The two girls then landed on top of me so I was pinned down as they each grabbed a leg. The leader of this whole wedding reception gone awry then handed each girl a white lace stocking which both of them carefully slid up my smooth silky shaven legs. After they attached the stocking band to the garters on the belt, I was once again stood up as the both girls held my cuffed hands in the air while the diamond girl lowered something over my head. As it fell down covering me, I noticed it was a white satin slip. Though it was sexy looking, it was also tight fitting, as they pulled the hem down so it ended at my calves, yet covered all my undergarments and the strange tubing attached to my body. Finally, they took a dark blue satin and lace garter, and slid it up my right leg to my thigh under the hem of the slip.

I was led over to a chair and made to sit down as the head girl in this “gang rape” went looking in another closet for something. She now returned with the kinkiest thing I had ever seen. It was a pair of boots that she held in her hands. They were made of white patent leather and came to mid-calf in height, with laces up the front, as well as a quick-zip up the inside of each leg. The oddest thing about them was they had a 4-inch platform sole and 8-inch sculpted block heels. As she held out the boots, she advanced on me being held down by the girls, and I had the distinct impression she now intended for me to wear those boots. This had gone far enough, being bad enough dressed in these “sissy” undergarments, now I was being forced to have these skyscraper heel boots be put on my feet. I would be at least six-foot seven in them. What was the purpose of that? I tried to squirm and break free, but she dropped the boots and landed squarely in my lap pinning me tight to the chair.

Once again she pressed her face against mine, and in a voice I had heard from somewhere before, said “Give it up cock sucker, you had better get used to being the WOMAN we intend to make you. There is even more planned for you that will teach you the lesson I’ve waited all these years for. Stop fighting, you might just enjoy it, and if you don’t, you’re my captive so there’s little you can do about changing it.” With that both girls took a boot and carefully slid it on each foot, then pulled them up my lace stocking covered legs, and pulled the zippers up to the top of the boots which stopped at my calf.

I was made to stand up again, but this time it was not so easy in the tall platform boots. Walking in those sky high boots was not even a consideration, and running was far from any plan of escape now. For the third time this Mistress of Leather went to the bedroom closet searching for something while the other two girls held me up so I wouldn’t fall in the boots. She emerged after a long search and I couldn’t believe what she carried out of the closet on a hanger this time. My eyes squinted several times as she now held up a beautiful long white lace and satin WEDDING GOWN ! Just what was she going to do with this, and most of all WHY ??…0h no, it couldn’t be…… She carried it over to where I stood.… Was I going to wear that over all these undergarments they had dressed me in? I tried to struggle again and break free, but that was as useless as the screaming against the ball gag that was taped into my mouth.

The gown looked beautiful. It was made of white satin with a lace covered bustier top and a high neck Victorian style collar. The gown was floor length with an equally long train and buttoned all the way up the back from the waist to the neck. Under any circumstance, and especially on my girl friend, it would have looked elegant and sexy, but not on ME!! No way in hell would I ever don one of those things, or even have the desire to. She put the gown on the bed, and quickly slapped my face with her leather gloved hand putting me back to reality and in effect saying I WAS going to wear it.

She bent down next and lifting the hem of my white satin slip, poked and reached between my legs until she found the end of the clear tube hanging down. To the end of the tube, she connected a small bag that resembled a hot water bottle, then with elastic straps fastened the device to my left leg. I now surmised that my penis had been forced into a bladder elimination system, so if I had to urinate, it would do so into the tube between my legs and would flow down the tube until it would fill the bag that was now attached to my booted ankle. They had planned that I would not be able to use the bathroom, but WHY????

With this kinky little addition done, both girls once again lifted me off my platform boots so my legs hung in the air, while the leader of this “party” now slipped the long gown under my feet. As I was let back down, she worked the gown from the floor up to my waist. Each girl then, one at a time, took one of my arms and rapidly thrust them into the tight sleeves. The sleeves covering my hairless arms felt slinky being made of satin from the shoulders to just above the elbows, and then made of white patterned lace to my wrists, which ended in white leather cuffs …huh ????……I couldn’t believe it, there was a stiff white leather cuff about 2” wide at the end of each sleeve, which when they were done with my hands, they wrapped each one tight around my wrist and kept it closed with a small white padlock. The ends fit into a metal loop, and the lock held them together so I couldn’t remove my arms. The head “slut” in this game now fussed with the gown around my waist, and reaching inside, I felt her take the clear tube that had been taped in my ball gagged mouth, and shove the end through a hole in the left side of the gown around where my hips were. This device still raised my curiosity as to what it was for, but as I pondered my fate, she now began to button the rear of the gown closed from my butt up my back finally ending just below my neck. She left the last 4 buttons opened, another thing that made me wonder why. Very quickly I felt her pulling on two ends of a white leather belt which was about 6” wide and sewn as an integral part of the gown around my waist. As I was able to see behind me from the reflection in the bedroom mirror, I saw her cinch the ends of the belt tightly together in the buckle that was attached to one end. When she had squeezed the breath out of me, she pulled the end a couple of notches even tighter. Finally, she snapped two small white locks, similar to the ones on my wrist cuffs, into the belt to prevent its removal. She then attached the long train to the back of the gown so the buckle and locks were concealed.

I had little time to wonder what this was all about, as each girl now took my elbow, and as they did, I noticed where the lace ended and the satin began, there was another stiff white leather band about 2” wide. On the inside of each band was a clasp which when the girls pulled my arms tight to my side, were snapped into two “D” rings sewn onto the waist belt. Quickly, they snapped the clasps into the rings, and my arms were pinned to my sides. I could only attempt to scream as I frantically gestured my hands, but they didn’t go very far, tied to my side. I wished I could have punched out this woman for what I had been suffering up until now. I just couldn’t raise my arms, no matter how hard I tried to even get close to her. The two girls from the hotel bar just laughed at my futile attempts, while the head mistress just stood there with her gloved hands on her hips thinking of …..what next??….What WAS next anyway, I wondered???

I couldn’t believe what would unfold in front of me next. As I stood there, helpless and imprisoned in this “formal” straight jacket, looking totally ridiculous as my bald male head was surrounded by all this white satin, lace and leather, not to mention the lace stockings and those high heeled platform boots I was wearing. The one with the leather-studded collar, who acted as the leader throughout all of this, went into the bedroom closet. She quickly came back with two long dark blue satin gowns on clothes hangers, which she hung up on the closet door.

“Okay GUYS”, she said (GUYS????) “You have done a good job. You might be able to keep your jobs after all. Now it’s time to change for the next phase.” With that, both of them pulled the red wigs off their heads, and reaching behind their backs, struggled with a zipper, pulling it open, they then reached into the neckline of their leather dresses. Quickly they pulled their heads upward, as I noticed both were now men, one with a beard, the other with a moustache, and they had been wearing rubber female masks. The masks were so real and life-like, even I was fooled that they REALLY were females when they picked me up in the hotel bar.

“Whew, Bill, that was hot wearing that thing” one of them said.

“Yeah Mike, but it was kind of kinky fun being dressed like that. I really got off on you in that leather dress and boots” the other said, “Now help me unzip this dress, then I’ll do yours”.

“Okay guys” the third girl said “ time to get undressed and into these”, as she handed each one a hanger with a blue satin gown. Quickly, both guys slipped off their leather gloves, the black leather midi-dresses, and their boots. Both of them now looked just as odd as I once had, being clad in a black bra, garter belt, dark nylons, and back panties which each bulged with their unmistakable manhood tucked in the front.

“Hurry up guys, we haven’t got all day” she said. “I need you dressed as Bride’s maids in the gowns. The proper underwear, blue corsets, stockings as well as silver shoes and satin gloves are all laid out in the next room for you. Come back in here when you’re dressed, as I need you to help me ‘accessorize’ our little Bride Slut here!”

While they had retreated to get dressed, I noticed the leather-clad chauffeur/valet from the hotel came back into the room. “Well, Mistress,” he said, “how is it going?”

“Everything is according to plan, Robert, which I think, since she’s so helpless now is the time to let poor Dougie in on.” This evil woman said back to him.

“I’m going to need you to put the outfit on that is left in the closet, after all, our newly wed here is going to need some spiritual support, eh?”

Could you stop wearing that damned leather hood?” said the female leader. “You know it creeps me out.” With that, I saw him emerge from the closet carrying a hanger with a lot of black and white items, that looked like parts to a long gown in some soft material. As he passed me, I caught the unmistakable odor of rubber. Now what was this all about?

After he left to go to the other bedroom, this black leather fetish garbed slut went over to the dresser and took out three identical rubber female head masks. These were different than the ones the “red head” impostors just took off. She then approached me holding one of the masks along with a long blonde wig. As she got closer, I could now tell the reason her face was identical to the other two was that it was also a rubber mask. No wonder they felt so smooth and cool to my skin when they kissed me at the hotel bar. I also saw the mask she now held was finely detailed in it’s skin tones, baby blue eyes and fluffy sensuous eye lashes. The eyelids also had a silvery-blue shimmering eye shadow as well as big sensuous dark pink, almost red, painted lips.

Holding the mask and wig up to my face, she screamed, “Do you recognize it, Dougie Doodoo?” I shook my head violently indicating NO, but somehow it was hauntingly familiar, though I couldn’t place the face and blonde hair. “Well, maybe THIS will change your mind, just watch.”

With that, I watched as she unbuckled the studded collar and removed it from her neck. Next, she removed her red pageboy wig. Was this another GUY too? Maybe this was rather sick joke at a Bachelor Party I wondered to myself. She also took her gloved hands and reaching behind her head, slid the zipper to the mask open. Like the others, reaching inside the neckline of her leather dress, she also peeled away the mask and pulled it over her head. When she had fully removed the rubber head, I stood frozen in complete shock. This impostor WAS actually a woman, in fact it was Sheila Frankel, whom I hadn’t seen since I graduated college many years ago. It all fell into place, the leather dress, her short red page-boy wig, the horrid taste of her sex in the panty-gag, the mask and wig she held in front of me moments ago was a duplicate of HER! But HOW and WHY? I suddenly remembered that Sheila was one of the sorority pledges, and I remember my buddies and I always used to tease and screw with her during class, as she was a nerd at school work and was a bitch to try and get a date from on Saturday nights. We always used to abuse her and make her suffer our fraternity practical jokes while we laughed and carried on even more. Now many years later I was standing face to face with this “prom butterfly”. That is why they had locked those sky-high boots on my feet. She wanted me to be unusually tall. We always kidded Sheila because she was the tallest girl on the campus. Actually she was the campus volleyball star and stood six-four in her stocking feet. I suddenly realized that SHE was now in control, since I was imprisoned in what I suspected was her Wedding Gown, though this wasn’t a Vera Wang original, even though as I saw there were some things that had been specially “designed” for it’s unusual purpose.

“Well, well” she said “hasn’t it been a long time since our college days? I’ve waited many years for this moment. You and the guys from your fraternity who abused me every day at school seemed to think it was fun when you messed with the “bean stalk”. There were all the practical jokes and wicked barbs that I had to suffer, while you all laughed. It was one laugh after anther for you guys. There was the time you set fire to the books in my locker; the constant stealing of my dresses, coats and boots during swimming class in the winter, so I had to walk home in my underwear; hanging my panties up as the banner at the Senior Prom. I grew tired of it but couldn’t fight back then. But guess what, now I’ve come out on top, and it’s MY turn for revenge. You see, that wedding invitation was just that, a fake, so I could lure you into a trap. I had to punish you, and what better way than to create this wedding. Actually, I am going to get married, to the D. Hertz that was on the fake invitation tomorrow morning. You do remember HIM, don’t you?? Your schemer buddy, Dick Hertz? Well, I really couldn’t stand him either. Actually, I’m going to screw him too, just like I am doing to you, because when I finish with you, HE will be marrying YOU not me! You will take MY place at the wedding. In fact to make sure of your cooperation, Bill and Mike will go along with you in the limousine as your Bride’s Maids. You will be masked as Nancy Boots, but the mask I have created is a replica of my face. Since you guys picked on me, I devoted myself to my studies, and my best friend Mary Kae helped me along to develop some of the devices you’re wearing. In fact, she used her business resources to help me develop making these rubber masks in any likeness. When Dick sees you in the gown, and the veils covering your face, he won’t be able to detect even close-up that you are an impostor. By then it will all be too late as the ceremony will be over. Naturally, on your wedding night, when he lifts your gown and slip, he’ll be in for a surprise. You see, the rubber body sheath you’re wearing is designed for penis penetration, and it will allow him to enter your rectum as many times as he wants, but there’s one hitch. You see, when his cock fully penetrates you, it will set off an electric device already planted in your rectum that will give him a jolt to the end of his dick. At the same time, it has been wired to the patches we pasted on your nipples under the tits, and will give you a nice jolt in your chest. You’ll each be constantly reminded of the pain both of you have caused me, and knowing how horny Dick always got after those football games, he should still have that rampant urge for constant sex.”

Sheila went over to the bed and picked up the mask and blonde wig, and bringing it back, held both up for me to see. “Take a last look in the mirror at what you were. These will change you forever and make you become a submissive pitiful excuse of the rotten man you used to be. Take a good last look, as I now have my revenge, and you will be all but a memory. You are now my oversized, femininized slut and through you, I am about to “fuck” over the people who have been cruel to me. I hope you like your new face Bitch, because now it’s time for you to wear it. The Dougie Doodoo you used to be will cease to exist, and in his place will become the silent and humble Nancy Boots, who will be one of the tallest, exotic brides to ever exchanges her vows.”

Sheila cracked a sadistic smile as she walked behind me. She smeared my baldhead with what smelled like super glue. Then she quickly pulled the tight rubber mask over my glue soaked, shaved head. Almost immediately I felt the mask begin to bond with my skin. Its soft feminine looks covered my rough facial features and the taped in ball gag-tube device. She smoothed all the air pockets out of the mask. Then this sadistic, vengeful woman started to yank the mask’s laces tight, then tighter and then tighter again until the latex literally molded to my face. I couldn’t move my chin or lips or even struggle to shake it off my head. The best I was able to do was stare ahead through the blue contact lenses that were used as eyes in the mask.

When she had finished with the laces, she closed the last 4 buttons at the back of the gown that been left open. Now I realized why the neck of the dress was high. It not only provided cover for the bottom edge of the mask, it also hid a white leather collar that was sewn into it, which she tightened by buckling the ends together. I realized I was being sealed into the wedding gown when she pulled a zipper up from where the train was attached at the base of my spine to the neck collar. The zipper closed a cover, which hid the buttons up the back, and it was then secured with another small white lock to the leather collar, so it now became impossible to remove the gown without an intricate set of keys. Sheila squirted some more super glue onto the bald head of the mask and glued the blonde wig to it while simultaneously sealing the laces. She stood beside me, smiling at her revenge. She took pride in creating her oversize duplicate.

When she had finished, Bill and Mike re-entered the bedroom. Both were dressed in the blue satin gowns, silver opera length gloves and silver high heel pumps. Though both looked strange in this formal attire sporting male faces. “Wow, your amazon bride looks perfect,” said Bill.

“Yeah”, said Mike. “Nobody would ever guess you had an oversize twin sister. She looks just like you”.

“In fact”, replied Bill, “nobody could ever guess who is under there even though its a mask. Your amazon bride is so life like.”

“Okay boys, enough of the chatter, we have to get the rest of the “accessories” on her and then get “her” into the limousine. It will be waiting in the basement garage to take her to the church,” said Shelia.

Bill, as one of the Bride’s maids, took my left hand and slipped a white satin glove over it. The glove covered the padlocked leather cuff and ended a couple of inches above my wrists, so that it showed a bit of lace on my forearm. As he struggled with getting the other glove on my right hand, Mike took a white and brocade purse and slipped the strap over my left shoulder. He reached on top of the shoulder, for sewn into the sleeve of the gown was another leather band, which when buckled to the purse strap, secured the handbag so that I now had to carry it with me as part of the gown. Another strange thing happened, as he then took the clear plastic tube, which was fitted inside the ball gag taped to my mouth originally, and pulling it through the waist hole in the gown, inserted the end into a nozzle at the bottom of the purse. Though its purpose was unclear, I was sure I was to find out the hard way what it was for.

Sheila now came over with a small velvet covered jewelry box, and opening it said “Congratulations Bitch, I hope you’ll enjoy your new life, and with this ring I thee wed” as she took out a rather large gold ring with several diamonds around the top. Quickly she took the ring and forced it over my gloved middle finger of my left hand. Harder she pushed the ring until she had it immovably jammed on my finger. I guess now I was really “bonded” for life to this Dick Hertz. “Now” she said “ Girls, it’s time to toast the bride, if you would get the Moet out of the refrigerator Mike?” With that, Mike had returned with a chilled bottle of Champaign, but I noticed he had brought no glasses back. Next Sheila reached down my left side, and as quick as she opened the clutch on the top of the purse attached to my gown, she said “Mike, pop the cork and pour it in.” What was actually going on is that the purse was specially designed to be a drinking flask that was attached to the gown and carried around in my helpless plight. Naturally the tube stuffed into the ball gag under my mask served as the straw, but HOW??

I was only to wonder a short time, as Sheila then approached me, and staring straight into the blue lenses of my face mask screamed at me “Well, Bride’s usually get emotional at their own weddings, and are prone to cry quite a bit. We have taken care of that, and here is something to help dry your tears, and of course don’t forget to blow your nose, nobody likes a sniveling bride!!!” With that she took a white satin hankie and held it over my nose and the nostril holes in my mask, which along with the ball gag served to instantly choke off my breathing. The only natural reaction I could manage underneath the mask was to try and suck for air, and through the straw inserted in the ball gag was my only recourse. Along with this action, I naturally gulped down a large quantity of the Moet Champaign that was in the purse flask.

“My, my, she must really be thirsty or she’s a natural lush, Mike, if you would top off the lady’s drink” said Bill. With that, the purse was opened, and another quantity of the Moet was poured into the liner that served as the flask. Again, Shelia, in her rising glee, sadistically held the hankie over my nose and once again forced me to suck the drink through my gag. A third time the purse was refilled, but this time the bubbly was catching up to me. I did not realize it, but this was no ordinary bottle of Moet, they had laced it with a diuretic medicine, which weakened my kidneys, and now I had the extreme urge to let go and pee myself. They sensed my discomfort, as Bill lifted the hem of the wedding gown and the white slip underneath. All three of them watched amusingly at what was taking place, for you see I couldn’t control my elimination, so I began to urinate in the bladder bag that my penis had been forced into. This in turn emptied into the tube and clear bag they had attached around my booted left ankle.

“Your Amazon Bride is such a party slut, Sheila. She can’t even control herself. Thank goodness she’s wearing this incontinence protection, now she can party on and not miss a thing,” shouted Mike as Sheila had another big laugh at my expense.

Bill then grabbed my gloved hands as I frantically tried to gesture for help. Mike then took a short length of white Venetian blind cord, and wrapped it around my wrists. Shelia brought over a small bouquet of roses, which she placed in my gloved hands to hold, as Mike then took the loose ends of the cord and wrapped them around my fingers and the base of the bouquet, so I was forced to hold them in my hands. The small white cord blended in with the white gloves, so I was unwillingly made to carry them, while all the time keeping up the façade of being “the happy bride”.

“The last touch, guys,” Sheila said, “is the veil and blusher for our bride” which she began to attach the head crown with pins to my blonde wig and mask. When she had pulled both down and smoothed them out so they hid my face in a white “haze” as I stared from the eye lenses of the mask. “See,” she said, “NOBODY could ever tell she wasn’t a real woman, much less there is any resistance to this whole plot. The mask makes her look so peaceful and happy in her unwilling plight, and the veils hide any hint that her face is a fake.” Looking at my completed self in the mirror, all I could see was this gorgeous bride in white, not the tuxedoed playboy who had received a “fake” wedding invitation a few days earlier. Sheila then lifted the hem of my gown so she could check out all the details. She enjoyed seeing that the blue garter was still on my thigh, the seams on the white lace stockings were perfect, the boots were properly laced, and the incontinence bag was doing it’s job.

“Come on guys, time to finish getting ready, remember the masks and wigs have to be put on perfectly, make sure they’re laced tight, and the wigs are on straight”. She handed each of them a long blonde style wig and identical facemasks to the one I wore, which was in Sheila’s image. Each of them fussed with pulling the mask on over their heads, then pulling and tying the laces in the back. Before they put on the blonde wigs, they tucked the bottom of the masks into their gown necklines, so the edges were carefully hidden. Both of them looked like perfect copies of this madam of terror in their disguises, except for their blue satin formal gowns, rather than leather dress attire. It was hard to tell any of them apart. It was like one of Chante’s Masking Experience Novels, as I was loosing consciousness as to who was who. “Where is that damned Marti,” Sheila quipped as she paced and grew impatient looking for the missing person who I remembered as the leather clad valet.

Just then, her question was answered as Marti had now entered the bedroom. I was horrified at what I saw, but the “dressed” Marti now shot back at Sheila “well this f%*#ing outfit takes forever to put on”. He had entered the room, and all there were quite surprised at what they saw. Marti was now attired in a full nun’s habit, but this was no ordinary costume. It was made of black and white latex. From a distance, he….er she now, looked like any ordinary nun as he finished pulling the covering and veil over his head. From close-up however, one could see he was wearing the most garish of make-up on the part of his face visible through the hood, as well as the entire outfit being made of latex so it looked rather shimmering and not your ordinary wool or cotton nun’s habit.

Upon closer inspection, his outfit consisted of a black latex, floor length gown, black latex-gloved hands, which were in constant clasping in a praying position as they emerged from the long sleeves. Over the black gown, he wore a white latex, floor length vest, emblazoned with a black cross on the chest that looked almost like an apron. Over this, he wore a white latex collar at the neck out of, which extended a full head-covering hood with waist length veil in the back that was also made of black and white latex. His transformation was stunning, and from what I could hear, our “wedding party” was now complete, as Sheila urged everyone to start “escorting” the bride from the apartment to the waiting limousine. “After all boys, Nancy Boots has an appointment with her destiny and we would want her to be late for it.”

Marti paused for a minute to ask Sheila what she thought of the outfit. While Sheila turned around to inspect it, Marti lifted the hem of “her” gown and vest. I could see she was wearing white leather thigh length boots under the skirt. “You see Shelia, the outfit is perfect, though there’s one thing I don’t like.” As Marti said this, “her” latex gloved hand slipped into the top of “her” left boot, and from inside the thigh, “she” quickly withdrew a silver gun and pointed it at Sheila. “Quick Guys, cuff her to her bride. Don’t let either of them get away.” You see” said Marti, “the thing I don’t like is the way you’ve been treating us, ever since school and now at work. You think you’re the spoiled little rich bitch, and all you do is come-on to men and make yourself a giant cock-tease. Once you get something that sticks up when you pass a man in your seductive outfits, you lead us on then desert us flat, or just play one more of your traps on the next hapless victim like Nancy Boots here. We played along with you to mess over this amazon bridal fool because it suits our overall purpose. Your time is over, whore, we have a little surprise ready for you before we all take that limo ride. You’ve been in command too long, now it’s MY turn. Okay guys, undress her. I want her stripped naked”, said Marti.

But, as they went for the zipper on the back of her black leather midi dress to take it off, she quickly threw Bill to the floor knocking him out, and began to wrestle with Mike, attempting to rip the mask and wig off of him. The only thing that was slowing Sheila’s athletic ability down was being cuffed to me. Even so she seemed to use my weight to gain leverage on her would be captors. In a rapid turn of events, both of them tussled and spun around the room as each tried to knock the other out, but succeeded in crashing into furniture and me as they went. Marti frantically spun around trying to aim the gun at Sheila, but was unable to be successful due to her rapidly changing position. At that moment, the masked Bill regained consciousness and tried to pull himself up from the floor, but found it difficult in the long gown and high heeled silver shoes. Marti screamed at Bill, “Quick, get up, get to the bathroom and bring the brown bottle from the medicine chest and a wash cloth, hurry, do it now, Mike can’t fight off this mad tigress much longer.” Finally Bill stumbled to his feet, then running back from the bathroom, took the cap off the brown bottle, and poured some of the liquid onto the washcloth.

“Damn it” shouted Mike, “Chloroform her NOW, get the rag over her nose and mouth and hold it there, make sure she’s out cold.” With those words, Bill finally was able to get behind her, and grabbing her off guard, was able to press the rag to her face. Gradually her struggles subsided until she fell unconscious to the floor.

“Wow, what a bitch, she really put up a fight” said Marti. “It is a good thing we had her anchored to Nancy or Sheila might have escaped. Quick, let’s get the leather dress, gloves and boots off her guys, I want to teach the cunt a lesson she wont forget.”

Both of the gowned Bride’s maids dragged the unconscious Shelia and me over to the bed. In a matter of a minutes they had stripped off all her of clothes and underwear. “Nice work guys, now let’s get her dressed in these things I managed to bring up from the back of our limousine,” said Marti as he held up a shopping bag. The latex nun then took the items out and spread them on the bed next to the passed out Sheila. In my helpless condition, I stood there as I recognized the contents of the bag to be the tuxedo and formal clothes I had rented for this supposed wedding. But WHAT was their plan???

Marti spent time rummaging in the dresser draws and found some things Sheila had made in her masking experimentation with May Kae, and decided it was finally time to test them out. First they slipped a thick black rubber corset looking device that looked like some kind of tube top over her torso. The dark rubber garment went from her neck down to her waist. All there of them began to pull and tug on laces at the sides of the corset, and when they had it cinched in tight, her tits were squashed flat, so it looked like she had a muscular chest like a man.

They also found another one of Sheila’s “toys”, this one resembled a double ended penis in flesh colored rubber. On one end of the dildoe was a metal tip with wires coming out of it that were attached to a smaller silver “egg shaped” module. At the base of the other end in the middle of the dildoe hung a pair of rubber balls that resembled testicles attached to a round flange that had rubber straps coming from it. As the guys looked it over, they realized what it was for as they played with a small pocket transmitter-control box they found in the same drawer. As Bill spread her legs apart, Mike came back from the bathroom with a tube of K-Y Jelly, and as the latex nun held the strange device, Mike applied some Vaseline to the metal tipped end and the “silver bullet” hanging from the wires. “Quick, before she comes to” screamed Bill, “Insert it in her pussy” and with that, Marti thrust the metal end of the device deep into her snatch. He then took the straps around her thighs and through her legs so that when the ends were buckled, this contraption would stay inside her. Mike then took the silver egg shaped device, and seeing that the wires stretched just long enough, rammed the little bullet into her rectum. As she lay there, Shelia, along with her muscular flat chest, now had a huge 12” long penis sprouting from between her legs. As Marti held the control box, he pushed the red button on it, at the same time, a buzzing noise emitted from the device within Shelia. They discovered that the penis implanted in her pussy was a vibrator as well as the silver egg in her rectum. She began to moan in ecstasy as the vibrators began buzzing inside of her and worked on getting her aroused. “Quick, take care of her, we have to get her dressed yet” screamed Marti, as Bill pressed the Chloroform soaked rag over her mouth and nose once more making her pass out.

Quickly the “impostor females” set about getting the unconscious Sheila dressed in MY formal clothes. With rapid speed, they pulled, on the black dress socks, then the white Jockey shorts. When they had them pulled up to her waist, the artificial penis was tucked inside so it bulged rather obviously giving no mistake it’s owner’s sex was male. Next she was dressed in the white ruffled shirt and the red satin bow tie, as they carefully buttoned it closed over the rubber chest corset, and inserted the links to hold the cuffs together at her wrists, but for now they left the neck collar open. There was no hint now that she ever had such a voluptuous figure with huge 44D tits. Next they slipped the tuxedo pants up her legs, and holding her up from the bed, buttoned and zipped them closed, as they attached the suspenders to the waist. Next they wrapped the red satin cummerbund around her waist and buckled the ends together. Her look was almost completed as they slipped the black patent dress shoes on each of her feet, and put her arms through the sleeves of the tux vest. Her dressing was just about completed with the addition of the matching tuxedo jacket, which they finished buttoning closed. Because of her height and athletic build, Sheila now resembled any man on his way out to a formal event. That is except for one small detail they forgot in their haste, her female face and long blonde hair!

“We have one last detail to take care of,” said Marti as “she” found what “she” was looking for in another dresser drawer. “Mike, gag her so she can’t talk” and with that he raised the hem of his gown, and pulled off the blue satin panties he was wearing. Rolling them into a ball, he then shoved them in Sheila’s mouth. Picking up a roll of 2 inch adhesive tape and tearing off several strips, he pasted them over her mouth above and below her lips, so the whole lower half of her face was covered in white. He then took a long strip and ran the tape from ear to ear under her chin. At this moment, Sheila began to regain consciousness, and tried to lift herself up from the bed. She tried to speak to find out what was going on, only to find her mouth stuffed and her jaw could not move due to the strip of tape attached to the ones across her mouth. All that was heard was a feeble grunt. “Good, I like my women that way” Marti said, as he approached her with the item he found in the dresser. It was another rubber mask, but this time one that was made up to look like ME. That’s right, somehow in her experimentation with Mary Kae, Sheila made a rubber mask of Doug. “What’s this?” Marti the Nun asked as “she” held up the mask. “Experimenting with a lesbian scene? What were you thinking of, becoming a man in your masking fantasies too? Well, bitch, you’ve got your wish. How does it feel?”

With that Marti took the rubber mask and forced it over Sheila’s head, covering her gagged face. Quickly “she” zipped the back of the mask shut, tight against Sheila’s face. Bill tucked the ends into the collar of the dress shirt, and finished the last buttons up to the neck. Finally, he adjusted the bow tie up around the collar, and with the addition of a blonde toupee over the head of the mask, Sheila had now been transformed into my groom in MY rented suit!!!

“I think the wedding party is now ready to proceed” Marti said, as the both Bride’s Maids readjusted their masks and wigs, and straightened their gowns to look neat after the struggle. The girls then grabbed the semi-conscious Shelia, and forcing her to stand up, one of them pulled her hands behind her back, while the other snapped a pair of silver handcuffs around her wrists. The first Bride’s Maid then slipped my floor-length black leather trench coat over her shoulders to hide her bound hands. With the two girls supporting the transformed Sheila as if she were drunk about to pass out, and the latex clad nun pointing the gun at me, we all made our way out of the apartment door and into the hall, just as the morning sun was about to rise.

As I was herded down the hall, we passed two little old ladies, who barely glanced at the goings on, except to make the comment “What a pretty bride”. I couldn’t even reply back, being gagged so well. I also felt the poke of the gun barrel being held by the rubber nun against my ribs, and any thought to request help or gesture my bouquet tied hands and arms was likewise discouraged. They didn’t even detect I was wearing a mask under all the lace veils or else it was SO real they couldn’t tell. The old women just shook their heads and assumed the Bride’s Maids were supporting a drunken groom who had a too wild Bachelor Party the night before. NO ONE in the elevator on the way down to the underground parking garage was aware of the crime being perpetrated. Here were two people being held against their will, fully disguised and being kidnapped in broad daylight right under the view of security cameras and all the activity of people in this apartment building.

We all made our way off the elevator and across the underground parking garage, to the white limousine that was waiting for the “wedding party”. The chauffeur stepped out. Like the valet who joined the original kidnapping from the hotel bar, he was also clad in a black leather pants suit and trench coat. His black gloved hand held the back door open for us. I was pushed through the door and landed on the back seat of the car as I missed my step in the white, lace-up, sky-high platform boots. In the same manner, the transformed Sheila was dragged into the limo by the impostor Maids who deposited her on the back seat next to me. The two gowned women, along with the latex nun seated themselves on the couch facing us in the back of the car. The leather clad chauffeur then got in the front seat, and raising the divider panel between us, started the car and pulled out of the apartment building.

While the nun still kept the gun trained on the two of us, the other two girls opened the bar and began to pour themselves drinks. Marti then said “Don’t be rude, offer our bride another toast”. With that, one of the girls opened the purse still attached to my shoulder as the other poured in more of the “laced” Champaign. Again I was forced to suck the contents of the bag down my throat or suffocate, and then had the desperate urge to urinate into the attached bladder bag under my gown. After their drinks, each girl then took a gun from her silver purse and kept it trained at the two of us, while I heard the nun relate a story to them.

I gathered from what Marti said, that we weren’t going anywhere near a church or wedding. I heard “her” say that the chauffeur was a friend of “hers” who worked at the hotel. When he wasn’t driving errands (and full time kidnappings, I thought to myself) he quite frequently wore a mask and dressed as a female so he could be the clerk at the hotel Reception Desk (was it the one who winked at me, I thought??). This way he had a chance to see who was registering at the hotel and their personal status and finances. This way, as a seductive female “she” would be able to single out the potential “clients” for Marti, Bill and Mike. Somehow, I surmised, there was a well-organized “network” of something going on here. As the limo sped onto the highway out of town, I learned there would be no Dick Hertz.

It seems that he also ran afoul of these people when he had dressed for the wedding that Sheila had sent him an invitation to where I was to take her place. I heard Marti the Nun say to the others that “her” chauffeur friend had picked up Dick under the guise of taking him to the church, but he never made it. “You see”, she said, “my friend here has a modified black limousine that he uses for these maneuvers. The passenger compartment, when the windscreen divider is raised behind the chauffeur’s seat electrically locks the doors and windows preventing them from being opened from the inside. The compartment is then air tight, and the driver just opens the valve to a small tank of sleeping gas that floods the back. Naturally escape is impossible and within a matter of minutes, the rider passes out from being gassed unconscious. Also, since the windows are heavily tinted, nobody can see from the outside the victim’s futile struggles to escape or summon help. Kind of neat eh, girls?”

“Yeah, said one of the Bride’s Maids, “All dressed up in your neatly pressed formal tuxedo and nowhere to go!” The other “girl” just laughed wildly under her mask.

“Enough girls,” Marti commanded, “You see, after he passed out, the driver shot right for the airport cargo terminal. We have a ‘deal’ with a couple of the airline employees. Our tuxedoed Dick Hertz was dumped into a shipping crate and loaded onto one of the outbound cargo planes that night. When he came to, he found himself in a third world country at the mercy of his new captors. You see, ladies, a polite word for what happened was ‘white slavery’. Now with those thoughts, just keep the guns on our Bride and Groom here and enjoy the ride.”

Soon, as I feared, the limousine turned off the expressway and entered the airport circular road. We were headed for some obscure part of the place, though not exactly for the cargo terminals with a white limo and wedding party. We finally pulled over at a hanger where private chartered jets were kept. The car stopped, and I heard the chauffeur get out to come back and open the door of the limousine for us. Marti the Nun and two Bride’s Maids got out and one at a time pulled Sheila and myself, the groom and bride, (or was it bride and groom?) out of the back seat to our feet. We were herded across part of the runway looking like some wedding party being sent off by their friends to our honeymoon if seen by any innocent passersby. Walking on the concrete in the high-heeled platform boots was difficult as the long gown and train as well as the limited vision I had through the blue eye lenses of the mask obscured my steps.

Shortly, we reached the stairway of a small Gates Learjet-35, which was revving its engines. I knew these were fast long-range corporate planes, so I feared the worst that we were in for a distant journey, and not a quick honeymoon in the Caribbean. Both of us were forced up the stairs to the plane at gunpoint, where we were shoved into the back of the passenger cabin by the two flight attendants. Each of them forced us into the seats that were in the center. Behind us, Marti, the latex nun boarded the plane waving her gun so we were made to sit down. The flight attendants then took special straps placed all over the seats and belted us in tightly at the chest, waist and legs. We were tied in so tight we couldn’t move. Naturally I felt ridiculous dressed in my wedding gown in this situation, though secretly I felt aroused under all the garments I was made to wear. Of course Marti told the stewardess about the “special” purse flask and to make sure it was kept filled during the flight.

Through the plane’s window, I saw Marti the Nun and the Bride’s Maids return to the back seat of the limousine, as the chauffeur closed the door, then got in the front seat and drove the car away. When would be the next time they would spring this vicious trap on the next unsuspecting male to enter that hotel? During this time, the flight attendants closed the plane door, as the pilot taxied the small jet down the runway for take-off. The Flight attendant then put on typical Muslim female dress. They were totally covered except for their eyes. One of the attendants approached and said, “You should relax and enjoy the trip as we are headed for the Middle East. Women in Moslem countries are not allowed to show their faces. They must remain covered at all times. You two will bring a high price in any country, as white brides and blonde hair, blue eyed men are very much in demand. Consider they will get a little extra ‘treat’ when they discover what you two REALLY are!”

The next couple of days were a blur of events, Monica. I eventually came to in Hasim’s harem. It was a guilded jail in the middle of nowhere, from which there was no escape. I don’t have any idea as to what became of Sheila or Dick Hertz. Once Hasim discovered how he had been defrauded, I became more valuable to him as a tool of revenge on Marti, Mike and Bill, and the other members of the white slavery ring, but that is another story. Eventually I gained my freedom and got back to the States. Hasim was a big help, but that is also another story.